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[i]Tao stood atop the highrise, staring intently out at the city. Night had fallen, and his organization was ready to move out for another night of hunting.
However, touble was brewing.
Lately, some of their 'targets' had been taken out by other assassins, something Tao did[/i] NOT [i]like. He was determined to take a stand and finish off these rival assassins before they killed his business, as well as his targets.[/i]

Okay, there's part of the story. Here's what I need from you

Species (explained later):
Weapon (max 3):
Powers (max 7):

I need Tao's allies, Assassins, and maybe some others.
When I say species, I mean a few things. If you are on Tao's team, you can be human, demon, or Vampire. If you're an assassin, you are a Modified Human, a person altered by the Head of the Assassins, Armage. You need to say how you've been altered (part animal, mutated, subtle changes, etc.)
Also, I need the following people.
Armage-The Leader of the Assassins and High Preist of Armageddon. To be Armage, you need to send me a good, long post from another RPG
Diablo(Tsukasa Hack)-Armage's brother. Again, a nice long post
Omega-One of Armage's Elites
Alpha-Tao's evil brother, but he doesn't know it yet (and won't, for a while). The only evil one of the Elites
Paladin (Gelgoog Pilot)-Another Elite. Student of Omega
Phoenix (erinzyger)-Another Elite. Lover of Omega (Female)

I will take 5 on Tao's side and 12 more assassins. This is (probably) starting on Halloween. Spooky, ne?
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Sounds interesting...

Name: Aradia Roselyn
Age: unknown
Species: Vampire
Gender: female
Appearance: long wavy black hair, red eyes, wears a red tube top, black pants and black cape, and of course has fangs and claws
Weapons: 2 shotguns, claws
Powers: electric-based (can summon lightning bolts at will, etc.)
Bio: She can't remember much of her past. Her parents were killed when she was young, and she seeks revenge. She grew up alone and learned to care for herself.
Personality: She is friendly to those she trusts, but get on her bad side and she will most likely kill you.
Organization: Tao's team
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Selenay Diran
Age: 16
Species (explained later): Half cat demon, half human
Appearance: Silver short hair, long bang(chest length, dark blue), silver eyes, knee length see through dress, mid-thigh black dress under see through, black knee boots
Weapon (max 3): Throwing knives, quarter staff
Powers (max 7): Ice missilse, demon form, ice wave, utlimate ice bomb, lighting dagger
Bio: Ill get back
Personality: "
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name: Ares
age: 467
gender: male
species: vampire
weapons: katana, halberd, The Jackal pistol
powers: Firaga, Aeroga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Focus, Curaga, and
bio: He was born in Kyoto along the shore and he was vampirized
by Lestat when he was 18. He is a superior vampire and
he can defeat almost any enemy with his ultimate power:
personality: Ares is quiet and vicious. He doesn't socialize much.
He is very powerful and stealthy. He loves the taste
of blood.
organization: free-lance persons

appearance: [img]http://fsc.syste.ms/wasteland/alucard.jpg[/img]
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Thanks, you three, for entering. Except, Ares? I said that the Assassins were all Modified Humans. If you wish to be a Vampire, please change your status to free-lance person, or Tao team member. Other than that, very good, all.
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Name: Paladin
Age: 19
Species: Human (altered)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Long Spiked Black Hair (down to mid-back) Dark brown eyes, and a dark complextion. All hidden by a deep Cloak and cowl.
Weapons: Large broad sword as well as Katana, Metal clawed gauntlets.
Powers: Ability to use high energy blasts(rarely does) super human stealth skills, as well as speed.
Bio: He grew up only knowing his parents briefly before they were killed by assasins for political reasons. He found the proffession as one of art and a means to get vengence. He works for Armage and does it with pride, he is one of the Elites but he doesn't show off his rank. The others in the elite ranks are like brothers and sisters to him, he would readly die for them.....
Personality: An open person not afraid to share his feelings, though at times of danger He'll turn cold as ice. He would be one of the first to help out a fellow mwber in need and would die for his co-workers.
Altered: (Im not sure what you are looking for in terms of this area so I'll be brief and simple.) Paladin has muscle enhancements in his arms and legs allowing him to reach far greater speeds than other humans, His eyes of course has been fixed with solutions for night vision, though he must where sunglass during the day or indoors. He has also been tested in one of the newer programs for greater pain thresholds, allowing him to take much more pain...useful but dangerous for the assasin will not know the severity of his injuries in a heated fight.
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[color=green][b]Name: Phoenix ((AKA- Feathers))

Age: 22

Species: Half human/half demon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hair-long, red, and wavy, usually kept under a black bandana///Eyes-Sapphire///Clothes- Black, silk halter top and black pants, and a silver necklace with a silver diamond pendant on it.

