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My try at an Epic. Co-Created by SilpheedPilot

It is a known fact, that every animal has its natural enemy. And that is no exception with humanity. For ever since the begging of humanity, there has been vampires as there natural enemy. Vampires always had the upper hand. The early humans had no defence against them and had no clue waht there weaknesses were. That is, until the introduction of christianity. The vampires finally had a weakness, The Blessing of the christian preists. A bloody war began as the vampires fought against the christians, but for years, the christians lacked numbers as christianity wasn't a popular relegion. The vampires countiued there slaughters and hunting for many years to come......

Then he came...King Charlemaine of the Franks. King Champlaine popularized christianity among Europe, there for increasing the numbers of the christian vampire slayers. And so the war bega again, and this time, the vampires didn't come on top. For years, small wars waged agaisnt the vampires and the human slayer guilds. But the humans still lacked the vampires physical ability. Then a new invention came...The Fire arm. This is what the humans needed. The battles became even bloodier and now the playing feild was leveled slightely. The wars countiued for hundreds of years......

Organizations were formed with the advancment of civilization. The queen of England, Elizabeth formed together with the monarchs of the other european countires to create a mutual allaince of warriors to combat hostile vampires, hoping to minimize the casualties and form a peaceful world with the vampires. They called themselves [B]The Alliance of Vampiric Defense.[/B]

A more velegant organization was formed by devote slayers who's family line was filled with slayers. They were called [B] the Lowendove Brotherhood[/B], named after their founder, Father Alistair Lownedove, a powerful vampire lsyaer and chatolic preist to the vatican. They were formed to totally destroy the race known as vampire with any force necessary.

Then there was the organization for purely vampires. Called [B]the Guild of Vampiric Alligance[/B]. They were formed to defend vampires and insure that they have blood and defense from [B]the Lowendove Brotherhood[/B]. And so started the Anti-Slayer project....

Now, in the year 2013, the three organizations are still alive and running. A bloody and violent war is waged between the Lowendove and the Vampire Guild. And the advancemetn of technology had started a violent spark. The Lowendove organization have take their members and began to create a powerful new breed of slayer who have teh equal physical abilites of the vampires. In counter attack, the vampires have began to up the ante on the Anti Slayer project, taking root in there main HQ in London, England. Using genome therapy to create the ultimate slayer killer. But somethin horribly worng has happened. The first gene inhanced vampire broke fre from his confients and killed many of his creators and freed his brotehrs and sisters. These ybrid vampires are highl dangerous and powerful, but very unstable. They kill vampire and human alike and no one knows what to do......

Now the three organizations have to put aside htere differences, if possible, and fight there common enemy. But how will they resolve this???

Sign ups:










Special Skills:

Organization: (includes the hybrid anti-slayers)


(This takes place in London.)


I will sign up later. Please enjoy my RPG and i hope you all have fun. See ya tommorow.
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Name: Enrique Warrington
Age: 123
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft. 2
Weight: 215 lbs.
Nationality: German
Affiliations: Lowendove Brotherhood


Poison Tipped Scissors Suwayyah (x 2) ? A claw dabbed in each tip with a poison that prevents blood clotting. The claw is single-tipped, but by pulling the trigger on the handle, spreads out into 4 different claws. The aim of this curious contraption is to stab the enemy deeply, spread out the claw in the body of the enemy, twist, and then pull out. This causes a huge wound in the opponent, and the poison prevents the wound from closing, bleeding the enemy until it eventually dies.

Poison Tipped Darts ? These darts too are poison-tipped, and allows Warrington to strike the foe from a distance. Unlike the poison employed in his Suwayyahs, the poison on these darts results in a hallucinating effect on the foe. This is especially helpful to Warrington since his style revolves around claws, and it helps him to approach his opponents with the minimum damage possible.


Immunity ? Due to his constant dabbling with poison, Warrington has gained immunity to all forms of poison. He cannot be poisoned, and he is immune to most diseases as well. Many foolish attempts to poison Warrington have proved to be a dismal failure; instead of weakening him, it further strengthened his immunity, thus making him even more powerful. However, the only down side is the fact that poison courses through his entire body much like blood to an ordinary human being, and having skin contact with him can result in a long and painful death.

