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RPG The Rising...(Good and Violent)

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The screams seemed to drift lazily through the night, hanging to the air much longer than they should?

A wicked leer formed upon leathery lips as Diablo soaked up the sweet scent of fear that thickened the air like so much perspiration, truly this little game had pleased him well enough to continue it as long as he had, but time was so slow to a creature of such immense power, and boredom came so often. Indeed it was time to pack the play things away, to place their bodies into the ground, and their souls into his mouth.

He had followed the party for 3 days, perhaps it would have been easier to place the arm among them, but it had no material needs, no urge to rest or eat, and so he knew that despite its lack of speed it would soon enough catch them. As inevitable as the moon, though perhaps soon the moon too would quail in fear at the mention of his name, to obey his commands lest his anger be turned towards it.

The questing party were awake, the screams of one member niggling deep into the subconscious? of those sleeping, waking them in a sheet of cold sweat, sweet stinging sweat, the sweat of fear. They were up and ready, weapons drawn and formed into a rough defensive formation. They were a motley bunch, an assortment of crude prize hunters, men who thought themselves strong enough to make benefit of the maelstrom brewing across the continents, there was even a woman among them, she would surely prove a tasty tid bit perhaps?

Diablo raised his claws up to his face, clicking them greedily in anticipation, a sound like porcelain on steel flitted through the trees, whipping the man things into chaos, the musk of fear grew intoxicatingly thick. This was the peak of their terror and it turned Diablo?s mind to a single track, to revel in their blood, rich with their terror.

He could move speedily enough when he wanted, instantaneously when he needed, but he walked forward slowly, the shadows releasing his form into the relative light of the parties camp unwillingly, clinging to him longer than it seemed they should have been able to as though he dragged them with him like strips of a torn shroud.

A heavy set man stood forward almost without willing it to happen, he was big by most standards, but the lord of terror stood imposingly over him, made seemingly even bigger by the lack of definition in the dim light. The man seemed to be holding a cudgel or something primitive of that nature all sharp angles and steel but it looked like nothing more than a club, though tiny I comparison to his own , but Diablo new the man things had much magic bound to them now, the cudgel crackled with a blue sheet of lightning and Diablo?s assumptions were proved correct.

The man pushed forward, his arm swinging out wide in an attack, and the rest of the band screamed support,

?????. ?shock the bastard??? ?stick that taser right down his ******* throat, shock his damned brains out???..

but before the lightning stick came close a claw was whipping down and through his bicep, shearing his arm away, and passing down to remove the bottom half of his leg.
The mans eyes rolled back into his head as he fouled himself and broke into convulsions, a heady stink of fear drove Diablo on.

Firesticks bloomed in the darkness, their buzzing projectiles ripping through his hide, Balefires lunging out through the punctures, blazing across his body and turning to him into a walking torch, but the flames could not harm Diablo, they were born inside him, a much apart of him as his thoughts. The bullets hurt, but to little consequence, he pounded on to his next target, tearing free his entrails in a sweeping handful as he whipped another into a tree with a backhand from his black-stained club.

It was all frenzy after that flesh fell in lumps to the ground, and steam rose across Diablo?s field of vision as bodies sprayed their warm lifeblood onto the dry soil. Then all was still, not quite all, blood was oozing from torn limbs and muscles twitched periodically, but the man things were all dead, yes all of them. But the woman thing she was still standing, breathing slowly, her eyes glazed, but infuriatingly not full of fear.

She refused to let him taste her terror, the terror of her soul, the rich ecstasy of a souls fear at knowing it is about to be destroyed, not released but destroyed. The concept that this soul did not fear him, did not quake in panic was intriguing, what did this one have, or lack, that made it brave when the thousands of others had all been blind with terror?

To destroy it now would have been meaningless to him, just another skull to crush between his hands if she would not know true terror for him, and so he thought that he would leave her, find her again when he knew how to milk from her the sweet, sweet intoxication of her fear.

And with that he departed, the clatter of smashing pottery as he descended into the rich, blood-soaked earth. Gone to seek new entertainment, and perhaps some answers to his concerns.
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Guest cloricus
[color=teal]"You are cleared, Sir. Have a nice day." A lonely woman said with a short smile in his direction. What else was she to do, day after day doing the same job with no change and this it's self wouldn't change until rosters were redrawn in a month or so. Along she went continuing to check people?s passes in the hope that some time soon it would be better job. Hope was all she really had.
Seth just ignored her like most others did and continued to the main administration block which in classic army style was big and hard to navigate, even after being around the place for six months it had only lent to the advantage of knowing where the map was. This was where he was now, and it informed him of this to, ?You are here? the sign said pointing to the word ?map?. Hunting for the words ?Check in Post? he found them in square 11z-C which after another few minutes worked out to mean go left, walk until you are lost again and ask some one. So Seth walked and got lost and asked some one who turned out not to know but sent him down another corridor which oddly enough turned out to be the right one.

Walking up to the desk he noted three people working at it, well one man and another woman working leaving a rather ugly and large lady to answer and direct people. Needless to say she wasn?t working to hard and was more interested in picking her nose than addressing people standing in front of her, having another look around their was no one who wasn?t to ingrossed in their work to stop so Seth cleared his throat.
?Ma?am I request my finial winnings packet from Maj. Timms, serial 453-s4.?
She looked up at him and scoffed, ?You one of those lucky basterds that scored money and prizes to do what we do every day?? She left before he could answer because they both new the answer was a simple ?Yes?.

?Sign here? Jane her name tag read as she half handed him the large brown envelope. ?And here.?
Once he was done she handed it over and informed him that he had ten minutes to leave the base other wise she would call the RP?s, which she also added weren?t happy today.
After leaving the immediate area Seth put on a gap baseball cap to hide his light metallic blue buzz cut hair and flipped his greenish plastic pass around while getting his stinger reflective red sunnies out and ducking into the closest door to pull off his long brown jacked relieving his black shirt and sleeveless heavy army field coat. The only thing notable about his previous appearance before was his DPCU pants but every other solder in civies around the place wore them any way. Needless to say he?d picked up some tricks while in training here, wining things and learning how to be an army pro was a very sweet deal indeed.
?Ten minutes extended?? Seth said back to himself pleased at his avoiding possible RP or MP capture. He then headed off to the OR?s mess for a midday lunch before leaving the base for the last time.

Opening the prize packet relived a small slit in the bottom and a twenty missing from the two hundred cash, which explained why he was only give ten minutes to leave the base from the normal fifteen. She wasn?t giving him time to go back and complain. Oh well she could be a ***** if she wanted, but ?180 was still better than none.

?I?ll have a steak and some fish.? He said to the man in a white chef?s corps uniform. ?Please.?
He lumped the steak on and placed the fish on carefully making sure it was separate from the usual food. ?Enjoy the fish boy, it?s the best we?ve had in here for a long time and I don?t want to be feeding this stuff to the dogs.? He handed the standard size plate over and received thanks as Seth went off to add salad.

