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RPG Ruingarth: Part One- The Eye of Darkus

Dragon Warrior

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[u]Dragon Warrior[/u]
Name: Sagelin Mysdor (Sage-lin Mice-door)

Age: 23

Race: ???

Weapons: Sword and Darkus' Staff (Though, the staff is only used on the Demons)

Outfit: Blue cape-like cloak, blue shirt, dark blue pants, leather boots, leather gloves (he has a thing for blue, I suppose?)

Magic: None

Appearance: I'd say scrony, but that'd be puttin' his features down. Let's say not so muscular, but he can fight. Weha! He has blue eyes, dark blond hair, he's about 6 foot, and has red markings all along his body and face. See the attachment for a really quick sketch of his head. I even added a leafy border ?

Occupation: Messenger- Delivers and recieves messages which are crossed between knights to peasants. Even royalty, but that's rare.

Description: He can be cheerful, but serious. He seems cautious and you would be too if you were on the road all the time with important messages of a secret attack or even the King's birthday invitations. He won't hold back if challenged, but does not challenge others. Fighting is wrongness ;_;

History: He cannot remember anything before the age of 6 (most can't anyways so MEH). He was found on the road by a messenger and taken in to be cared for by a widow or lonesome lady. But the messenger decided that the Board of Messaging was the place for him. The only thing that stayed with him was a wise, old falcon which one of the messengers later named "Aldwyn" since it meant wise. He grew up there and when he became rightful age, he became a messenger as well. He has continued this life to this day until his new adventure unfolds. His family is not known nor what species he exactly is. He has pointy ears so people just refer to him as elf, but the strange markings all over him scream out treachery and dismay.

Likes: Peace, a good glass of ale, his falcon Aldwyn, and Mashed Potatoes.

Dislikes: Fighting, being knocked off his messenger horse, having his messages stolen, chicken.

Style: His style is to be crafty and quick and not try to cause trouble. Be cautious. If trouble finds you, take it head on and hope to God it doesn't harm you. His voice is rather simple with a touch of Old England accent.

"I say, that looks mighty terrible!" Nothing changed in words except he sounds odd O.o

Name: Trystae (tris-tai) Valencia

Age: 176

Race: Elf

Weapons: A bow and arrow of her own creation. A long, light sword, the word Sorraia inscribed on its blade, a gift made for her by Vinthus (discussed in her history). The sword has a small hole at the base of the blade, made to fit a gem; for now, it remains empty.

Outfit: Trystae never sacrifices practicality for fashion ... or vice versa. She usually wears light and airy gossamer clothing in shades of green or blue. She wears those kind of pants that are so wide they look like a skirt ... only in Ruingarth, they actually look like a skirt; this is to allow her full mobility. She completes the outfit with a long-sleeved shirt with slits down the sleeves.

Magic: Anodyne -- a simple spell that rests and comforts the recipient. It may also have light healing powers, increase accuracy, heighten concentration, or any combination of those effects.

Appearance: Trystae has extremely good posture and walks with a delicate grace, giving her an instant air of subtle nobility (though she isn't). Her legs and arms are thin, but conceal toned muscles. She has medium-length brown hair, and hairstyles that change nearly every day; her eyes are a fine blue, one of the few things she got from her parents.

Occupation: Trystae discovered a talent for creating bows and arrows at a young age, and she has been an apprentice at the weapons shop in her elven village for quite a long time. Though she is still only an apprentice, the weapons master generally turns to her for bows and arrows, and she is expected to succeed him eventually. (Vinthus is a skilled forger of elven blades, and was also an apprentice at the weapons shop until he left.)

Description: Trystae smiles often, and lives a simple life, not really wishing for much more than the love of her foster parents and Vinthus. She prefers not to think too much into life and philosophy, and would keep the atmosphere around her as light as possible. She is not afraid of danger or darkness, though, and will not turn away from her responsibilities or those she loves.

History: Trystae was born to an elven family famous for producing a long line of powerful mages. Her parents, therefore, were somewhat ashamed when it was discovered that Trystae did not have much skill with the magical arts. In fact, they hardly knew what to do with her, as their entire village consisted of mages, and were rather unprepared at the prospect of training a child in anything but magic.

After much discussion, Trystae was sent to live with some very distant relatives, who lived in an elven village more accustomed to her kinds of gifts. They took her in as their own daughter and raised her with their son, Vinthus, extensively training both in elven combat. Trystae mostly fell out of contact from her actual family, though they usually remembered to send her token gifts for birthdays and holidays. (She is not particularly upset about the lack of contact between her and her birth parents, as Vinthus's parents were extremely kind, but it still remains in the back of her mind.)

Trystae and Vinthus soon fell in love (yes, they were distant enough cousins), and Vinthus's parents were overjoyed. Before proposing marriage, though, Vinthus felt he needed to offer Trystae something of utmost value to show his dedication to her. Against her heartfelt protests and their parents' assurances that this was unnecessary, Vinthus set off on a quest to find the Maerin, an elven gem said to appear to lovers whose hearts were pure.

It has been two years since, and Trystae has no doubt of the purity of Vinthus's heart, nor in his weaponry skills. Regardless, she has resolved to set out in search of him.

Likes: Water, archery, pretty clothing

Dislikes: Cruelty, cold weather

Style: Nothing that sticks out in voice, but Trystae is a little bit vain, and takes care in how she looks and dresses (not much like her creator ...).

Name: Esthil Morenwood

Age: 243

Race: Elven

Weapon: A light, one-handed sword with a small glowing enchanted jewel embedded in the hilt for decoration. (I have to say "enchanted" in an RPG like this somewhere, don't I? ~_^)

Outfit: Wears light leather armor under a green cape that shines on the underside when revealed to direct sunlight. Under that is a dark brown shirt which reaches down to under his belt (But isn't a tunic. *squinty eyes* The shirt just goes down rather far.), which is bronze and bears his family's emblem on it. (The emblem is a long dragon wrapped around a tree with daggers in hand) Wears rather tight (But not skin tight) brown pants, which reach down into his worn leather boots which reach up to about his knee. The holder for his sword is on his belt's right side (He's right handed, if that's required info).

Magic: 2 starter spells: (He has moderate swordsman skills)
--The Wrath of Flames-- His sword is is magically heated so that it feels as if it was just cooling after being forged. It adds an extra nasty touch to the slice of his blade.
--Shield of Light-- (It's a metaphorical shield, more like a barrier, but I think shield sounded cooler.) Protects Esthil and those around him from most direct attacks for approximately 3 minutes.

Appearance: Short dark brown hair and gray-blue eyes that seem to be rather lively.

Occupation: An apprentice to the messenger of the Elven Lord Ilsoriv, his master has recently fallen ill, leaving Esthil to do all of his work for the time being. He also enjoys practicing fencing with others in his spare time.

Description: A charming, outgoing young man, (Young for an Elf) who is sometimes so optimistic and cheery that he excruciatingly irritates others without really being aware of it. In the heat of battle, however, he tends to be more quiet.

History: Heir of an Elven family with rich heritage, he was sent to work for Alorem Melshire, messenger for his Elven kingdom's lord. Through his travels he has met many various people of various races and cultures, and has learned how to act around certain species when the need arises. He has not heard from his parents in 50 years now, and has pondered over the reason for that in the back of his mind for several months now. However, when his master fell ill, the thoughts came out more, and he has been thinking of little other than this during most of his free time.

Likes: Those who respect him for his work.

Dislikes: Those who treat him poorly.

Style: When he fights he partially acts as if those around watching him are his audience in some sort of performance of his. He is very acrobatic in his maneuvers and speaks in a rather nonchalant manner.

Sample: "Ello there. Whatcha up to?"

Hopefully you all could understand that, but if you didn't, here's a translation:

"Hello there. What are you up to?"