Plague Nova ? Warrington unleashes a cloud of poison. This gaseous venom reacts quickly with the air, spreads up to a radius of 50 meters in a few seconds, and will not dissipate for a day. Any life form caught within this cloud is guaranteed a slow, painful death in the course of the next hour. The toxin is strong enough to corrode most known metals, and can be transmitted through the skin therefore making gas masks utterly useless.

Regeneration ? The unnatural mix of many toxins and chemicals in Warrington?s system had a curious effect upon his body functions. With the introduction of an unknown combination of chemicals and toxins, Warrington?s self-regenerating effect of the body was significantly increased, making his wounds heal at up to 10 times that of an average human being. A bruise or a scratch will disappear in a matter of minutes, and severe injuries, such as broken bones, ruptured organs, etc. can be remedied in a day at most.

Appearance: A dirty, white lab coat, with five vials filled with red fluid in his chest pocket. His hair is disheveled and coarse, and his face is deadly pale. His skin has a black-green tint to it due to the numerous chemicals flowing through his veins. Wears oval shaped glasses, and comfortable, black pants.

Personality: Solitary, quiet, watchful, distrustful, and analytical.

Bio: A World War I veteran, Warrington suffered the horrendous effects of mustard gas that many of his comrades shared. However, his body seemed to have a natural resistance to the toxin. After suffering for a month in the hospital, the disease suddenly appeared to have left him. Or so it seemed. After the war, Warrington discovered in himself a natural resistance, and in some cases, immunity to most of the venom known today. Being a chemist, he slowly adapted himself to more and more poisons by taking in small quantities of them daily and slowly increasing his dosage. One day, this unnatural mixture of chemicals in his body made him severely sick, almost to the point of death. His sickness, however, was followed immediately by a sudden recovery, much like his recovery from mustard gas. Miraculously, his recovery was followed by his body slowly un-aging, and his body was restored to those of his 20s. Upon research, Warrington concluded that some, or perhaps all of the toxins in his body had formed a sort of an enzyme previously unknown to man, which kept the body?s functions and metabolisms at that of a 20yr. old. This enzyme also provided him with inhuman regeneration, making him immune to most diseases and injuries known to man. The government, hearing of Warrington?s miracles, abducted him, examining his body in minute detail. But the government?s research team died a mysterious death, which resulted from physical contact with the subject. The government sought to dispose of Warrington, realizing the potential for death and decay he possessed. Warrington was no naïve man, and fled as soon as possible, through means unknown. He has been pursued repeatedly by agents sent by the government, though none of them returned alive to report the subject terminated. Eventually, the government either gave up or thought him dead, and he was left to his peace. However, his body was now no longer that of a human being, his touch meant death to any living creature and he never felt that he truly shook off the efforts of the government. To protect himself from his pursuers, he turned to his unnatural abilities, and to his unmatched knowledge of toxins, chemicals, and poisons. Because of being dogged constantly, he is highly distrustful of anyone. However, once his trust is earned, he is a worthy warrior, and also as a doctor; he is able to cure most diseases through his specialized drugs.

Enter Warrington...
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Name: Le'aoni Nagayo

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: 102

Height/WEight: 5'7/150lbs

Appeaence: [url]http://www.freewebs.com/avalonskye/ladrinne.jpg[/url]

Weapon: Besides vamp skills that she uses{i.e. hypnosis and temp. transparency}, she wields rather large silver bladed fans.

Nationality: Japanese/English

Attitude: Tempermental, seductive, brave, talkative, comedic, impatient

Organization: Guild of Vampiric Alligance

Bio: Born to a Japanese immigrant mother and a rich English
scientist, Le'aoni grew up seldom seeing her "father". At age 7, she began working in the sweat shops with her mother and others, sowing and knitting fabrics together to make a living. She was satisfied with life, because she was so young, and she loved her mother dearly. When she turned 15, the workers' employer, who visited her mother daily, began to take a liking to Le'aoni. He sent her little tokens, like boxes of chocolates and extra bottles of milk in the morning. Soon he talked to her mother, who couldn't say no to him...for that would prove dangerous in the future. He cornered Le'aoni one evening after work and had his way with her. After that, she left her mother, being that the boss had her docked off to England, her father's homeland. Soon after, she worked in a bordello, often seeing the sweat-shop owner. One night, she just happened to see her father, who was one of her customers. She spoke to him in a darken alleyway, of her trials and tribulations of her life. He asked her if she would rather have a new life...and she said yes. From that day forward, she was a vampire, daughter and a successor to him.
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(alright, back. Now for my sign up)

[B]Name:[/B] Leon Lakistaupolis

[B]Race:[/B] Human (genetically altered)

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Age:[/B] 59 (looks 23)

[B]Organization:[/B] The Allaince of Vampiric Defense, but former Lowendove.

