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Hey every one, i am a skateboarder and i wanted to know if any of you guys out there roller blade, snow board, or skate board, if so what tricks can you do?

Heres my trix on my skate board.

Shove it
pop shove it
board slide
crooked grind
50 50
and rock n roll
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I use to skateboard and blade like Whoa......umm that was like 6-7 years ago...I don't remeber any tricks now except Ollies,Frontsides&Backsides (180,50-50), and Kick and Heel Flips....I messed my leg up doing an Ollie down the steps at what use to be the WTC....We use to film videos....One day I got so mad, I fell in the street and just sat there...there were cars coming dude, but when a skater is pissed beware.....LOL
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Guest Voodookanaka

not much, but im **** good

too long ago to remember

very little

everything ever,...well I wasnt bad
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