Name: Lekitas Yorfeindaiys (ummm... Your-fin-dios Oo wow, that was hard even for me to describe OO)

Age: 25 (looks 17)

Race: Elf

Weapons: A bow and arrow. The bow and arrow set were given to Lekitas when young from her mother; "my gift to you," she said. "Is a bow of the Miraveist. Worthy of the skill of our woodland kin." Lekitas took the bow and arrow with pride and observed the form. An excellent bow and arrow set, the arrows with a beautiful arrange of silver feather with an amber tint to it, and the bow long about five feet length, a black coating, arching at a perfect angle. The finest quality of Elvin bow and arrow weaponry of all forests (just a mini story of how she got it ^^) and two edge blades (the kind Legolas has ^^ not so sure what they're called O o")

Outfit: A forest green tunic with a glossy, silk look to it (Kind of like a felt feeling Again, like Legolas?s things) and a cape and hat of the same material (a hat like Link's from Legend of Zelda) and pants also of the same material, and are a tucked in to her boots making them seem baggy at some point. A light brown belt wrapping around her chest, made of a leather-like substance, and two black wrist guards, with a design of her home castle, with the brown belt wrapped around her, attached to the large pouched arrow holder holding thousands of arrows, some that magically light on fire, and ice, then those of the normal kind. Black boots that are made of the same material as her clothes, but a bit tougher, a silver shirt beneath her tunic, made of the finest silk within the Elvin race, and a black belt wrapped around her waist, with the same design of her wrist guards.
(I?ll draw a picture and post later ^^ that should make things clear for you)

--Curer of the Elf-- Strong Elvin magic from her woodland clan. Can heal many bad cuts, and scars no matter how bad.

--Elf Eye--The arrows Lekitas carries, uses this magic spell to add speed, and accuracy to the arrow itself causing a strong, brutal impact on enemies.

(Two magic spells are fine, and all I can think of Oo)

Appearance: A beautiful Elvin princess, of the Elfeisalen forest. With, long, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Long pointy ears (of course! ^^) she has bushy-like blonde eyebrows, she has a serious face, and her right ears pierced at the lobe. A selected area of her hair behind her ears is braided and goes to the back of her hair and both ands from each side are tied together while the rest hangs limply and straight; with light brown streaks going through, barely noticeable.

Occupation: She is a excellent archer and is the leader of the archers within her clan. She controls the archers and is also the heir to the throne of her clan. She is the princess but remains to act as if she is of no importance to keep safe from any harm. She arches for hobby, and guards the main gates in to Elfeisalen. She also can give orders to the creatures within the Elfeisalen forests.

Description: A serious person. She also has a sarcasm problem when in the presence of an enemy. She also has a wild battle style, like using her shield to slide down stairs while shooting her arrows. She also tries very hard to hold back feelings and tears, her position is a serious role and of none other. She can act odd at times, and is quiet unless she needs to speak up. She?s the eyes sharper than a hawk, and ears that hear for miles, and sometimes can get strange senses from her surroundings when danger is near.

History: Within the wonderful, beautiful, peaceful castle of Elfeisalen; The water glowed like silver and the falls flowed peacefully. The place filled with joy and kindness, the castle was large, and had a fortress made of living trees standing before the gate, and the people always willing to help? But, the years passed and a war broke out, a dark force had surrounded the castle of Elfeisalen and ruined the woods which they belonged; her father also the leader of the Elvin troops at the time, but was shot down before Lekitas?s very eyes by the enemy archers. By a slight push of luck to the Elves, they won the fierce battle losing most of their population within the area. Since that day, she vowed to avenge the death of her father and works to that goal. She planned years after waiting for the day when a group of another clan would come and help her avenge her father, and bring the evil to her knees, She left the castle to her brother and mother then traveled alone to try and find others who would join her clan of Elves and help them defeat the evil force.

Likes: The thrill of battle, and feel for her bow and arrows makes her happy, and to laugh at the silliest of things. She also loves to hurt those who jump ahead of themselves, mainly those who are hard headed ^^ she has also likes having her fun during battle by doing new, crazy tricks to show off making her seem superior.

Dislikes: Jokes of her kind, and friends, also of how a female warrior has disadvantages in battle. These things burn strongly within her causing her to scream rage and give no mercy.

Style: She tries to do things in a hyper style, just like a teenager would, like, (as mentioned above) using her shield to slide down stairs while shooting her arrows, or a wild style like that. She's a little clumsy too. She tends to mess up on her tricks and get herself in to BIG trouble. She has wits and no fear of nothing, well? if she?s face to face with an Orc? that?s different she would probably cower and run like a baby and look for protection from allies (great leader huh? Lol) She loves taunts, and is quick since she?s a little smaller than most (not too short; not too small Oo?)

"Thou hast crossed a line! You've played with my bow long enough! Now feel my arrow of hate pierce your heart of hatred!"

"Heeeeeey, were those arrows aimed at meeeeee?"

"My mind draws of chibi me in blanks Oo" (she sees ina childish style in mind; little crayon chibi drawings when she?s gone a little overboard, or is confused ^^)

[u]The Harlequin[/u]
Name: Rali Kreigyr

Age: 29

Race: Dwarf!

Weapons: Twin handaxes - About a foot long in total, with four inch crescent blades. Lochaber - Big, very big, axe. The haft is about four foot long, and the single blade is nearly a foot in length, and six inches at its widest point. Also crescent shaped. Battle Axe - About two and a half feet long. Has a typical heavy axe blade on one side, and a round, flat hammer like object on the other, for the backswing. I'll cut yer legs off, then break yer damn fool skull as ye fall!

Outfit: Chain mail, without coif. The mail is tightly locked, but supple, and forms a perfect shirt. Starts just below his waist, and stops over the shoulders, covers the upper arms and stops just before the elbows. Wears leather bracers on his forearms. Metal, supple plate gauntlets for his hands. A heavy helmet, with nose-guard and cheek plates that stop at the outer edge of his eyes (though on his cheeks, so an inch below his eyes), rather than a visor. The helmet, of course, has two large horns on it, believed to be minotour's. A pair of sturdy leather breeches, with greaves, and hard soled, hobnailed, battle boots.

Magic: None, aisiding a little...personal charm, if ye get m' drift....

Appearance: About four foot tall, and that's tall for dwarf. His skin is slightly brown, tanned more by years at the forge than by the sun. His hair, and complimentary (very, very complimentary in his opinion) beard are heavy, large, and very, very red. His hair is normally worn free, and its wildness makes him look like a hillman or berserker. His beard hands down almost to his belt. He's very, very well muscled, even for a dwarf, and is quite literally as tough as the steel he forges. His eyes are blue, and filled with an inner fire.

Occupation: Blacksmith. Forger of fine steel and weapons, capable a' breakin' goblin hide or pasty elf skin with ease!

Description: Rali idealises nearly everything a good dwarf wants to be. He's a forger of metals, he loves a good ale, a fine story, and a fierce fight. He's generally easy going with friends, but remains very distrustful of those he doesn't know. Dwarven trust is hard to earn, but rock-solid. His sense of humour seems to be amusing only to dwarves, and they're also the only ones who appreciate the gravelly ballads he occasionally belts out, usually under the influence of that good ale (of course, most of the other patrons are by that time either on the floor or waking up the next morning...Weak as water!). He has a lot of respect for wisdom and intelligence, possesses quite a bit of the former, and a modest amount of the later, but still won't hesitate to simply pull a large axe and hit things with it. He certainly doesn't take much too seriously, though can be as stoic as the situation calls for.

History: Rali grew up in the forge, and that's where he wants to stay. However, the great dwarven underground kingdom of Raggoth Grathen has been running into a few problems. Situated under a huge mountain, the side of the mountain, and lower caverns below the dwarven city, are home to goblins and orcs. Normally, these feral creatures are no match for the hardened dwarven army, but lately they've appeared in numbers too great for the dwarves to match. Rali, being a highly respected member of the community by both the common folk and the elders and clerics, was designated to travel to the surface, and determine whether some human or elven army has been pushing the orcs and goblins into the dwarven realm, or whether it is something darker....Rali is a trained warrior, like all dwarves, and strong and hardy even by their standards, and well-versed in dwarvish lore (though he knows little about daily surface life), so he really was the best suited to the job. He worked day and night at his forge to outfit himself for the journey, then set out, carrying only his weapons and armour and provisions. And a small blacksmith hammer, just in case a small village happens to have a spare anvil...

Likes: Ale! And axes! And hackin' at skinny elves! And a good long tale in the long hall during winter, and a good glowin' piece of fine steel, and a hammer in me hand!

Dislikes: Elves! Weak, pasty little critters. And goblins and orcs. And bathing! Bathing is for elves...

Style: Style eh....Anything from "I dinnae ken what yer talkin' aboot!" to "Where's me drink?" to "I KILL YOU, I KILL YOU ALL!", depending on mood.... (OOC: Gods, it's going to get difficult typing in that accent....)

Name: Aaron Barlow

Age: 37

Race: Human

Lorangalth- A short sword forged from pure steel. The hilt and handle is a bronze/steel hybrid material. There is etching in the shape of vines about 1/3 up it's two foot blade.
Crossbow- A simple crossbow that loads simple arrows. It's made of wood from the Ash tree. The thread is black and woven from yak hair.