After his meal he walked over to the cleaning area and dropped out the remaining carrots into the bin and put the plate on a rack ready to be cleaned while putting his cup in its right area. Walking over to the guest book he noted how nice the fish was and recommended the usual stuff that the chefs normally want done in their kitchen, signing with his real name he started to walk towards the exit.
A small whistle started to pick up and suddenly was too loud for any one to take, about forty other men in the large room just fell to the ground some with bleeding ears others just gouging at their heads. Seth was the only one still standing, his ears where blocking a lot more effectively than the others. Must have been because he had heard the noise and was listening before hand so his ears were ready or some thing so he started to pick up his pace and just before he reached the door dropped too but for another reason, weapons fire. Light weapons maybe standard issue?

The fire sounds where coming from all over the base and the door in front of Seth exploded in shards as it was strafed, luckily every one was on the ground and missed the shots. Running up to the now broken windows he could see men on the ground with weapons in their hand, the idiots had their fingers on the triggers. Looks like they learnt their lesson fast never too keep your finger on the trigger by the pile of what would have been their friends in a circle around them.
Looking around the only real weapon apart from knifes Seth could find was a trophy Smithfield that was mounted on the wall, it?s bolt still in place and a magazine stuck next to it in a decorative way. Pulling it down, scraping the mag so it was clear and cocking the weapon he did a quick zero and ran for the door.

After about four minutes he had made his way to the armoury, as had several others who out of all the men still screaming in pain about their ears didn?t seem to be affected. A staff sergeant stood at the edge of a table wearing several layers of ear muffs he was giving weapons to any army personal that came near him and ordering them to go to defensive positions. The staff who looked like he had been on the adjacent firing range when this started throw him a Styer 9mm with two ammo cases which held each about sixty clips, they were heavy. Seeing the Sniper riffle and which one it was he handed him another ammo case with magazines in it, Seth wasn?t sure how much each mag held on it. The old man added. ?I helped win us that from the bloody French two years ago don?t lose it or I?ll deck you. Get me?!?
?Sir.? Seth replied out of habit.

He made his way to his position as ordered by the sergeant, no one had so far noticed that he wasn?t even British but at the moment they had no idea what was going on and one that could fire was needed. On the perimeter topside of the wall he cocked the 9mm and put it next to him while unslinging the Smithfield and taking aim at nothing, what ever was going on still hadn?t shown it?s self.
Suddenly men on the ground moved there hands from their ears and started to grab at their necks, they were all chocking on some thing. Some of the men that were now standing and guarding the base just looked around confused, there was something protecting them. One young solder felt around her neck and pulled out a cross she was wearing, it has a weird light blue glow. Seth realised he too was wearing a cross given to him when he was born by an auntie, the others that weren?t chocking also pulled out crosses. One of them made the connection and started running into rooms and coming out with crosses and giving them out, they all had the same effect and others helped. Quickly most of the men and women still alive on the base were up and ready to fight again.

Seth was still up on the wall are keeping aim but still nothing had come, it had been a good five minutes from when anything had last happen and people were just dropping from the pain the loud sounds were having on their heads. Again another sudden shocking thing happened; every where people were standing started to catch fire. No matter if they had crosses or not every one was starting to get burnt. Seth?s position started to get very hot and he could feel the flames licking at his feet while he was sat in the prone position, looking out into the street he had a quick look back. Seeing people running round and getting cut down in the pain of the flames as the main gates too became blocked in flame he twisted and grabbed the styer and tied the ammo boxes to himself and he rolled off the edge into the street.

Pain was shotting through him, from all over. The ammo boxes oddly enough had fallen onto of him and snow had broke most of his fall. In his pain he couldn?t process where the snow could have come from after all it was only very late summer? He managed to stand and look at his watch which told him that it was about three hours since he had jumped. The wall behind him looked fine but the funnel of smoke that covered the whole sky and originated from the inside the wall made it very ominous. Seth left making a quick detour to his apartment.

Several hour of walking later.

Trash cans were splayed everywhere, no one part of the road wasn?t covered in trash. The stench was amazingly bad and the sky was only growing darker and colder. Seth had been walking for to long to count now and was in a different part of London than he had started in and bad need of a rest which was what he was trying to work on now. In the bland house above he had heard loud cries and they seemed human, human was a good thing after the last few hours of evil goulash cries that he had been hearing. So far nothing had presented it?s self just a lack of people and high pitched screams. Seth was being honest with himself now and thinking that this was worse than being in a computer game, he was genuinely afraid.
Again another cry from the building he was casing, he was getting ever tired so he decided to go for it.

Sneaking slowly up and the stairs in pain from his fall awhile back crab crawling was harder than it looked but he still did it and followed a small balcony around to the side where their was a concealed door in the dark. He slowly got up and kicked it in loudly and jumped inside before slamming the door and running into the first room that he could see, there was a no one in there and only a bed with blood covering most of it. Small amounts of light making it into the room showed everything, slowly moving forward to see what was around. Seth heard a footstep from the side and the distinctive sound of a Glock being cocked and levelled. He spun to the ground and grabbed his dirk which he had picked up on his way but the Glock was quickly at his head again, he got in a position to swing his hand and try and cut this unknown persons hand but still having the lower chances he spoke up.

?Seth Jolth! 453-s4!? He yelled, then adding. ?You are???[/color]
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Saethi cocked the pistol and inclined his head before answering. ?Wondering what you?re doing still holding that weapon.?

Saethi?s eyes unfocused and he slumped forward as the butt of a Tactical Twelve gauge hit the back of his head

?My name?s Eli. Thanks for the distraction.?

Eli smiled and tossed the shotgun onto the bed and wiped her face clean with the towel beside it.

Seth looked confused. ?Anytime?? He looked at the groaning figure on the floor. ?Who is he??

?Dunno. Dragged me in here, he just popped my arm back in when you appeared. I thought it was the right thing to do to give him a migraine.? She gave Saethi?s foot a kick in contempt. ?Serve you right for taking my knives away.?

Saethi groaned and rolled over. ?Ugh. What are you two doing in my house?oww?my head? He blinked and remembered what happened. Before his hand could snatch up the Glock, a feminine foot went on it, and cold steel was pressed against his throat.

?Try it.? Muttered Eli and Seth in unison.


Saethi had his head in his hands and was massaging the bruise at the back of it.

?Let me get this straight,? he muttered. ?you?re an army grunt who picked the locks on my security for no apparent reason. Not to mention your name is too similar for my comfort?? He turned to Eli, who had his shotgun trained on him, ?and you?re some girl that tried to stab me to death when I dragged you out of harm?s way. Talk about ungracious.?

Eli fidgeted a little. He was right. He did put her arm back?but only to shut her up. How would she know he wouldn?t have locked her back up if this guy hadn?t shown up? Her resolve was asserted.

?If you know about us so much, tell us about you.?

Saethi rolled his eyes. ?I don?t know anything actually. I don?t even know your names.? His Ukraine was showing through again, and he ignored the inclined eyebrow.

?You?re one of them aren?t you?? Eli exclaimed.

Saethi raised an eyebrow this time. ?If you mean I?m an immigrant, yeah.?

