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RPG Wispers in Darkness ~RPG~


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Shinkoru - Danielle
Phantom - Michael
Lalith Ril - Kris
Raiha - Zharra
Arika - Kiara
Kain - Damien

[center]"The Jist"
An E-mail was dispatched, as well as flyers put out, to contact a one Danielle Hunter. She is seeking companions, allies, in a quest for the unexplainable. And she has chosen.

[I] Danielles eyes narrowed slightly as she peered at the clock on her wall. It neared 5:00 pm on September the 9th. Soon they would meet at the limo and make way to her manshion. Then she could explain many things.

Not long before she had sent the limo to wait. Her dog, Demon, going with the limo to wait in the back with passengers. As of yett, no one could be trusted. Demon, half husky, half wolf. thus the dog part of him allowing him to sence and see ghosts and sprits, as all dogs can. Pure sprits dogs are, and she tresured him.

A camera was mounted on her wall next to the clock. It showed the inside of the limo she sent. It was now 4:35, and none had arrived. But soon, they would..soon.[/I]


Now get urselves to the limo and once all there mingle, I'll get u in the limo then ya'll can get aquainted as u ride to my place. its a semi long drive. I'll be watching and I can hear but keep in mind u don't know it, also my wolf looking dog is in limo too..:)

also, this is a picture of my char. Slightly diff from my decription. But I like this beter.[/color][/center]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Kiara had walked out of her car-like limo to take a seat on a bench with her white wolf, Genesis and her doberman, King. She took out her laptop and checked her email. Someone named Danielle Hunter had emailed her, she checked the email.[/i][/color]

"Hello, Kiara Lee.
My name is Danielle Hunter. I am writing to you to tell you of a quest for the unexplainable. Do you wish to join me in this quest? You might find out a little something about yourself. If you want to join me, I sent out a limo for you. I will be waiting.

Danielle Hunter."

[color=ff66cc][i]Kiara quickly checked her other email and closed her laptop. She put it in her bag and got up. A red-tailed hawk flew by and landed on her shoulder. She looked to it and walked to the car. She got into the back and waited for Genesis and King. Once they were in, she told the driver.

As they drove, they saw a limo parked nearby another large park. She got out with Veritas, the hawk, Genesis, and King. She neared it and someone came out of the driver's seat. He opened the door and she thanked him. Once she was in, a husky/wolf was right near her face. She looked into its eyes and her eyes changed to a pitch-black, panther's eyes. The dog backed away and knew it was safe.

Kiara looked around and knew something was up. She sat down and waved somewhere. She stopped waving and noticed that Genesis was growling at the dog and King. She sighed and patted his ears.[/i]

"Calm down, Genesis. There is nothin to fear...am I right...Danielle and Demon?"

[i]The dog sat up straight and looked at her again. Kiara had a feeling she was being watched, but didn't mind. She looked to her pets and knew that they would keep her safe.[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Zharra waited patiently in her black leather and silver greaves. Her sword was wrapped carefully and held in her long slim arms. The door was opened for her by the chauffer. She smiled sweetly in response and slid onto the black leather. Instantly, she found herself staring into the eyes of a huge hawk. She hissed at it, and bared her teeth. It clucked softly and fluttered its wings against it's master's shoulder.

The Hanani girl smiled softly and set her blade across her lap. The car rolled on silently and she noticed the woman sitting in the next seat. She could've spoken, or given some sign of recognition, but instead, she chose to stare ahead quietly and not let her eyes blink.

The Tristae girl was quiet, knowing that her brevity was worthwhile. There would be others. The e-mail had said so.[/i]

"....life is strange."

[i]She spoke with a quiet longing. As if she was searching for the answers. The woman with the animals gave her an odd look.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=firebrick][I]Damien stood against a lampost dreamily thinking about the email he received.Strange it was but maybe he can find answers to things he never could on his own.He would go and see what this Danielle woman had to say.

Damien stood near the curb for about 10 minutes when a limo pulls up near him.He opens one eye as the driver gets out to open the door.Damien picks up his sword and enters the limo saying nothing but a dull "thanks".He looks at the two women as he sits down as well as all these animals.

