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[size=3][b]Laeth E?Thae[/b][/size]

[i]Thousands of years ago blood was spilt and a curse was let loose, muttered alone by an angry tongue. Days and weeks passed, which turned into months, and then into years, and soon the entire incident was forgotten ? just a memory, something written on a yellowing page somewhere. But these days the people of Ma?Uriith are wary; they stay away from shadows and darkened streets, and never venture out into the night alone. There?s something lurking in the pitch black of the night, watching; waiting. Some say its superstition. Some look elsewhere for answers. But there?s something undeniably wrong in the capital and her King is beginning to notice that something will have to be done.

The only question is how do you save a city when you don?t know what you?re saving it from?[/i]


[b][u]The Races in Laeth E?Thae[/b][/u]
[b]Ethai?En:[/b] Humanoid in form, except for their ears, which are longer and pointed at the tips, usually decorated. They have secretive smiles, and a good knowledge of both magic and battle, and are always very agile fighters.
[b]Frae-Ren:[/b] A very spiritual race of people, the Frae-Ren have a deep connection to the earth and nature around them. They are by far the best mages in Laeth E?Thae because of their connection with the elements.
[b]Shii?Saiit:[/b] The race most similar to humans, they look completely normal. Their only defining characteristic is their strength; they are the most powerful race and make excellent warriors.
[b]Tal?Iiren:[/b] The last race of Laeth E?Thae, the Tal?Iiren are also human in form, minus one small appendage ? tails. They come in various colors, usually the same color as the person?s hair. Very proud of their tails, the Tal?Iiren keep them very well groomed.

Ii?Kaer is the larger country in the Laeth E?Thae world, and it?s continent and surrounding islands make up roughly one third of the world. The people of Ii?Kaer are notoriously industrious and take great pride in everything they create or do. The dominant race on Ii?Kaer is the Shii?Saiit, followed by the Tal?Iiren.

[b]Kaer:[/b] Kaer is the capital of Ii?Kaer and is located in the center of the country. It is by far the largest city in Ii?Kaer, and perhaps all of Laeth E?Thae, mostly because of the natural defenses around the city; people are drawn to security and stability, and Kaer can definitely provide that for them.
[b]Taale:[/b] A port city of Ii?Kaer. Sits on the shores of the Sea of Xaern, some of the more dangerous waters of Laeth E?Thae. Mostly sailors and those who make a living off of sailors populate this city.
[b]Brywnne:[/b] A second port city of Ii?Kaer, and probably the most of prosperous of the three because of its easy path to Kaer up the Nlae. It?s also rather close to both Maurii ports.
[b]D?Yarhe:[/b] Ii?Kaer?s third port. D?Yarhe is famous for it?s Pwrynae Fish.
[b]Caedwyn:[/b] One of the smaller cities, Caedwyn is stock full of flowers, chickens, and old people.
[b]K?Urii:[/b] The people of K?Urii are a curious sort ? they are devoted practitioners of an ancient form dance involving various weapons, known as the [i]Lith?Rii Urii[/i], or in common tongue, ?Dance of the Feather.? Many legendary Ii?Kaerian warriors have come from K?Urii.
[b]Shaar:[/b] A rural city, Shaar?s incredibly fertile soil gives birth to the most delicious crops you?ve ever tasted.
[b]Fenwyr:[/b] This city is notorious for it?s celebrations, especially for the festivities surrounding the return of spring. Nights in Fenwyr are always glowing, thanks to the Leoth?Laa flower, which excretes a thick, luminescent goo. Many women actually like to mix the goo with oils and then rub it on their skin; it smells quite nice and it gives people the impression of radiance.

Maurii is the smaller country in Laeth E?Thae, but is much more soaked in tradition then Ii?Kaer. The people of Maurii are characteristically graceful, and have a greater appreciation of history and knowledge than most. The dominant race on Maurii is the Ethai?En, followed by the Frae-Ren.

[b]Ma?Uriith:[/b] Ma?Uriith is the capital of Maurii and is a city shrouded in secrets. They say things are happening in Ma?Uriith during the nights. Nobody really understands the rumors, but the whispering still continues there.
[b]Uthmae:[/b] Long ago, Uthmae was one of the healthiest cities in Laeth E?Thae, and a most profitable port city, with it?s location so close to Mount Riian. But now, the city is a mere shadow of its former self and though still successful, it no longer has such a friendly atmosphere.
[b]C?Erree:[/b] This city was just coming into it?s own as Uthmae began to dwindle. With an easy voyage across the Naar?Sael Ocean to Brywnne, not only does C?Erree bring in lots of trade, it helps to keep communication and interaction going between the two nations.
[b]Tal?Ebot:[/b] Tal?Ebot is the home of Maurii?s warriors, and is especially famous for its bowmen. Many of Laeth E?Thae?s finest weapons are crafted here, as well.
[b]Feurith:[/b] A very old city, mages of all kinds travel to Feurith to study her ancient texts. Though magic has faded in recent times, it still holds strong in Feurith, and the monks that keep the libraries have put down their lives to make sure it stays that way.