?No you idiot. You?re one of those Mafiya types aren?t you??

Saethi gave a sigh, like this childish questioning was getting to him. ?Yes. Whatever. I was. If you haven?t noticed, the apocalypse is busy going on and I?d really, really like to get back to that.?

Eli frowned. ?You know, with that accent of yours, I can?t tell if you?re being incredibly sarcastic or not.?
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[size=1]"It's all pretty much the same, really."

Elli glanced over at Saethi, eyelashes lowered to guard her eyes. He was in the Ukranian Mafia, which meant that he was connected to her father. Could she trust him? She'd have to -- after all, they were stuck here.

'My name's Elli Cartlande. My father has connections with the Mafia -- he mentioned this place in passing, which is why I came here.'

'Saethi Yerik.'

Elli snickered. 'Nice name. Fitting.' Elli looked at him consideringly. 'I know you from somewhere.'


[i]Two Years Ago[/i]

Elli entered the club behind Josh, her boyfriend. She was here to lend support, of a kind. He'd been involved in some shady deals lately; The Ukraine version of the Mafia was was blackmailing him from something in his past, and Josh had had enough. He needed backup in case things got ugly, and, as Elli's father had connections, she was a safe bet.

Josh lounged against the wall, his black clothes making him look like the assassin he wasn't. 'Where's the contact?' Elli asked.

'He'll be here somewhere. Don't worry about it.'

Elli nodded and leaned against Josh, eyes darting around the room full of ravers. She noticed the guy coming towards them at the same time Josh did, and her reaction was the same as his; they tensed. 'His name is Saethi,' Josh whispered. 'And he's some son of a big kingpin in the mob.'

'Yeah, I know him. He goes to Oxford. I've seen him around. He's in a lot of my classes. Pretty harmless.'

Josh stood up as Saethi came closer. 'Look,' he said. 'I've got some things to sort out. I don't want to do this anymore. And I'm tired of this ****.'

Elli glanced at Josh. His swearing was odd, really. He never swore.

Saethi raised an eyebrow and glanced at Elli. 'Really? So you're...friend knows all about you, is that right?' His tone was sinister, knowing.

Josh's face began to take on a red tinge. He went apopalyptic, completely losing his cool. He aimed a punch at Saethi, who, having expected this, simply gave him a knee to the groin. Josh fell to the floor, hard, groaning in pain.

Elli, out of her depth, did the only thing she could do; she rabbit punched Saethi in the face.


Elli grinned at the memory. 'Yes. I'm sure I've met you before.'[/size]
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[size=1]Saethi grimaced, trying to remember.

?You punched me in the face.?

Elli grinned. ?Yeah, pretty sweet eh??

Seth looked confused and, to save face, extracted as many metallic sounds out of his weapon as he could.

?As I recall, you don?t know what happened to?Josh?do you??

?You killed him. He made a break for the alley and you got up on your feet and got after him. I heard four shots and you came back inside.?

?You don?t seem so upset about it.? Saethi gave her a sly look.

?I?ve learnt to move on.?

Saethi pointed to a shelf behind her and said, ?check the bullets in the Glock clip on the top shelf.? She shot him a quizzical look. ?Just do it.?

Elli reached into the gun safe and ignored the rifles and such before snatching one of the clips, wrapped in blue electric tape. She checked the tips.

?What? They?re blanks!?

Saethi looked smug. ?Yeah. They are. Josh is probably alive and being confronted by demons in some tropical paradise somewhere.? Saethi sat back and put his arms behind his head. ?If they don?t make a stand, I always let them get away.?

?That selfish S.O.B?? A nerve twitched on her temple, and Elli balled her fists. ?All these years?not a phone call?that...that??

Saethi didn?t even get to raise an eyebrow before Elli spun round with an open hand and slapped him across the face and out of his chair.

?Ow. I did not deserve that.?

?Yeah, but I needed to hit something, and I don?t want to hit my knight in shining armour do I??

Saethi rubbed his jaw and sat up, righting the fallen chair. ?As I recall,? he grumbled, ?you aren?t exactly pure yourself. You were quite the brat when I first got here. I had to save your keister more than once on your father?s orders.?

?What? When?? Elli?s expression went from smug to fury in less than an instant.

Saethi smiled at the upper hand he now had.

?Attempted drive by? Remember a car going past you and suddenly crashing into a wall and exploding??

Elli frowned with concentration. ?Yeah?but the front tire exploded and they lost control?it was on the news, all occupants died in the inferno??

That superior grin was back. ?That was me. On the rooftops. Five bullets. Three for the armed passengers, one for the front tyre and the last for the driver. That ?inferno? was aided by a lot of petrol put in one of the two fire hoses in the street.? Saethi cracked his knuckles. ?We planned the serious hits well back then. Besides, all the guys in the car were bad. Trust me, I knew their handiwork.?

?That was a lame excuse.?[/size]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Arranging the heavy coat around her shoulders, Tsuke looked about at the chaos of her neighbourhood. It being relatively middle class, people had clued up and shipped off pretty quickly, and so as the place was deserted, she figured no demons would be around either. Closing her eyes, she raised her vision to the skyline and scented out the closest blood clot of fear in the city. It was to her left, so she turned right, and walked into the street she found to be littered with rotting corpses. The crows were feasting, and she smiled slightly, imagining them thinking, "Finally! That'll teach you for not throwing me the end of that pie you didn't eat last thursday in Lavazzo's..." Oh, what a warped mind she had.

Walking happily along the ruined and deserted street, she heard gunfire to her northeast - guessing about four kilometres away by the echo. Try as she might, her angelic nature could not resist the temptation to stick fingers in pie and she followed the sound, her wings shifting uneasily under the thick, black weave.

She didn't want to get involved, but hey, she lived on earth. She could go up to heaven and say, "Let me in! I want to have a word with god." But god would look at her and say, "Do I know you?" No, it was stupid thinking she wasn't alone in this. Angel or not, she was not on their side.

A child's seemingly unmarred corpse stared at her from propped up on a lamppost. "No," She thought, "I'm not on your side either." [/i][/color][/font]
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Fiona sensed the other angel a few minutes before he appeared. She thought fleetingly about running away, but she hadn't been paying close enough attention; whoever he was, he was too nearby now, and her flight would only draw suspicion to her, probably only convince him to hunt her down with further determination. It wasn't as if she'd done anything [i]wrong[/i], as yet. Fiona sighed and held her ground. Or rather, continued sitting on her rock, one hand running over her blade absent-mindedly, the other scratching illegible figures into the rock's surface with one heavenly fingernail.

As anticipated, the other angel came upon her stone sanctuary within minutes, squinted at her, neared her with some unwilling hesitation. He looked young, rather unsure of himself, as she would've expected. The higher-ups wouldn't exactly be sending anyone with any experience or value out on meaningless search errands such as his. That's why they'd been so easy to avoid, until she'd stopped paying attention altogether that is. "Angel!" he said, his voice bellowing and intrusive. "Identify yourself!"

She looked over, languid on her perch. "Fiona."

"Your full name!"

Fiona resisted the urge to bare her teeth, or hiss, or something. "That is my full name."

