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[quote]Besides providing the setting for Jules Vernes 80 Days Around The World, featuring Phileas Fogg, England seems to be very good at housing great musicians. Throughout history, many great musicians have originated from England, such as Coldplay, and Radiohead of course.

Having known their beginnings in Oxford, England, the band is composed of Thom Yorke (Vocals), Johnny Greenwood (Guitar), Ed O'Brian (guitar), Colin Greenwood (Bass) and Phil Selway (Drums). At first, these university students practiced once a week, every friday, hence their name "On A Friday".

Radiohead came out with their first album in 1993. Entitled Pablo Honey, this first creation hosted the world renowned Creep, which won them their popularity. Although, it would be hard to shake their reputation as a one-hit-wonder.

However, their 1995 release of The Bends proved this belief to be wrong, since it gained them more popularity and introduced them to a steady fan base that would follow them throughout the rest of their days. Songs like Fake Plastic trees and Street Spirit were a huge success and ensured the creation of a third album.

And so, in 1997, the band came out with O.K. Computer, an album that was named best-album of the year by many critics. Of course, many hits and singles were among the reasons for this success. In fact, Paranoid Android, No surprises as well as Karma Police were among the tracks most enjoyed by the public.

In the year 2000, Radiohead came out with their long-awaited Kid A, which amazed as many listeners as it drew away. In fact, this new creation was a turning point in the band's history, caracterized by new incredible sounds that didn't please all ears. Regardless of all the criticism, Kid A reached the #1 spot in the U.S. in its first week.

In June 2001, Radiohead came out with Amnesiac, which was recorded at the same time as Kid A but launched on a different date. Amnesiac was simply a continuance of Kid A, with new sounds and a style that is quite original. Although many people did not approve of the new sound, it is one that ensures creativity from the band, because it enables them to write music without having tp respect a certain form.

As Radiohead begins their tour for Amnesiac, who knows just what's in store for these people who were simply destined to write music. [/quote]

They have, of course, recently released [i]Hail to the Thief[/i].

I think this is nearly my favorite band at the moment. I first bought [i]OK Computer[/i], and was really amazed. Then I bought [i]Hail to the Thief[/i], and at first had a tough time with it, but then loved it as well.

From there I've gotten [i]Amnesiac[/i], then [i]The Bends[/i]. I am now only missing four or so of their albums: [i]Kid A, Pablo Honey,[/i] their B-Sides album, and their live album they have out.

I again highly recommend you give this band a huge shot. I'd probably first start off with [i]The Bends[/i] if I could.

Here's a quick overview of their albums I have heard so far:


[i]The Bends[/i] is exactly what the album's name is. It's a twisting, thriving, moving piece of bending moods.

It starts off with the so-so "Planet Telex," and then immediately moves onto a wonderful collection of songs. When I say wonderful, I really do mean it, too. Nearly this entire album is full of some very very great songs.

"The Bends," the next song, is upbeat, full of anger, yet somehow still calming. It has amazing lyrics that speak widely:

Where do we go from here/ The words are coming out all weird/ Where are you know/ When I need you/ Alone on an aeorplane/ Fallin asleep against the window pane/ My blood'll THICKEN/ I need to wash myself again/ To hide out all the dirt and pain cause I'd be scared/ Who are my real friends/ Have they all got the Bends/ Am I really sinking this low...

And so on. The song itself is loud, guitar-ridden. Thom Yorke, the singer of Radiohead, does an amazing job putting life to this song as well. Definitely worth a listen. It has an angry, rebellious nature to it, yet Thom's voice gives it this eloquently frail and ruinous feeling to it.

Next up on [i]The Bends[/i] is "High and Dry," a rather sour, calm song. Thom again makes it even more mellow with his high voice and beautiful way with the lyrics. Another great song from this great album.

"Fake Plastic Trees," is one of the favorites of many Radiohead fans. It's a really quiet, almost reflective song. The lyrics for it, again, are amazing. And the climax of the song is loud enough yet sound enough to still sound beautiful. Again, this song is mainly, instrumental-wise, driven by guitar. It works very well, blurring all over and through the song while Thom pushes it onward as well. He's just amazing with lyrics, he hits your right in the heart with them as far as I'm concerned. And he goes into a long drawl from one word when it's right, and this song is no exception at all.

