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AOL vs PoisonTongue: Ultimate Conflict


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LeglSupprt 40453: Hello, I'm from AOL Time Warner Inc, Legal division. I have a complaint against your account recently filed.
LeglSupprt 40453: Can you spare a moment of your time?
XtremeVerbatage: it depends
XtremeVerbatage: what's your home address?
LeglSupprt 40453: Pardon me? Sir, I'm at work.
XtremeVerbatage: where do you live?
XtremeVerbatage: who is your boss?
XtremeVerbatage: where does your boss live?
XtremeVerbatage: how long have you worked there?
XtremeVerbatage: what's your boss's name?
LeglSupprt 40453: Sir, I'm trying to clear up a legal situation applied against your account status.
LeglSupprt 40453: There's no need to be rude, sir.
XtremeVerbatage: i'm not being rude
XtremeVerbatage: this is how i am
XtremeVerbatage: deal with it
XtremeVerbatage: life sucks. get a helmet
XtremeVerbatage: Denis Leary
XtremeVerbatage: makes a nice point there
LeglSupprt 40453: Well sir, we have information here, that you solicited internet sex towards a minor.
XtremeVerbatage: hmmm
LeglSupprt 40453: This is nothing to joke about, sir.
XtremeVerbatage: did i?
XtremeVerbatage: i don't think so
LeglSupprt 40453: I have the internet records here..
XtremeVerbatage: maybe it was BIll down the hall
LeglSupprt 40453: AvrilLavie1299: hello?
XtremeVerbatage: he's into that kinda stuf
XtremeVerbatage: maybe it was your boss
XtremeVerbatage: i think you should ask your boss
XtremeVerbatage: he seems like the demented type
XtremeVerbatage: hell,
XtremeVerbatage: maybe it was his wife
XtremeVerbatage: or maybe his husband
XtremeVerbatage: is your boss leading a double life?
XtremeVerbatage: how's it going, Charles?
XtremeVerbatage: still typing?
XtremeVerbatage: jesus
XtremeVerbatage: say something
LeglSupprt 40453:

AvrilLavie1299: Yeah?
XtremeVerbatage: Hey, suck my dick...
AvrilLavie1299: uhh.. lol?/
XtremeVerbatage: You heard me , ****, suck it
AvrilLavie1299: dude im not even .. what..? What r u saying.. this is gross
XtremeVerbatage: welcome to the real world kid, ****ing *****.. your ***** is mine

Recorded 9/17/03, 10:35 pm, Eastern
XtremeVerbatage: neato
XtremeVerbatage: you typed that all yourself?
XtremeVerbatage: good job
XtremeVerbatage: i've got some neat little snippets too
LeglSupprt 40453: Sir, this is nothing to joke about, we have serious allegations
XtremeVerbatage: check this one out
XtremeVerbatage: XtremeVerbatage: and Natalie is silent, why?
yellowflames2: im sick of fighting with you. leave me alone
XtremeVerbatage: fighting?
XtremeVerbatage: this is fighting?
XtremeVerbatage: bah
XtremeVerbatage: this is speaking
yellowflames2: stop.
XtremeVerbatage: ah another warning
XtremeVerbatage: Natalie is getting flustered
yellowflames2 signed off at 8:57:05 PM.

XtremeVerbatage: now that,
XtremeVerbatage: is fun
XtremeVerbatage: ooh lots of BLUE!!!
XtremeVerbatage: XtremeVerbatage: you're fine with seeing in 2 dimensions?
yellowflames2: yea. i'm cool with that
yellowflames2: wouldn't want to know the future
yellowflames2: thats what the fourth dimension is
XtremeVerbatage: and Marxist Pythonians can see it
XtremeVerbatage: we're radically advanced
XtremeVerbatage: and you can be too,
XtremeVerbatage: if you join us
yellowflames2: no thanks.
yellowflames2: and honestly, you're talking gibberish to me
XtremeVerbatage: ah,
XtremeVerbatage: tis only gibberish to those who aren't Marxist Pythonians