Damien: I didn't read anything about animals....

Damien rests his sword in his lap and tosses his hair over his shoulder and prepares for the ride.[/color][/I]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She purred low in her throat and watched him approvingly. He was tall. That was a plus. He carried a sword. That was another plus. Although....his outfit didn't afford quite the same sort of movement she could get out of hers. He eyed her quietly and she watched him through thick lashed eyes.

He then rested his eyes on the blade in her lap. She shifted her grip, allowing him a view of the steel leather bound handle. Her voice was very soft once more, lower than before. So soft infact, that only he could hear it. Sotto voce.[/i]

"What's your name?"

"Damien. And yours?"

[i]Her eyes shimmered softly in the pale lighting. And when she spoke he caught a flash of silver from her tongue.[/i]

"Zharra Dominae Hanani. Call me Zharra. If you will."[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Kiara heard the other two speaking and did not want to speak, but King was restless and kicked the man in the shin, causing him to be alerted.[/i]

"Do not be alarmed. It is only a creature of the Canis Lupis family that hurt you."[/color]
"And you are?"
[color=ff66cc]"I am sorry. It seems as though I did not introduce myself. My name is Kiara Lee. Others call me as Lady Kaitou. Just call me Kiara. The white wolf here is Genesis, the doberman is King, and my beautiful red-tailed hawk is Veritas. What are your given names?"[/color]
[color=royalblue]"I am Zharra Dominae Hanani. You may call me Zharra...if you will."[/color]
[color=firebrick]"I am Damien. Pleased to meet the two of you. And your animals. But what about that other one?"[/color]
[color=ff66cc]"I assume it belongs to the one called Danielle Hunter. Whom we have yet to meet."

[i]Zharra nodded and Kiara went back to her weapon, a beautiful double edged broad sword with a dragon head for the hilt. She also has a retractible, spinning glaive. She looked to the others weapons and smiled. She knew she would get along with them.

Kiara sat in the car relaxingly, occasionally letting Veritas fly out of the sun roof and letting Genesis and King walk out of the car. Kiara smiled and watched them play as they waited for the others who are unknown.[/i][/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=darkblue][i]Michael thumbed through the latest edition of Le Monde carefully, his eyes on the limo across the park. Premonitions told him to wait until at least three had arrived before approaching and yet he was more petrified than before.[/i]

?Bloody Christ, I surely wasn?t expecting longswords and pet hawks but if the supernatural doesn?t kill me at least I can count on my companions.?

[i]After summing his courage, Michael made his way to the foreside of the limo, knowing from watching the lot that all likely knew he was there from the start. The Chauffer hastily helped with the door, a clean smile strewn upon his face. Was it for luck? Or could it possibly be genuine Michael thought as he hopped rather terrified into the almost cavernous backseat of the limo.

Eyes were everywhere. A wolf, doberman, and hawk, all gathered around one gorgeous yet dangerous looking girl. A husky/wolf, who seemed to not be drawn to him at all, merely looking, watching with curiosity. Another woman, clad in leather so tight he wondered if it was painted on. And a man who seemed either lost in his own dream world or was just shy.

At once his terror faded. These people looked right outrageous at first but once seated Michael realized there was absolutely no outward hostility from them. In fact the one in leather so tight, breathing would be questionable had a very peaceful look to her, as if she was cautious yet very smooth in her ways of life. The tall warrior with the massive blade merely sat nearly secluded but for all intensive purposes, this guy doesn?t miss a thing. And at last after taking up fort next to the girl fawning on her animals, Michael seemed to finally relax as she as well didn?t seem too scary after a second look.

After setting aside his pack, Michael summed the nerve to introduce himself, outstretching his hand, starting the girl next to him.[/i]

?Evening? glad to meet you. My name?s Michael.?

[i]She took it, replying with the same as the others. Michael opted to calling her Kiara. Sounds nice, he thought idly. Next was Zharra, the one whom at first was questionably suffocating was now as pleasant as ever, exchanging common courtesies was her forte as of now.