Outfit: Aaron wears a suit of steel mesh underneath of his mostly bland clothing. On his head he wears a olive colored bandana and a scarf of sorts around his neck. On his upperbody he wears a simple brown shirt that is tattered in many places, yet has been patched to hide his armor. An overcoat of faded brown leather covers the shirt and hangs down to about midleg. His pants are old leather that has been torn and repaired several times over. He wears a pair of black elvish boots. On his left hand he wears a silver ring with a red stone embedded in the top. On his right, a braclet made of dried, woven grasses.

Magic: N/A

Appearance: Aaron is rather tanned from being outside most of his life. His tan stops right above his elbows/knees. His face is scarred but strong. He has lightbrown hair and strikingly pale blue eyes. His facial hair is kept down to a stubble when possible. His hands are rough from the near-constant forest adventures.

Occupation: Farmer

Description: Aaron usually keeps to himself and only fights to protect himself. He is calm and calculating, and usually the last to react. An overall nice guy, but he has a rather large power-hungry streak.
Aaron owns a small plot of land and farms potatoes. He likes potatoes.

History: When Aaron was young his parents were rather wealthy. They owned a house of comfortable size, and had money to spend. Often they would go into town and purchase exotic spices and other useless items. They bought him anything he wanted, which wasn't much. All Aaron wanted to do, from a very young age, was to explore. As an infant he would sneak out of his room and wander the house. As a toddler he would leave his home and explore the farm. In his teenage years he often left for days into the forest that bordered his families farm. He had several run-ins with local wildlife, not to mention a few thieves and mauraders.

On one rather remarkable occasion, he came upon an Elven settlement. They welcomed him, the lost human child, into their care and fed him. They gave him shelter for the few days he stayed. Aaron was quite sad to leave the Elven settlement. When he did leave, they gave him a pair of boots endowed with magic to never become too small or wear out. He treasured them always.

When he was almost ready to leave his home, at the age of eighteen, his father died from a bacterial infection. He was forced, by his morality, to stay with his mother and help her to maintain the farm. Seven years later, she also died, but from natural causes.

Aaron could never bring himself to part with his home. Even though his dreams are big and his hunger for power large.

Likes: A good potato stew, beef, brunette women, coffee, schorching sunlight,
and the outdoors.

Dislikes: Close quarters, confinement, and ale.

Style: He is an incredibly hard worker.

And so it begins?

A candle flickered as a brisk breeze came in through the open door of a cozy inn in the quiet town of Baskertane. Sagelin Mysdor entered and shrugged off the cold, though it was summer and it seemed a tad bit peculiar that it was as chilly as it was. He marched past the desk and a human woman poked her head up from behind. ?Good evening, Mr. Mordys.?

?It?s Mysdor.?

?Of course!? She twiddled her thumbs excitedly. Sagelin was about to make his way to the stairs to get to his peaceful room, but she didn?t stop talking. She was like the thing that wouldn?t shut up. ?You have a message.?

?To deliver??

?No. For you, silly!? Sagelin sighed and trudged over and snatched the letter from her shivering hands. She was way too hyper.


She cocked her head to one side and beamed. ?Of course!? Sagelin went for the stairs again, but was stopped yet again. ?Greetings, Mr. Sagelin Mysdor.?

?Uh? hello.? The person who stopped him happened to be a woman, a bit on the calories side. She seemed fancy and one of the very rich folk that Sagelin heard about from the Eastern town of Jorana. He could tell by her clothing. She didn?t seem to have any facial expression and was a close talker for she was practically hovering over Sagelin as she spoke. If any closer, Sagelin felt they would merge bodies. ?Who might you be??

?I am Lydia Morengyster. You may know me by my famous book ?How Good It Is To Be Rich??? Sagelin made a face and shrugged with confusion. Lydia sighed. ?Very well. I guess you under folk don?t get good education.? Sagelin was about to make a comeback, but like the lady at the desk, she wouldn?t quit talking. Must be a human thing. ?Now, I believe you got a letter of mine.?

?No,? Sagelin said, arching an eyebrow.

?Then what?s that in your hand?? She pointed a chubby finger at the message he grasped tightly. It was a bit damp with sweat. Lydia must let off steam or heat or something because it oddly became hot.

?Oh, this?? She lifted it up and read the name. It said [I]Lydia Morengyster[/I]. ?Oh. So I did.?

?You haven?t read it?!?

?I just got it!?

?Don?t raise your voice with me, young man! I am very high in order around here! Don?t give me excuses, neither! You may be too lazy to read my letters, but there?s no need for fibbing. You probably were off playing with your street friends, weren?t you??

?Is there a reason you?re harassing me here this evening??

?That letter proclaims that I need the letter I have with me to be delivered to my good friend Margaret Bouviar. It?ll be her birthday in two days, you know, so we must be fancy with a special letter.? Lydia laughed a bit. Sagelin was mesmerized by her neck?s rolls bouncing up and down with each chuckle. ?Now then, can you deliver it??

?I guess.?

?You guess?!? she proclaimed as if he had just sinned. ?I want to know yes or no. Now which is it, you little poverty-stricken miscreant??

?Uh? yes??

Her frown became a crooked smile; unusual to see on such a woman as she. ?Ah, good. I expect her to get it, then. I hope you do your job better than you treat rich, old ladies, hm??

Sagelin ignored the rude comments and took the letter from Lydia?s hands. ?Where do I find Ms. Bouviar??

?Oh, her address is in the letter you have. Just don?t open the one for Margaret or I?ll have the authorities crawling all over you.? She lifted her nose high and walked out of the inn before Sagelin could even ask where to find her or what his pay was, for that matter.

Sagelin opened the door to his room and mumbled something about ?mean old lady? and ?I?ll fix her wagon good?. He may have been a peaceful sort, but that woman had it coming. He forgot about the whole deal when he finally collapsed in his chair to write in his journal. He?d been planning on writing a book, but for now, it was a journal of his life. He?d then publish it later when his life felt like it was coming to a close, like the book?s back cover would be if someone were to finish reading his glorious adventures. He laughed at that. ?Yeah, glorious adventures. Good one. To where? A barn? A rotten town with rich, old ladies who couldn?t find a decent thing to say on? well? I can?t think of a good metaphor? bah! I?m talking to myself!?

He took hold of his pen in his right hand and dabbed it in ink. He then began writing.

[I]This would be the start of my grand journal; something I will treasure until my death. I think I?ll start off by explaining myself. My name is Sagelin Mysdor. I am? well? an elf, I suppose. I?m not really sure what I am since my ears are shorter than most elves and I have strange markings all over me. They aren?t scars, but still can feel painful, as if they were fresh wounds.

I am a messenger for the Board of Messengers of Ruingarth, the largest letter-carrying service of the world. Right now, I?m stuck in a crummy inn in the town of Baskertane. I did just receive a new job from a cranky, old lady, but it?ll do me some good. I need to get out again. I haven?t had a job in days and my vittles are running low.

As such, this is only the start. I will write more, but for now, sleep is upon me. I must get some rest. Good day.[/I]

He carefully closed his journal, not wanting to damage the binding. He sat down on the bed and noted it was actually cushiony. ?At least the beds are soft.? It collapsed and his head hit the headboard. He rubbed his aching cranium and unfolded the letter that the desk woman gave him. It had all the information needed.

Upon reading through it, he found one thing that sparked him. ?I must leave NOW?!?

Sagelin rushed outside to the stalls of the inn. There, his horse awaited as well as his falcon friend, Aldwyn. He leaped on and rode off, the bird clinging to his shoulder. They went at an incredible speed, for his time was not spared. He was out of Baskertane in a matter of seconds and into the woods that surrounded the small village. The moon was the only source of light and even then did the trees? canopy block it?s glow. Sagelin had to squint to even get a clear picture of the road ahead. He did know the woods like the back of his glove, but what if something happened? He was in danger. And just his luck.

Something happened.

Something spooked his horse and Sagelin fell off onto his back, Aldwyn flying into the sky at the sight of the plunge. He picked himself up and watched the horse dash off into the darkness. And what?s worse? He was already way deep into the woods. ?Great. Just great.? He picked himself up and dusted himself off. ?The damned horse has the mail bag!? He kicked his foot and walked a little ways, stepping in some animal droppings. He made a face and the smell was worse than the feel. He kicked his foot in the air to get it off, but ended up slipping on some more and falling flat on his face. He sighed. ?Algmmn?? he called to his bird, his face full of dirt. The bird fluttered to perch on his head?s back.

