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This story takes place ten years after The Return of The King book. A war is going on, and the fight is for Middle Earth. The name of this war: Elladan's War. Gandalf has risen up and created an army of humans, elves, dwarves, ents, and hobbits. Elrond is ruling the allegiance with Gandalf. Sauron has restored his army of humans, orcs, Nazgul, and some dwarves. This story takes place on all of Middle Earth. There will probably be a sequel. It depends on how well this story does. Here is the sign up sheet:
name: (try to make it original) [I'll need someone to be Gandalf
and Sauron. P.S. Gandalf and Sauron don't get to boss
everyone around. They're not shoguns or anything)
age: (over 17)
weapons: (any kind of weapon they would have used in the Lord of the Rings. You can also use staffs or spears.)
shield: small shield(can be used with any weapon)
large shield(can't be used with swords or bows or
by dwarves.)
armor: leather or mythril(mythril can only be worn by elves or
occupation: (ranger, soldier, blacksmith, general, royal guardian,
or peasant.)
location: (Shire, Mordor, Mirkwood, Rhonan, Gondor, or Eryn Vorn)
race: (elf, hobbit, dwarf, ent, Nazgul, human, orc, wizard)
I would also like one paragraph of at least five sentences telling why you wish to take part in this story.) Thanks a lot. Hope we can get started soon.

[color=green]EDIT: Merged your two posts. Please don't double post, even in a signup thread. -- terra[/color]

name: Ares
age: 37
race: elf
weapons: sword
shield: small
armor: mythril
bio: born and raised in Mirkwood by forest elves. He is arrogant and stands 6'1". He doesn't talk much.
appearance:[img]http://brokeneyes.250free.com/Xion03.JPG[/img] and he stands 6'2" tall.

I hope I get some good posts.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Luthien Nolatari (Stefani Rennolds in elven. =^_^=)
Age- 19
Race- Elf
Gender- Female
Weapon- Quarter Staff, long bow
Shield- None
Armor- Leather
Descritption- Black hair, mid-back, green eyes, fawn colored capris, form fitting light green shirt, ankle boots, leather
Occupation- Ranger
Location- Eryn Vorn
I love the books and have seen the first and second movies. I am a wonderful Rper(sp) and think that i can handle almost anything you can throw @ me.
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name: Elafeawen (starspiritmaiden actual translation for anyone who cares)
age: Unknown over 200 at least
weapons: Bow and arrows and a sword also has elven magic. Fights from horseback
Horse: Laurelassi A white horse with a simple leather saddle and bridle when in battle but nothing for when not in battle
shield: none
armor: mythril
bio: Elafeawen is and elf of mirkwood. She joined the war because she is a good fighter and healer.
appearance: 5'8" Blond, blue eyes. Wears a simple gren dress with flared out sleeves when healing and somthing like arwen's riding outfit when fighting but its green
occupation: healer
location: Mirkwood
race: elf
I wanted to join because i love the lord of the rings and i have been waiting for a good lotr rp for a while.
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Name: Keiomer

Age: 29

Race: Human/Gondor

Gender: Male

Weapons: Long Sword and Twin blades

Shield: Small Buckler

Armor: Leather

Bio: A lieutenant of Gondor in the previous war, this man decided to leave the army and find his fortune else where. No dragged back by the impending danger he seeks to help once more.

Appearance: Short dark hair, thin goatee beard, Grey eyes, long black coat and leather pants, dark green leather jerkin, black hooded undershirt, 5'8, lithe and muscular

Occupation: General

Location: Gondor

Reason for Joining: Because I want to, what other reason is there?
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Name- Radagast the Brown
Age- Unknown
Weapons- Wooden staff
Armor- Brown Robe
Bio- After Sauraman was cast down, Radagast re-surfaced from his exile to finish his mission in helping cast down Sauron. Friend of birds and beasts of the forest, he speaks with many animals and is aided by them.
Occupation- One of the five cheif Istari
Location- Greenwood(Mirkwood)
Race- Maiar(Wizard)
Reason for joining- I'm a Lord of the Rings freak, what more do you need?
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Name: Diarmuid
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Weapons: Throwing knives, and two short, slightly curved swords.
Shield: He usually doesn't use a shield. When he does, it's a small one.
Armor: Leather (and occasionally chain mail).