Once done, Michael nearly had to get up half way to offer his hand to the distant Damien, who absently shook hands and returned to his seat without much more than a grunt. Reaching into his bag, Michael pulled out a chunk of jerky and gave some to the husky/wolf hybrid who sat at the feet of the passengers and to the right of Michael. Knowing they were being filmed ? for it would take a complete dunce not to know this ? Michael gave the dog a treat anyway than promptly patted its head before it had the chance to either approve or disapprove of it.

Pulling out his laptop, he re-read the email for what seemed like the fiftieth time.[/i][/color][/size]

OOC: Pic attached.
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[color=firebrick][I]Damien sat in the limo quiet as ever and in his regular dreamy state.He stared at Zharra in all her beauty as they sat there waiting for the other people that they would get to meet.Then Damien changed his gaze to Michael.The newest one to enter the limo.Typing and clicking away on his laptop.

"This is boring..." Damien said to himself.

Damien ducked down and got out of the limo.He stretched and leant against the car and waited for newcomers.Damien always hated waiting.It gave him too much time to think.To think of the unknown of which he is here to study and find out about.Why was this taking so long?Then Damien just went back into his absent minded state and closed his eyes.[/I][/color]
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[color=gray] [center]Demon observed the ones who had come so far, one remained to join them. He stood and trotted out the open limo door the man Damien had just exited from. He sniffed the air and trotted off into the park across the street, sniffing around a tree or two before settling on the fourth tree and lifting his leg. Once done he yawned and paddled back to the limo, but not entering, he merly sits down next to the right front wheel, on the curb, his deep eyes watching all the on-goings of the street.


Danielle watched the limo cam, often switching to the small hidden cam on Demons collar, thou hidden under his fur, he had full clear viue of almost all he saw. She grinned and stood from her chair, first time in about an hour.

[B]Danielle:[/B] Alext, come now.

[I] A man dressed in servent clothing walks in the room and bows. Danielle returns the slight bow.[/I]

[B]Alex:[/B] Yes mistress?

[B]Danielle:[/B] Prepare the study. My guests are to arrive sometime shortly, and we must prepare. Also have the rest ready at the door to take their weapons. I will not allow them in this household. but beforehand I shal assure them, they will be returned once they leave my front door. As will I with my own weapons. Also call my travle agent. Our first destination, you know where. Arrange for 6 tickets to be sent immedatly. That is all.

[B]Alex:[/B] Yes Mistress.

[I] The man exited the room and Danielle sat again, watching the monitor before her, studying the people who had arrived so far..[/I][/center][/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Kiara just sat there watching King and Genesis tumble with each other. She smiled and looked over to Zharra and Mike, they both looked bored inside. Kiara was not and so she just waited to see what would happen next.

She looked to Michael again and thought she'd strike up a conversation.[/i]

"Excuse me, Michael, is it?"[/color]
[color=darkblue]"Yes, it is."[/color]
[color=ff66cc]"I am wondering whether you are here on pleasure or business. I am here for the business as well as the pleasure. To find someone to strike a match under my cold life."[/color]
[color=darkblue]"It would be grand if I did meet a lady whilst on this business. Hmm, perhaps I may have met her today. Would you care to join me for dinner and a night out after our meeting with Danielle Hunter?"[/color]
[color=ff66cc]"I would be delighted. Thank you."

[i]Kiara sat there smiling. She turned her attention to Genesis and King who scratched at the door. She got up and opened it and they ran out to the park.

Kiara smiled and saw that Veritas sat on a branch near the car watching every move that anyone makes. It then saw a small rodent move and it flew down and caught it with one swift move.

Inside the car, Kiara took out her mirror and checked her hair and everything. She put it back and just relaxed.[/i][/size][/color]
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[i]Kris sat up and set his mind. It sounded fishy, very fishy but something pulled at him to go with the e-mail. His strength and his weakness he lived on his emotions and the tug that is with in. He smiled and walked out of his door.