Sagelin stood up and look around. He at least had his provisions bag, but now he was lost and wouldn?t get paid for delivering the letter. In fact, he probably would be jailed by the woman since she was so cranky and cruel.

That?s when he saw a flash on the ground. He walked over to it and saw some dirty stick in the dirt. He sighed when he saw it was nothing, but it then flashed again. It was a staff! He picked it up, dusted it off, and examined it. It didn?t look too authentic or great so he just shoved it into his pack?s strap.

He wandered on through the forest, at least happy to have the company of Aldwyn. Then the falcon flew from it?s perch on his shoulder to the road ahead, leaving Sagelin. ?Oh, come on, ya crazy bird! Come back here!? He heard it call out, then saw the flash of light on it?s silver wings. There was a campfire! He rushed over to where Aldwyn was and noticed the campsite was occupied.

An old man looked up and took the pipe he was smoking from his mouth. ?Why, hello there, young man and his bird friend. What brings ye here??

?Uh? I?m lost,? Sagelin admitted, coming closer to the fire. The man chuckled.

?Aye, many get lost in these here woods at night. Seems to be a curse, it does.? He took another couple of puffs from his pipe and gazed off into the sky like he didn?t have a care in the world.

?Can you help?? Sagelin finally disturbed the peaceful moment of silence. The old man looked back down at Sagelin.

?Sure. Come on over.? Sagelin approached the old man and shook his wrinkled hand firmly. ?The name?s Bobathire. Nice to meet ya.?

?Sagelin. Sagelin Mysdor.?

?Ah. I know you. You?re one of them messengers of Ruingarth, aren?t ya??

?Yeah,? Sagelin said, happy to know he was in good company. He took a seat on a log around the fire near Bobathire. ?So, you know out of these woods??

?Oh, sure, sure. By morning, you will be able to see your way through.? He poked at the fire with a stick, then finally tossed it in when he got bored with that. He went back to puffing his pipe. Then his eyes caught hold of the staff attached to Sagelin?s pack. He pointed his pipe?s end at it. ?Nice piece of craftwork ya got there.?

?What? This?? He felt the end of the staff and pulled back his hand when the broken glass at the tip cut his finger. ?Ouch!?

?Careful, there.? He nodded after Sagelin ignored his wound. ?That staff there? that staff looks familiar.?

?Does it? Is it yours??

?No. It?s not mine. But I have seen it before.? He turned his head around and looked all over the forest, as if he heard someone or noticed a person watching. Then he lowered his head and leaned nearer to Sagelin. ?Ever heard the story of Darkus the Demon Lord??

?Yes. It?s a part of our history. Of course, I never really paid attention in history class so??

?That staff was Darkus?.? Sagelin went blank in the face. Bobathire smoked his pipe and nodded. ?It?s true. And it?s not everyday a guy finds it. Not to mention, is able to keep possession of it without becoming possessed by Darkus? spirit that lies within it?s broken eye.? At this time, Sagelin had the staff in his hands. He admired the staff as if it were the first time he saw it. ?This could only mean one thing, Sagelin.?

?What?s that?? He left his attention of the staff and listened intently to Bobathire.

?You are meant to defeat all of the ten demons that roam this world.? He motioned at the staff. ?Using that staff!?

?What? That?s crazy. You?re crazy.?

?It?s true,? Bobathire said, puffing his pipe one last time before latching it to his belt. He stood up and he wasn?t much taller than he was sitting, Sagelin noted. ?Make sure to do it soon or that staff may take over you. We can?t have that happen now can we??

?Wait. Where are you going?? But Bobathire already had walked into the darkness. Sagelin followed along with Aldwyn behind, but once they reached the campsite edge, they couldn?t see anything more, but trees.
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Trystae reached the top of the hill and a tired smile came to rest upon her face. She was exhausted from traveling on foot for three days, and the homey town in front of her held the cure for that.

She was welcomed within its gates, and Trystae looked around at Milsgarth, the elven village she'd visited a few times in her life. It was so similar to her hometown that she felt a pang of homesickness for a moment; she could almost imagine her mother and father standing right there in front of her, urging her not to go as they'd done three days ago, as they'd done with Vinthus two years past. She shook off the memories and strode forward towards the stables.

"I hear the horses of Milsgarth are wondrously fast and virtuous," she called out to the silhouette of an elf in the stables. The figure turned and walked towards her, and as she stepped into the light, Trystae saw with a start that it was a very beautiful young female elf, not who she'd expected to be managing a stables at all.

"Not only that, they're friendly, and loyal too," the other elf said, beckoning her forward. "Are you interested?"

"Very much," Trystae responded. "Might I see who you have in here?"

The proprieter smiled at Trystae's correct use of "who" instead of "what"; it showed that she considered the horses to be citizens, worthy of respect. "Yes, you may," the other elf said, leading her to the stalls.

Trystae paused in front of each horse, rubbing its nose affectionately and whispering a few words to it. One of the horses, a beautiful gray with white patterns on its forehead, whinnied gently at her words and nuzzled her hand.

"I'll take this one, please," Trystae said, turning back to the owner.

"A fine choice," the other elf said, opening the stall door and leading out the horse. "His name is Namaarie, and he will bear you wherever you need to go, for he is our most courageous horse."

As the monetary transaction was occurring, Trystae thought to ask about the object of her search. "Have you by any chance heard of an elf called Vinthus Valencia?" she said, counting out her money. "He may have passed by here, as long ago as two years."

The other elf had started oddly at the name, and now she sighed. "Vinthus?" she said, a longing look falling over her features. "Why do you ask?"

Trystae narrowed her eyes. "I'm searching for him," she answered. "He's?he's my brother." Technically true, though she left out the fact that she was firstly, adopted, and secondly, betrothed to him.

"I remember him clearly," the elf said, twirling a piece of golden hair between her fingers in an instantly coquettish manner. "He came here asking for a horse and chose one in just the way that you did. He's rather handsome, if you don't mind my saying so."

"Oh?" Trystae said, making a strong effort to hide her emotions. "Did he ... have affections for you, then?"

"Oh, no," the other elf laughed, breaking out of her reverie. "I rather had a crush on him, but he was nothing but a gentleman, unfortunately! He left as soon as he purchased his horse, one of our finest roans."

Trystae let out a tiny sigh of relief. "Have you any idea where he was going?"

"He was headed west, on an errand for the most beautiful elf in the world, he told me," the elf answered, sighing as well. Trystae felt her cheeks turn slightly red, but ignored it. "And that is all I know."

Trystae smiled and handed the girl a few extra coins. "Thank you very much," she said, and exited Milsgarth with her new friend. At the edge of the village, she mounted Namaarie and began riding west.
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Esthil rode to the top of the nearby grassy hill and stopped for a moment to take in the surrounding scenery. He dismounted his horse, named Palamir, and patted him on the nose. "Now, Palarmir," He spoke softly to the horse. "Just stay still for a moment. I will be simply walking around in this area, so don't go running off without me, OK?"

He always treated animals with respect. His Elven lord Irsoliv, the eldest member of the kingdom that he hails from, has always been very kind towards all people and creatures. "Be kind to your non-human counterparts," Irsoliv once dictated to his scribes once, with Esthil hiding in the hallway eavesdropping. "For they are not much unlike you and I. They have spirits as well, meaning they have minds and personalities as well. Thus we should treat them as such."

Those words truly spoke to Esthil, and ever since then he has always been kind to all creatures, sometimes more to horses than to people.

It was at that moment the young Elf began to reminisce of his past, specifically one moment in time when he was a youth and had just received his first horse.

"Wow, mother.." The young lad squealed as he mounted his horse for the first time. "I didn't expect to have my own horse for another several decades!"

His young parents smiled happily at him at that time, and told him to have fun with his new horse. He rode away for several hours that day, and after that he spent very little time with his family. His horse had essentially become his life after that, and he paid little mind to anything else.

This struck him with a second, more provoking thought. This had always dwelled in the back of his mind, but.. Recently things have been coming out more. After he left his home to be an apprentice to the lord's messenger, he would get mail often from his parents.. However in the past 50 years nothing has come in for him from anyone.

As he always has, he pushed these thoughts out of his mind and looked towards the south, where he saw a large stone city made of a material so white it seemed to be glistening in the sun.