"A -- All right then!" the angel said, his voice still a harsh annoyance among the quietude. "Where have you been? The war! It's begun!"

Fiona looked at him and made a weak attempt at feigning surprise. "Really?" she said. "I had no idea." Her natural sarcasm forced itself onto her voice. Luckily, it seemed to be lost on the angel.

"Well, Fiona, we'll expect you down there amongst the action immediately!" he said. "I see you're already armed! I'll report back to the base that you've joined the ranks!" He was off.

Fiona considered her options. There were enough angels in heaven that his disappearance would not be noticed, just as hers hadn't been for quite some time now; but she wasn't in the mood for violence just then. She sighed, rolled her eyes. It wasn't to be helped, then. She'd "join the ranks."

She jumped off her rock, bare feet noiseless on the soft clouds. Fiona clasped her arms to her chest, her weapons about her, and closed her eyes. At her command the clouds opened and she plummeted downward, towards Earth.
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[i] Metatron squinted up at the skies again. Far off in the distance, he thought he saw a miniscule dot of light go down. Probably another angel sent down to earth. He might as well join up. It was pointless anyway, hunting down these weak overlords. Overlords were simple enough to kill. Turn their summons against them and they're done. He liked death, but not so much simple, quick death of pathetic beings. He wanted more, the death of something more powerful... like one of the three...

It was an addiction, to smite out death. It used to be a duty, a type of a job, nothing more. Now it was an addiction, permanent and unwavering. His insatiable desire to see everything, every single being die in his presence pestered him every passing moment. But now with the insurgent of the three... it was becoming difficult to do that. They wrecked his plans, his schedules... but yet... They also provided him with a new found goal... to be present when they died, preferably by his own hands. So he was like a human in many ways. Unable to shake off his divine addiction. He often pondered if he was like them or if they were like him. But at any rate...

The light in the distance was nearing the earth at an alarming speed. Yep. Definitely an angel. Better get going if he wanted to meet up.

With that, he grew his four wings, an unnatural figure, and flew off, leisurely. [/i]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][i]Mephisto blinked as the grey tempest silently liquified the world around him, and subsided mockingly, leaving him rather dislocatated, at least considering his former position. Which, given his intent, was entirely expected. And, considering he had reverted to a rather less than humanoid form, and thus didn't even have physical eyes, much less eyelids, the whole blinking thing was quite interestingly impossible.

He debated that a moment, then looked around. Where he had ended up was quite currently something of a concern. After all, he hadn't really specified a destination.

At the moment, he was somewhere he didn't recognise. He hadn't been in this realm in more than a millennia, that wasn't surprising.

What was, all things considered, surprising, was the fact that the people in the room weren't particularly concerned by the sudden appearance of a very large, angry looking demonic creature. Mainly because they weren't people, they were angels.

Which meant while they weren't concerned, they were rather...aggressive.

Mephisto sighed. He hadn't intended this, not that he cared much. A quick survey revealed he wasn't in much trouble. Four angels, and not fourty feet of wingspan between them, very minor celestials. They knew enough to know who he was though, and they were still young enough not to know better.

A runebranded sword flicked in, opening a cut along Mephisto's top skeletal shoulder. A black fluid arced out, though the wound healed nearly instantly, and the angel cried out as the vicious liquid, that had spawned many demons in its own right, seared his eyes. Mephisto lashed out with a skeletal claw, and opened its throat up. Clapping his hands together, a green nimbus surrounded him, filling the room, the angels fell over.

Mephisto really wasn't interested in direct combat anymore. It really wasn't worth the time. Besides, from what he could, he was now somewhere in Australia. And let's face it, he didn't really feel like being here. Oh well. He'd probably go stab a few kangaroos with some fork like fingers a little later, but for now, he needed someone to eat.[/i]

OOC: Jesus Chicken, storyline, soon.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Tsuke wandered lost and angry through the streets until the light died and leaked into the stormwater drains, heavy with blood. Tired all of a sudden, she was struck with a sudden sense of sadness - no warm, furry body to curl around at night. Well, she thought, looking around her, she supposed a furry body wouldn't be hard to find in this mess. A warm one, however? Perhaps a little more of a challenge.

Yelling to her right. She turned to her left with an angry sigh. She wanted to be as far away from all this as possible... closing her eyes, she imagined the point exactly on the opposite side of the earth. It happened to be rather below sea level, and a coral reef - a touch of sunlight filtering through and making the coral glow. Ah, what bliss... the warm breath of the sea air on her back...

...Wait, sea air doesn't smell like that. Turning around, Tsuke was incredibly unimpressed to see three large, angry demons standing behind her. Walking back a couple of paces, she shed her coat, kicked off her sneakers and jumped into the air just as they pounced.

Feeling gravity take hold, she grabbed at the force and threw her soul into it, increasing the theoretical weight a thousand fold, enough to drive her pointed toenails into the demonic armour-plated shoulders below and into his lower chest cavity. Scissoring her legs, the demon exploded, knocking the other two back as her legs continued apart.
They stood, and Tsuke was on the ground, ready for them. One ducked and went for her legs, the other morphed into a winged serphant and darted at her face. Thinking almost too slowly, she semi-lunged forward, kicking her legs up and forcing her body into a horizontal position in the air. She landed on the lower demon, but avoided both attacks.
She lay with her back pressed uncomfortably on the hard, knotched armour of the demon's back as he lay under her astounding weight. She lay still, watching the serphant coil into the air and position itself above her, probably for a kamikaze mission at her chest. Well, she was flattered, but heaps of other guys had tried that one on her before. Sure enough, the demon flexed it's teeth outward to face down and freefell, growing at an alarming rate.

Tsukeume lay very still, willing herself with everything she had not to move. Not yet, not yet... now.
As soon as she felt the breath on her skin, she rolled quickly to the left, reaching around with her arm and clutching at the demon as it fell. As soon as she touched it, however, she transferred the weight, the demon suddenly plowing teeth first not only into the other demon, but deep into the asphalt.

Relocating a sneaker, Tsuke felt her blood boil as she tipped the carnage out of the expensive shoe. Everything within a five metre radius of the oversized pothole was coated in a thick layer of blood and pulverised flesh. Thinking of the new, white and chrome shower she had intalled a week before the carnage began, Tsuke sat at the edge of the hole and dangled her feet in, throwing her head back and swearing very, very loudly.[/i][/color][/font]
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Fiona attributed it to her good luck that she landed on Earth amongst a seething mass of lesser demons. Well, "landed" probably wasn't the proper term ... more like "crashed," really, as long as you could still call it a crash when you landed on two feet with full possession of your balance. Though, Fiona mused, if she termed it as "fell," she could be a fallen angel ... and that would be a nice twist.

She roused herself from the delights of her mental diction to look around her. Her landing, which she had not bothered to slow too much, had impacted the earth noticably, as she now observed a rather crater-like form etched out on the stone street she'd landed on. Raising a foot, she noticed that there was a crushed demon skull beneath it. Meaning she now had a mixture of demon blood and brain smeared over her heel. Which was why it was generally advised that angels really should wear some sort of protective footwear.