[b]On the Map (which I am trying to get up):[/b]
1. Uriiya Heights
2. Wyned Gard (longest river in Laeth E?Thae)
3. Alwyrr Range
4. Nlae River
5. C?Adwiin River
6. Thaete Range
7. Leoth?Laa River
8. Mount Riian
9. Riian?s Tears
10. Tal?Alae River
11. No?Nae Peaks
12. Shaarith (it curves and runs through C?Erree)
13. Shaarith?Ra
14. Ri?Onei Straights

[b]The Myth of Riian[/b]
[i]It is said that a race of elite beings lived on the misty island of D?Ianii Ilaen thousands of years ago, when the island still thrived and grew. They say that there was no place in Laeth E?Thae like it, and certainly no other city could match its beauty. Every building was sculpted as though it was a piece of art, and to those who inhabited D?Ianii Ilaen, they truly were. The D?Ianii, as they were soon after called, were great lovers of all things beautiful, and so they made the world around them beautiful, including themselves. Some believe the city itself was enchanted, and that every life force, every little thing made within its boundaries was infused with magic. Every skirt or cloak was only made of the finest silks, and their skin was always coated with the shining Leoth?Laa. They fragranced their hair and dyed their wings brilliant colors, and sang about old truths and forgotten memories. The D?Ianii were a wistful race of beings, in love with the earth around them and with all that the land could offer them. But it came to pass that the island of D?Ianii Ilaen was looked on sourly by its neighbors Maurii and Ii?Kaer; the two nations grew envious of the little island and it?s people, and soon planned together to rid the D?Ianii of their glory. And on the eve of the first snow, they attacked D?Ianii Ilaen and stained the island with death. None were left alive but their youngest Prince, whom was left on the island to die with the rest of his massacred race. They say the Prince still walks there today, his ghostly form grieving amongst the ruins of the ancient city, vowing vengeance on the two nations who brought his people such a swift and painful death.

Today, the myth is but a memory, tucked away in the oldest of pages, and the shores of D?Ianii Ilaen are forbidden to all. Many believed the island to be cursed by their lords of old, and haunted by the mysterious winged race that was said to live there. As it is, no one ever sets foot on the island.[/i]

[b]Seasonal Celebrations in Laeth E?Thae[/b]
In spring they celebrate the rebirth of nature and of life; the beginning of the cycle. Usually the celebration takes place in Fenwyr; it starts in the evening and goes on into the night, when the city looks especially beautiful. A lot of song and dance is incorporated into the festivities, and costumes having to do with spring are worn. The ritual dance performed is known as the [i]Eth?Lii[/i], or the ?Rebirth?, and it contains a lot of very vibrant, energetic movements to capture the joy of life. At the end of the dance, everyone throws petals into the air and drinks in honor of the fresh blooms.
In summer they celebrate the sun and the warmth it shines down upon them, making everyday a happy day. Usually the celebration takes place in C?Erree, now that Uthmae isn?t quite as fresh as it used to be. A lot of music is played, and costumes are worn, but there are many more games for everyone to enjoy. The ritual dance performed is known as [i]Siieth Naar?Enai[/i], or ?Everlasting Sunshine?, and the movements in this dance are more focused on presenting a warm, happy emotion, and kind of represent the sun.
Fall marks the beginning of the end, so to speak, and the people recognize this and celebrate the fullness of life, but more importantly, the wisdom gained from it. The celebration usually takes place in Feurith. There is a focus on the moon and her cycles, which comes out in the ritual dance [i]Taegath?La Shiirae Urae[/i], or ?The Waning Moon.? The movements are very slow and graceful, like the tide, and the singing has a very high, celestial sound to it.
A stark contrast to the other three celebrations, the winter festivals are very melancholy, and they take place in K'Urii. Life has come to an end once again, and the cycle is near completion. All music is very slow and mournful, and any costumes are usually in gray or black. The ritual dance performed is known as [i]Lith?Rii Urii[/i], or ?The Dance of the Feather?, and is a very eerie dance in that it combines the sadness of a falling feather, which has to do with the deaths of the D?Ianii, but also the grace and beauty of the warrior (the dance is performed with weapons and is very much like a kata).

[b]You?re almost done![/b]
No, really. If you?ve made it through all that, congratulations ? it was a hard journey, I know, but the end is near, my friend. This is the fun part ? your character?s stats. But before I begin on that, let me make the rules clear:
[b]1.[/b] This is an RPG so natural RPG rules apply. If you don?t know these easy, universal rules (as pertaining to ?god-moding?, character control, killing, fighting, etc) or are not completely sure about them, PM me and ask ? I?ll be happy to explain. Break these rules and you?re screwed. You get one warning. If it happens again I?m shipping you out.
[b]2.[/b] This is a realistic, mature RPG. Despite the fact that Laeth E?Thae doesn?t exist and many of the races and ideas are purely fantastical, it?s not a perfect world. There?s a lot of gray matter, if you get my drift. And 15 year olds aren?t going to save the world. Also note that it will be mature ? swearing, sex, violence, you name it; you can find it here. Not in abundance, I hope, but keep in mind that you probably will come across it sometime in the future.
[b]3.[/b] As the creator of Laeth E?Thae and most of the ideas behind it, it belongs to me. Please don?t use any of this without my permission, and don?t degrade it with crappy posts. Use punctuation, please. That?s why you?re in school, kids.

All right. Characters. A limit to three per person (for now), please, and remember that the D?Ianii are, sadly, extinct. So don?t tell me that their great-great-grandma?s brother?s wife was one or something. In fact, the island is completely abandoned. Just a bunch of ruins, covered in years and years of dirt and tree growth. Remember that it is also forbidden, even to adventurous young teens that like to break the rules and do wild and crazy things. No one sets foot on the island ? it?s just not done. With that said, here?s what you need to begin your character?s profile:
Location:[/b] (both the name of the city and country, please, for formality?s sake)
Appearance:[/b] (including things that they carry with them, like any weapons or bags or something)
History:[/b] (please, a good, thought-out background. Think about their family, their city life, what they want to do, where they want to go, etc.)
[b]Tidbits:[/b] (Anything else you?d like to add about your character; interesting little bits of information)

If I find any little mistakes or pieces that should be changed, I?ll politely let you know. Once I have a number of replies, I?ll let you know who?s accepted and who needs to keep working on theirs. Honestly, I want as many people as possible, but I also want this to be a good, thought-out RPG that?s not going to die after a few days, so if I have to be strict about what gets in, I will. Believe it or not, that?s it, folks. Remember, first and foremost, this is about having fun, so make sure you do.