LeglSupprt 40453: According to Legal paraphrase 14, sub paraphrase 2B, it reads: "The soliciting or unwillingingly dispensing of sexualy abusive or connotative language can result in full legal prosecution.
XtremeVerbatage: another gem
LeglSupprt 40453: Did you read the copyright , and Terms of Agreement when signing up for AOL?
XtremeVerbatage: did you realise I'm not on AOL?
XtremeVerbatage: :eek:
LeglSupprt 40453: AOL instant messanger, sir.
XtremeVerbatage: no
XtremeVerbatage: AOL
XtremeVerbatage: you want me on AOL, huh?
XtremeVerbatage: i'll play your game, you rogue
XtremeVerbatage: did you happen to read the paper today?
XtremeVerbatage: apparently, the esquimos wear galoshes
LeglSupprt 40453: AOL Instant Messanger is a division of Time Warner, just as the Internet Service Provider. Do you understand now?
XtremeVerbatage: no
XtremeVerbatage: explain it again
XtremeVerbatage: i'm a bit slow
XtremeVerbatage: do you know any slow or special people
LeglSupprt 40453: Sir, this is not a joke.
XtremeVerbatage: do you know any slow or special people
XtremeVerbatage: what about that hurricane?
XtremeVerbatage: man
LeglSupprt 40453: I am required, by law, to suspend your AOL instant messenger account. Your IP has been recorded, and you will no longer be able to sign up for it's services.
XtremeVerbatage: that was a joke
LeglSupprt 40453: The Minor's parents may press charges, sir.
XtremeVerbatage: i wonder what's going on in Iraq...
XtremeVerbatage: our glorious president is probably trying to figure out what he wants to do next
LeglSupprt 40453: Jesus christ...
XtremeVerbatage: i wonder what country we're going for
LeglSupprt 40453: You are one tough fish, Alex -.-
XtremeVerbatage: :D
LeglSupprt 40453: Remind me never to pull a damn prank on you again
XtremeVerbatage: sup Charles
LeglSupprt 40453: Guess again
XtremeVerbatage: Rob?
XtremeVerbatage: hmmm
LeglSupprt 40453: No
XtremeVerbatage: President Bush?
LeglSupprt 40453: Ahaha no
XtremeVerbatage: Driz?
LeglSupprt 40453: :D
XtremeVerbatage: LOL


This is the ultimate AIM adventure. Drix, you can't fool me, buddy. hehe.

If you ever want to seriously mess somebody up, try this on them sometime. Though it didn't work on me, Drix and I certainly destroyed a particular girl...cough cough Yellowflames2.
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LeglSupprt 40453: Hello, is this Natalie DiSantis?
LeglSupprt 40453: This is Erik Pulsen of AOL/Time Warner Legal Support divison, can you spare a moment of time?
LeglSupprt 40453: Ma'am?
yellowflames2: hello?
yellowflames2: hello?
LeglSupprt 40453: Hello , ma'am
LeglSupprt 40453: I'm from the Legal Division of AOL Time warner
YellowFlames2: yes?
LeglSupprt 40453: We have serious legal accusations indibted against your account.
YellowFlames2: against my account?
LeglSupprt 40453: This is Natalie DiSantis, am I correct?
YellowFlames2: why would you inform me this way. i would like to see it officially
YellowFlames2: i think you have the wrong person. i am sorry
LeglSupprt 40453: We at AOL Time warner find the IM account far easier to referr to legal matters
LeglSupprt 40453: We are going to be sending you your court order soon
LeglSupprt 40453: I was assigned to properly inform you of the allegations against you.
YellowFlames2: what are they?
LeglSupprt 40453: We have recorded evidence of you soliciting electronic sex via our Instant Messaging..
LeglSupprt 40453: To a minor.
YellowFlames2: i have never done anything of the sort
LeglSupprt 40453: Ma'am I'm not sure if you realize the severity of these acusations
LeglSupprt 40453: I have an example on record
LeglSupprt 40453: Would you like to review it?
YellowFlames2: i will, but i assure you it is untrue
LeglSupprt 40453: Please verify this. Did this ever happen?
LeglSupprt 40453: recorded at 9/21/03, 11:13 pm , Eastern.
ren7ee: Hello? Is this margie?
yellowflames2: no but your ***** is mine, ahah
ren7ee: uhh wat r u talkin bout? lol.. ^^"
yellowflames2: comon, suck my clit.. juicy isnt it *****
ren7ee: gross.. stop plz. I dont want to msg u
yellowflames2: *****.. obey me ur master
ren7ee: seriously plz stpo Imy mom's comin this is sick
YellowFlames2: no. that never happened
YellowFlames2: i don't know that screen name
YellowFlames2: listen please send it to me officially
LeglSupprt 40453: Have you ever given your screen name to anyone? Or password?
YellowFlames2: im in college it could happen.
LeglSupprt 40453: If you are unwilling to comply, AOL willl be forced to use these accusations and internet records against you in court
YellowFlames2: what do i have to comply with? i have never done that
LeglSupprt 40453: Did you realize that when reading the Terms of Agreement, it states that all actions under your designed screen name fall upon the owner in terms of legal allegations?
LeglSupprt 40453: I also have records of you describing oral sex, anal sex, various forms of intercourse, and other sexual profanity.
LeglSupprt 40453: This is a very serious issue Ma'am
YellowFlames2: send it to me officially.
LeglSupprt 40453: Ma'am I probably won't be doing that, before the court order.
YellowFlames2: thank you for informing me. send it to my billing address. thank you,
LeglSupprt 40453: If I get a response from you
LeglSupprt 40453: I can provide it as pre-statiatory evidence, possibly removing the indibtment
LeglSupprt 40453: I have a few questions to ask you ma'am
YellowFlames2: this is extremely unprofessional
LeglSupprt 40453: I understand Ma'am but in this age of technology, AOL is assured of it's abilities.
YellowFlames2: send this to my billing address, and i will deal with legally at that point
LeglSupprt 40453: We have this conversation on record.
LeglSupprt 40453: Ma'am you will be recieving a letter through court order.
YellowFlames2: send it.
LeglSupprt 40453: Our Informations Director, Lou Nash, has informed me that if you send a letter of Apology to the user that has been abused, we may be able to half, or erase all legal penalties
YellowFlames2: thank you for informing me. send it officially to my billing adress, and i will deal with it at that time.
LeglSupprt 40453: We cannot offer this before the court order arrives at your adress.
LeglSupprt 40453: Unless you respond through this Instant Message (secured by a 512kb encryption, if you are unsure of the validity of these accusations), we have no choice but to dismiss your plea under our legal condition, and represent against you.
LeglSupprt 40453: Ms.DiSantis... AOL time warner is prepared to press charges as well. Under Terms and Conditions it is read , Term 16, paraphrase B2: "Under accordance with the terms and conditions,all legal and hereby effective indibtments against an occupying or active AOL subscriber may be charged to the full extent of legal improsures." This means, that we can submit our own internary bargain on your behalf, or you will be charged with Statiatory Sexual Harassment to the Second Degree
LeglSupprt 40453: The charge is a minimum penalty of five years in prison, Ms. DiSantis
LeglSupprt 40453: Ms DiSantis, we aren't finished, here.
LeglSupprt 40453: At approximately 1:30 AM , your account will be permanently suspended as per breaking the Terms of Conditions
LeglSupprt 40453: I'm required by law to inform you of this.
YellowFlames2: ok ok what do you want?
LeglSupprt 40453: You are required to admit the charge via instant messenger, ma?am. Then you must submit a 2500 word paper to this adress: This paper must be a full written apology to Erika Woodard, AIM handle: ren7ee.
YellowFlames2: that?s so much. I want to see your writing.
LeglSupprt 40453: Ma?am you are aware I?m writing to you now?
YellowFlames2: huh?
YellowFlames2: what? I dont. Understand. Ok I?ll send you the paper tommorow.
LeglSupprt 40453: Ma?am, I must receive a valid internet response to the allegations imposed against you.
YellowFlames2: Fine.. whatever. I didn?t do it.
LeglSupprt 40453: Our records say otherwise.. do you realize the penalty for perjury?
YellowFlames2: But I dindt do it!
LeglSupprt 40453: You already stated on record that you did not stay in control of your screen name. We cannot be held responsible for this. Unfortunately you have to be.
YellowFlames2: Fine. I did it.. is that what you want?
LeglSupprt 40453: Ma?am I need a statement of what you did.
YellowFlames2: whatever. I said sexual things to a kid. Ok?
LeglSupprt 40453: What kinds of things Ma?am?
YellowFlames2: You tell me! I didn?t say it.
LeglSupprt 40453: Please do not lie, Ma?am this is on file.
YellowFlames2: fine.. I talked about sex, ok? I said oral sex. Can I just go now?
LeglSupprt 40453: Last thing Ma?am. I am required to inform you that this conversation is recorded and will be used against you in the court of Law. You will most likely receive a sentence of a minimum four years.

