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[i]Hundreds of years ago, there were stories about The Aegis, a mysterious device of some kind hidden somewhere in the Arctic. Many tried to find it, but none suceeded. In time, story became legend. Eventually, even the legend faded, and The Aegis was forgotten. Until someone found it.
He had left with another on a journy to the Arctic. When he returned, he told of a strange device that creates gateways to other worlds. He said that he and his partner had gone to one of these worlds, and that his partner decided to stay. He didn't remember why. He would have been locked up in the nuthouse except for two things, two pieces of evedence. The first was that he had several strange spherical artifacts, and the second was that he remembered nothing about himself-not even his name-or anything that happened before the journey.
Only a few believed his story. To each of them, he gave one of the artifacts, saying that he was told to deliver them to the ones who believed him. The next morning, he was found dead.
The ones how believed his story know what they have to do. They must find The Aegis and use it. They have been called to it, and they know. For they came to our world through it. THey are from the world the man went to.
They are guardians of their true home. They seek out disturbances and stop them before they can cause problems. But they were forced to leave when they discovered that the world's ruler was at the source of a disturbance and eliminated him. Now, they have been called back, and they know that, no matter what the danger, they must respond.[/i]

In this RPG, you play as one of the guardians. Here's what I need for a sign-up(with my character as an example):

Name(see notes): Feuer

Language of name(see notes): German

Appearance: About six feet tall with brown hair and eyes. Is of average build. Never wears anything but shorts and a t-shirt.

Personallity: Knows what he's doing. He's the one with the answers and the plan. He won't back down from a fight. He's very determined, and will never give up.

Source(see notes): Fire

Abilities from source(see notes): The basic fire blasts and setting things on fire. Can heat things to extream levels. Is immune to fire, and is unaffected by tempuature(sp?).


Sources: Your character's source is basically what gives him or her the powers he or she has. Powers must be logical for the chosen source(fire- and heat-based abilities for a fire source, for example). Only one person per source, please. Sources are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sources will be explored further in the RPG.

Name: Your character's name must be another language's word for his or her source(Feuer is German for fire, for example). Be sure to include the language your character's name is from in your sign-up. Use this site to translate your character's source into other languages: [url]http://www.logos.it/new_dictionary/index_en.html[/url] Just type your character's source in the box and click the button by it.

Spheres: The purpose of these will be revealed in the story. Each sphere is a different color, and the color is based on your character's source. I will choose your sphere color, based on your character's source(Feuer's sphere is red)

There. I think that's it.
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[size=1][color=sienna][b]Name(see notes):[/b] Aarde

[b]Language of name(see notes):[/b] Dutch

[b]Appearance:[/b] Dark brown hair, worn long and kept natural. A few small braids are mixed in here and there, and her tresses always smell of some sort of flower. Sometimes she keeps it back in a loose ponytail. Her eyes are a deep, earthy green, and skin is lightly tanned. Is often found wearing long sleeves and corduroys, always in browns and greens.

[b]Personallity:[/b] Mother Earth incarnate, she's usually a warm, friendly person with enough love for millions over. She likes being vague and mysterious, and sometimes her sense of humor is a little on the odd side, but you don't ever have to doubt her sincerity. She doesn't like to fight, but don't mistake that for she won't. Because she most defintely will, and is a force to be reckoned with when her temper is tested.

[b]Source(see notes):[/b] Earth

[b]Abilities from source(see notes):[/b] Can control most things brown and green (the ground, leaves, vines, etc.), and has many woodland allies that will respond to her call. Like the changing seasons, she has the power to heal and revitalize, as well as the power to drain and decay, though both take quite a bit of energy.

I hope this is alright, but I'm more than willing to make adjustments if need be. This should be fun!

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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Name: Himani

Language of name: Hindu

Appearance: Waist length pale blue hair with silver streaks, worn in two braids, blue eyes, very pale skin. Wears a long, white sleeveless shirt open over a dark blue dress.

Personallity: Very isolated from society, she finds it very hard to make friends and would rather just stay by herself. She is moved to help other people not by friendship, but by an extreme sense of purpose within her. Were it not for that, she would probably never leave the house. She's very intelligent, having spent a great deal of her tome with books, but knows little about dealing with people. She will do anything that she feels she has to do.

Source: Ice/Snow

Abilities from source: Basic freezing abilities, and lowering a person's temparature. Can withstand extreme cold. Basically the opposite of a fire person's abilities.
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[b]Name:[/b] Malheleco

[b]Language of name:[/b] Esperanto

[b]Appearance:[/b] About six feet seven inches tall. Extremely pale and thin. His irises are completely black. His face is long and bony. Facial hair is kept to a mere stubble. Usually wears charcoal colored or dark blue clothing.

[b]Personallity:[/b] He speaks his mind and is not afraid of the reprocussions. He usually thinks on the darker side of things, but won't hesistate to point out a good opportunity.

[b]Source:[/b] Darkness

[b]Abilities:[/b] During the day, is limited to basic dark energy blasts, which are weak due to the light. Is stronger the darker it is. At night(or in any comparable amount of darkness), is able to draw energy from the surrounding darkness and channel it into energy blasts, hide himself and others from view, use the energy he draws from it as a shield, and even shape it into weapons. And has a small amout of control over peoples fear, making it possible to accentuate feelings like aphrehension or nervousness.

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[b]Language of name:[/b]Japanese

[b]Appearance:[/b]Mizu has shoulder length chocolate brown hair,emerald eyes.She always wears a blue jacket over a white t-shirt that has a water symbol on the front,navy blue pants and blue and white nikes.

[b]Personality:[/b]Mizu is the cool headed one from her power of water.She's calm and keeps her head in tough times.She's friendly and people like her.She's a bit of an optimist and always tries to look for the good.


[b]Abilities from source:[/b]Mizu can throw and control water in any form or way they are.Even if it's rain.She's never hot or cold.She stays at a medium temperature.Mizu can stay underwater without air without any problem.She could even live underwater if she wanted without breathing oxygen.She can slightly cool thing off and put out fires but Snow mainly cools things down.[/COLOR]
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Ohkami, you're in. KnightOfTheRose, you need to chang your character's abilities. "Control over fear" just doesn't cut it.
Here's what I suggest for abillities from a Darkness source: During the day, is limited to basic dark energy blasts, which are weak due to the light. Is stronger the darker it is. At night(or in any comparable amount of darkness), is able to draw energy from the surrounding darkness and channel it into energy blasts, hide himself and others from view, use the energy he draws from it as a shield, and even shape it into weapons.

How's that?

[color=green]I merged your two posts. Please don't double post. (Unless someone had a post in between yours, in which case, never mind.) --terra[/color]

I'm starting it up now. KnightOfTheRose, you're in.
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