"Well," He said as he walked back over to Palamir. "We have some messages to deliver in here, eh boy?" With that he reached for his steed's reins and brought him down the hill and into the city.
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He tilled the dirt with his hoe carfully. It had to be perfect to produce a good crop of potatoes. Not too hard and not too soft. It had to be perfect to stimulate root growth and produce good potatoes. He straitened up and looked down the acres of potatoes. What was he doing? He, Arron Barlow, was 37. He farmed potatoes. He still lived in the house he was born in, even if he is alone.

Aaron walked slowly back to the house, carefully avoiding the rows of potatoes. He needed a drink. The sence of a wasted life had hung over him for a very long time. But he couldn't bear to leave his home. He had lived his life here. And what would happen if he left? The good soil would go to waste. The house would probably fall down or be burned. And the chickens would all die. He couldn't leave.

[b]Aaron-[/b] "C'Mere Lyn." A small squat dog waddled up to him just as he was nearing the house. The sky was an ominous grey and the grass looked too dark. Something was happening. But it didn't concern him. All that concerned him was potatoes and the forest. Perhaps he would go out there tonight. Sleep in a tree. It was so much easier to sleep when you had a tree to cradle you.

He reached the house and walked in, Lyn trotting at his heels. He dropped a bit of leftover chicken in the dogs dish and sauntered into the livingroom of his home. It was dark, with only a very small window on the western wall. Two rather ugly red cloth chairs sat, faded in the room. He plopped down on one and grabbed a nearby bottle of Gin, rembering how badly alcohol affected him. He would vomit later. Definitly. But for now... He took a deep swig and shuddered as it went down. Enough... It was enough... The bottle came to rest on the floor once more. Perhaps when the sun set he would go to the forest... It would be nice to see the trees up close again.
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[color=crimson][size=1]The night sky was dark and the moon shone bright baring a silver glow. The falls fell softly and slightly silent.

The large castle stood tall and near the top, several strategically placed lamps with candles placed inside.

The gates guarded by half of the Archers the rest back within the castle. The many Elvin archers at the gates' frontline all were men; each with long blonde flowing locks.

A large statue stood proud and tall within the center of the castle, a figure at the base sitting alone, Another Elf came along, a young man also with long blonde hair and gray-blue eyes making his way towards the statue and dark figure.

[i]"[/i]Lekitas...[i]"[/i] The boy said calmly as he looked to the statue.

The figure turned to him and the light reflected from the moon lit her face up.

[i]"[/i]Hmmm? Oh... Hi Laikitas[i]"[/i] (Lie-Kih-Tahs) She looked almost exactly like him. Both having almost the same facial structure; Lekitas smiled slightly at Laikitas as she stared at the statue.

The statue also had a resemblance to Lekitas and Laikitas.

[i]"[/i]You still remember?[i]"[/i] Laikitas asked looking down at Lekitas.

[i]"[/i]Never could forget... Our father shot down before my very eyes Laikitas... Tonight I leave, and you will stay and care for my archers...[i]"[/i] Lekitas stared at Laikitas.

Suddenly one of the archers came riding upon a horse.

[i]"[/i]And who might this be Feilsalin?[i]"[/i] Lekitas stared at the archer who gave a smile as he too the horse by the reins after getting off and walked him to Lekitas.

[i]"[/i]This, is Elias (Elī?əs)... A noble horse of battle; and courage[i]"[/i] Feilsalin gave a smile and said his last goodbye to Elias who nuzzled back.

[i]"[/i]Elias?[i]"[/i] Lekitas asked. [i]"[/i]Isn't Elias, a form of meaning [i]Elijah?[/i][i]"[/i]

The archer nodded. [i]"[/i]Yes, but that would be a nickname just for him, his full name; Aloysius. Aloysius has met many battles; and not once has he left his master's side[i]"[/i]

Lekitas nodded to Elias. He was a white horse with gray hair and a black nose; the reins were of black leather and the seat, and extra arrows at the right side, and a large brown wooden bow, and shield to the other with the Elfeisalen emblem on it.

A picture of The Elven Brooch carved deep within the shield.

Beneath the picture in Elvin language; the words: [i]"[/i]Worthy of the skill of our Woodland Kin[i]"[/i]

[i]"[/i]You're taking that old thing!?[i]"[/i] Laikitas said, his voice suspiciously reaching a high tone.

[i]"[/i]Father's shield is strong. Surly with this, I shall remain unharmed[i]"[/i]

The archer walked forward and slightly bowed before the two.

[i]"[/i]Lady Lekitas-[i]"[/i] He spoke but was interrupted.

[i]"[/i]Lekitas. I am not your queen yet[i]"[/i] Lekitas gave an annoyed look and walked over to the archer.

In his hands a tunic lay. Lekitas pulled it over her long sleeve shirt and then tied a black point at halfway. She then took another belt and tied it in a slanted position, resting on her right shoulder, with the bow and arrows against her back.

Placing her leather wrist guards also with a design of The Elven Brooch. And a pendent of the Elven Brooch tying her cape together, and finally she climbed on to her horse.

Aloysius trotted over to the closed gates and stopped. The queen, her and Laikitas's mother stood, she hitched her dress up and walked to Lekitas.

[i]"[/i]Now is the time to go on your own journey... here my child, these with you[i]"[/i]

Lekitas stared and watched as she handed a Bow and Arrow set to Lekitas.

[i]"[/i]My gift to you,[i]"[/i] she said.

[i]"[/i]Is a bow of the Miraveist. Worthy of the skill of our woodland kin.[i]"[/i]

Lekitas took the bow and arrow with pride and observed the form. An excellent bow and arrow set, the arrows with a beautiful arrange of silver feather with an amber tint to it, and the bow long about five feet length, a black coating, arching at a perfect angle, the finest quality of Elvin bow and arrow weaponry of all forests.

[i]"[/i]Thank you[i]"[/i]Lekitas said as she removed her old wooden bow and placed her new bow within her pouch of new arrows.

[i]"[/i]Here... my favorite ones, with the colors of Crimson and a rich green. I hand my Elbow Blade set to you my youngest sister[i]"[/i]

Laikitas handed her two miniature daggers and two others (Those other ones that Legolas has... Until I get the right name, I'll call those Edge Blades;)) which Lekitas called Edge Blades.

Lekitas looked to her eldest sibling and smiled. She then turned tossing her long blonde hair to the side lightly kicked Aloysius's sides.

Elias reared on to his hind legs and kicked his two left hooves forward while letting out a shrill cry and galloped out of the gates, in to the night of the forest.

The forest was dark and the creatures of the night made much noise. Lekitas kept her attention on to the wet, damp, dark muddy road ahead of the two companions.

The tree leaves, and plants were wet, and the solid dirt road was now mud due to the midnight mists, and the forest was black, but thanks to the moon, it lit the forest to a blue that led Lekitas to the right path.

Lekitas suddenly heard a crack in the distance causing her to jump and pull the reins with force. Elias reared on to his hind legs again throwing Lekitas on to her backside.

Elias ran off leaving Lekitas behind, the extra arrows falling behind him along with Lekitas's Shield.

[i]"ELIAS!"[/i] Lekitas yelled. But Elias was gone in the dark of night.

Lekitas rose to her feet and dusted herself off. Her sharp hearing could hear movement of thousands of creatures making it hard to hear Elias from far. It seemed she was alone and lost in the forest now.

And now she had to rely on someone nice enough to help... or fall in to a monster's grip...
Sorry for the long post ^^; I went a little over board Oo"

The attachment is practically what her hat looks like, but it's cut off, and Link is wearing it Oo" It's also my new banner V_V"

EDIT: Sorry ^^ I realized I screwd the pic, I'll fix this later Oo"[/color][/size]
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Sagelin awoke in the night. He tossed and turned for hours and finally arose to greet the moon and stars. "Still night," he said to himself out loud, rubbing the sweat that invaded his forehead. He stood up, noting that Aldwyn was still sleeping. He paced for a few minutes before returning to his pack next to the spot where he slept. He picked up the staff and looked it over.

Then he peered at the wound it gave him on his finger. It was healed.

He started when he heard something from within the forest around the campsite. He wasn't sure what it was. So he stood up, latched on his pack to his back, picked Aldwyn's sleeping form up gently, and made his way through the brush.

Not long did the sun creep up and it was morning. A waterfall cascaded down the rocks and into the small stream. Sagelin made his way across the stones that emerged from the waters. Aldwyn was awake and perched on Sagelin's shoulder. He heard the noise again. By this time, it was the eighth time he had heard it. It was like a call. A call of pain.