YellowFlames2 signed off at 1:04:53 AM.


You may have eluded my ploy, but your friend fell swift victim. This was total mind-nuke. I got a person completely innocent of something to reluctantly admit she solicited sexual intentions to a minor.
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The whole prank IM thing was a pretty funny idea.
But I can't imagine how bored you had to be, in order for you came up with such an idea.

Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Oh, you can go ahead and flame me now, or whatever you people do.:D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Drix D'Zanth [/i]
[B]WW2, this is short and simple. I suppose I could sum it up in a few words, maybe an essay if you REALLY wanted..

Well, in short: No. [/B][/QUOTE]

Yep. One word. No. lol.

Trust me, if you people knew Natalie like I do, or saw the convos that Drix here has seen, you'd want in on the mind-nuke and mind-slaughter of her. She's an isolated, removed, head in the sand, naive little girl. And she's in college. And has accused me of not living in reality. I am reality. lol.

Drix and I aren't bored per se, we just revel in the total mental destruction of young Natalie.

What do you say, Drix? Should I post some of the convos I emailed you?
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Do it! Alex, do it, post 'em up!

I've seen them, ladies and gents (and WW2)...and granted they make you pity her for a little while...

[I]A little while...[/I]

And then you realize how deeply ****ed up this child is and what a smack she needs. Mentally or otherwise.

Post 'em, Alex.
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Apart from the fact that AOL would [i]never[/i] send someone to communicate with you on AIM...lol...I don't really know what the point of this is.

And I don't know how this actually constitutes any sort of real discussion. At the moment, we are trying to encourage intelligent discussion in this forum. If people start making topics where they do little else but copy and paste large blocks of text and then offer very little in the way of substantive comment, do you think we are coming any closer to achieving our aim?


I mean, if you guys want to discuss this via IM or something...that's okay. But I urge you to be more careful about posting things like this on OtakuBoards. This is really contrary to everything we are trying to encourage. If someone else had posted it, you can bet that they'd probably have had this closed a while ago. I'm disappointed both that the thread exists in the first place and also that it wasn't closed.

Please take more care in the future.[/color]
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