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 6'2"/176 ibs

[B]Appearence:[/B] Slick in appearence and personaltiy. He wears a sharp black suit with white undershirt, unbuttoned and without tie and black leather shoes, and he wears a silver cruvifix around his neck on a silver chain. He used to have blue eyes until expirementation, then they turned a greenish yellow. He has a dark complexion and his hair is jet black and slicked back low. He has a little stubble on his cheeks of a just barely visible goatee. he is usually seen smoking a cigarette.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A complex yet simple weapon. He carries with him a large crucix with a sharpened tip at the bottom leg, which he uses as a sword and carries at the intecetion of the arms, leg, and head by holding the arms with hims index finger on the right arm and the middle and ring finger on the left arm, he uses his pinky and thumb to imbrace the head. At then head of it there is a long chain that attaches to another, smaller crucifix that acts as a weight. The entire weapon is produced from silver. This his primary weapon, but he also uses a vareity of other tools and fire arms. He personally likes the Colt .45 Berretta and occasionally takes two on missions. The bullets are silver and incased with a small amount of holy water. (for comlete de-vampiration!)

[B]Nationality:[/B] Half Greek/ Half British

[B]Attitude:[/B] Lazy, laid back, slick, desisive, and in battle..... laid back, he justs has fun when he fights which makes him do it a lot better. He plays it like a game and fancies to show off. But he has a very strong sense of justice, so is the reason he left the Lowendove Brotherhood.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Due to the expirement (see bio), Leon has been gifted with several vampiric abilites including advanced speed and strenght and the ability to regenerate from almost any possible injury and regrow any limb, and because of constant regeneration, he does not age from his current state i.e. the constant regeneration of cells in his body. This enables him to fight to his fullest potential. Enjoys to show off in combat and uses his abilites to the fullest.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in England to a Greek father and English mother. He was raised as a greek orthodox follower and to be a strng man, often working at his fathers resuraunt by unloading boxes from the morning shipment trucks. He grew strong at an early age. At the age of 13, his father an mother were outside, smoking a cigarette while Leon was talking to them from there apartment balchony when a gang of vampires rushed by them and slaughtered his mother and father. It happened so fast Leon couldn't beleive it. Leon went insane with rage and sadness and lived the remainder of the next few months on the streets when one day, he was found by one of the members of the Lowendove Brotherhood. His name was Brother George Harliston. For years, Brother George taught Leon how to fight, and Leon could only get better. Fueled by his hatred for the vampires thta killed his parents, he constantly trained, and in no more than three years of training, he was sent on his first mission. He was amazing at it, the Brothers that went with him were amazed aswell.

Then, there came the slayer advancment project. Created to give humans the abilities of vampires with none of the weaknesses, Leon full heartedly volunteared to be a guinea pig. The expirement was a complete success. Leon had become one of the first 'super slayers'. He exelled at several feilds and he was the happeist he had been since the death of his parents. But then one day, it happened. While on a vamp hunt, Leon found and killed several vamps. He killed and killed ruthlessey and came across a young and beutiful vampiress. She coward in the corner, terrorfied of Leon. Leon looked at her and found that he was no longer a justiful vampire slayer. He had become a vampire murderer. He killed inoccent, unhostile vampires and found that they were no different from humans on the inside. Leon broke down and left the wicked Lowendove Brotherhood under cover fo the night.

For months, he wandered the roads until he came across a vampire slaying OTHER VAMPIRES. Leon was amazed at what he saw. Then the slayer turned around and saw Leon. The slayer couldn't let the public know about the vampires and attacked him. Leon fought the slayer and nearly killed him. The vampire was impressed by his abilites contrare that he was clearly a human. And so he inveted him to join the Allaince of Vampiric Defense. Leon gladly accepted, for fighting was his only talent. He is now the happeist he has ever been.