He stood in the street and sniffed the air. Stale. Again. He sighed and shook his head, he longed for the fresh air of the wild once again. He gripped the cloth and slowly covered his face. Concealement was his best defense lately. He nodded again attempting to reassure himself and started walking in the right direction, or atleast what he thought was.

He continued on for five minutes when he saw a limo. Immediatly he knew this was his destination. There were others there as well. He studied them shortly before he walked out into the open. He slowly made his way to the limo not making eye contact with any of them and keeping aware of everything around him. Something else was out there he just wasn't sure what it was. He shrugged and open up his defenses slightly easing into the situation. He stopped and leaned against the limo and continued judging the others.[/COLOR][/i]
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[i][color=darkblue][size=1]By the time Kris hopped into the car with his judgemental eyes partially hidden, Michael had already plugged his earphones into the lateral jack of his laptop and opened up winamp. He looked up once he felt the weight shift and was face to face with Kris Vanderlet, who?s eyes seemed to glisten wit untoward danger. Their icy blue presence froze the marrow of Michael?s bones. Solid. To Kris, Michael rubbed off as a coward, and it?s to be expected. He has never been subject to very many close encounters with weapons. Living or not.

Again, like the rest, after a bit of studious observation, Kris also seemed more curious than hostile. So Michael decided that these people would be more likely to save him than kill him, and for that he was undoubtedly grateful in secret advance.

An idea struck the top of his conscious mind and with haste his digital camera was procured. In the hands of an expert this camera could prove lethally effective in gathering intelligence of most any kind. Though he wasn?t a professional, he still had a good shot.[/i]

?Miss?Kiara, would ye? mind a simple pose? Anything would be right good.?

[i]With that said, the youthful Korean girl?s face lit up as she and her hawk were captured in a rather cramped pose from within the limousine. He snapped a couple more shots of the interior of the limo and the other passengers. The only one who seemed to be disgruntled at all was Kris. Zharra confirmed Michael?s earlier suspicions by openly accepting being shot without signs hostility or embarrassment. Bloody right, she is so neutral to everything he thought subconsciously.

Michael quickly plugged the firewire into the port, opening up his image extracting tools. He set aside the camera and observed his new work. The new pictures were beside his other, less recent pictures. One of the railway and of his journey through the tunnel that connected France to Britain. Another few captures of his journey to Belgium, where he first caught glimpse of Danielle?s advertisement, which of course sent him flailing back to France. Oh Vive les fromages, he thought brightly as he looked up, seeing Demon hop back into the car and Damien as well. Both seemed startlingly not too dissimilar in attitude, both wanting to move on.

Michael blanched. He had never felt so cramped in his life, yet there was more than enough room for them all to sit. Kris wound up beside Demon along the side while the rest eased back and prepared for the abyss of unknown that they all venture together into. Another idea struck his mind as they were all together.[/i]

?H-hmm.. Uh? Well?uh I was just wondering if?well? [i] He was cut off with his own lack of will. Once he assured himself that they wouldn?t bite, he continued.[/i] ?Well anyway Kiara and I had agreed to have dinner once we all heard out what Danielle had to say, well if she allows it?.Danielle that is perhaps we could all feast together? Just a suggestion? I think it would serve right well to acquaint ourselves better with each other and our hostess.?

[i]With that said, Michael relaxed, feeling better toss away any initial fears of this lot, being more warmed by the situation than anything?.That?s right, he thought, each and everyone of these people can and will possibly end up shining a new set of lights on my life. And in that thought, Michael had prepared to go soundlessly into the night, the abyss set in front of him.[/i][/color][/size]
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[color=royalblue]"Well, that was random, but not entirely unappreciated."

[i]Zharra turned her head and fixed him with her gaze. Her eyes shimmered slightly once more, and she offered a dazzling smile. He nodded quietly.[/i]

"So tell us about yourself."

"My full name, as some of you know, is Zharra Dominae Hanani. I'm a half Tristae witch, half bastard tengu spirit."