"Bones," is probably my favorite Radiohead song. Although it depends, I have found that I really enjoy this song.

It's just like all of the other songs I have said so far, only this is one of the more upbeat songs, mainly given it by the guitar again. Yet at the same time it's also mellowing in other areas. It jumps from loudly quiet, then to the endlessly hitting and beautifully sung lyric of, "WE GET TO FEEL LIKE ALL WE ARE IS BONES."

The climax is also great, with Thom going from, "WE GET TO FEEL LIKE ALL WE ARE IS BONES," and lulling his way through that to, "I USED TO FLY LIKE PETER PAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN. ALL THE CHILDREN FLEW AND TOUCHED MY HAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNND." It's amazing. Uplifting.

"(Nice Dream)," is a nice change after "Bones." It's a very very calm song, almost driveling. It passes fast, but leaves a nice place from where "Bones" had left off.

After "(Nice Dream)," "Just," is an open, welcoming face from the glum. It immediately starts of loud and jamming, relying on guitar again, and is further propelled by Thom's amazing use of the lyrics, "You do it to yourself," and he hammers them all around you until it eats inside of you. And just when you think the song is over, Thom comes back again, loud as ever, adding new power to the lyrics and making the song even more festering.

"My Iron Lung," was written about Radiohead's earlier song from their earlier album, "Creep," when Thom was trying to distinguish from being one-hit wonders. And it's another amazing song on this amazing album. It starts off mellow, then goes to loud, then goes to mellow, then loud, then mellow, until you are somehow just winded and short of breath and it just keeps carrying you along its way. A very beautiful song. Not to mention the lyrics can apply to anyone. One of the best from the album if I had to choose.

"Bullet Proof..I wish I was," is another glummy song. It's, again, an open face after the power of "My Iron Lung," and fills the void from here to there nicely. I especially love Thom's lyrical power in this song, it hits you in this song again, with his numbing, driveling way with the lyrics, putting them again against your heart.

"Black Star," is another of my favorites from [i]The Bends[/i]. It starts off slow and beautiful, then rushes forward with the lyrical catching, hitting, "Blame it on your black star/Blame it on your falling sky/Blame it on the satellite that beams me home."

And it continues going like this the whole way, like the formula of a lot of the songs on this album are. It goes from that verse to calmness again, then back to the verse, then calm, then explodes as it ends and becomes something full and bloomed as it should be. One of my favorite songs on the album, like I said. I love it. I can't express it enough.

"Sulk," comes up after the amazing, eating, "Black Star." It stars off with drums, then the guitar comes in, then Thom all sad and mellow. Then it explodes with the catchy line of, "Sometimes you sulk/ Sometimes you burn/God rest your soul," and again Thom pushes the lyrics with his amazing way of singing. One of the more depressing songs on the album, but it's also one of the most powerful.

After "Sulk," comes the last song on the album, and in my opinion, one of the best. "Street Spirit (Fade Out)," is easily the most depressing song on the album. It doesn't explode or hit you with any of the anger that was in the rest of the album, rather, it sort of just ambles around like it would rather just be dead, and not a song at all. But Thom does again another amazing job, as he has on this entire album, and pushes the lyrics to feeling and life. Another one of my favorite songs from the album.

[i]The Bends[/i] is probably my favorite album of theirs. Not that any of the other albums are better in anyway, really. But Radiohead has never sounded exactly like this again. After [i]The Bends[/i] the powerful, numbing anger is never really seen again. And never again is there any of the uplifting songs again. [i]OK Computer[/i] definitely has some of what [i]The Bends[/i] has, but the diversity in the songs on this album are just amazing. It serves as the easiest album to listen all the way through without stopping. It doesn't make you feel too depressed, and most of the later Radiohead albums do. Especially [i]Amnesiac[/i] and [i]Hail to the Thief[/i].

So, in overview, I recommend this album to buy first if you want to get into this band as quick as possible. Otherwise, nearly every other album requires harder listening for it to be able to grow on you all the way.

If you'd like to download a couple of songs from the album, I'd personally recommend, "Bones," "Sulk," "The Bends," "Street Spirit (Fade Out)," and "Fake Plastic Trees." That's nearly the whole album, surely, but this album is just that great.

