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[COLOR=deeppink]When you hear the word kitty you think of cute, sweet, nice little kittens. Right? [/COLOR]

Yeah right.

Five stones, five elements, five specieces of cats...

Ancient scriptures tell of a curse. A curse in which dogs will turn against thier owners. rising up on back legs they will take over the world and treat humans as thier pets instead, Led by The top Dog, A strong rotriler named Sidaeus. these dogs gained powers of the curse using them to out do weapons of all destruction.

A prophet saw visions of this and so sealed five stones each with a different element. And just for kicks a different specieces of cat.

BlackCat_Ying/yang(yingyang is darkness and light)

And now it's time forthe chosen humans to overthrow the dog empire.


Ok so signup. (sorry guys too many skittles and a new kitten has done this to me. Kitty kitty kitty)

Animal form description:
extra(if you feel like adding a bio or something.

------one person per stone. If someone has already picked it, too bad!----------

i'll post mine later i'm just gunna tell you now i choose WhiteTiger_snow.

:p so there.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Torlea
Age- 14
Gender- Female
Stone- Tiger_storm
Description- Mid-back black hair w/ gold thick stripes, gold eyes, black leather pants, form fitting black shirt, elbow cut, thick heeled boots(leather)
Animal form Description- Like a regular tiger, but with one silver stripe on her tail, lean, sleek.
Personality- Dark, dangerous, sarcastic, cocky, seductive.
Other- None
Hope this is okay. And when i hear kitty, i hear," Growl."::wink::
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Sounds good

Stone:White Tiger~Snow
Description:See attachment
Animal form description:Normal White Tiger but she has silver ear tips and a silver tail tip that sparks out like an ice crystal.Also she has snow flake designs,speckled over her body but not too many.
personality:Fun,caring,loving,friendly,likes to help people but gets nasty when it comes to the dogs and when her friends are in danger.
Extra:Very acrobatic and stealthy

EDIT:-No weapons--Check
-Continue to having White Tiger--Check.Thanks Kesaki^_^

Anything else I need to add or take?
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Name: David Armenta
[b]Nickname[/b]: Meteora
[b]Age[/b]: 17
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Stone[/b]: [color=red]Lion-Fire[/color]
[b]Description[/b]: [color=black]Black Hair[/color] with [color=red]red tips[/color],5'10,muscular,his pants and shirt have flames on them.He also has [color=blood red]red eyes.[/color]
Animal Form Description: Looks like a normal Lion except some major changes. His tail is normal but at the end their is a [color=red]flame[/color]. His fur is in the pattern of [color=red]fire[/color]. If you touch him he'll [color=black]burn[/color] you.
Personality: He is a carefree, loving person. HE loves to make friends. One thing dont get him angry . He'll get really angry and do whatever it takes to get rid of what made him angry.
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You know what I thought about and I'll just let you keep white tiger since you seemed to have put thought into your signup. I'll just take blackcat. =p

Name: Serena Megumi

Age: 16

Gender: female


Description:Black hair with blue eyes. Wears a black t-shirt with bluejeans.

Animal form description: Looks like a normal black cat but is the size of a tiger. Her fur is jet black, with white stripes under her eyes.

personality: Clumbsy. She is always falling or getting herself in to some sort of trouble. She can sometimes be annoying but can be serious when she needs to.
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Why do I always get stuck with Earth *kicks at dirt* I HATE YOU!!! :p
Name: Monique
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Stone: Lynx_earth
Description: Shoulder length red hair, white jeans and white long sleeve shirt. Black knee high boots.
Animal form description: Looks like a regular lynx but has dark red fur which makes it stand out, and white at the tip of it's ears and tail.
Personality: Quiet, sensitive, and likes to keep to herself. If you come too close into her personal space, hope that you can run....really fast.
Extra: -.- I hate bios.
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Maybe if I come a lot, then I won't miss my chance to get a good element sometimes. I always get stuck with earth. I like it but I'm tired of always having it. Can I switch with Ohkami? Please? :(
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could I join please? I said I'd pay you back Kesaki_Inedia, and I will now. Can I join? Here's my character:

[b]Name: Dango Wolf. (he isn't a wolf. That's just his second name.)

Age: 27

Gender: male

stone: Black_cat(yingyang)-Dark

Description: Spiky black hair, a long cloak, black pants and black boots. About 6" tall, a red mark on his eye and he has soem fake fangs in his mouth. He always has these. Don't ask, it's the way of Dango...

Aniaml form description: Longer balck hair, claws, yellow eyes, and most his body covered in black fur. Still stands on both legs, and his fake fangs become real. He get's taller, and his personality becomes more...more evilish.

Personality: Calm, and very strange when angry. He's filled with pride and strength.

Extras: none. (forget bios this time...)[/b]

So am I in?
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Can I be Lynx?
Name: Taka Shiromi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Stone: Lynx_Earth
Description: Dark green hair to her elbows, wears it in pigtails. Brown eyes, very tan skin. Wears long brown dress under a white shirt.
Animal form description: Normal Lynx, except with patches of dark green around her ankles, and two tails (yes, two tails)
personality: extremely friendly, something of a mediator, ver peaceful. Believes that saving the world is her destiny. Somewhat blunt, and a terrible secret-keeper. Very naive.
extra: so does this work?
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Right ok.

[B]Name: Dango wolf.

Age: 23 in dog years.

Gender: male

Description: Sharp pointed ears, a long tail (stands on all fours derrr!), red eyes and has long fur on his neck like human hair. A red band around his head, huge fangs and a small sword that he found years ago.

personality: Likes to watch things suffer. He attacks anythig that is a cat, or any danger to him. Sometimes he attacks at will. He is very strange and strong. He used to lift up his older brother when he was a puppy. He never liked any one, no one, not evenhis family. If you get on his nevres, I think you'd better sign your will!

Extras: He was born with one older brother. His family tought him respect, but he never listened to them. His brother woudl say;

"Why do you lsiten to them? Follow your own path. What do you want to do?"

His brothers words made him what he is today. Strong, powerful, and heartless. Black was his colour, and his heart was indeed black, infact, he didn't have one. He cared for nothing. After awhile, he took his brothers words and left on hsi own path. His brother said these last words:

"Let no one stand in your way. You are in control, and never show any mercy."

So, that was what he did. No one woudl stand in his way. He would give no mercy, and he would expect none.[/B]

Is that ok?
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