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Sign Up 4 elements, 3 towers, 8 heroes, 1 destiny. (long sign-up)

Guest AnimePsycho

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Guest AnimePsycho
[color=red][size=4]T[/size]he year is 10071. There is no planet Earth. That is a distant memory. What is going on? 1 billion. thats the amount of people that escaped to venus from the Earth apocolypse. No there is no high technology accept that Venus is covered in a jiant dome. Otherwise no one could live. Its peacefull here. There are no weapons, no wars, just world peace. No one wants another apokalypse. The Earth. It suffered nuclear winter. But here on venus everyone is peacefull. But just in case. A huge stash of swords of all kinds has been saved somewhere. Its all good. Untill January 21 10071[/color]

[color=silver][size=4]T[/size]he year is 10072. The word is sad. Venus is in parill. It is Janaury 1. Ever since that day the world has been under wraps. The 3 towers have arisen. Ruled by 4 elements, the towers have brought terror to the land. The East tower of wind. The West tower of Earth. And the underground tower that sprouts North and South, Fire/Water. 8 warriors from around the world have set out to find the weapons stash and save the world. But there is one fatal problem, in order to reach the tower they will have to use only houshold tools[/color]

[color=purple] The first mission is to meet at the "center of the Earth" and find the weapons stash. After that we'll REALLY get this started. This is going to be EXTREMELY long, Ill guaruntee it. Ill tell you if your accepted over PM and only good sign-ups will be accepted[/color]

[color=blue] Here is the sign up...





Bio: (at least 7 lines)


Houshold tool used for temporary weapon:


Here's mine




Just your average good kid. He usually has a cheerfull attitude but knows when to get seriouse.

Bio: He was your average good kid. He was kinda strong but he wasnt really trying to be a muscle man. He was always hanging out with friends and never got into fights. Untill this started. All of a sudden the world is under attack be hordes of monsters and creatures and people are dying when they dont obay. Even the people who went ino the towers or fought the monsters fell easilly. Using the smallest amount of comunication possible, he rounded up a group to meet at the place in the center of the map. Then they would find the swords and defeat the evil monsters. He set out...

HTUFTW: mallet

Description: Ill get to that...[/color]

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Guest RPG&BattleKing



Battle hungry. always looking for a challenge

Hero is Jing's younger brother. (he said I could) Though he is young he is always looking for a challenge. He is tough but kindhearted and hangs out with Jing a lot. Untill this. Him and Jing were able to escape a group of demons and contact helpers. He wants to destroy the demons with any means nessesary but Jing holds him back. They are now headed for the center of the Planet so they can find the weapons staff and infiltrate the towers.



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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b]Nisha Toki


[b]Attitude:[/b]Kind,caring,compassionate,likes to help others,friendly,does anything she can when helping a friend or family.She knows when it's time to be serious.

[b]Bio:[/b]Nisha's a pretty popular girl.She has lots of friends but one day the monsters started to arrive.She set to helping to defeat them.She grabbed a knife and started to help other people.Then one day she got a message from someone called Jing.It said to meet him and some other people at the "Center of the Earth".At first Nisha thought it was a joke but then something inside of her said that it was real so she decided to give it a chance and set out for the "Center of the Earth".

[b]Nickname:[/b]Nisha/Nish-Pronounced Neesh


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Name: Celia Kinnow

Age: 17

Height/Weight: 5'7/150lbs

Attitude: Celia's pretty much a loner. She's always had a couple of really best friends, but she usually prefers to be left alone. She seems to live in a dream. But she will fight fiercely if one of her few friends are in danger.

Bio: Celia lived with her parents until they got transfered to another city far away when she was ten. They left her with her grandparents so that she wouldn't have to move, but Celia thought it was because she did something wrong and they didn't like her anymore. Since then, she hasn't really gotten close to anyone, but she does have friends from when she was little. When the monsters came, she tried to protect what little family she had, and when she got a message saying to meet at the center, she felt it was her one chance to do just that.

Nickname: none

HTUFTW: umbrella

Description: Long strawberry blond hair to her knees, wears it in a long braid often wound around her head (like a crown). Pale blue eyes, pale skin. Wears a long pale gray dress with long sleeves and a long white sleeveless shirt over that. Brown hiking boots.
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Guest AnimePsycho
You are all accepted. I love the idea of an umbrella for a weapon. T-T-Too c-c-cool! Anyway yeah your in. Ill get my appearance later today.
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Name: Dango wolf

Age: 36

Height/Weight: 6" height, 160Ibs

Attitude: Angry, strange, evilish, and very very full of himself.

Bio: Dango is strange, strong and full of himself. He didn't have a very fun childhood. He spent most of his time making up his own language, only he knew. He called it Werewolf, because he used to pertend to be a werewolf when he was young. He had a very funny friend, and only him and Talor knew his Language. Dango never saw his friend again after 18 years of friendship. This is what made him angry, evilish and strange. Talor was his best friend ever.

He lived alone at the age of 25. He was used to being alone. Sometimes he would talk to himself in werewolf. This is what made him strange and weird.

Nickname: Werewolf.

Houshold tool used for temporary weapon: Baseball bat? If that's not ok, then...how about a metal pole? I have one for my flag.

Description: See image

I hope this discription's ok:[/SIZE][/I]

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Name: Kate Sunside

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 5'6" 135lbs

Attitude: Quite Bitchty, scarcastic and cynical. Hates most people except for some close friends.

Bio: She's just your average po'ed teenager. Grew up in a good neighborhood. She has a mom and a dad and two cats and a dog. She did quite well in school is quite the "schoolie" also plays the violin. She has been called a freak alot because she never joins in since she hates people. When the monsters came she started to freak out she grabbed a Dictionary and salad tongs and started to attack. She got a message from a guy named Jing to meet at the center of the earth. She decided that that would be the smart thing to do.

Nickname: Kat

Houshold tool used for temporary weapon: A dictionary and salad tongs

Apperance: Waist long dirty blonde hair. Grey-blue eyes Wears black capris, and a black tank top eith a black dress shirt worn open over the tanktop. wears black converse on her feet.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Alex Kinotaka

[B]Nickname:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 5'/90

[B]Attitude:[/B] Flirty, open, relaxed, seducing, at times angry, the first to get into a fight, the first to end the fight. Well, seems like she's your basic asian gangster.

[B]Bio:[/B] Angel was a magnet that always attracted fights. She could never sit down and stay still. She was always up and around. Her mother is a police officer, or was, and he would always use the gun to practice with targets. Her mom also always carried a dagger just in case of something. She also used it to carve things for Angel.

Angel and her mother lived alone together, but they were good together. She loved him very much.

Whenever Angel got a fake hammer, she would turn it into a weapon. When she toyed around with it, it would turn into a hammer that changed into anything. She was an inventor and now she has a robotic dog changes into anything that she wants at her command.

[B]HTUFTW:[/B] formatted toy hammer, Computerized Robotic Owner's Weapons of NSA, dagger/knife

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment[/size][/color]
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[color=green]Arika, do not double post. You've been a member here for quite a while, you should know not to do that. (If there was a post in between yours and it was deleted, I'm sorry, please PM me.)

Also, please keep conversation such as in the last four posts to PMs. There is no need to clutter up Recruitment threads like this. By the way, nobody can be forced to stay in an RPG, particularly before it's even started.

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