And then 'IT' happened.......
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[B]Name:[/B] Vampire Genome-Product # 1 (Hyde)

[B]Race:[/B] Unstable Hybrid of Anti-Slayers

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 5 Years since initial creation

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 6'1''/189lbs


[B]Weapon:[/B] A complex Spear. It extends when thrusted at such speeds, and retracts as soon as it reaches its limit of length. It has a barbed blade to lacerate any wound making it near impossible to stop the bleeding. The sturdyness of the Spear allows Hyde to impale his victims and lift them off of their feet.

[B]Nationality:[/B] N/A-Created

[B]Attitude:[/B] An unstable wreak, in fact the most Psychopathic and unstable of all his brethren. Always mumbling to himself and laughing at the slightest sign of violence. Has a wide smile across his face most of the time, and he is always on the move. A complete and total Psycho, who will kill just for the thrill and pleasure, and to watch them die. Vampire or Human he will kill all.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] All Vampiric skills. From invisibility, to In-Vampire strength. His special skill is a slight gleam from his eyes sets his Victim ablaze. His most notable skill is the ability to withstand bullets as if they were nothing. Of course..Nothing is bulletproof. Being the strongest, most vicious, most unstable has its rewards...Sort of...He has telekinetic links to the other "Projects" making it possible for him to order his brethren from across great spans.

[B]Organization:[/B] Hybrid of Anti-Slayers, but having his own agenda decided on no team.

[B]Bio:[/B] A Hybrid of the Anti-Slayer, the first and most unstable of all. He broke free of his confiends and killed all of the scientists who had created him. Freeing his brethren, and killing many Vampires in the process. A Anti-Slayer that can match, beat, or over-kill any opponent. No Vampiric weaknessess. A complete success, aside from the fact that he was a total unstable Psycho. After escaping from his holding, he ventured out into London and killed many people and Vampires. Now after the Vampires and Humans has partly joined together to stop him and his brethren, he can finally kill those who he hates most...EVERYONE!
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Name:Vampire Genome-Product #2 (AKA Draka)

Race:Unstable Hybrid of Anti-Slayers


Age:4 years since initial creation

Height:5'8 WEight:98

Appeaence:Long black hair, and stalking black eyes,she has blood red lips and fair skin,she wears a black trench coat underneath she wears a black leather t-shirt and a black skirt. Her boots lace all the way up to her knees.

Weapon:A leather wip with a blade at the end a strike to the head is fatal to a normal human, two twin butterflyknives,and a sniper rifle


Attitude:Very witty and silent does not talk much but loves the sound of craking bones. When she kills she kills in a brutile and creative way. She also holds a black rose the frist thing she receved when she was released she cant remember who gave it two her but she carries it with her. She also loves to play games with her prey . She thinks of killing works of art and is always tring new things.

Special Skills:All the ablities of a normal vampire, she can move with her mind to any place she wants with a thought, she can control humans and some vampiers by mind control she is also very manipulating and perswasive,she can trun inviseable and has supper sight and hearing.She can also heal very fast

Organization: hybrid anti-slayers-but would rather work by herself she does not really trust anyone

Bio:She remembers the flashing lights as she heard the cries of the dying scientists, she remembers being set free and knows what she is and is out to kill anything that gets in her way. With the voice in her head telling her to kill and not stop she seeks out anything to kill the bloodlust and rage. She awoke in a dark ally and on her lap set a single black rose she keep it and got on her way to start her killing spree.
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AWESOME!!! I have always wanted to join a vampire RPG, but they were too far into the story for me to jump in. So here it goes, pm me and let me know if anything of mine is just out of place and/or won't work or whatever....

NAME: Vampire Genome-Product #4 (aka. Reaper)

GENDER: Female

RACE: Unstable Hybrid of Ant-Slayers

AGE: 5 years from being created

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'5" 125lbs

APPEARANCE: Slender, but fit body. Pale skin, shoulder length hair that is blood red on the top layer and black underneath the red. Her iris's are rimmed in ruby red and blend into silver towards the pupil. She wears ruby red lipstick making her skin look even whiter. She dresses in a black leather trench coat the inside lined in blood red, a black leather corsette, black pleated cloth skirt that comes down 3 inches from the inseam(3in from groin area, so in otherwords, really short) and have bondege chains around her waist, she wears a pair of high-heeled black boots (that are the shiny leather and they are tight) and stop 2 inches from the skirt, she also has black fingerless knitted gloves. On the corner of her left eye a scar, goes down about 2 inches in along her cheek bone. Reaper has no idea how she got it or why.