[i]Everyone present winced slightly. Tengu's were demons of the underworld, but from her they got nothing more than a slight sensation of sensualism and delight. And her eyes were vaguely disturbing, but that was to be expected. Damine's eyes fell to the sword in her lap.[/i]

"What about the sword?"

[i]She unwraped the handle and the rest of the blade. The silk fell away to reveal a long slightly broaded blade with a viciously curved tip and barbs about three quarters of the way up. The wolf shied away uncertainly and she smiled sweetly. She turned it over in her lap, enjoying the way the smooth silver lines caught the light.[/i]

"It burns the unholy. Which is why I keep it wrapped most of the time, and don't ever touch it with my bare hands."[/color]
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[COLOR=indigo][i]Kris smirked under his veil quietly and continued to look around the limo. His eyes caressing every object with their sincere glare. He continued listening to the conversation going on between the rest of the "passengers." He chuckled under his breath at the thought.

They as well as I as passngers on a mysteriouse adventure to find everything out. He studied the one known as Michael. He thought for a moment then sighed.[/i]

"I agree with you, Michael. We should eat together. After all we will be together for quite some time. The best thing would be to learn each others thoughts. Thats the only way to succeed."

[i]After speakng he shifted un-comfortably and turned to look out the window. What sparked him to say that he didn't know. He never talked to people like that. He sighed and shrugged. The other people in the limo weren't there in his mind. They really weren't that important to him. Their lack of consistancy bothered him. He continued thinking and let the "demon-girl" continue talking.[/i] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]"But enough about me. What about you...Damien?"

[i]He shifted uncomforably in his seat. She laughed softly, not an unpleasant sound, more like water running over a metal basin. Kiara laughed as well, their voices blending in a sweet harmony.

Damine colored furiously and Michael thanked himself for not speaking up any further. Kiara chose the moment to pick on him too.[/i]

"Don't think you can get away without it!"

[i]He blushed as well, and Kris rolled his eyes. Zharra shot him a look that clearly stated her intentions. He blinked and looked away.[/i][/COLOR]
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[i][color=darkblue][size=1]Michael shifted slightly as he put his gear away. Seemingly awed by the lustre that the blade Zharra publicized only moments ago, and surprisingly he felt no fear from it. This confused him as seeing dominating looking girls with shiny blades usually would petrify any man with common sense.

His eyes scanned her face, namely her eyes, in wonder. They offered nothing yet something. Michael shifted gaze yet again. This time to Damien, who seemed without glee, which in turn gave him another stunning idea.[/i]

?Damien old chap, hold that pose.?

[i]Damien had been outside while Michael had taken the other shots, and now being beside the illustrious Zharra, he flushed even more as he caught glimpse of the camera. Zharra put her arm around his neck to enhance the pose and with a flash it was all over. Damien sat with his augmented crimson face in a clamour of embarrassment, Zharra quite the opposite, more pleased with herself than before.

And so the entourage of adventure seeking misfits was one step closer to oblivion, and the void that surely awaited them.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=firebrick][I]Damien's face was near pink as he just looked out the window.Pictures were never his thing and that last shot was about the worse he had ever taken.

Zharra: Well Damien?You still haven't given me an answer.

Damien: Hmph....

Kiara: Well?

Damien: Fine then.I see you won't let me live without an answer....My name as you already know is Damien Kusanagi...i practice Tai' Chi and the martial art of Jeet Kune Do.I also know Bukujutsu and some Jujitsu.I think that is all you need to know for now....

Zharra: Now was that so hard?

Damien: ......

Damien turns back to the window and slips back into his deep dreamy trance.[/I][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She closed her eyes, inhaling the different scents around her person. From Kris, she drew in a scent not unlike warm leather. Hers was always very cool, but he seemed to be the type that held great power. Kiara gave off the scent of ripening wild flowers, and from her animals, she recieved a delicious furry scent.