Looking up from the sticky mess, Fiona saw her landing had crushed several of the demons by the sheer force of the blast it had caused. Just as many, though, had only been tossed aside, and now they were advancing. Nasty little creatures, Fiona noted with a look of disgust, like lacquered goblins with browner teeth, holding ... were those ... clubs? How cute and primitive. Fiona supposed it was some sort of ironic tribute to the beginning of man's history.

Fiona decided to have her own tribute to man, and pulled out her shotgun, loading it with her bullets from heaven. About half of the demons fell at her shotgun blasts, but it seemed only to enrage the others, who now ran towards her with their clubs raised.

In one motion, Fiona pulled out her weapon and turned, swinging it in a smooth circle around her as the demons neared. Since her blade was a good deal longer than their pathetic clubs, she sliced through most of them. The move also allowed her to turn to see who that presence was behind her, floating nearer on four wings.

It appeared to be another angel.

"Why, this is going to be a real [i]party[/i]," Fiona said drily, smiling as she turned back to the demons.
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[i] A sarcastic angel. And a female angel. Great. Out of all the possible combinations in the multitude of angelic inhabitants up there, he had to have the precise combination he disliked. And what the hell was that she was holding? A freaking shotgun? ...... Perhaps he should just continue to fly away, as if nothing happened. But from the looks on her eyes, Metatron assumed that it would be wiser to at least help her out... that is, help her by shortening the time to kill all the little demons around her.

Sighing, he looked at the demons swarming around them, a big, ugly, nasty wave of disgusting looking creatures. Fine. Whatever. Summons either way. He closed his eyes, and focused his mana. Gradually, reality faded and was replaced by a pool of mana representing each creature in the vicinity. A source was found, probably somewhere far, probably by another overlord. Almost all of the mana pools around him indicated those of demons, all connected to the distant source. Sweeping his hands, he disconnected them, and reopened his eyes. The demons all around him vanished, disappearing in a thin wisp of smoke. Metatron rubbed his syes as he looked around, and saw the female angel looking at him with a bit of annoyance in her eyes. So perhaps he should have flown away.... [/i]
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OOC: This will be the last post I make probably until monday or tuesday. I shall be in Sydney for a wedding, so sorry to everyone about that one.

[color=blue]Baal summonned the others. Diablo and Mephisto were curious as to why he needed to talk, but came nonetheless.
Each of them stood on the balcony of a mansion that once belonged to one Bill Gates. But since his corpse had just been devoured by Baal himself, they took full advantage of the establishment.
"I called you here because there is a problem. God has given a second child to these pathetic humans."
The other two brothers simply stood silent.
"He has not been born, but has simply been cast on this world a man. He has power beyond which we have seen before. This one will be a problem."
There was no need to say what they should do. All three knew that his organs must touch the ground, unprotected by skin.
"To find him we must begin recruiting humans and fallen ones to our task. God has hidden him from our sight. But others who work for us can see him. And through their eyes, we will cut him down."
Baal was consumed in flame. His destination was London, England. He never liked the English for some reason. Rome had been flattenned already, so the next best thing would do.

Baal looked out from the cavity where the clock face of Big Ben once stood. He held it suspended in the air simply staring at the clock face. Then he let it fall to the ground. Screams followed. Music to his ears.[/color]
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[i]He approached her as she dropped to her knee recovering frmo such an expenditure of energy as to seal a portal made by one of the 3 prime evils. He placed a hand on her shoulder softly and and formed the words like an old friend.[/i]

Ratu: Are you alright?

Kellnine: I'll be fine. Just a little tired.

Ratu: You look a little pale.

Kellnine: No worse than what you've seen me before.

Ratu: Yes.... I guess your right.

[i]At that last word their conversation was cut short by a bellowing from the other side of a set of huge double doors. They both turned and looked at the door sharply just in time to see it burst open and several hulking figures charge through the dust and wood shrapnel. They were things similar to what could be considered ogres if it wasn't for their reddish tint to their skin and lack of actual eyes. He knew instantly they were demons though and wasn't sure if she could fight them in her current state so he stood up and faced the beasts.[/i]

Ratu: Alright, let's dance.

[i]The demons let out a roar of their own in response to him and started to charge. He instantly pulled out his uzi's and opened fire on them, the bullets ripped out of the barrel humming with holy energy as they tear into the creatures bodies but it only seemed to slow them down. he blinked as they got just within range to do swing with their massive ham fists when he dove between one of their legs.[/i]

Ratu: That all you got?!

[i]The holy man did a roll and lept to his feet spinning around as he prepared himself. He drew his hands togather and dipped into his coat drawing his sword and dragging the sharp end of the blade up one of the ogres backs opening it up. Even cutting through the ribs as though they were made of paper spilling the innards of the monster from behind as it fell over dead. It took even a second for the other dumb demon to figure out what was going on in which gave him just enough time to start chanting. He knew the spell was easier if he used his own sword and since there were no other demons he could use it safely.[/i]

Ratu: Divine source give me power. Take my sword and place it to it's end. C'Tans Sword!

[i]The blade in his hand flickered then faded but even as it flickered out when the ogre feind started to turn around the blade started to appear in his head as it finally dissappeared it appeared fully placed inside the ogre feinds head. The best roars in rage and starts to run forward not even aware of the fact that it's dead yet until it stops and blinks, the blood runnign from the now open wound as it falls face first pushing the blade up by the blade the hilt sticking out of th e back of it's head. He looked over at the angel as she got up and looked at him.[/i]

Kellnine: Good one.

Ratu: All in a days work.

Kellnine: Now maybe we should get out of here before mommy and daddy get back.

Ratu: (eyes widen) There are bigger ones?

Kellnine: You have no idea child. No clue at all.

[i]Ratu simply nodded and picked up his blade walking towards her and let her take him in her arms as she walked over to the cliff and fell off the edge taking flight.[/i]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]The brief falling sensation was overtaken by a smooth rushing feel as her wings cleaved the sky, and their flight smoothed out. He had already been blessed once today, and now, to experience the dream of flight, was something beyond him. Sure enough, the dark shadows returned, and she marked them with an odd sort of simplicity. He turned his head and was thinking about panicking, before she flung him to the earth, aided by a power from within. Something awakened between the time they had met and the time of the present. Ratu yelped, then discovered that his movement wasn't taking him uncontrollably towards the ground. Matter of fact, he stopped about ten feet short. And it certainly wasn't the angel.

Kellnine's eyes were huge and dark. Apparently, she regenerated at an unbelieveable speed. The demon swooped in, wielding a curved spearblade turned into a shortarm. She was his match, no question, but she didn't look all together. Ratu was quickly proved wrong.

Wings flashing in brilliant hues, she whipped her body around and went in for the kill. He swung his weapon and she let it slice harmlessly through her ample skirt. Her arm swung out, bloodsword humming loud and long. Instead of being weak and delicate, she was proving to be an apt swordswoman, and not just able to impale and close portals.... He swung hard, and she ducked, wings bending at an impossible angle, but doing it nonethe less. With a swift shriek and a dull squishing sound, she ran him through, the bloodsword spinning outwards. The blade cleaved him in half, his sword clanging against her armor harmlessly. She laughed like a child and let the puffs of sulfer fill the air.