Next up is [i]OK Computer[/i], but I don't have time to go on. I'm going to my friend's house soon, so I guess I'll hang this post up here. But I will for sure review the rest of the albums, and then type up more of why I love this band. Until then I hope this will serve as enough, and I hope that some people actually take some initiative and go out and try this band. But if you don't, it's your loss then. Whatever.
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Something big is gooooonnna happen... "Over my dead boooody!"
Listening to Hail to the Thief right now ;)
I ADORE Radiohead... One of ym favourite bands... their songs are flawless. Period.
I saw them recently at Alpine Valley... It was the best concert ever... I was front row on the lawn surrounded by Radiohead's biggest fans on the planet, a group of 15 or so not-so-straight guys... It was incredible, we screamed out the words the entire time and hugged and held hands... I practically cried when they started playing Fake Plastic Trees...
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I didn't know Radiohead up until last year. Then heard Karma Police for the first time and, well, end of story really. I bought OK Computer, The Bends, Pablo Honey within 2 months and ever since, they're my favourite band. Hail To The Thief is great too. I think my fav is 'I will' or 'Wolf at the Door'...
And waiwai, I'm going to see them in November!! Finally! I can't wait.
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Ah, yes... Radiohead. I love them. I recently saw the music video of Hailt to the Thief, I didn't like it all to much though. The music was awesome, I just didn't like the music video.

I have also downloaded Parinoid Android. That is my all time favorite song by them. I have heard many songs from the OK Computer album, but that is my favorite. I have seen the music video for it as well, but it's just a little weird, lol.

I am going to get my lazy self up and make some money to buy the CD. I guess I'll start off with The Bends.
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Radohead...i love the albu The Bends...just check my audimatch for proof. I love the stuff on The Bends much better than their new stuff becuase it is more rocky and indie than the new depressing slow stuff today, however the new stuff is still good. I do love Radiohead.
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  • 6 months later...
I just bought their ok computer album on Tuesday. I knew Karma Police, but Paranoid Android sounded so familiar. So I did a search and behold! the infamous music video. I remember it all now...and now I love Radiohead. They're fooking amazing. Looking forward to snatching up their other albums.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]That article that you quoted was so awfully written it gave me a headache to read it.

I guess that I started to like Radiohead when I saw the video for "Paranoid Android." Me and my sisters were obsessed with it at the time and recorded it on video so we could watch it over again and again. I always remember the part where the woman jumps out of the tree and just opens up her robe. That's one of those classic moments where your mother walks in and says, "What the heck are you watching?!"

Of course, my mother liked the song and video as well. I don't own any Radiohead albums (shame on me), but I do like a lot of their songs. But the original that I heard will always be the one I favour (strange how life works that way), and maybe one day I'll get some more of their music.

But yes, Radiohead, thumbs up.[/color][/size]
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Radiohead is a band I've always avoided. Pablo Honey was so incredibly mediocre that I just didn't really care what they did following it. I didn't bother to notice how much they changed their sound and evolved until the Kid A days... and I decided I still didn't like them after seeing some music video with what I considered, at the time, an absolutely awful song.

Since then, however, I've actually bothered to play the Radiohead stuff I actually owned (I got some of it through Columbia House, but it remained unplayed for years) and while there's still stuff I have little interest in, I've come to realize what an absolute moron I was being about it all.

I played The Bends through entirely one day and it's just a really freaking good rock album. OK Computer, while different in its own way, is also incredibly solid and has some really amazing tracks on it. I'm not feeling what I've played of Amnesiac, however.
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[QUOTE=Semjaza Azazel]Radiohead is a band I've always avoided. Pablo Honey was so incredibly mediocre that I just didn't really care what they did following it. I didn't bother to notice how much they changed their sound and evolved until the Kid A days... and I decided I still didn't like them after seeing some music video with what I considered, at the time, an absolutely awful song.

Since then, however, I've actually bothered to play the Radiohead stuff I actually owned (I got some of it through Columbia House, but it remained unplayed for years) and while there's still stuff I have little interest in, I've come to realize what an absolute moron I was being about it all.

I played The Bends through entirely one day and it's just a really freaking good rock album. OK Computer, while different in its own way, is also incredibly solid and has some really amazing tracks on it. I'm not feeling what I've played of Amnesiac, however.[/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]Someone I talked to today said they didn't care for Amnesiac either, but I'm still interested in sampling at least a song or two. Is it just different/bad/?

