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CB Shin

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Welcome to Starcraft, Between the Blood RPG recruitment. This is an entirely fictional story made by me, but takes place in the Starcraft universe. For those of you who don't know, Starcraft and Starcraft Brood War is a futuristic kinda strategy game. The story takes place right before the UED arrive from Earth and currently the Emperor Mensk is ruling the colony planets. There are three races in the RPG. The terrans, which are the humans, the zerg, which are a bug like alien species, and the Protoss, an advanced cultural psionic species. Units for Terran are as follows: Marine, Firebat, Ghost, Goliath Pilot, Siege Tank Pilot, Wraith Pilot, Battlecruiser commander. Zerg can only be Cerebrates or The Overmind(Leader of the zerg). Protoss can be Zealot, Dragoon, High Templar, Dark Templar(exiles), Archons, Dark Archons, Scout Pilots, Carrier Operator(carrier is a giant one manned ship). You can also make your own weapons if you're terran(Up to 2), but the standard weapons are, Marines=8mm C-14 "Impaler" Gauss Rifle, Firebats=Plasma-Based Perdition Flame Throwers, Ghost=25mm C-10 Canister Rifle. These are only if you are on of those units and remember those are only standard issued. Class also varies. The classes ranges from military ranks to mercenarys to Protoss roles in the army. Zerg have no class, as their unit is. Sign ups are as follows.

Name: (first and last)
Weapon(Terran Troops Only):
Appearance(Armor Recommended):

Here's mine.

Name: Charles Xu
Age: 27
Weight: 148
Height: 6 2"
Species: Terran
Unit: Ghost
Class: Mercenary, Former Nova Squadron Special Ops
Weapon: Sig-Sauer P226 and 20mm C-12 Sniper Rifle
Appearance: Grey Trench Coat, White shirt, Black Boots, Blue Pants, Black Hair, Brown Eyes.(No armor, I need to be light.)
Bio: A former Nova Squadron Black Ops Unit in the Confederacy, He was nearly killed because the Confederacy had accused him of treason and betrayal to join the "Sons of Korhal: Rebels. In truth, his friend had backstabbed him and told the Confederacy this lie in order to gain rank. Escaping with his wife, they are now Mercenaries paid to fight against the Zerg...
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Name: Zorlon
Age: 267
Weight: unknown
Height: 6'7
Species: Protoss
Unit: Zealot
Appearance(Armor Recommended): dark grey skin with blue eyes. no mouth, but oddly shaped head. bronze armor w/odd shoulder things. light sword things attached to arms.
Bio: In dire times, Zarathan was part of a large group of other subjects that were for the only purpose of becoming warriors. Things such as emotion, relaxation, pleasure, sorrow, and pain are completely unknown to him. He doesn't know who is right or wrong, but if someone hands him a weapon, he was only trained to ask how many to kill, or else he was the one they shot instead.
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OOC: Why the hell are you using a Sig-Sauer P226 ? You realize that's a real weapon... we're talking about SC ^_^. (I'm gosu :D)


A few questions before I edit my post into a signup.

-Considering the nature of a zerg, and it's completely complex hive-mind, there's no sense in more than one person playing a Zerg, as they all share the same consciousness, right? The cerebrates only fought when the Overmind was rebuilding itself. Now they are just extensions of the Overmind's will, without much of a personality.

-Can I be Kerrigan? She seems to be the only Zerg NOT controlled by the Overmind. I would really appreciate it :)

-If i cant be Kerrigan.. I get dibs on the overmind :p

I'll edit once Shin answers my questions :). Thanks
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Selece Diran
Age- 19
Gender- Female
Hieght- 5'7"
Wieght- 134 lbs.
Species- Terran
Unit- Ghost
Class- Merc.
Appearance- Silver hair to shoulders, bangs dark blue to chest, blue eyes, knee boots, shorts, long sleeve loose shirt, knee length trench coat, all black. Leahter armour not visible.
Bio- She stands her gournd, and fights till she is told other wise, or is dead. She is loyal to those she cares for, but is kind of reckless in battle. She will not hesitate to destroy an enemy, and will not hesitate to give her life to protect those of importance. She is curantly a free merc.(which in her opion isnt good.), but is still open for position.
EDIT- OOps! My bad! I changed.
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Uhh SailorStar, Dragoons are spider-like machines that you put fallen protoss in. You have described a pretty contemporary kid. Anyway, I suggest everyone read up on SC. There's alot of units that you can learn about online, and their qualities. Heh, so I'd suggest givin it another shot in the ribs :)
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[color=blue][b]Name:[/b]James Forrest







[b]Weapon:[/b]Gauss Rifle

[b]Appearance:[/b] A average sized young man, withblond hair and icy blue eyes. He is usually dressed in the uniform of a UED captain, but in battle he wears the standard marine armor.