Now, here?s one of my character?s profiles that you can use as an example:

[b]Name:[/b] Leile De?Lanthe
[b]Age:[/b] 19, nearly 20
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Race:[/b] Ethai?En
[b]Location:[/b] Tal?Ebot, Maurii
[b]Occupation:[/b] A merchant?s daughter, after coming-of-age, she branched off the family business and travels around the city of Tal?Ebot (her father?s business is in Ma?Uriith), learning a few crafts here and there as she trades with other merchants and sells her things to the people.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Leile is a slender girl, a bit on the smaller side, and is very agile. She has pitch-black hair that she wears in little tiny braids, some longer than the others, all tied off with a very tiny silver bead. Her eyes are a smoky green, and her skin is a tanned, olive sort of color. On her ears she wears these silver covers that fit on her ear and sort of spike out (think of a water nymph or mermaid?s ears, I guess). People are more likely to stop at her cart if they like what they see, and so Leile dresses accordingly, starting in a short black tunic with no sleeves. Over that she has on a deep, dark green colored corset-like top that ties on both sides and has embroidered hems. The top is much longer in both the front and back, and flows just past her knees. Black gloves that reach her elbows and leather boots that go up about mid-calve finish off her attire. When it?s particularly cold outside she puts on a black cloak. Otherwise, it stays stashed away in her cart.
[b]Personality:[/b] Leile isn?t the greatest salesman in the world; she?s actually far from it. The real reason she?s continued with her father?s business is because it permits her to travel the land and see new things and meet new people, and that?s the sort of thing she loves to do. She?s usually a very friendly person, not without a little dry humor now and then, and she enjoys teasing people, especially men. She?s especially fascinated by Ii?Kaer and dreams of one day sailing over there; she?s hoping to raise enough money with her little enterprise so that she may join in the festivities in Fenwyr and partake of the wonderful wine they brew (although she?s got very little tolerance for the stuff). As far as the future goes, she doesn?t really see anyone else in it ? she doesn?t really believe in the idea of love all that much and honestly believes that she?s better off not marrying. Rather, she likes to think that she?s saving some poor man a good deal of trouble.
[b]History:[/b] Compared to some families in Maurii, hers was rather small. Her mother left them early on, and Leile has not spoken to her since then, and though some bitterness comes up whenever the subject is brought up, the ebony haired girl is usually quiet about it. She?s traveled with her father and younger brother Verrte around the big city of Ma?Uriith for most of her life, learning her father?s trade and such. When she came of age at 18, she opted to follow in his footsteps and extend his business to other cities. Because at 18 not only do you come into adulthood, you also become an open market to suitors everywhere, and because of her mother, Leile isn?t too keen on the idea of love. And Ma?Uriith was getting a little weird to her as well; strange things were happening there. All in all an uncomfortable place. So she got out of town like a bat out of hell, and is currently living in Tal?Ebot.
[b]Tidbits:[/b] She sells just about anything on her cart: weapons, clothes, fabrics, spices, and other little odds and ends that she?s piled up over time. If she finds anything particularly interesting to her, she?ll keep it in a big, cherry-wood trunk she has with her, along with most of her other things. Her faithful horse and companion R?Enthe pulls her cart and travels with her through Tal?Ebot.
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b]Nisha Toki
[b]Location:[/b]Feurith,Maurii-But she goes to Tal?Ebot often.
[b]Occupation:[/b]Half Merchant half Trader.Her mother's a Merchant while her father's a Trader so she follows both.
[b]Appearance:[/b]Nisha has rich,chocolate brown hair that stops around her shoulders.She has bright emerald eyes that sparkle when she's happy or go dull and lifeless when grieving or sad.She usually wears a blue shirt and navy blue breeches but sometimes she wears a blue tunic.She has a dark navy blue almost black pair of boots that just stop at her ankles.On her back she always carries a silver sheath.Inside it is a sword.The blade is made of sharp,unbreakable crystal and the hilt is made of silver with indents for hand positions when doing different moves.She also carries a bag on her back.She carries supplies and other things.On her belt are two smaller sheaths where she keeps her twin daggers,both made of silver.Around her neck is a silver chain that has a pendant of a silver teardrop.a cherry blossom is carved into the front.All the things are gifts from people that she helps daily.They are her rewards and pay.The sword was given to her from her father though.Nisha also has hidden daggers in her boots and when she wears one of her blue jackets she has daggers in her sleeves that are held with a magical wire that will release at her command to allow them to fall into her hands whenever she needs them.When she uses her flight spell and her fairy wings sprout they're a misty blue.Like fushia with more blue than pink.It kinda divides into 2 wings.A big one on top and a smaller on the bottom but they act as one.
[b]Personality:[/b]Nisha's a kind,caring and considerate young lady.She has a bubbly attitude and is usually always happy unless angered or saddened by a certain turn of events.She cares for her friends and family and whenever they are in trouble or problem she will do whatever she can to help.
[b]History:[/b]Nisha is an exellent mage.She has learned many great and wonderful spells from the libraries of the monks in her hometown of Feurith.The monks there all know her because she goes there everyday unless she's busy helping her parents or travelling off to other cities-mainly Tal'Ebot.Sometimes she can be thievish because she's very stealthy,skilful and definately acrobatic.But she also makes a good fighter.She's agile and quick but strong.Her brother.Who is a warrior taught her how to fight well.