And I'd forgotten that MTV censored the original "Paranoid Android" video. I wish I had taped it! ;_;[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=red] This is what I live for. This band is what I could only hope to find. This band is ******* amazing. It's ******* amazing.

And I want to share it with you. I want you to know what I feel. To hear it. Know it. This one's about Radiohead.

There's far more to Radiohead than just "Creep," as it's easy to guess many of you know. Far more to them. There's far more to them than just "Paranoid Android" or "Karma Police" too.

The best place to start with Radiohead is either [i]The Bends[/i] or [i]Ok Computer[/i]. I recommend [i]Ok Computer[/i].

[i]Ok Computer[/i] is hit after hit after hit, after hit after hit, after hit, after hit, after hit. Every song on this album is just ******* amazing. It'll blow you away.

When I first listened to [i]Ok Computer[/i] I hated most of it. I didn't understand what was so good about it.

This is the best kind of music: the music that you have to listen to again and again and again and again to understand and love. When you listen to it enough and really hear the music, you'll be ******* blown away.

From "Airbag" to "Paranoid Android" to "Subeterranean Homesick Alien" to "Exit Music (For a Film)" to "Let Down" to "Karma Police" to "Electioneering" to "Climbing Up the Walls" to "No Surprises" to "Lucky" to "The Tourist," [i]Ok Computer[/i] has all solid songs.

The album's a ******* masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. Most of Radiohead's albums after [i]Ok Computer[/i] are. [i]Kid A[/i] is so very hard to get into, though. The music's just radically different in comparison to [i]Ok Computer's[/i]. You have to love Radiohead for going the way [i]Kid A[/i] does, though. It shows they're not afraid to take chances; big, large chances.

And [i]Kid A[/i] is actually pretty good if you listen to it enough, as with all of their stuff. "Idioteque" off of the album's especially amazing. The title itself is amazing, and the song even moreso. Then there's "The National Anthem" off of there, a nice song. "How to Disappear Completely" is probably my favorite song on the CD if I'd have to choose. I still really like "Idioteque" too, though. "Morning Bell" is amazing too. "Treefingers," which is just ambient noise, is also nice. Can't foget "Optimistic," either. That's one of the more easily accessed songs on [i]Kid A[/i] most definitely. I also like "Kid A" the song, too. I like how it starts. The music boxes. Reminds of me childhood. What about "Everything in Its Right Place"? That's good too.

Now, let us return to [i]Ok Computer[/i].

I didn't like this album as much when I first heard it. But now I realize it's a masterpiece. It's a modern day [i]Dark Side of the Moon[i] in the sense that it's the main album Radiohead's probably going to be remembered for. It's also like [i]Dark Side[/i] for the fact that I think it's what kept Radiohead alive. Without what happened on [i]Ok Computer[/i], Radiohead wouldn't have gone on to do what they've done. And continue to do. It is also a concept album. It's about Radiohead's disgust with Society and how everything's so mechanical, how this is what we're supposed to do. How no one really cares about the other, unless there's something more there. [i]Dark Side[/i] could also be considered a concept album.

The album opens up with "Airbag." This is a rockin song. The line "In an interstellar burst/ I am back to save the universe" is especially catchy and makes this song memorable. The ending part, where it's just the music, none of Thom's trademakr falsetto, that's beautiful, too. A great song.

"Paranoid Android" is a paranoid android in every sense. To me, this is a modern day "Bohemian Rhapsody." It's just like "Bohemian Rhapsody"--it's slow, it's fast, it's sad, it's elating, it's depressing, it's deep, it's shallow--it's so many things at once. And how fast those six minutes of the song pass by never ceases to amaze me. How the song can suddenly be so slow, then burst off, loud and blearing, amazes me. A great song. But there's more to Radiohead than this. There is. Just like there's more to them than "Creep." Or "Karma Police." Those songs aren't all of Radiohead. Almost every song I've heard of Radiohead's I've liked. This is not counting [i]Pablo Honey[/i], since I've never heard that album.

"Subterranean Homesick Alien" is another mind blowing song. I like the instrumentals. That's what does it. And Thom's voice, as always. I like how Thom sings "I'm tired" and "I'm all right." It goes beyond words. This song's sort of mellow, too. I like that.