Ratu was in a slight state of shock, one at his newfound gift of flight, two at her amazing skill with the blade, and third at the shadow that descended once more.[/i]

Kellnine: Help me Ratu![/COLOR]
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[size=1]?However lame, it did sum up the fact that I?ve done more to protect you than you?ll ever know??

Elli looked away from Saethi to roll her eyes at Seth, who looked mildly affronted that he was suddenly included in the conversation. Outside, something clattered. Saethi stood up suddenly and said something in Russian.

?What?s that about?? Elli asked.

?Basically ?damn?.? He said, ?some demon friends are outside. No doubt those that were chasing our friend here.?

Seth had the decency to look ashamed.

Saethi spat and made for the safe, two cold barrels pressed against his skin.

?What do you think you?re doing??

Saethi eyed the weapons with contempt. ?Arming myself. Those demons outside are just seconds away from finding Seth?s scent. We have seconds, if that.?

Seth?s eyes narrowed, ?what makes you so sure that they will??

Something big hit a dent in the metal shutters, mortar drifted from around its steel frame. Saethi gave him a slanted look.

?Do you mind now??

?No, no, go right ahead, don?t let me get in your way.?

Saethi reached into the safe and clicked two latches off one of the rifles. A second later he was sliding bullets into a proficient looking rifle, a SIG Commando. Just as quickly he stored as many cases around in his pockets as he could.

Another dent appeared in the shutters. A howl came from downstairs. Saethi looked at Seth and tossed Elli a belt of cartridges.

?Did you shut the doors as you came up??

?Er?just the first.?

Saethi said something else in Russian and grabbed a khaki backpack, filling it with as much spare ammunition and arms he could snatch. He tossed Seth the bag and grabbed a second, already packed, bag for himself.

?Any grenades in there?? Elli muttered with a hint of sarcasm.

?I see that no matter how desperate the situation, cynicism always has its place. In answer to your question, no. Grenades were kept at a different safe house, along with other explosives. At the time, we didn?t feel they were necessary for urban combat, too noisy and un-controlled. I?m starting to regret it now, however.?

The shutter buckled and fell into the room, concrete dust spilling in. The demon leered at them, claw raising for a fatal strike on them all, and Elli used her broomstick.

Saethi wiped a drip of the foul ichor off his face while Elli, face grim, shucked another round.

?I did have my concerns before if you could use that thing, but I can see now that my doubts were unfounded.? He coughed and looked out the gap in the wall, nothing was out there except for a twitching corpse. ?You can never tell?? He said, and let a burst of three explosive armour-piercing rounds into the putrid body. ?Minced.?

There was another crash from downstairs. Saethi ripped open a cupboard and pulled out a flak jacket and proceeded to put it on, doing up the Velcro straps. Thigh and arm Kevlar?s followed.

?Any for us?? Exclaimed Seth.

?Nah. ?there was the sound of heavy feet up the stairs- could you get that for me??

Seth frowned and put his head around the doorway, and cursed, firing wildly into the stairwell. Saethi on the other hand, ripped the mattress off the bed, tossed it out the window, and leapt out on to it.

?That selfish?? Elli exclaimed before leaping out onto the bed.

Seth cottoned on to what had just happened when no covering fire came. He leapt out just as a fowl breath roasted the room. He landed in a rather undignified manner next to Saethi and Elli.

?Save your rounds,? Saethi muttered to Elli, ?they really lose their intensity after six metres.?

Something big appeared in the gap they?d just leapt through. Saethi waved to it, it let out an ungodly roar, and Saethi shot it in the throat.

Droplets of black blood hit the ground as the demon overbalanced and fell out the window

?Now can I?? Elli queried.

?Go right ahead love, knock yourself out or whatever,? Saethi waved his hand dismissively in the direction of the demon.

The shot ripped through the stunned beast, shattered the pavement and sent the concrete shrapnel back up into the beast as effectively as nine-inch nails.


?That?s all of them then?I doubt there?ll be more until these guys are noticed as missing.? Saethi said while pressing more rounds into the SIG clip. ?We?ve got to move. Maybe to an old mall or something. All my supplies were up there when the room was toasted?the jerry cans will probably be exploding pretty soon from the-

Saethi covered his eyes with the back of his hand as a liquid fireball spattered the walls of what used to be his home.

-heat.? He sighed. ?Right then. Get a move on.?[/size]
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Guest cloricus
[color=teal]Flames started to fall slowly down from the air in level with the room they had just vacated. Just small spots of it, mostly going out before hitting the ground. Seth was once again face down and had landed rather heavily on one of his ammo cases which would leave another nasty bruise making it hard for him to walk for another five minutes or so. The other cases and weapons had been nice to him lying to his left and right.

The other two again were looking at each other and Seth couldn't work out if it was because they didn't trust each other, they were just working out if they should be temporary allies in this mess or they had no idea what the hell to do just like himself. What ever they worked out Seth figured it would be a good idea to stay with them, they were the ?mob? after all and where else in a sane world was safer. At least in reverse psychology it worked which seemed to match what was going on around him so he went with it.

Getting up slowly off the nice soft mattress and quickly looking around he untied the cases that hung off him just like they had all through the day and stuffed them into one of the empty khaki esh bags that he had been given along with the other full ones. Slung on a backpack that was contained in another while throwing one to Elli who was now the least 'set up' out of the three leaving a empty bag which folded up found its way into Seth?s new backpack.

?Right then. Get a move on.? Saethi said starting to get up and turn to the left.
'Give us a second.' Jolth in a half order, half request asked. The other two just looked at him and waited rather impatiently.

While they were standing there Seth kneeled down and pulled out all of the ammunition clips that he had situated all over his body that were not for his weapons and gave them to Seathi and Elli who each worked out the best place to store them. Then cracking open his ammo cases from the English army base he grabbed the top three clips in each one, putting them in his backpack for easy access later and leaving another three by his side on the ground. He closed the cases and zipped up the esh bag that they now sat in then put it next to him so he could pick it up as he stood.

Proceeding to sling the Smithfield over his shoulder facing backwards he clipped in a mag from the ground but didn't cycle it, grabbing the straps of his 9mm's he looped them loosely over his shoulders and let them rest at his hips. Putting the other two clips from the ground in both he chambered one while clicking the safety on both of them. Jumping up and down to check for rattling and comfort revealed so far so good. Seth stood up fully now while reaching to his loaded styer 9mm and pointed it defensively around while leaving the safety on and keeping his figure outside the trigger guard.

Elli had now put on the backpack allocated to her and had her remaining items sorted out into their respective locations while Saethi had been busy working out his weapons ammo for quick access. Seeing that Seth and Elli had finished what they were doing he pointed to the left and the three of them started to walk into a gloomy alley following a glimmer of light that must be a large open road of some sort about a hundred meters in the distance.