She daily helps her parents with their different jobs.First she'll help her mother as a merchant and she sells things quickly,then she'll rush off to help her father who's a trader and they get many customers.Then after she'll go and visit the libraries and she'll stay there for the rest of the day until it's time to get home.Many times she'll practise small spells in the books in small quiet areas of the libraries.

When she has free time and doesn't go to the libraries she'll go to an open field near her home and practise her spells in small and big forms.And she'll practise sword,dagger and hand to hand combat movements making sure each cut,slice,stab or hit is accurate and hits the mark.

Also on somedays Nisha will fly to Tal'Ebot.One of her favourite spells is the flight spell.She sprouts fairy wings and takes off.She uses it often so now she can fly far distances.Sometimes she dreams what it'd be like to be one of the few greatest mages AND warriors.Not many people are skilled at both.Although many of her race are,they're mostly better at one than the other.Nisha's dream is to become great at both.

She lives life peacefully in her quiet city.Her transport around town is either jumping from rooftops or flight.She hates the dusty streets below.Sometimes she thinks what it would be like to visit Ii?Kaer.She has been to pretty much all of the towns in Maurii but she hopes to go to Ii?Kaer and learn more.
[b]Tidbits:[/b]As I said she's thiefy,skilful,stealthy,agile,quick,acrobatic,magical,physically strong,accurate,carries a lot of weapons and has high hopes.

[b]EDIT:[/b]Ok.I finished the sign up.This sounds exellent.I hope I can get in.

[b]EDIT:[/b]I changed my angel wings to fairy wings.and I decided for a double wing.[/color]
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Okay, here's my second character for the time being.

[b]Name:[/b] Luthian Eliithe
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Race:[/b] Tal?Iiren
[b]Location:[/b] K?Urii, Ii'Kaer
[b]Occupation:[/b] He?s currently a student, you could say, learning the [i]Lith?Rii Urii[/i] for the next winter festival. He bartends on the side to make money.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Towering over most people, Luce is a very tall, lean man, and he likes being able to see over people?s heads; he thinks it?s funny. He?s got a head full of thick, wild hair the color of cherry-wood, and because he?s been out in the sun for most of his life, his skin is a deep tan color, bordering on brown. His tail, of course, is the same reddish-brown color. He wears earrings, too; little silver ones on his lobes, and then one on the top of his left ear. Not one for elegance and refinery, Luth dresses casually, sometimes just lazily, in trousers and occasionally a tunic wrap and a cloth belt, and always sandals. He likes to walk around half naked though, and even wearing nothing at all, if the situation permits it. He?s very proud of his body.
[b]Personality:[/b] In case you couldn?t already tell, Luth isn?t exactly the modest type. He?s a very energetic, rambunctious guy and he?s always doing something. Action keeps his mind sharp and focused; when he?s not doing anything, he gets anxious and short-tempered, which is bad for everybody. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life very much because of his background, but new things excite him; he?s the kind of guy who has to try everything once, walk in every open door, explore every nook and cranny. As far as his temperament goes, he?s a very competitive guy, so when somebody piques that instinct in him, he can get pretty passionate and you?ll find that it?s hard to get his mind off of anything else. He strives to be the best in everything he does, which can obviously be hazardous to both his physical and mental health, and thus when he isn?t or when he feels like somebody is ?challenging his authority,? so to speak, he gets pissed off.
[b]History:[/b] Originally Luthian grew up in Caedwyn, and he was there for a good twenty years before he decided it was time to move out. As a kid he was always a trouble-maker, making up outrageous stories and jumping off of haystacks, attacking the chickens and such. He always liked a good adventure, and he listened intently to the town elders (most of the people in Caedwyn [i]were[/i] elders) when they told him stories about the early days, about the myths of the land and the things they?d seen and heard throughout a lifetime. So when he finally did leave to pursue his dreams and make a name for himself, most of the people were sad to see him go ? such vivacious people are rare in Caedwyn. Some however, were happy to have him gone because as charming as Luth is, he?s a bit of a womanizer. He?s been in K?Urii for four years now and he?s got his own little place in a boarding house just down the street from the bar he usually works at.
[b]Tidbits:[/b] Something that isn?t quite as known about Luthian is that he?s an incredible musician, and even more, he still loves to hear stories and learn about new things. He?s still a little kid at heart.