Rushing more than ever before, he came across a woman spread out across on a stone slab lying on large boulder. She was unconscious. He approached her, but could not see her face. He gently moved her long, blond hair from her face. She was beautiful. He poked at her lightly, hoping she'd awaken.

She did not.

Though she did not move nor speak, he heard the scream. This made Sagelin curious. "Aldwyn, I'm afraid we're not alone." They listened intently for the call again. It didn't come.

Then Aldwyn let out a shriek of dismay and Sagelin turned to greet pure evil in the face.
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[color=midnightblue][size=1]Lekitas lay motionless as Sagelin turned only to see a hideous Orc before him.

The Orc surrounded by about twenty or maybe less and they had Sagelin and the unconscious one within seconds.

Sagelin stared the Orcs in the eyes, showing no fear. Behind Sagelin the woman slowly came to only to see an Orc staring her down.

?How'd [i]I[/i] get here?? Lekitas asked herself as she slightly opened her eyes barely able to see Sagelin's shape before her.

The Orc who liked his chops stared at Lekitas. He seemed to drool at the thought of having Elf for dinner.

Lekitas slowly motioned her hand to her Bow & Arrows every time the hungry Orc turned away.

She suddenly paused in her tracks and a flash back came to her.

[i][color=darkgreen]The Forest... (Flash Back)[/i][/color]

?Elias!? Lekitas yelled looking for her friend.

Lekitas suddenly turned to see an Orc much bigger than her own size. He growled in her face, Lekitas immediately pulled her bow and an arrow quicker than the eye itself and jabbed it in to the forehead of the monster.

Then, took the same arrow and pulled the bow back, she turned immediately and fired the arrow in to another Orc.

She turned 'round again, only to suddenly see red as she was smacked down with a simple smack from the main Orc.

(End flash ^^)
Lekitas soon came back to reality.

Lekitas slightly turned her head to see the staff held in Sagelin's hand.

Lekitas kept her hand on her Bow & Arrow.

?Well, what do we have here?? An Orc asked. Bigger than the others, but just as hideous.

The other Orcs growled in agreement.

Sagelin motioned for his sword. The Orcs didn't notice and just glared at the silent Sagelin.

Aldwyn took flight and circled the area. The Orc growled and slammed his fist in to a tree.

?ANSWER ME!? The Orc yelled.

It was at this that all the Orcs stared in fear. Sagelin saw his opportunity and unsheathed the sword, pointing it to the Orc's neck.

Lekitas saw the quick movements of Sagelin and suddenly rolled off the rock landing silently, taking out her Bow & Arrow faster than the eye could see and immediately shot at an Orc.

The Orcs noticing this, and turning to see the Elf wide awake and ready to shoot her next victom.

Sagelin paused and saw Lekitas from behind his back.

?She awoke-? Sagelin whispered to him self.

Lekitas climbed back on to the rock, this time in a standing position.

?You, young warrior who carry the dreadful staff... I am Lekitas, an Elf of the forest,?

Lekitas slightly turned to Sagelin.

?And you are... my uhh... woodland kin? Strangely you've the looks of our Kin, but the shortest of ears ever...? Lekitas staring at Sagelin oddly for his lack of Elf features, though he had a structure of one.

?I am Sagelin. Sagelin Mysdor...? Sagelin said still keeping eyes on each Orc.

?Well Sagelin, pleased to meet you... now, shall we?? Lekitas asked putting away her Bow & Arrow, and taking out her long Knives (See attachment).

The Orcs stood and growled at them. Lekitas and Sagelin just waited for the Orcs' first move.
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As for the image, the knives look exactly the same, but I only put one in the pic Oo" Sorry ^^ but, that pic should give you a nice visual of what those long dagger thingies she uses as a second weapon looks like![/color][/size]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][i]Rali let out a blusterous oath, and slammed the tankard down on the table, upsetting firstly the contents, secondly the patrons nearest to him, and thirdly the table. In fact, the table cracked. Not a large crack, but it was a pretty solid table. The human in front of Rali sneered anyway. Rali slid his chair back to sudden silence in the tavern, and stood up. The human looked at him, down at him, considering Rali's height, and started outrightly laughing. Apparently, he thought size actually mattered. Rali's response was phrased politely and patiently, but his beard nearly quivered.[/i]

Rali: Would ye likea ta settle this with an arm wrestle?

[I]The man grinned, raised his hands to his friends on a trestle behind him, and sat down across from Rali's former position. Rali retook his seat and placed his elbow on the table. The man took it roughly, and without any kind of dignified signal, started trying to force Rali's hand down.

Of course, he failed miserably.

Rali simply stiffened the muscles in his arms, hardened into coiled steel by years of work at the forge, and watched the man try in vain to move it, with some amusement.[/i]

Rali: Ye look like yer havin' a wee bit a difficulty there laddy. Would ye like a hand with 'at?

[i]The man glared daggers at the mirthful dwarf, and kicked him under the table. Now that truly wasn't fair play. Rali, in that spirit, suddenly leant forward, and punched the man in the mouth, with the hand the human was holding. Something of an uppercut, with as much his own fist. The man slumped forward onto the table.

There was a stunned silence, before the man's idiot, semi-inebriated friends started jeering. Rali leapt up onto the table, and picked the man up by the back of the neck, the height of the table allowing him to hold, with an effort, the man off the ground.[/i]

Rali: Does this bit of debris belong to you?

[i]The jeering abruptly stopped. Rali shook his head in disgust, dropped the still unconscious human, and resumed his drink. Still standing on the table.[/font][/color][/i]
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OOC: Nah. It wasn't a cue, but I'll work with it. Makes the plot move XD Silly willy Terra.
Sagelin made a quick leap to the left once one of the orcs charged them. Lekitas also made a move, but to the right, leaving the attacking orc without target. He slammed into a tree, knocking himself unconscious.

Sagelin grinned at the fallen monster, but quickly moved out of the way of a second one charging him. Lekitas did the same and the two orcs also knocked themselves unconscious. Two ran at Sagelin from both sides. Once again, he moved and they slammed into one another and knocked each other out.

The two heroes looked around at their work, satisfied. "Well, that worked out well."

"Yes," Lekitas agreed, tugging at agelin's hand, "But we mustn't stay long. They may wake up soon. Come!" Sagelin followed her deep into the woods, Aldwyn flying behind.

They grew deeper into the jungle, the vines and branches becoming thicker and more exotic and rich. Sagelin had to unsheath his sword and thwack at the vines just to get through, but not until after he tried hard to even reach an arm down to his sword hilt.

"You know your way through here?" Sagelin questioned his new companion. "I mean, I'm sure I've been through this forest before, but never in this area. I stay to the road."

"Well," she began, searching her surroundings, "I believe I have. This is, afterall, near my kingdom." Sagelin nodded, though he wasn't sure he trusted her word on it. He hacked some more at vines until he heard a sharp scream. Looking around, he waited for another bellow.

Nothing came.

"That was weird," he commented.

"Yeah," Lekitas agreed. "Let's keep going. Maybe we'll find whatever made that shriek." They travelled further, Sagelin still chopping at trees. He hacked a vine and was squirted with blood. He spat, for some of it went in his mouth.

"The tree... bled on me!"

"Oh no," Lekitas said, trying to back away, but instead bumped into Sagelin who was still wiping away the blood from his lip. Suddenly, vines whipped around, one grabbing Sagelin's sword right out of his hand.

"Hey! That's mine!" Aldwyn perched on a tree in the distance to watch. The tree was alive, it seemed! And well trained in the art of sword for it was wielding it like a master. "That tree is alive... I think..."

"Yes. Yes it is. It's a special type of tree." Lekitas stepped back a bit more.

"Wha?" Sagelin questioned, still confused.

"It's a Vivorian Root!" Her eyes grew large as she saw the vine take the sword down on them. "Look out!"
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i]
Silly willy Terra.[/quote]
Ah!! I was [i]just[/i] about to post ... Then I went and posted on myOtaku instead ... but seriously ... I was literally just about to ..........

Out of curiosity, who was the long blonde girl supposed to be? Oh, and, who is Fiona? :D


Trystae paused at the edge of the forest, pulling the reins of Namaarie to coax him to a halt. She had ridden through the night, and the first signs of dawn were peeking forth from the east. Somehow, though, it seemed like the sun's rays were not reaching the forest; instead, an atmosphere of darkness pervaded the place.

Trystae sighed and checked her orientation. She'd heard of a small elven village due west from here, and the fastest way would undoubtedly be through the forest; it might take several hours or even an extra day to circumvent the forest. Trystae reminded herself of her Valencia-made weapons, and urged Namaarie forward.