Michael gave off the smell of metal and machinery, and also freshly pressed books. Damien smelled of both cold steel and black iron. Not all together unpleasant. The pepople around her filtrated through her system, and her synthesia was working at full capacity. Perhaps she should thank her synthestic father more often. But he was penned in a jail at the momment, and she had no desire to speak to him as of now. Terrorists always ended up in hell when they were caught.

She sighed and ran a hand through her finely combed hair. It caught the light from the half open window, and she smiled to herself.[/i][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] my animals are outside with Demon. well, technically not with demon, but they're outside. not in the limo. and my name is Kiara, not Arika.


[i]Kiara sat and played with the small lantern she kept on her wrist. Zharra and Damien eyed the thing as well as Kris and Michael.

Kiara felt the eyes on her and she looked up and they looked into her eyes, which were now a glossy, shimmering hazel brown.[/i]

"Is there something you all wish to ask me?"

[i]Zharra was the first to question the young priestess.[/i][/color]

[color=royalblue]"Yes. There is something that I wish to ask of you. We do not know so much about you. Tell us. We are all eager to hear."[/color]

[color=ff66cc][i]All eyes were on her, as well as ears. They wanted to know who she was.[/i]

"Alright. My full name is Kiara Ankoku Lee. I am a korean priestess and sorceress. Do not let this innocent body, for with it I control what you cannot see. And this? I capture the souls of those who were lost and I use it to bring forth certain things. It is not a weapon, but can be used it necessary. When taken from me, it will burn the captor's hands and burn its self as well. That is all you need to know about me. Oh, the animals I have aid me in everything I do. Except in my personal life. They are there for company."[/color][/size]
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OOC: Sorry, I will try to do better in the future.


[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Kiara seemed so unreal to him. He hadn?t seen such mystic openness in his entire life. Genuinely interested in all this, Michael began to document as much about his companions as possible, sort of to keep log of whom accompanied them and what had taken place throughout. The silent strokes of his keyboard pleased him, not liking to disturb his or anyone else?s thoughts.

After Kiara took the liberty of opening up to the group, Michael seemed to drift away, daydreaming about what might, could, and will happen to him through the next while. Yawning, Michael closed his laptop and donned a set of headphones to relax, letting him drift away with the sound of nothing consuming his thoughts. This, by nature invoked a dreamlike trance much like Damien?s, though likely much? much more pleasant.[/i][/color][/size]
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[color=gray][center]OOC: Ah yes my husband, as always with you, simple typing. You always do keep a few of ur common traits.:)

[I]IC:Demon's eyes pierced the darkness that is under the limo, in the waiting for the final arrival, which had recently arrived, he laid down to keep cool, the other animals out there keeping him company as well. His ears lifted and he stood, taking a moment to growl at a passing stranger. Almost laughing in bark as he yelped out, the poor man running off across the street. Demons head turned to the other dogs and he let out a soft but stern bark. Almost instantly the two turned and entered the limo, as did Demon, following closly behind.

The limo pulled of on a rolling start, heading down the street...


Danielle grinned, watching the passengers, all arrived, slowly learning about them. She had alreayd made her own analysis of each one. zharra startles her the most, Danielle wonderd how she could be so calm and content, surely they would find in time if this was constant or just current mood. And Michael, seemingly calm but oddly normal. Kiara, a fellow animal lover, calm and smooth. One of the other males, Damien. Oddly normal but, something else tugged at Danielles mind, some sence of hidden..something, she couldn't quite pinpoint it yett. Then the final arrival. Kris. Mild mannerd, calm, normal. [/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B]*mumbling* ..Intresting...

[I] Her eyes shifted from the monitor to the half open door. she greatly awaited their arrival.


The limo had pulled off the main road and was now pulling onto what seemed to be a long dirt road, mostly lined with trees. The huge front gate they had just entered proclaimed this the Hunter resedence. And way far back sitting halfway up a gently rolling hill, was an enormous house. Red brick, brownish roof, trees surrounding it and what appeared, from this distance, to be a huge garden, and a graveyard? This startled a few as they pulled up the lane, from the distance you could see the lane wound and judging by the speed of thel imo and length of the road it would be about another twenty minutes til they reached the front drive of the huge home.