**Remember, if you guys have any questions or are having any trouble at all, don't be afraid to PM me and ask - I'll be more than happy to help you out.
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[b]Name:[/b] Aissa Safiya'a
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Race:[/b] Frae-Ren
[b]Location:[/b] Tal'Ebot, Maurii
[b]Occupation:[/b] Healer
[b]Appearance:[/b] Aissa usually dresses modestly simply to avoid uncomfortable encounters in the city, though she sometimes wishes she could wear more revealing clothing. She is cute, with short brown hair that falls just past her ears and a few freckles dotting her face. Though one might expect her eyes to twinkle with merriment from the rest of her cute features, they are calm and blue, which is often startling upon first view. She is of average height and build. She has a bow and arrow and a few pouches with herbs to use in her various spells.
[b]History:[/b] As a Frae-Ren brought up in a warrior's city, Aissa's life has never been particularly easy. Though the Frae-Ren make up a good percentage of the city's population, the Ethai'En and Shii'Saiit often look down on the mages as inferior for their lack of physical battle skills. It is not an overt racism, but it is still there.
Even so, the Safiya'a family has lived in Tal'Ebot for several generations, and they have no intention of leaving. Their line consistently produces strong and talented mages, though this is not a well-known fact throughout the warrior-dominated city. Aissa currently does not show as much talent in offensive magic as her younger brother, Arland, but her defensive and healing magic skills have grown quite quickly. She's been able to make a living off her magical healing talents (though most of her clientele tend to show up in secret, being somewhat ashamed of associating with a mage).
Aissa has learned to deal with this racism as a fact of life, though she definitely doesn't like it and wishes she could do something about it. She also feels a certain jealousy for Arland's skills in offensive magic, since if she had a choice she would be more aggressive; however, she still loves him, and the rest of her family, very dearly. She sometimes wishes she would have a chance to travel the rest of Laeth E'Thae, but without a really good reason, she is unwilling to leave her family and her home.
[b]Personality:[/b] As described in her history, Aissa is generally happy with the path set out for her, and falls into her role of being a good daughter, loyal to the family, tolerant of racism against her. Thus, she is usually calm and collected, holding herself slightly apart from her surroundings. Sometimes, though, she feels a subtle urge for something more, but is unwilling or unaware of how to satisfy that desire.
[b]Tidbits:[/b] Aissa has a gorgeous singing voice, pure and high, which can sometimes be used to her advantage when she's casting magic.

If you don't like the dynamics between the races I made up for the city, I can probably think of something else for her history if you'd like ... :p I just figured since it's a city most famous for its warriors, etc. Just let me know.
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[b]Name[/b]: Maia Runeska
[b]Age[/b]: Almost 18
[b]Gender[/b]: Female
[b]Race[/b]: Shii?Saiit
[b]Location[/b]: Kaer, Ii'Kaer

[b]Occupation[/b]: Painter, thief

[b]Appearance[/b]: Maia is 5' 7" and has brilliant red hair. Its color is true crimson, without a hint of orange or brown. She wears it in a thick, waist-length braid. Her eyes are a pale, clear amber. Maia's skin is naturally very fair. She might be pretty, somewhere beneath her habitual scowl, but she cares very little about how she looks. Maia always wears a brown tweed cap at a rather rakish angle, as well as a matching jacket, which is missing several buttons and is way too large for her. She also wears loose khaki pants and an off-white tee shirt. Her shoes are badly scuffed. Maia's ugly, baggy clothes conceal her lean, slim body, which could be very attractive, if she put her mind to it.

[b]Personality[/b]: Maia can be pleasant if she wishes, and has a very dark, ironic sense of humor. But she rarely laughs, and is for the most part very ornery, antagonistic, and stubborn to a fault. She dislikes most people. However, she is loyal to those who gain her trust, and she eventually opens up around them, becoming much more friendly and forgiving than she was at first. Though she is streetwise, intelligent, and somewhat jaded, Maia is ultimately still a very young adult, and has a lot more to learn about the world than she thinks.

[b]History[/b]: Maia has no memory of her family. She was raised in one of Kaer's seedier orphanages, and recruited by a local crime syndicate at the age of 10. They promised her that they would get her out of the orphanage if she became a pickpocket for them. Maia soon became one of the syndicate's best pickpockets, due to her manual dexterity and eye for detail. Although she rose in its ranks and is, at 17, a skilled thief, her dream has always been to become an artist. Maia spends all her money on paint, brushes, and paper, but rarely sells her paintings. They're too important to her.

The syndicate just assigned her to travel to K?Urii and form an alliance with one of the syndicates in that city. It's not one of her usual missions, and she's interested to observe the fighting techniques of the people of K?Urii.

[b]Tidbits[/b]: Maia is a very versatile and skilled fighter, and is also, as a professional thief, excellent at stealth work and disguise. She fights with either her fists and feet, two knives, or throwing stars. It has been thought that her skill at thievery might stem from some kind of latent psychic talent--nothing more than the ability to vaguely sense the thoughts and feelings of others, or sometimes the shape of things to come. She is plagued by bizarre, often frightening dreams and visions, and paints these images as a way of exorcising them from her mind.

This RPG is going to be great. I look forward to it!

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Woohoo!! I'm so happy, people have [i]replied!![/i]

Okay, seriously, I like the turnout so far, but I'm gonna wait a couple more days, I think. To let more people wander in and be amazed at how cool we are and stuff. You know. But I do have a question for you guys.. are you having any trouble with the map? Just PM me or something and let me know. I'd like to keep the communication up between everybody cause that'll make this that much better. So yeah. Anything, any questions, comments, just throw 'em at me!

Later, dudes.
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[color=firebrick]Name-Saladin Mushir




Location-Usually in Uthmae,Maurii but he travels alot.



Personality-Saladin is not one to be very cheerful and he has plenty reason why he isn't.He likes to stay quiet and is very independent and as stubborn as an ox.Once Saladin make sup his mind he usually won't change it for anything.If you cut off both his legs he won't let you help him try to walk and if he can't get up by himself he'll demand you leave him.

History-Saladin is a mercenary who was brought up in Uthmae,Maurii and led a rough hardknock life.He had to fend for himself after his father died.Saladin took to the streets after his father's death.It wasn't a place a 10 year old boy should have grown up but there was nothing he could do about it.Not having any money and no place to live made it hard and Saladin had to resort to stealing food and picking out leftover food from any restaraunts and things like such.When Saladin turned 15 he was able to get a job and make a little money.Still this wasn't enough to get him a place of his own but it was better than being broke and out o the streets.His employer took pity on him and provided him with a place to stay.
Then Saladin turned 18 and moved out of the rundown home he was staying in and took to the roads once again.He became a mercenary which at the time provided him with good money and he didn't need to scavenge anymore.But after a few years of good pay for succesful missions things began to turn sour again.Saladin could barely find anyone to hire him and he needed money bad.Leading up to now he was able to find a few good jobs here and there but not many.Saladin travels all around Laeth E'Thae to find work but so far he has found nothing.