Each of them walked with some sort of weapon, two with 'backup weapons of choice'. With esh bags in each hand trailing low to the ground and packed backpacks the small group looked rather formidable and at that point were some of the best prepared in the whole city with just one more stop off until they were fully kitted up.

?So how far to this ?Safe House? you were talking about?? Seth asked to the two as they flanked him down the tight street.
An esh bag is a green rectangle bag, for Elli and Seathi its The Unholy Newts school bag and those who don?t know TUN it is like the bag Neo and Trinity have that contains the large bomb that the use when they attempt to rescue Morpheus, except its green.
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[size=1]Elli's lips twitched into a semblance of a smile. "That was it." Seth's shocked face was almost amusing, in the circumstances. "However, I know of at least two more in the surrounding area, if they haven't been contaminated by people.They're little more than cubby holes, from what I know, but they should be safe for the time being."

"Actually," Saethi said, his face concentrating, "one of them has an inbuilt passage to a safehouse underground. It's bigger, it has ammo and guns but...I can't remember which one."

Seth looked worried again, and he looked toward her. "What? I don't know where. I'm not acutally [i]in[/i] the mob, I just have connections to it through my father, who has business dealings with it. Unless, of course, he lied to my mother and myself, which I wouldn't be too surprized at. He always was a bastard, anyways."

Elli shrugged and continued walking, muttering. She stopped sudddenly, turned around and faced Saethi. "Where are we going, anyway?

[b]OOC: Sorry it's so short. Short of time.[/b][/size]
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[color=blue]OOC: Ok, let's get this **** going again, I like where we could go with this RPG.


[I]Baal watched the two leave the passage, talking slowly. Baal had picked up their names from following the past twenty seconds of conversation. The only reason he hadn't killed them was simply because he felt something in the air around them. A holy aura that Baal hadn't come into contact with since he impaled Jesus with a spear after his crucifiction.

Baal summoned a lesser deamon and sent it in their direction, just to see what they would make of the beast. It snarled and knocked the woman down, then ran at the man, who he believed to be known as Seth. Bullets tore through the skull of the creature as it crashed to the ground.

Baal withheld a laugh as he turned his attention back to the woman, lying on the marble floor. She was losing alot of blood. Baal began to salivate. Seth fell to his knees next to her and screamed into the room.[/I]

"What the hell are you doing? Praying? She's going to die!"

[I]Baal wondered whether there was someone else in the room, but he saw no one. Perhaps this Seth man was insane, oh well it didn't matter. The Baal felt it...the room began to pulse with a holy beat. Endless prayers filtered through his ears and ran through his mind. Baal drove one of his human fists into a wall next to him. The humans still did not know he was there, but Baal would have to kill whoever it was that was sending these prayers.

Then the prayers were answered. An angel walked calmly across the floor. The humans didn't say a word. Baal clenched his hands and teeth, he tightened his hands until blood began to flow. Then the angel performed a ritual that he had only heard of, but never witnessed up to this moment. The Angel healed the female and then passed on their second essence. Baal couldn't believe his eyes....

The humans were informed of their powers, but Baal didn't catch them. He was still struck by the fact that God had decided it was time for them to be made fighters. It brought a smile to his face actually. They must be doing some damage for God to make such a drastic decision as this. Then Angel then did something even more suprising; It bowed before leaving the room. That clinched it, Baal knew there was something about these two indivduals.

After the Angel had gone, he decided it was best that he reveal himself, before he killed them.

"Safehouse? Not very safe if you ask me."

[I]His voice echoed through the walls. He materialised before their eyes, dressed in a black singlet, crimson belt and flowing black pants. He looked each of them over, his eyes glowing yellow as the angel bones pulsed at his neck and at each end of his staff.[/I]

"You were shown proof that there is a God up there just a moment ago. I am here to show you that evil has it's presence here on this plane of existance."
[I]The two exchanged glances of both fear and confusion.[/I]

"Perhaps this will help,"[I]Baal offered,[/I] "My name is Baal, I am one of the three prime evils."

[I]The effect was instantaneous, bullets ripped through his head and chest as Baal fell to the floor.[/I]

"Prime evil my ***!" [I]The woman yelled at his unmoving form. She then spat on him. This didn't sit well with Baal.
He rose to his feet and grabbed her by the throat. He lifted her off the ground as the nails on his fingers punctured her skin. He tightened his grip as blood spurted from her veins. Seth screamed but was powerless to move. Baal motioned with his free left hand and Seth was pinned to the floor.

Elli choked as the blood drained from her skull, but she remained alive through the ordeal, what came next she didn't however.

Baal changed the position of his right hand. He dug his fingers up underneath her bottom jaw, holding her over his shoulder. The lord of Destruction then brought his arm back over his shoulder. Elli flew to the ground at speeds that no human had ever travelled.

She hit the ground neck first.

Her head snapped back and shattered several of her own vertebrae, the bounced free as the skin of her neck tore apart. Blood flew free from the hole where her head once joined her still rolling head. Baal smiled as Seth tried to close his eyes. Baal held them open, but had yet to lay a hand on his body.

"This was just a warning. Do not be fooled into thinking that gifts from God will save you from the fire. You are too ingnorant to see that this is a fight you can't win. You have seen what I will do to you.''

[I]Baal walked to the place where Elli's head had stopped, and placed one of his Doc's ontop of her skull.[/I]

"You can do my work for me here. Find God's son for me, and you shall be blessed with all the strengths of the evils. If you don't aid us..."

[I]Baal crushed Elli's head.[/I]

"Need I say more?"

[I]Baal walked out the front door, leaving behind the blood stained marble. Baal left behind Seth to weep over Elli's already regenerating form. Baal left behind one other who he had not seen. Baal left behind God's son.[/color]

Welcome back everyone.
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[i]Ratu's eyes widen as he becam cognizant of the third shadow descending upon him. Everything had been happening so fast he hadn't even had time to sort out his memories. His body, mind and soul aligned through the frustration and suddenly a huge surge of stress energy course out his body as his eyes suddenly shifted to a brilliant silver. His body tightened as he put his right hand up in the air and braced the wrist with his left hand speaking in a language unknown to both even Ratu and Kellnine. Though kellnine didn't quite understand the chanting she understood the nature of it as she felt that stress energy shifting into destructive force being drawn into a brightly glowing silver miasma at the end of his hand. this power was not as pure and holy as the rest. It was drawn from his negative emotions yet powered by his faith in God. He took all of his frustration, anger, stress and transformed it. Altering it's existance into something else he glared up at the flying death falling down upon the airborne angel.[/i]

Ratu: Dark spirit from the netherealm, enjoy your trip to oblivion! Annihalate!

[i]Kellnine's E.S.P. kicks in when he starts talking in english and her eyes widen. She kicks her body into a hard right roll as the cone of annihalation swirls out of his hand like a silver and black tornado. The diving abomination did not have time to get out of the way as it was forcefully brought into the danger zone slowly ripping the creature asunder from the soul out. Ratu could do nothing but hold the cone in place though for he knew if he just let it go wild he could destroy alot more than he wanted to with it. finally the creature emitted it's last unearthly cry to it's demonic masters and the noise cut off. At that cue the ex-priest withdrew the magical energy and concentrated hard on turning it back into negative energy which he then grounded through his shoes on the ground. He then ran up to kellnine to make sure she was fine. Before he could quite speak though she cut him off.[/i]

Kellnine: I'm fine but we may be having company soon.