WEAPONS: (I am not too well educated in the names of weapons so I am just gonna say "sword" or something along those lines) She carries a sword underneath her trench coat, it is double bladed and is so sharp that it will cut through steal(corny I know but work w/me, kay?). She also has two daggers, made fo the same metal, in cases strapped around her thighs. On her back she carries a crossbow with tipped arrows that paralize her prey. Then as the poison flows deeper, the prey's nervous system soars out of control, sending them into seizers so violent the muscles snap the bones in half, snapping the neck and whala! instant death.

NATIONALITY: Unknown-she was created in a lab.

ATTITUDE/PERSONALITY: Reaper, like the others, has a psycho streak. In battle, she is deadly. She kills without feeling, which is important in battle....Unlike the others, she doesn't want to kill unnecessarily( i.e. children). She can control her actions, but sometimes, when emotions are high, she can't control herself and goes wild. She is dark, stubborn, impatient, controlling, and violent(when necessary). But don't get her wrong, there is a gentle, merciful, loving side to her.She can be funny and quick witted. She is looking for someone to help her to save her from herself. She wants to belong, she feels that she doesn't belong to the vampires nor the humans. She is lost and confused...

SPECIAL SKILLS: She has amazing maneuverability. As fast as thought, she can disappear and reappear before you even notice she's gone or there. So it appears she is invisible. She has regeneration powers and strangely enough, healing powers.
For a girl, she has amazing strength. Her most powerful skills come from her hand to hand combat with or without her sword(but mainly with her sword). Her punches and kicks have been known to send a 400lb man over 50 yards away. And is so fast with her sword the prey/enemy won't even know they have been sliced into 10 pieces. She also has the power of both telekenisis and telopathy(both on which she uses whenever necessary)....Also, she has a touch of death. If she touches her victim they will dropped dead in their tracks and their body then dries up and turns to dust for the wind to pick up.

ORGANIZATION: Hybrid of Anti-Slayers, yet she is a black sheep

BIOGRAPHY: After Hyde had broken her loose from her confiend she hide away from all of the rest of the crazed vampires. She lived amongst the humans in solitude, feeding on the blood of large animals and occasionally a human who quarraled with her. She wondered around the streets of London, mainly at night, until she came across Leon. Of course they fought, but he didn't realize that she was a Hybrid vampire, he won the fight. She let him win that time because she found him intreguing adn decided to allow him to live. She also shows aggression towards most of her brethren. Reaper turned against them after stumbling on a group of slaughtered women and children, even infants. All lay dead except on little girl who described what the assilant looked like, it was Hyde. The girl gave her a small, stuffed doll and died in Reaper's arms. As a bad side affect of her creation, she will kill any vampire or human that stands in the way of what she wants to do. If they oppose, then she fights. If they piss her off enough, she will kill.

I guess that will do for now..How's that?
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Good. Now i only need two more anti slayers and mabye one more good guy, preferrably a vampire on the Allaince of Vampiric Defense, so that i may have a partner and i can afford two more good guys. One on the Lowendove and the other on the Guild of Vampric Alligance.
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Name: Adora Landis

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: 361 (looks 26)

Height/Weight: 5"7/121lb

Appearance: Pale skin, dull, dead, gray eyes, long shaggy bangs tinted silver, extremely long white hair, pined back in a black band, long white sleeve buttoned shirt, black vest, black tie (that disappears half way behind vest), black pants, two loose black belts that cross, black band around wrist, black choker, and ankle boots.

Weapon: Large scythe

Nationality: French/English

Attitude: Patient, wise, intelligent, void, yet some what caring. Being alive for over 100 hundred years has gained Adora much knowledge. In this being alive so long has caused her to learn to be patient, weather it be waiting for some one or to kill in battle. In the gaining of her knowledge over years she's found that she must have much wisdom to go with it. But when gaining her wisdom and intelligence, she's become void. Adora only cares for those who care for her, which is a very rare case indeed. Tremendously strong mentally.

Special Skills: Besides the normal abilities that come with being a vampire, her speed and tactics of battle hold a great deal. An extensive array of any kind of battle tactics and techniques. Above normal healing powers, she may bring one person to life but must kill her self in return.