Tidbits-Saladin is travels much and never stays in one city fo rmore than three days.

I hope this is alright.Tell me if i need to change anything.
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Yeah, another guy! And he's [i]hot![/i] Rock on!

Okay, all girlish squealing aside, I'd like to try and set up a time where we can all meet online and discuss the introduction and how we're eventually going to bring all the characters together. As some of you know, I've got some ideas, but I'd really like to hear yours, as well. The more input the better! Please don't be afraid to make suggestions and ask questions and all that jazz. For our discussion.. first of all, does anybody know a good place to go for that? I'd hate to just continuously PM each other back and forth. And secondly, let me know what times are good for you - like I said, I'd like to try and get ALL of you there, because so far I'd say you're all more than qualified for this.

Let me know as soon as possible! We'll probably be starting in a couple days.
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Congratulations on becoming a moderator!! ^___^
Anyway, this is my second character?. and yes, he?s very much male.

[b]Name[/b]: Anubis Nox
[b]Age[/b]: 35
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Race[/b]: Ethai?En, with some Frae-Ren ancestry
[b]Location[/b]: Ma?Uriith, Maurii
[b]Occupation[/b]: Street magician, illusionist, black mage

[b]Appearance[/b]: See attachment for further detail. Anubis is just under six feet tall. Physically, he is both agile and powerful, due to his lithe, muscular build. He wears an ankle-length, gray-green cloak, and always carries a mage?s rod (his main weapon), which is a simple staff carved of aged ivory. Beneath his cloak, Anubis sports a sleeveless white tunic, light brown breeches, and a similarly colored belt. His clothing is mostly Spartan in nature, but is made from very high quality fabric, and, like the rest of him, has a certain unique elegance. His hands and arms are covered in black tattoos of magical symbols. They are concentrated most heavily around his wrists, and gradually become fewer and fewer as they spiral up his arms. These tattoos seem to change their form arbitrarily. Depending on the day, they can look like Japanese kanji, Tolkien?s Elvish script, ancient Greek, or something else entirely. Only Anubis is aware of their true significance.

[b]Personality[/b]: Anubis has something of a dual personality. Most of the time, he is diplomatic, tolerant, calm, polite, and very perceptive. He can be very difficult to dislike. However, this is largely a façade. As one of the most powerful black mages in all of Laeth E?Thae, Anubis is very calculating and Machiavellian, and has a rather nasty sadistic streak. He rarely reveals his true emotions. Of course, this is supposing that he actually has any. Ultimately, his motives are entirely unknown. He may help others at times, but it?s clearly not out of the goodness of his heart. Anubis is not tempted by the ambitions which plague other men. He is indifferent to both money and political influence, and despite the fact that he could easily gain both, seems content earning his money by performing magic in the streets. Because of this, Anubis has become rather renowned in the city of Ma?Uriith. The government knows him as a dangerous, mysterious black mage, while the children know him as the nice magician who never forgets a person?s name.

[b]History[/b]: Anubis tells no one where he was born, or much of anything about his past. When he was 15, he became a student at the University of Magic in Ma?Uriith, a famous and highly selective school. Anubis was at the top of his class, and looked to become one of the greatest mages of all time, until he dropped out shortly after turning 19. Since then, he has wandered the streets of the city, and is now familiar with its every nook and cranny.

[b]Tidbits[/b]: Anubis owes his unusual dark powers to his Frae-Ren ancestors, though physically he is purely Ethai?En. He is a master illusionist, and can kill someone simply by giving them the illusion that they are dying. Only a very strong-willed, magically gifted fighter could have any hope of defeating Anubis.

Edit: On weekdays, 7:00 to 10:30 [pm] EST is good for me. On weekends, I can be online pretty much anytime.

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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Shrai'i Kell Chi-Rha

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Frae Ren

Location: Ii Kaer, K'Urii

Occupation: Travelling Dancer, part time mercenary and assassin on the side.

Appearance: see attatchment. With the scarf around her shoulders, great magic is transfered from the heart to the physical realm. She carries a small crystal cut vial around her neck, containing blood from a spider. Why, we don't know. Her only weapon would be the scarf, but it doubles as both a channel for her magic and a garotte.

Personality: Calm and serious, she is both steady and dependable. She is not given to throwing her heart out to the nearest available male, but when she commits, she commits. There is a funny streak in her, but it's limited to sarcasm.

History: She was born into a family of highly dysfunctional proportions. Her father was a Silver Daggar [mercenary] and her mother was something of a prostitute. Shrai'i had siblings once, but both of them were killed by their father in a drunken rage. Lack of work might of had something to do with his problems, but that didn't excuse him for locking up his daughter in a very dark cellar. Shrai'i was scarred by this, if only emotionally. As for her mother, she would've been better off by herself. Instead, she turned inward to dancing and eventually ran away from home.

Any magical powers her father or mother had were not cultivated, something that sickened Shrai'i when she learned of her untapped potential. As a dancer, she started rather late in life, but that didn't stop her from rising to new heights. Several dance companies attracted her attention, and she chose to travel with an acting, performing troupe. She likes adventure and wandering, but sometimes enjoys a quiet bite by the fire and a glass of cold white wine. All in all, Shrai'i is the sort of person you would expect to never change.