Ratu: What do you mean?

[i]The woman angel pointed up at the sky as it started to darken. The dark clouds filled with aura's of crimson and just like a madman would, Ratu started laughing.[/i]

Ratu: God in heaven!! don't they ever quit?! We must be on to something.
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OOC: Thunder, can't post in SYF

[size=1]Saethi eyed the scene with contempt. Seth, on the other hand, was at a loss to understand what was going on.

?Come one,? Saethi muttered, ?lets get moving.?

?What about Elli? You can?t just leave her!?

Saethi lifted his SIG Commando. ?Look. Either you come with me and avoid being eaten by demons, or you can stay here and I get to shoot you.? He raised the rifle, ?either way suits me fine.?

Seth remained obstinate.

?What do you expect me to do? Wave my fingers and make her all better?? He waggled his hands to annunciate his point. ?She has no- ?what the hell??

Elli?s body melted into the floor like a corpse from a video game.
?Uh.? Saethi took a step towards where Elli had been.

?Hey, not there anymore.?

?Seth, please tell me that isn?t Elli?s hand on my shoulder.?

?My mother brought me up not to lie Saethi.?

Saethi turned round slowly, at the same time taking a step back carefully. Elli was there all right, and she smelt like she?d just stepped out of a shower, not a blemish was on her. Saethi spat a random line of Russian.


?I was in some place?I can?t even remember anymore. I heard your voice, felt really weird and just found myself standing behind you.?

Seth grinned. ?Hey, I remember a guy that called people back from the dead. Lazarus to be precise.?

?No way. Nah uh.?

?It explains the angel doesn?t it? And the...uh?bow...Damn, you?re the freakin? emissary of God or something??

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[COLOR=royalblue]Kellnine: I've been feeling it in my spirit....for quite some time now.

Ratu: And that means...?

Kellnilne: ...We go.

[i]She gathered him up in her arms and raised her wings. Before he could take another breath, she had completely enveloped him in the scent of lavender, starlight, and soft flannel. It was warm, and all he could feel was her heartbeat pulsing against his.

Back in the physical world, Kellnine shot upwards, moving on pure energy. Just before the hordes closed in, she rocketed into the stratasphere and kept Ratu in her arms. Where it was warm and safe. And possible to breathe. Ratu sighed and kept his eyes closed. It was a little too weightless for his liking. Kellnine rotated her body around and examined the space below. Dark shadows swirling...time to cut lose. She turned and released her arms around his body, keeping her hand over his mouth.[/i][/COLOR]
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...And in the death
As the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy
The shutters lifted in inches in Temperance Building
High on Poacher's Hill
And red, mutant eyes gaze down on Hunger City
No more big wheels

Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats
And ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes
Coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers
Like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love-Me Avenue
Ripping and rewrapping mink and shiny silver fox, now legwarmers
Family badge of sapphire and cracked emerald
Any day now
The Year of the Diamond daemons...

So the angels were awakening the second essence of man, truly it was as Baal had told, the plague of horror washing across the scorched land could not go on forever and the beings of light were reacting as they had the last time, and every other time the waves of death had swept clean the earth.

In itself the awakening of mans second spirit held little that should concern one of the mighty Prime Evils, but the fact that God had spawned himself a vessel of holy retribution upon the seemingly godforsaken earth-plane was far more troubling indeed.
Too many times had the dark armies of terror been swept back into the unending boredom of the darker planes of existence to battle amongst themselves. Claws designed to rend the flesh of the living finding only daemon flesh into which to tear. Now once more they had spilled forth like the ravenous plague they were, but this time they would not be pushed back. No not this time, trouble brewed for the heavens, this time it would all go as planned, and the Primes would sit on the throne clouds to reign supreme.

The delivery of a "savior" to the man things posed merely a delay, the three brothers would find him, if not with their own eyes then through the eyes of others, and when they found him, the battle plan would be coveted with his blood.

So he would now to search out those who could find this lamb of god, bring him to the slaughter like all the other cattle, that thought gave him something of an idea, it was pointless and the chances of anything worthy arising from it were almost unworthy of consideration. The enjoyment it could yield though was definitely worth putting some effort towards.

And so he sent out the call, the dark beacon of projected thoughts ringing in the heads of so many lesser daemons, they were to gather up these human, cattle, and bring them to the abattoir.

When he called them cattle he was speaking somewhat metaphorically, but the abattoir was totally literal, he would slaughter them and hang their carcasses as they had done to so many bovine beasts.
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[i]well now. this isn't something that Ratu expected. he blinked and for a moment panicked. He was falling. not only falling from a very high altitude, but falling toward a black swirling mass of unholy hordes. He did the only thing left to do, the only thing that was natural to him. he closed his eyes and brought his hands togather and began to pray.[/i]

Ratu: Lord, merciful savior of mankind come to my aid. Lift me above the plane of mortals so that I may continue to aid thee in protecting your world from the blights of the dark ones and their minions.

[i]Ratu shed a tear feeling selfish for praying such a selfish prayer again but he knew that if he were to do gods will he could not be dead. Once again a divine will surged his body. he felt the warmth of gods love along with his omnipotent presense. Kellnines eyes widened with suprise almost as a formless golden awning of power cascaded from his shoulder. He felt the energy gather around him and start to take form on his back. With a singly mighty flap the apparently translucent wings of holy energy felt very solid as it stopped his descent greatly putting him on a glide forward. He blinked in suprise himself as he willd the wings to carry himself back up to kellnine's location. As he approached, she blinked and backed up slightly her voice showing the slightest bit of awe at first but it was quick almost as soon as she made it apparent that a mortal was not supposed to be able to do such things.[/i]

Kellnine: How did...?

Ratu: God's grace.
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[color=royalblue]"And with the faith of a child, you will move the mountains."

[i]Kellnine murmered the words of the verse more to herself than to anyone else. Ratu smiled and stretched outwards, flexing his wings.[/i]

Kellnine: More like God's humor.

[i]She smiled at him and headed upwards, the two gaining altitude with astonishing speed. Before he could take another breath, not that he needed one anymore, they had cleared the final bits of atmosphere and made it into the void of space. Cold and dark. The only light coming from their combined wings. Ratu was smiling, unafraid of the darkness. Why should he fear? He was with an angel of the best sort. Her very name was healing to him. Kellnine of Chi-Rho was holding her form steady, not flapping uselessly in the vaccuum of space.

He followed her example and simply watched the Earth turning below them. Going from dark to lighter, to shadow again. Kellnine drifted slowly over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Then she pointed with the other hand. As the earth tilted again, he saw the lights grow dim, and a darker shadow envelop another part of the world. She shook her head sadly and smiled half heartedly. Ratu grasped her arm and gave her a meaningful look.

"Be strong."

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