"Exit Song (Music for a Film)." The most depressing song on the CD in my opinion. It's not even too depressing. It's more sad desperation than anything else to me. I like how slow it goes. How Thom sings. It's especially amazing when the drums hit, it sends shivers through my body. The way Thom sings, "You can laugh/ A spineless laugh" sends shivers down me, too. Then right after those lyrics, he says, "We hope your rules and wisdom choke you." The way he says it, oh my god, it's ******* amazing. It's just ******* amazing. How he says it all low, and it's so hard to hear but so easy, and how when he hits "wisdom" and sings the rest, "choe you," I love that.

I like how the song ends: "We hope that you choke that you choke/ We hope that you choke that you choke/ We hope that you choke that you choke," that's beautiful. And how Thom says it. And the instrumentals. It's perfect.

"Let Down" is my song. It's the one I've listened to the most on the CD. This song's really, really hard to get into. At first anyway. When you listen to it enough, it's ******* amazing, just like every song on this CD. Or almost any song by Radiohead in general.

It's the best when you get through a lot of the meat of the song, and it's near the end almost. The part where it's, "You know where you are with, you know where you are with," that's where it starts to get me. I just zone out. It's just amazing. ******* amazing. I zone out and it's just the music. It's just me and the music. How this song just goes on and on, driveling, is beautiful. I really like how soundscaping this song is. One of my favorites.

"Karma Police" I like. Although there's better than this. It's best at the end, when Thom just sings on and on, "For a minute there I lost myself." I also like it when he sings, "This is what you'll get when you mess with us." A good song, but there's better on the CD. And from Radiohead's other songs in general.

"Fitter Happier" I like. It's just Thom's voice computerized, but it's a well-written what he's saying. Thom actually made this when he was drunk one night. I found that funny. I like the end: "Like a cat/ Tied to a stick/ That's driven into/ Frozen winter **** (the ability to laugh at weakness/ Calm/ Fitter, happier and more productive/ A pig/ In a cage/ On antibiotics."

"Electioneering" is the most rockin song on the CD. It also works. I like the instrumentals the best. You don't even really hear Thom in this. He's kind of in the backdrop. What he says is making fun of society though.

"Climbing Up the Walls" I love. I like how visceral it sounds. I like how Thom sings. I like how it's kind of dark. Another ******* amazing song in a CD full to the brim with ******* amazing songs. Listen to it a few million times. It grows on you like nothing else.

"No Surprises" is my least liked song. And even though it's my least liked song on [i]Ok Computer[/i], it's still ******* amazing, too. The instrumentals always remind me of that song the Ice Cream man would play. You'll know what I mean if you've heard this song. The song's one of the more peacful songs on the CD, and is almost happy and enthusiastic. Needless to say, that's why I don't like it too much.

Ah. And here we are at "Lucky." This is the best song on [i]Ok Computer[/i] in my opinion. It's a ******* geniusly brillian song, and anyone needs to hear it. From what I've heard, this song also means a lot to Thom. I mean, it is about his love, Sarah, after all, too.

This song's deceptively deep, touching, emotional. It's so many things at once. It has great instrumentals. This might even be Thom's best vocal performance on a song ever, and that's a lot to say. Because to me Thom's an amazing vocalist. I especially like the end, where it's just orgasmic and just instrumentals. Listen to this song. It's ******* amazing.

The last song on [i]Ok Computer[/i]. "The Tourist" reminds me of "Lucky" a lot in its sound. This song has simple lyrics, and does well to end the CD. Another ******* amazing song.

[i]Ok Computer[/i] is pretty much genreless. You can't label this stuff. There's so much different sounds here, it's amazing. There's something here for everyone.

I saw the CD for $10 at Target. That's a ******* steal. I'd be willing to pay upwards of $30 for this CD, it's that amazing and ******* wonderful to me.

Everyday when I go on a walk, I listen to this CD at least once.

As for [i]Amnesiac[/i]. I actually like the CD a lot, but then again I like pretty much ever Radiohead CD I own. Off of [i]Amnesiac[/i], "Pyramid Song" is a must-hear. So is "Like Spinning Plates," "Life in a Glass House," "Dollars & Cents," and I especially love "I Might Be Wrong." "You and Whose Army?" is also ******* amazing. Hell, the whole CD I love, other than "Pulk/ Pull Revolving Doors"--that song I honestly admit isn't the best of Radiohead's at all. I also love "Morning Bell/ Amnesiac." It's a remix of "Morning Bell" from [i]Kid A[/i] and is maybe better than the [i]Kid A[/i] version. It's hard to say though. I like them both as much. "Knives Out" is amazing too. The whole album's underrated in my opinion. A lot of Radiohead's stuff is underrated in my opinion. But I'm biased I guess. But seriously, give Radiohead some time and you'll love what you hear. At least that's how it works for me.