Tidbits: She is terribly claustrophobic, which is why she's a dancer and not a city girl. Shrai'i could never be cramped behind a desk or counter, she would lose her mind. The paranoia comes from her childhood, obviously.[/COLOR]
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: Ensis Veneficus

[b]Age[/b]: 23

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race[/b]: Frae-Ren

[b]Location[/b]: Fenwyr, Ii?Kaer

[b]Occupation[/b]: [Wise?] Shaman/Healer/Herbal Doctor.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Ensis is an abnormally tall [6'9 or so] and somewhat muscular fellow, with tanned skin and long, black, unwieldily hair that stops just above his shoulder. He appears quite healthy and agile- clearly a fit man who could hold his own quite well. His eyes are a light gray- whats odder than the color is the mystical glow that resides within them. It mainly becomes noticeable when it is dark.

Ensis mainly wears an outfit that consists of a dark green sleeveless shirt and black pants that are somewhat baggier than normal [for comfort]. He carries a long staff that holds within a deep channeling power for natural and white magics- but, it isn't that bad as a walking staff or melee weapon either. When on the go in dangerous territory, he also equips himself with a small satchel that he swings across his shoulders, carrying various healing herbs- just in case. Rumor states that amongst the normal healing herbs in his travel satchel reside some more offensive materials- ask Ensis and he will just smile.

[b]Personality[/b]: He is inquisitive, tactical, intellectual- but retains a cheerful, witty attitude on a more personal level. He avoids drowning people in unneccesary knowledge unless they geniunely want to know- if he didn't, he be highly annoying. Ensis adores parties, large or small, and participates in every celebration he can. He has alot to teach- and maybe some more to learn. Content with life, he has no reason to be overtly negetive- and hopefully he will stay that way.

No one likes grumpy Healers.

[b]History[/b]: The Venefiscus family is a line of Frae-Ren that have focused on their innate connect with Earth and Nature to aid all who need it. There have been several famous Venefiscus' family members, and in general they are well respected- not only for their trade, but for their hearty, varied personalities. There are a good number of them strone about the whole world- occupations all varied forms of the generic 'healer'.

Ensis was born in Shaar, son to a famous Healer named Kenneth- a pure herbal doctor, and an extraordinarily good one at that. From a young age Kenneth taught young Ensis all he could about the varying flora that graced Laeth E?Thae, from the mysterious to the rare and powerful. Ensis decided that he would focus mainly on the craft of herbal medicine, following in his fathers footsteps- however, he took a keen interest in his mother's magical ability. Her roots were strongly based in diviniation, healing magic and a strong sense of closeness with nature. She noted the ambitious curiousity of her son and that the potentional was there for him to master both parents' respective arts. So, both of the parents taught the young son their occupations. In the end, however, this cancelled all chances for the young man to learn anything remotely offensive magically- his mind filled with the encyclopedic knowledge of herbs, magic, mixtures and all sorts of things. This affects him negetively as his only offense is potions and his staff.

So, it was that the young Ensis grew up under the careful eyes of his parents, his training continueing well into his late teens. When all was said and done, the parents had outstandingly succeeded in his upbringing- he could equally heal with concoxitions and just as easily do so with magic. It bears mentioning that all young Venefiscus' leave as soon as they are 21- in the spirit of nature, adventure, and the family tradition.

And so it was Ensis left, his mother giving him his staff as a parting gift. Over a year he migrated slowly southeast, intill finally arriving at Fenwyr. The flora in the area was curious- mysterious, wonderous. The people were welcomeing, knew how to have a good time and were in need of a healer to settle there. The atmosphere was perfect for Ensis- and he settled down. For the past year he has lived there, frequently travelling around the region to study nature and collect the plantlife he needs to aid his friends.

However content he is with life, Ensis has an undying yearning to just travel the world- to see all there is to see. In recent weeks he has considered packing up his belongings and just leaving for a few years, or indefinately.

[b]Tidbits[/b]: Ensis enjoys playing God with his potions at times, mixing magic with his mixtures. This can turn out either fantastically good or violently horrid- several large explosions in his house have given him serious injuries. Good thing his house is on the outskirts of town.

Maybe someday he will get it down perfectly.. but for now it remains a more hit and miss situation.


I hope this is alright, I just thought a lively shaman would be interesting.[/color]
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[b]Lovely characters[/b], thank you very much for joining us!

Now, I've got Dagger's availability times, but I still need to hear from the rest of you. We're not going to start until we get the chance to discuss everyone's expectations and ideas regarding the story line. So please let me know when you can be online, and what kind of IM programs you have, if any, through either PMs or posting here. I don't care either way, [i]I just need to know[/i]. If that's a problem for you, again, let me know and we'll figure something out. This is important because it's going to give everyone a chance to get to know each other and understand what sort of ideas we have for our characters regarding development and subplots and all that jazz. It'll also let me know who's really committed to making sure this story is a good one. I can't stress that enough. So [b]please[/b] let me know ASAP.

Thank ye kindly.

Your friend [b]FOR-EH-VER[/b],
Arcadia :blush:
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Ok, I'll give this a shot...