Organization: Alliance of Vampiric Defense

Bio: Adora is one of the longest living vampires, who's shown them selves. The other vampires who have lived as long have gone off and disappeared. Although Adora's memory is of her life is fleeting. She can still remember all the knowledge she's gained in the past. This is mainly because before she had become a vampire she had been a historian, and a recorder of what had happen in her time. In this she's usually never in the same place for more the a decade. For once the people die their children might have some memory of her, so she may never stay any longer. Or return...When traveling Adora has found London to be some what of a different place. In London she's found that they don't remember her if she disappears for a while. Which in her opinion is certainly better for she had been running out of places to go anyways.

After years in London Adora had been found, and her end had been at high rise. A week before though she was released, and introduced to the releasers a group known as the Alliance of Vampiric Defense. Once she had met the head of the Alliance of Vampiric Defense she had declined their offer to become a slayer. But as the years past, she found it harder and harder to keep unknown from humans. The end result for the ones who found out, was death. Though she no longer wished to kill. Once a small rumor of this spread within the other vampires, and they came and kept trying to assonate her. One day the head of the Alliance of Vampiric Defense got in contact with Adora. Having the same offer as before, this time she took the offer and became part of Alliance of Vampiric Defense.
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[B]Name:[/B] Vampire Genome-Product # 17 (Dagger)

[B]Race:[/B] vampire hybrid thing

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Age:[/B] 1 year since created

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 5'7" / 140 lbs.

[B]Appeaence:[/B] Brown hair with natural blonde streaks (interesting since she doesn't usually go into sunlight). Dark brown eyes, dewy, yet calculating. Enjoys wearing bright colors, but usually covers them up with a long, chocolate-colored leather trenchcoat.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Dagger's pretty clever and will use whatever she can find. Usually, though, she sticks with your run-of-the-mill hardcore double-barreled shotgun and a sniper rifle, both of which she carries with her on her back.

[B]Nationality:[/B] N/A

[B]Attitude:[/B] Usually, she is rather calmer than the rest of her kind, though no less deadly. She doesn't often feel the urge to attack, but once in a while a strange bloodlust surfaces in her and she must attack practically everything in sight. She does not think much of humans, or vampires, only holding respect for her fellow hybrids.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Heightened senses, particularly of sight and hearing. Her aim is impeccable, making the sighting mechanism on her sniper rifle mostly unnecessary. She can also hear and smell you coming ...

[B]Organization:[/B] Hybrid of Anti-Slayers, but there doesn't seem to be much of a coalition at the moment, as everybody prefers working on their own.

[B]Bio:[/B] Dagger was one of the last hybrids created, since the first several had such violent tendencies. Though the experiments were forbidden to continue, a few scientists persisted, thinking that creating a peaceful hybrid would now be the only way left to destroy the violent hybrids. They attempted to make hybrids easier to control, as well as decreasing the amount of power they would have so that they would be less dangerous. However, they still could not perfect the experiments, though they improved their methods slightly -- this is why she does not feel violent urges as often as most hybrids. Regardless, the scientists were unable to eradicate the condescending nature of hybrids towards both vampires and humans; so, Dagger doesn't care about the little vampire-human war at all.

It's currently not as good a signup as I'd like, sorry ... I wanted to get in before the spots were all gone. I may come back and edit when I have more time.
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Ill take the last anti-slayer hybrid. Hope this is good.

Name: Vampire Genome-Product #6 (Slash)

Race:Unstable Hybrid of Anti-Slayers

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years since creation

Height/Weight: 6'/155

Appearance: Long silver hair tied into a ponytail, blood red eyes, pale skin, wears all black vest, pants and boots and wears a crimson trechcoat over it.

Weapon: A High Frequency Katana Blade

Nationality: N/A-Created

Attitude: The most calm and silent of the group but suddenly changes into a psycho like the others when he kills. He is merciless, killing anything he sees, except his brethen of course. Enjoys it when the blood of his victims splatter on him(which is why he chose a katana).

Special Skills: All the skills of a vampire and the most fastest of the group, allowing him to dodge and deflect bullets with his katana.

Organization: Hybrid of Anti-Slayers

Bio: Unlike the others who escaped after Hyde helped them. He stayed with Hyde, joining him in his killing sprees. At first sight he seems calm and silent but becomes a total pyscho in the heat of battle.
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