Though the forest's atmosphere did not improve, Namaarie seemed unafraid, trotting forward at a good pace. Trystae forced herself to concentrate on their direction, trying not to be drawn in by the dank air, the heavy darkness surrounding her. It seemed that the trees of this forest were dedicated to completely blotting out any sunlight ...

Trystae and Namaarie were nearly silent on their path, as if afraid to disturb anything. After an hour of travel, Trystae heard something at last -- voices ahead.

Not sure if they might be friendly or otherwise, Trystae readied her bow, pulling an arrow out from her pack. Her legs continued directing Namaarie inexorably forward, though, and though she was uneasy, she did not feel fear.

In a few moments, Trystae could dimly make out two figures ahead, floundering backwards amongst the thick brush. Straining to hear what they were saying, Trystae heard a woman's voice cry something that sounded like "Vivorian Root!"

Trystae's eyes widened and she urged Namaarie to pick up his pace, cantering forward. Indeed, a vine appeared to somehow be armed with a sword, poised to strike upon one unarmed figure.

Moving on instinct, Trystae aimed and let fly, her arrow careening forward in the air and slicing through the vine, causing the sword to drop to the ground. She followed just behind, Namaarie moving near his top speed now, and she pulling out her sword. "Get back!" she cried aloud unthinkingly, forcing herself in front of them so she stood between them and the vine. A long branch darted from her left, just in her peripheral vision, and she sliced it harshly, blood staining her blade.

Trystae realized the man had picked up what she assumed to be his sword, and was fighting the trees alongside her. The woman, however, had backed off as she'd instructed, thankfully. "No!" Trystae cried aloud, backing up slightly, dodging a wicked lash from a branch. "Don't fight them. You'll have to go another way!" An arrow from far behind zipped through the air, cutting off one branch that Trystae would not have had time to dodge, and she mentally thanked whomever had shot it.

"We can defeat them!" the male replied, completely ignoring her instructions.

Trystae grunted her frustration in time with a parry. More and more branches were lashing out towards them now, and they were being forced backwards. "No, we can't!" she yelled to him. "Only fire can defeat them, and I don't have any. Look at how they're banding together! Just back off and run!"

The man looked as if he was momentarily rethinking his brave statement of a moment before, and finally did as she asked, pulling back from the Vivorian Root-infested area. Trystae remained engaged with the trees for only a moment more before fleeing as well, twisting around as Namaarie turned tail to keep any final lashes from the trees from hurting either of them.

She met the other two figures some hundred paces behind. The male was running a sweaty hand through his blond hair, as if rethinking the fight; the woman still had her bow and arrow trained on the Vivorian Roots, ready to attack.

"And who might you two be?" Trystae asked.
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OOC: Heh... Fiona... er... ahem... *cough*cough*
"Who might we be?" Sagelin repeated. "We'd be almost dead if it weren't for you." He rose a hand to her and she grasped it in a firm handshake. "Name's Sagelin. Sagelin Mysdor, messenger of the Ruingarth Messeng... oh... forget the long title."

Trystae beamed and took her hand away. "I'm Trystae Valencia. And you are?" She peered at Lekitas who stood up after kneeling on the ground. She was fixing her bow's string.

"Lekitas. Princess Lekitas." Sagelin dropped a jaw.

"Princess?! Oh my..." Sagelin just stared which he didn't even notice was rude. Lekitas didn't mind.

"Don't be so estatic about it. I'm like all of you. Royalty doesn't mean a thing." The two others nodded.

"Very well," Trystae said, fiddling with her bow. "Where are you all off to?"

"Actually, we just met... the Princess and I..." Sagelin began. "Ya see, I have this sta--" Sagelin stopped. He remembered what Bobathire had said about this being very important. Maybe he shouldn't tell just anyone about his quest. "I was looking for the next town. The princess here... I'm not sure why she's here."

"I am gathering warriors," she answered for herself while giving Sagelin a look. "And don't call me Princess... please." Sagelin mumbled, but brought out a smile when Lekitas gave him a look again.

"Well, I'm off to the next town as well. Maybe we can all go together. It's better in numbers." Sagelin and Lekitas agreed. Trystae led her horse and the other two through a new trail. Aldwyn joined in after scouting the area from an overhead view. He perched on Sagelin's shoulder.

"Oh, who is that?" Trystae asked when she noticed Sagelin's little friend.

"His name is Aldwyn. My falcon friend. He has silver wings!"

"Oh, I see." She gave him and a smile and led the horse on.

They walked on through the forest, hoping they were to near an exit soon. Only Trystae really knew the way from there on. But Sagelin had his mind on other matters. [i]Man, I'm so lucky. I'm travelling with TWO hot girls... not to mention a princess! Man, if my friends could see me now...[/i]
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[color=midnightblue][size=1]Trystae and the others soon reached a hill outside the forest, which they just came.

Sagelin was suspiciously silent in deep thought.

As they approached the hill, Lekitas ran up the hill, Sagelin and Trystae just stared at how hyper Lekitas seemed to act to the fact that she [i]was[/i] a princess after all.

Lekitas peered over the hill. The land stretched across the plains, baring forests, bogs, villages, and a large town far from where they stood.

?What is it you see?? Sagelin asked, straining his eyes to see the large town.

?I see a large town... on foot, it should take two days... since the sun is just about rising, we should make it by tomorrow morning, meaning that we'll have to set up camp somewhere... From there, we can search for whatever it is we need within the town...? Lekitas said turning to Trystae and Sagelin.

?But, a slight chance may lead to being attacked by an Orcs, or Goblins... We'll have to keep our guard up...? Lekitas said.

?We should get going... last thing I want is to run in to trouble...? Trystae said as she took lead.

Sagelin and Lekitas nodded in agreement as they followed Trystae and Namaarie who neighed loudly.

As they set out, already far from the hill, which they once stood, the three were silent making each of them feel uneasy, until one broke the silence.

?Sagelin? what exactly are you?? Trystae asked.

?I too was wondering, you look of our Woodland Kin, but? your ears are shorter than any Elvin clan? and you?ve a strange mark almost all over your arms and face?? Lekitas said as she put away her Bow & Arrow and brought something else out.

?Even I don?t know? but these markings do burn from time to time as if I had just received a fresh wound?? Sagelin said. He turned to Trystae and Lekitas who just smiled back while still walking.

Aldwyn perched himself on to Sagelin?s shoulder.

?Sagelin? how did you end up in the forest?? Lekitas asked. Her mind building up questions of why Trystae and Sagelin were there in her forest anyway.

?I was delivering this message for some rich mean lady to a friend? my horse got spooked in the forest, and well? I then found myself waking at night, I packed up, and walked on, hearing a shriek, after hearing for the eighth time, I walked on not hearing it again? that?s when I met Lekitas. She was unconscious at first, then came to while I was arguing with an Orc?? Sagelin said. He decided to leave Bobothire out of his answer.

Lekitas turned away after this and listened.


?I can feel a threat? it draws near? I can feel it,? Lekitas said in a slightly hissing voice. ?We must pick up our pace? for this threat has been tracking us for a long while now??

?I too have felt it? it is faint? but there? Trystae said turning to Sagelin and Lekitas.

?Who is it?? Sagelin asked walking next to Lekitas.

?I am uncertain? but he is growing in my mind?? Lekitas answered. She turned to Trystae and Sagelin.

?On horse we will arrive faster? Elias will come to my whistle?? Lekitas said.

?And Sagelin?? Trystae asked.

?Sagelin can ride up front on Elias while I on back.? Lekitas answered as she gave a shrill whistle.

A shrill neigh was heard in the distance as Elias came running down the hill soon reaching the base, and running to Lekitas.

[I]?Why didn?t I do that sooner??[/I] Lekitas said to herself in her mind as she turned to Sagelin.

?I trust you know how to handle a horse yes?? Lekitas said teasing Sagelin who grumbled and stripped Lekitas of the reigns.

?Yes. I do? Sagelin said as he mounted Elias while Lekitas from behind.

?Let?s go now before we are ambushed? I am sure that?s what they plan to do.? Trystae said.

?There?s more than one!?? Lekitas asked a bit surprised. This threat could be anything, most likely to be Orcs, but also Goblins, or a possible chance of both combined in to a huge group of thousands, but not likely to happen since they?d probably eat each other.