Name: Kaze Hikigane
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Race: Ethai'En
Location: Maurii, Ma'Uriith
Occupation: Exorcist
Appearance: Nothing more than a child, Kaze is normally considered to be untrustworthy. Indeed, he has a very childlike appearance, since he is only 5'7" and weighs 90 pounds. However, he does maintain a constant aura of darkness around him, since he usually wears heavy black clothes, stitched with mysterious runes in white. He wears a heavy black sweater with a hood, dark pants, which are usually adorned with heavy chains and crosses, and heavy walking shoes. He has a tendency to keep his hands to himself, and does not like being in contact with others. Also, he has two belt holsters, but he does not appear to be carrying any weapons or firearms. That is because his weapons are magical, and they are drawn only at his command, they are ethereal weapons, and will damage the souls of their victims, rather than their bodies, this quality is what landed him a job as an exorcist.
Personality: Few people know who he is, much less what he is like. He keeps a mist of secrecy over him at all times, and it is rare that he tels others his name, much less anything about himself. He is usually misunderstood, and people have a tendency to believe that he is capable of powerful dark magic, but that is not the case. The magic he uses is simply to put wayward michevious or restless souls to sleep, and sometimes he protects those who are haunted by poltergeists or other ethereal doppelgangers. He rarely talks about anything other than that which is important to him, and prefers to be alone. He is in fact very peaceful, and would never hurt anyone.
Bio: Kaze belonged to a very famous family, known throughout the land for their skills with weaponry, as well as their supreme craftsmanship. Kaze seemed to have abilities that no one else in his family had seen before, and he does not seem to carry the traits of the rest of his family: recklessness and creativity. To this end, he decided to leave his home and find his own path, but as thanks to his family, he kept their name. As a child out in the world, Kaze fell victim to many rare diseases and illnesses. He was treated by doctors and healers in the nearest towns, but none thought he could survive. Despite a lack of a will to live, and the severity of his sickness, he miraculously survived, at great cost to his health. He is very weak in the body, but he has always maintained a clear mind and has powerful magical weapons that he uses to put angry spirits and wraiths to rest. Kaze heard about angry souls in his current hometown, and decided that he could stay for at least a little longer until he could find somewhere else to go. His lack of contact with other human beings has earned him a small private home in a poorer region of the town, but he says nothing.
Tidbits: Kaze's magic allows him to summon small ethereal pistols into his hands, as well as a powerful sword that moves so quickly that he is rumored to have invisible weaponry. This is not the case, but only people with strong souls will react to these strange other-dimensional arms. Kaze only uses them against souls, since their effects on a living creature could result in a fate worse than death, however, he still refuses to use his weapons unless it is absolutely necessary.

Um...I'm usually here from about 18:30 to 19:30 during the week, and I usually spend more time on weekends, usually in the afternoon.

[color=red]EDIT, NOTE TO ARCADIA:[/color] I made my character younger than everyone else cause I wanted to portray him as a very troubled youth, who still is unsure of where he is going with his life. I would prefer to go with this, personally, but if you would prefer otherwise, I'll edit. Thanks.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Alright, finally finished editing. Yay!

[b]Name:[/b] Elda

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Race:[/b] Ethai'En

[b]Location:[/b] Fenwyr, Ii'Kaer

[b]Occupation:[/b] Dance instructor, Bar Maiden

[b]Appearance:[/b] She has long blonde hair, to her waist, that flows in beautiful loose waves, usually adorned in the flower of the season. She has happy, sparkling blue eyes that radiate her joyful personality. Slender and graceful, she wears a pale blue dress thats long skirts flow as though they are made of te essence of water themselves. Tied back with sapphire ribbons, her corset shows off her graceful upper body. She usually wears sandals that lace up to her knees and tie off in beautiful bows.

[b]Personality:[/b] Like her glowing appearance, Elda has a glowing personality. She tends to look at the positive side of life and twist everything into some sort of romantic ideal. People tend to be drawn to her because she's always so kindhearted and helpful. All of the little girls want to be her and all of the little boys are in love with her.

[b]History:[/b] Working at her father's tavern since she was thirteen, Elda has grown to tolerate different types of angst. She tends to tune it out and just keep busy doing something else. She knows that there is good in everyone, which is something she learned from her mother. Her mother passed away when she was very young, so everything she remembers about her she keeps close in her heart. She remembers her mother being an inspirational person to all, and so that is what she strives to be. She had to practically raise herself after the loss.

She loves water and people always tell her she looks as if she was born of the seas, because of the waves in her hair. She is also a very skilled dancer. She is always the most beautiful dancer to look upon in the Spring and Summer festivals and enjoys teaching the younger girls during her free time.

[b]Tidbits:[/b] Elda has never fallen in love, despite being courted by many nice young gentleman. Since she is coming of age, her father is encouraging her to settle down with one of them, but she's just not happy with the people of her town. She wants someone from far away, who has seen things that she hasn't...someone who can take her away from it all...

I hope this is good enough and that it makes sense. ^_^;[/color][/size]
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*gushes* Joy!! So many people! I had high hopes for this, but the more all you talented people join, the more surprised I get.

Okay, business:

[b]Wondershot[/b]: I don't mind the age all that much, but just make sure you play him realistically. As precocious as he might be, he's still 12. Your stats are very good, though, so keep it up.

[b]Queen Asuka[/b]: Thanks for joining us! I was really hoping somebody might make a character like that - with all the horror and angst that's sure to follow, we'll need as many spirited people as possible. ^.~

[b]PiroMunkie[/b]: Thanks to you, too. Don't worry too much about posting; whenever you're ready, that's good enough for me.

A general note for everyone, I'm thinking of making our little discussion on Friday and/or Saturday, depending on how many people we can get there and how well it goes, etc. I'm also kind of waiting for somebody else to join us, but she's taking her sweet time [size=1](heh)[/size], so we probably won't officially start until Saturday, at the earliest. But this should give us all plenty of time to think about introductions and where we want to start, and all that. So get excited! Whoo!

Yeah, I think that's it.
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[color=maroon][size=1]Okay guys, I've officially started the story. Check it out in the Adventure Arena. =^.^= It's exciting. I didn't really check it for mistakes, though, so don't hurt me for it. Sorry it's a little.. late.

So did you guys get together anyway? Do tell, do tell!

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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