Danielle stood and pressed record on her monitor. She walked from the room leaving it in darkness. Her footsteps echoed down the empty dark hall of her home, she entered the great dining room, making sure everything would be in order. Her guests would not be leaving this night. She had enough rooms for ten times this many and more. Surely they would take to her humble hospitality, and her chef is one of Paris's finest. The warm meal would leave them comforted and peacfull. She nodded to herself and walked up a huge grand staircase, heading to her chamber...[/center][/color][/I]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]The driver quietly announced that they would arrive in precisely twenty minutes. As soon as the words left his mouth, a slight downpour began, followed by a brilliant flash of blue white and a dull rumble of thunder. Zharra looked out the window, then picked up the silk and cotton wrappings and swiftly bound up her weapon once more. Both types of fabric had been steeped in oil, waterproofing it effectively, and also dampered with a inside linning of something akin to rubber.

She tied off the bundle with her signature of silver tipped black leather. Then she adjusted the straps again and set it flat across her lap. The men apeared to be dreaming, while the only other woman present was stroking the fur of her wolf absentmindedly. Zharra closed her eyes, examining the inside of her eyelids....which was oddly fascinating.

When she opened them again, she found the huge dog, Demon staring into her eyes once more. She showed him one canine, then smiled sweetly. He interpreted her meaning perfectly and nuzzled up against her. She laughed and rubbed the spot just above the base of his tail. He whined harshly, then shoved himself closer against her, begging for more.[/i]

"You sir, are a cad."

[i]"...and you smell like tengu."[/i]

"That I am."[/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Beset with the Parisian mansion?s graveyard entrance, Michael?s mood quarrelled between excitement and ill-humour. He knew that Les Grandes Maisons du France were characteristically odd in comparison to the relatively bland English Manor but this was too much. Instinctively he pulled out his camera ? knowing that Miss Hunter would have to suffer with his constant photographic self or else she would have dismissed him for noting it in his reply to her advertisement.

Taken. Wrapped in his own little world of peering out the now open tinted window to his right, Michael snapped a few nice shots, blessing the meandering drive which leads to the actual Mansion. With the estate being rather large and the way a twist, he decided against cursing his camera for being of slow shutter speed. Of course he didn?t have the money for a fast action digital camera, let alone know if they even existed.

As the limousine entered a forested stretch of road Michael put away his camera and turned back facing almost directly across from him at Zharra. She looked back and his smile vanished quickly. She hadn?t shot a mean glance. Only the fact that her smile had pulled him back into reality and help sweep the absurd grin off his un-proportionate british face. Bollicks!, he screamed inwardly but nodded to her.[/i]

?Just exited with all this great material?

[i]She merely smiled, deciding to maintain her outwardly pleasant demeanour.[/i]

?I?m sure you?re very good with that camera.?

[i]Michael flushed noticeably, an underplayed response called for.[/i]

?I?m okay, I guess??[/color][/size]
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[color=firebrick][I]Damien was in his own world.He couldn't stop looking out the tinted window.This place had peaked his curiosity and he was now excited unlike before they had started their drive.The thing he wanted to investigate first was that graveyard.Who lay there?Had their spirits risen and become ghosts?Were their undead things in this grand estate?Another thing Damien was wandering about was this Danielle Hunter woman.Who was she and what was her true intentions of this meeting?Ah the things he will find out...

Damien watced the trees flash by as they rolled down the dirt road leading to this manor Miss Hunter resided in.

Damien-This will be most interesting....[/I][/color]
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?What do you do??

[i]Michael looked at Damien a moment, his eyes pale, almost sleep-like. Beyond the lethargic gaze hid an adventurous mind, a mind not too unlike his own.[/i]


?Well you don?t hav?a tell me ?ight now??

[i]He merely peered back at Michael. He?s either very dense?oh, that?s still dangerous. Or just likes to keep to himself? oh, even so? dangerous. Michael continued about his self-invoked fit of inner assessment.[/i][/color][/size]
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