[b]Bio:[/b] As a young man, he joined the marines, hoping for a better career. He managed to work his way up through the ranks, proving himself a capable officer. He was selected for the UEd expedition to Confederate space, and has been fighting there ever since.[/color]
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I'm sorry Drix, but kerrigan is too important of a character to be choosed as. Remember, we're making our own characters in this RPG. Yes you can be the Overmind, but don't take advantage of your role. Also, James The UED haven't arrived yet. this is between the arrival of the UED and the fall of the Condeferacy. You can still be UED, but it will be a quite a few posts before you actually reach The Terran sector. You can make a few surprises though, such as random Zerg attacks, but make it detailed.
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... I can be the OVERMIND.. the friggin HIVE mind of EVERY ZERG (except those controlled by kerrigan)... and you think there is any way I could possibly "overstep" the boundaries? Think of it realistically.... there's 2 people in control of the zerg.. kerrigan.. and the overmind. That's it. The only difference was in the short period of time the overmind was regrowing into a new one.

I'll just be the overmind and control basically all the zerg, and leave Kerry to her wishes, muahahah.
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Guest Forgotten Rogue
[b]Name[/b] : Samir Duran

[b]Age[/b] : 33

[b]Weight[/b] : 154

[b]Height[/b] : 6'3

[b]Species[/b] : Terran/infested

[b]Unit[/b] : Ghost

[b]Class[/b] : Former Confederate Operative
Special Advisory to the UED

[b]Weapon[/b] : [img]http://www.blizzard.com/ghost/images/artwork/ss22.jpg[/img]

[b]Appearance[/b] : [img]http://www.blizzard.com/images/broodwar/heroes/duran/duranfull.jpg[/img]

[b]Bio[/b] : Little is known about the enigmatic man who calls himself Samir Duran. By his own account, Duran served as part of the Confederate Alpha Squadron before the terrorist Arcturus Mengsk brought down the Confederate establishment. Duran, sensing a shift in the balance of power within the sector, has assumed command of a small commando squad that is dedicated to striking at "Emperor" Mengsk and his new Terran Dominion.

Though most of his comrades regard Duran as a sly and cunning leader, few would believe the truth about his mysterious nature?[/size][/color]
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Isn't Duran a bit too... major? We don't even know his true affiliations yet in the Star Craft universe.

Name: Xeom Ohs'atr
Age: 1192
Height: 8 ft. 7 in.
Weight: Unknown
Species: Protoss
Unit: Dark Archon

Appearance: A swirling, tempest mass of energy. Unlike the ordinary dark archons which are red, Xeom has a greenish hue. The exact appearance under the burning mass is unknown.

Bio: One of the elder dark archons, Xeom has helped lead the renegade protoss, aiding the matriarch Raszagal. He is one of the most powerful dark archons in the renegade fleet, partly due to his age, and mostly due to the immense levels of skill the original two dark templars possessed. He seems to have a dual personality, one being passive and the other aggressive. His aggressive side is usually ignored, since he is rash and cruel. His passive side is where his true wisdom and experience shines, giving out command with clear-minded calm.
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Okay, I have no idea about this book or whatever, so if you could be courtious to my stupidity, I would be most appreciative. I am going to give it a shot..Oh, I have one question for you CB, I want to be in the ghost unit,as an assasin<--is that a class? I would like to be a sniper assasin. Is that plausible?..If so let me know so I can post..
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Guest Forgotten Rogue
[color=darkred][size=1]Animangademon, as I can see your new to the world of Starcraft, but if you check out this site out...[url=http://www.sclegacy.com/]Starcraft Legacy[/url] you should be ok. Read up![/size][/color]
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[color=green]Er ... I really like Starcraft (the computer game, by the way, for the person who asked, though CB Shin did mention it in his first post), but I have a question: Is there a story to this RPG? Is it just the story of the computer game transferred over? I haven't really seen anything on the story itself yet ... And as we all know, back stories in RPG's are good ... :D

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Forgotten Rogue, You can't be Samir Duran. He is too important of a major character for you to play. Make your own profile instead of taking own from the existing universe. By the way, Terra, this story takes place right after Mengsk takes over the confederacy and progresses on into the UED, So the beginning of the story is still in the 1st Starcraft era. We're going to "bend" The original storyline. So basicly be creative.
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