Bio: Diarmuid was born in Rohan. It was there that he learned to be proficient with horses, but he didn't wish to live the life of a peasant, and left for Gondor when he turned fifteen. For the past ten years, Diarmuid has wandered throughout Gondor, making his living through theft and sometimes hired killings. He is a wanted man in many of Gondor's larger towns, but has managed to keep a fairly low profile. Diarmuid is highly skilled with the weapons of his choice, and can be a very dangerous opponent. For the most part, though, he pretends to be carefree and somewhat clueless.

Appearance: About 5'10". He has a lean, strong build, hazel eyes, and dark brown, waist-length hair worn in a long, thick braid. He wears a rumpled white shirt with an open collar and long sleeves that are gathered at the wrist. His boots are black, with several hidden knives. His black pants are bedecked with dangling straps and homemade pockets, all of which serve to conceal other knives. Finally, he also wears a thick black and silver belt, which rides low on his waist and carries the sheathes for his two swords.

Occupation: Thief and mercenary
Location: Gondor

I'd like to take part in this story because I love Lord of the Rings. I've been waiting for someone to start an LotR RPG, and this one sounds great. I also love to write, so this should be a lot of fun.

Please PM me when the RPG is started (if I get in, that is). Thanks!

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name: Gandalf the White
age: He's a Maiar.. as old as creation.
weapons: Glamdring, His staff
shield: none
armor: He wears white robes, he doesn't seem to need armour.
bio: Gandalf is an Istari of Middle Earth, he is a maiar of Nienna. On middle earth he went by many names (Olorin is his istari name), Mithrandir by the elves, Tharkun to the Dwarves, and Incanus to the Haradrim. His outward form was that of a bearded old man dressed in a white cloak with a tall pointed hat and long staff. Upon his arrival in the Grey Havens, Cirdan gave him Narya, the "ring of fire". For over two thousand years, Gandalf has worked against the rising evil powers in Middle-earth. Eventually he was essential in the downfall of Sauron at the end of the Third Age. He inspires everyone around him, while riding his Meras; Shadowfax. He faced and defeated the Balrog, multiple orcs/goblins, and The Witch King. He oversaw the reuniting of Gondor and Arnor in 3021, but in this story has decided not to return to the Undying lands. For Sauron lives.. broken, but alive....
appearance: He appears old, but unwhithered. He has bright hair, and a chest length beard. He wears a white cloak, and his hat is tall and pointed.
occupation: Wizard
location: He'd probably begin in no set location. I suppose I'll stick him at the Grey Havens if possible, he'll probably ride to Minas Tirith.
race: Istari

Reason: Well I admire Gandalf's wisdom, and could emulate it quite wlel I belive. I also am very well versed in LoTR knowledge, only Radaghast being my competition I think. Which makes sense, the two wisest characters in Middle-earth being played by the two most LoTR savvy people? Yup, makes perfect sense. I'm a good roleplayer.. and I'll STICK to a game if the roleplaying is GOOD, the people aren't STUPID, and by FAR if you be at least SOMEWHAT true to Tolkein's great works....
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Guest Honda RacerS200
Name: Dealgon
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Weapons: Urak-Hai sword which he got from a dead Urak Hai, bow
Bio: He has slaughterted millions of orcs and other creatures and had gotten a scar from Barrow Wights and Black Riders over his chest and over his eye. He was born in Mirkwood until his family was slaughtered by orcs. The killing was called the The Mirkwood Slaughtering

Armor: Mithril
Sheild: None
Appearance: He stands at 6" 1' and has hair like legolas and he has red eyes like a demon which he got from all the orcs he slayed.

Occupation: Ranger
Location: Shire(Living with Fatty Bolger)
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