[i]The Bends[/i] is my least liked album I own. And again, I still love [i]The Bends[/i], I think it's ******* amazing at times too. Just not as much as the later-sounding Radiohead. From this album I really love "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" and "Just" and "Bones" and "High and Dry" and "The Bends" and "My Iron Lung" especially. I love the whole CD. "My Iron Lung" is ******* amazing, once you get used to the part where it goes, "The headshrinkers, they want everything/ My uncle bill/ my belisha beacon." But I like "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" the most.

Why don't I just say I love pretty much any Radiohead song? That's how it is.

Give them more time, Tony. It takes a long, long, time to appreciate their later stuff especially. I still don't like it sometimes, but now I'm starting to love it so much.

This is just the band for me. What is there to say.

And I want to share them.

Now, I was making another Radiohead thread last night. It wasn't posted obviously, but I find it funny that now this thread comes back to life. Kind of ironic.

I so higly ******* recommend this band. I think they're far better than most anything I've ever heard. But then again, that's just me, and I reserve the right to think that.

I've gotta go study for my ACT test tomorrow.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Mitch: As for your love of Radiohead, I can't say I'm on your level, but I might be there someday. I actually bought Ok Computer at Target for that steal of $9.99. And I'm FAR from regretting it. That's actually why I decided to reply to this thread...I wanted more information on their other albums because I knew their hits were on the Ok Computer album, but I wanted more. I shall buy whatever albums of theirs I can get in my grubby hands, because I know they're sought after and, it seems, highly coveted. =)

Thanks for the information and in-depth analysis/summary of the songs. I realize it was probably meant for someone else, but it helped me out a lot. Buying Ok Computer started my search for '90s music...GOOD '90s music. God I loved the music of the '90s...

And, speaking of which, I read an article the other day that John Mayer did his impression of Kid A...he's a huge fan of Radiohead. Hm, I should listen to that...quite interesting...[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]As to [I]Hail to the Thief[/I], I was reading George Orwell's [U]1984[/U] the other day and it dawned on me; "2+2=5" is directly related to that novel! Along with that other song...um, "Sit Down. Stand Up" I think (?) I believe I read that somewhere. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Can you confirm any of this? It would be interesting to find out... =D[/SIZE]
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[font=Verdana][size=2]I, actually, find it so amazing that someone can describe how great a band Radiohead is, the way you have, Mitch. I can see you truly do love this band, and even though I'm far, far off from where you are in following them, I still can see some of what you see in them.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"The Bends" is my personal favourite from Radiohead, even though I haven't heard that much from them, everything I [i]have[/i] heard from them, I've liked every bit of it. I intend to hear some more from Radiohead.[/size][/font]
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[color=purple][size=1]I'm a new Radiohead fan as well. Like Mitch, the first album I bought was [i]OK Computer[/i]. To me, at first, it was just a novelty album. Just something to listen to and laugh at it. Then I heard [i]Karma Police. [/i]After the line, "For a minute there, I lost myself", got inside of me, all of the other songs started to get inside of me as well. After that, I knew I had to hear more. So I decided to buy [i]Kid A[/i] but they didn't have it at Sam Goody's. So, taking a chance, I bought [i]the Bends[/i] and hoped I wouldn't be sorry. As you can guess, I wasn't in the least. Well, enough of my musical adventures, I have a question for everyone. How is [i]Kid A[/i] different from all of the other albums? Does it have a lot more ambient noise and synth effects or something? (Most of my friends can't stand that stuff.) And is [i]Hail to the Thief[/i] very similar to [i]Kid A[/i]? [b]Let me just end this by saying that unlike other groups I listen to, Radiohead is the only one that I don't really pay attention to the words. I don't even know most of the lyrics for their songs. It all just melts together so much, it's great.[/b][/size][/color]

[size=2][color=purple][b]~S.A.~ A.K.A. "Taryn" :angel: [/b][/color][/size]
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