Weapon (max 3): Wire ((yes, it cuts through stuff and it can be used to strangle people...multipurpose...LOL)) and a dagger for close range combat

Powers (max 7): Rise From The Ashes- A spell that enables her to raise souls from the dead for 24 hours ((anyone who knows the life of a phoenix will get it))

Bio: Phoenix ((called Feathers by Omega)) is the lover of Omega and one of Armage's Elite. She's the daughter of a demon prostitute ((now deceased)) and a human father ((still living)). She grew up on her own, her mother dead when she was born and hating her human father. She became a free-lance assasin at first, but was drawn to Armage's organization by her new-found love, Omega, who she met by chance at a run-in on one of her missions. She now works as one of Armage's assasins.

Personality: Phoenix prides herself with being a generally intelligent and crafty person. She always has another trick up her sleeve and a mysterious smile on her face that makes it seem that she knows something you don't know. When it comes to Omega, she's a devoted lover, who would do anything for him, even if it meant death.

Organization: Assassins[/color][/b]
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Name: #8 aka boom

Age:unknow estimated around 100 years

Species: Robot,A.I., Artifical Intelligence whatever ya wanna call it

Gender: Well seing as how she's a robot I guess she really can't have one but since she'd an AI she's a female

Appearence: Long stright brown hair that comes to her ankles that she leaves down with nothing in it at all. Her eyes are a steely gray color, she wears a leather coloredovercoat that reaches her ankles(she likes long things) and some knee lenght shorts underneath them with a black T-shirt and a pair of boots

Weapons: lbombs that come in many shapes and sizes(hence the nickname"boom"), a pistol she wears on her belt, and metal chain she wraps around her waist which she uses as a whip and well lets just say a murder weapon ;)

Powers: Well she has the strengh of a thousand men and she's super smart plus being a robot she can not bleed or be hurt in any way her skin is bullet proof and very thick and if you were to shoot a whole round on her it wouldn't leave a scrach

Bio: She was constructed secretly by the top scientist of a 100 years ago unaware of by the government. She was never suppoed to have been made the government didn't like the idea of humans playing god but they had no control over the scientist. When she was completed she killed him so no one could ever stop her from doing anything. She once had a human love but he was died. Of course this was going to happen ,him being human, but he was murdered. Since then she has despied all humans and has jumped at the chance to kill them(this is where her job comes in). She is quit a loner but she might have a few friends here and there. She being over 100 and all.

Personality: She can be a bit moody but when she's killing she gets a small grin on her face. She rescoureful and smart and always seems to know the outcome. Tho her hate of humans makes her despite them she might warm up to one everuy once and a while.

Organization: Assasins
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Name: Tsuyoi, nickname of Tsu (pronounced as TE-soy, TE-s-U)
Age: Appears to be about 13, really around one thousand
Species: Fox demon
Gender: Female
Appearance: Bright green vest covering blue t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, slightly baggy blue jeans covering leather boots. Has demon (cat-like) ears on the top of her head, although they and her tail are hardly seen (explained in powers). Has a silver necklace with a piece of onyx dangling from it and a chain on her right side. Blue eyed with brown hair (with magic), white as a demon to match her tail/ears.
Weapon: Long, thin sword with a tiger engraved on the blade, a pistol clipped onto her belt (hardly uses), and a fairly long (9, 10 inches) dagger in case she looses her sword
Powers: Has an imagrey magic that makes her tail vanish and her ears seem like a humans, yet only members of the side she's on can actually see them. Also has the ability to control a person if they look her straight in the eyes.
Bio: Tsuyoi doesn't remember much of her past before her five-hundreth year, but everything after that is like it happened moments ago. She is completly unaware of why she's a demon, how she got her magic, and doesn't know a thing about her family. Came to earth in a human form at 500, and kept being reincarnated since her soul was restless. Because she's been through five hundred years of history, Tsu can be quite wise but doesn't really show it.
Personality: In a nutshell, a goof. Likes to bring humor to the situation, but knows when to shut her trap and be quiet. During her fights, she grins evily, revealing her demon spirit and catching her oppents off guard so they can't tell what she's going to do next.
Tsu looks 13 and acts 13. She can be a bit immature, saying stupid jokes, but that just goes with her.
Organization: Tao's side
Okay, so, that good?
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