Sagelin and Trystae lightly kicked the sides of Elias and Namaarie; the two neighed loudly, Elias rearing his hind legs and pouncing forward to their destination, Namaarie next to him as they ran off towards the town.[/color][/size]
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The plains were much nicer and easier to ride through since it had a cool breeze and was more open to manuvering. Sagelin was happy to be back on horseback since it felt safer than on foot. Over the hills, the city ahead seemed to get larger and he felt he was close by it, but the thought of it being still two days away rang in his head.

The crew didn't notice the being behind them, flying over head. His dark eyes peered down at them, noting the staff on Sagelin's back.

"Ah, the ssss-staffffff! Ssso that'ssss where it liessss!" He wanted to swoop down and take it, but he kept his current position. "I don't wanna ssssspoil the ssssurprisssee, now do I?" He flew into the trees ahead of the group and waited for them to enter. It'd be a while, but when your life's purpose is to get the staff, you do what ever you can to get it. He was one of the ten demons.

[b]Name:[/b] Jorala
[b]Element:[/b] Fire
[b]Powers:[/b] Invisibility and Flight
[b]Extra:[/b] Lives to get the staff. Is dark and mysterious and has his face cloaked with a rag. NOTE: Has terrible lysp.

"I sshhhaall getssss that sssstaffff ifff it'ssss the lassst thing I do!" He cracked his knuckles softly as his glowing eyes marked where the group should ride through. He hissed and laughed silently in his tree, waiting and ever watching. "I won't attack when they firsssst getsss here. Only at the right time." He grinned deviously, though the rag covered it. "Any time now. Any time."

OOC: Sorry so short! Just had to introduce him :)
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[color=darkgreen][size=1]Elias, and Namaarie trotted on. Trystae turned and paused.

?I feel him near? Trystae said as she kicked Namaarie again. Now, Namaarie was running fast, Sagelin did the same to Elias who also sped up, and followed Namaarie.

Lekitas looked around. They would probably be in town by nightfall. But, the closer they were, the worse Lekitas felt.

?What you elf eye see Lekitas?? Sagelin asked as he slightly turned to her, watching the road at the same time, making sure Elias didn?t hit any rocks, or bump in to Namaarie.

?I can see the town. We should arrive by nightfall, and if not then, we surely will by day? but, my senses are going mad, for I feel us closing to him? but, I still wonder what he wants?? Lekitas said looking around.

There was nothing she herself could think of. Until, she noticed the staff.

Lekitas examined it, without touching, and leered at it. Her eyes widened as she remembered the same picture seen within the halls of her castle. The evil staff of Darkus, the same staff he used to destroy, and terrorize long ago? that staff, that controlled the Orcs, that killed her father? their king. Though she had noticed it before, she had completely forgotten about it, ?til now?

?Sagelin?? Lekitas said.

Sagelin again, slightly turning his head to her, trying to focus on two things at once.

?Where? did you get that staff of evil!?? Lekitas said strictly as she reached for it from Sagelin?s pack.

Sagelin feeling this, made him act, accidentally caused him to pull Elias?s reigns with force accidentally causing him to throw the two off.

Trystae saw this, and turned Namaarie around.

Sagelin looked up at Lekitas who stood over him pointing her Bow & Arrows at him.

?Where?d you get this staff from?? Lekitas asked. Her fingers ready to let go with any lie, or fake answer.

Sagelin slowly got up and held the staff in his hands. Slightly afraid to speak, while Trystae held her Bow & Arrow at hand, concentrating on shooting the Arrow off course, if fired.

Awkward silence was all until Sagelin finally spoke?

If that bothers you DW, or Terra, lemme know, I?ll be glad to edit it ^ ^ [/color][/size]
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"What the ..." Trystae didn't waste any more time with words, just pointed her bow and arrow at the path that lay between Lekitas' weapon and Sagelin, hoping her reflexes would be quick enough to shoot the arrow off path if indeed Lekitas did shoot. Sure, she didn't know Sagelin that well, but she wasn't exactly supportive of killing people for no reason. And she didn't see a reason, not yet, anyway.

"Staff of evil, eh?" Sagelin said a little weakly, trying for a feeble smile. "Er ..."

"Yes, the staff of evil," Lekitas repeated, "that holds the key to Darkus's power, that has the ability to call back his very soul from the dead."

"That's [i]that[/i] staff?!" Trystae said, and now her bow and arrow was pointing at Sagelin right alongside Lekitas'.

"Girls, girls!" Sagelin said, waving his empty hands as if their attention wasn't already completely fixated on him. "It's not what you think. I found this staff in the woods. Haven't you heard that [i]other[/i] legend about the staff? The one who finds it and is not possessed by it has instead a great responsibility ... to defeat the ten demons and [i]prevent[/i] Darkus from returning."

Trystae snorted before she could help herself. "And we're supposed to believe that that chosen one is you?"

"Well ... yes," Sagelin said meekly.

Trystae choked back her laughter and relaxed her bow. Lekitas, on the other hand, didn't look like she found the situation was funny at all, but also lowered her weapon.

"It is true that I do not sense any darkness in you," Lekitas mused, her beautiful brow furrowed in thought.

"Yeah, see?" Sagelin said eagerly.

Trystae was already turning Namaarie back towards the city they were heading to. "Come on, get up, you two," she said. "We can still make some good progress before nightfall."

"So you believe him?" Lekitas said, mounting Elias, and all but ignoring Sagelin himself as he clambered up onto the horse in front of her. "Are you saying you're going to accompany him on the quest to defeat the ten demons?"

Trystae looked back at them over her shoulder and laughed. "Not exactly," she said. "I don't know whether to believe him or not, but I figure that staff needs an eye kept on it, and I'm heading in the same direction as you for now anyway. So let's head out."

"Why exactly are you going this way, Trystae?" Sagelin asked, but she'd already urged Namaarie back into a gallop and she didn't respond.
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[color=crimson][size=1]Sagelin and Lekitas looked at each other, then at Trystae who was far ahead.

?Best we get going Sagelin...? Lekitas said as she suddenly kicked Elias softly on the sides, causing him to spring forward, nearly throwing Sagelin off.

Luckily, Lekitas caught him in time to stop the fall. Sagelin mounted again, and they rode onward, toward the next town, nearing with every minute.

?We should make it by nightfall for sure.? Trystae said loudly so Sagelin and Lekitas could hear.

?I feel this bad presence again? the threat has now reached us? a battle is to begin? I can feel it?? Lekitas said pulling out her Bow & Arrow from her pack.

?Sagelin? keep an eye if you see anything odd? tell me soon? hopefully, I can shoot him while standing on Elias?? Lekitas began. ?Trystae! nad no ennas!? Lekitas said turning her head sharply towards Trystae.

[i][center][color=darkgreen](Nad no ennas = Something's out there)[/center][/i][/color]

Trystae turned to the woods which had appeared without being noticed.

?Keep watch.? Trystae said strictly to Lekitas who obeyed immediately, and watched while listening to their surroundings.

[color=black]?Sssoon my ssstaff, sssoon!? Jorala said slyly, as he watched the three closely, waiting for his opportunity.[/color]
Obviously, you can see I'm a huge LOTR/Elf fan ^^ those are the appropriate words to the Elven lang, I'm sure since I can write it rather well... but, if anyone noticed I spelled somethin' wrong, lemme know ^^ I'd feel rather silly if I'd messed up on my fave lang. ^^ After all, I [i]can[/i] speak it fluently thankies to Yindsay Oo"[/color][/size]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][i]From his vantage point on the table, Rali was acutely aware that there were a lot of people eyeing him strangely. Conversation was broken off, and people shifted in their seats.

Rali sighed, and leapt down to the ground. His voice rang out with all the deep resonance of the stone he dwelt in and worked with.[/i]

Rali: Ye never seen an angry dwarf before? Let me tell ye all, and tell ye true, I dinnae know why young lout decided to get a little aggressive, but I was not fer startin' trouble ye know!

[i]There was a muttered agreement. Rali cursed in the dwarven tongue, and stalked out the door, his armour making minimal noise. Behind him, conversation resumed, most of it focused on the body still on the floor.

Outside, Rali realised he truly had no idea where to start. The incursions into his earthen realm were the doing of beings far different to these simple folk, even if humans had pushed the fouler creatures back. Either way, this village held no more information for him.

More unfortunately, the only other place he had to go at the moment, meaning the rest of the accessible world, was on the other side of the forest. Rali unsheathed a hand axe without thinking, and started slapping his horny palm with the flat of the blade. Truly told, perhaps a little forestwalk would be worth it, if it meant a chance to cleave elven flesh.[/font][/color][/i]
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