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RPG Digimon: Digital Disturbance


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So sorry, about the delay every one!

Real World
As the years passed, most things of Digimon had faded from most peoples minds. Anything of the sort to be considered childish. People no longer gave any thought of; Was there really such a thing as a Digital Monster? Will there ever such a being? Too many where caught up in their own problems. But the ones who did happen to think of such things, only talked among them selves and others who had the same thought. All adults and so many children have forgotten the years before, when Digimon had appeared in the real world. When the Digimon and humans had been able to move between the two.

Forgetting of the Digital World was one of the worst moves people could have made. As the sun started to set, up above in the sky. The earth's sky seemed to be disintegrating, and replaced by streams. All moving in odd ways, it was the same as if data. People around the world dropped what they were doing to see the phenomenon. They faded in and out of the sky. In other parts of the world it was the same. At the very same time, creatures started to appear out of nowhere. Causing chaos to all the areas surrounding. Children and teens claimed that the Digimon was back. Those near televisions, saw that it was news on every channel. All covering the extraordinary phenomenon. On some channels showing a top eye view. It seemed that blue gates where opening all around the areas that the creatures were appearing. One gate was the most important though. A large, glowing, barrier surrounded it's self around the Tokyo Tower.

Those using electronics stopped, a strange, high pitch sound came. Yet, for children and teens with theirs, they heard a computerized voice, asking them if they were ready. And if they happened to answer, yes. Beeps came from all around, the voice told them to fallow the sound. The sounds always lead to a gate where a creature was waiting. But there were a selective few who had received the call. And those who had answered no, were attacked by dark Digimon. And then brought through a gate into the Tokyo Tower.

Digital World

The Digital World has been at peace for nearly a decade. For any forces of evil, have been dealt with. And driven off into the depths of the digital world. The Digimon who have fought for good, thought they no longer were in need of assistance of the humans. Afterwards, the mysterious Digimon didn't feel the need to re-surface. As if they had just been testing the Digimon. Obviously, they had much bigger plans then just the Digital World.


The sky was a dark gray, with a few glowing blue and pruple strikes zig zaging across the sky. Within the strikes you could see them. The creatures waiting to apper. The Digimon just bitting their time to get stronger and create choas among the humans in the real world. All arould the streets were bussy most trying to defect the rush to get home. Others trying to get a glimce at the protals before they closed or when one of the creatures some children and teens had called "Digimon."
Walking down the street, her head hang low. Siaga was the only one who heard the buzzing of Kuwagamon flying over head. His buzzing silent, and soft was carried along the tinted breezes of the city. Stopping at the side of the street the buzzing went on. Taking her view off the ground, she look around. People were standing near a shop window, looking through at the tvs by the glass. waitng to hear of updates of the Digimon.
News caster: We have just gotten word that what is said to be called a "Blue Warp Gate" is opening up on the oppist side of town. There have been givin warning for all to leave in the area, and the areas around them. So as to avoid any kind of deaths or major damages.
Siaga heard their voices rise, and looked up. She couldn't see Kuwagamon....looking around and staring more. He had already gotten far infront of her, drawing closer to the protal. Their job, make sure all the dark Digimon get to the Tower. With out waiting for any cars to stop, she started out running into the street. The cars screaching to a halut, and the drivers winding down their windows to yell at her. After running Siaga found that Kuwagamon had landed and was staring at the protal. The whole area was deserted but the two. The gate started to glow a dull gray and blue. Then lights started swirling out in random patterens. Suddenly Kuwagamon stired, and looked around. He then muttered, "There are others here, Siaga..."
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Keith was walking down the street along with agumon looking for some thing to do. Most people looked at them but either didn't say any thing or they just walked out of there away. "At least people are leaving me alone" keith thought. "So do you think we'll find some one to fight" agumon asked. "Probaply. Some digimon portales have been reported around here" keith thought as he looked around. He looked up and saw a kuwagamon flying around. "We'll we found some thing" keith said as he followed the digimon with agumon following. They followed the kuwagamon to a portale and saw a girl walk infront of it. "You ready for a fight agumon. I think that kuwagamon's sensed us" keith said. "I'm ready when ever you are" agumon said as he took aim for a pepper breath attack.
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"Hello there. What's your name little one." A girl said walking out of the shadows.

"Who's there!?" Siaga stamered.

"That would Asla, Asla Tizuma." Kuwagamon told her.

"How do you know her?" Siaga asked.

"She is one of the oldest Tamer. She has come two help. Oh, and hello Gatomon." Kuwagamon said.

Asla walked into the clearing, and so did her digimon, Gatomon.

"You must be a new one? Well nice to meet you----" Asla replied.

"The names Siaga. Nice to meet you to." She said.

They walked forword and shook hands.

"Who are you are again?" Gatomon asked.

They laughed.

"No. Really." Gatomon got inpationt.
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"Hold on agumon. Some one else has shown up" keith said. Agumon withdrew back his fire blast and nodded. "How good are you at scaling walls" keith asked as he saw a fire escape to there right. "I'm pretty good at it. Why do you ask" agumon asked. "Let's get a better view point" keith said as he started climbing the fire escape. Agumon nodded and started climbing by sticking his claws into the wall so he could climb. Once they got to the top they hid in the shadows so that people wouldn't see them. "Can you get a good shot from here" keith asked. "I think so unless she moves, then the shot wont come close enough" agumon said. "Then get the best that you can so we can head home" keith said as he leaned aginst a wall and waited.
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As they talked, Asla looked up and saw her partner Keith with Agumon. Keith was waiting for something. He saw Asla move her eyes as if saying "Do it now you nincompoop". He got the sign and told Agumon to fire. He did and hit Kuwagamon in the side.

"Bout time you got here." Asla said with her hands in her pockets.

"What the!?" Siaga said turning around.

"I'm a good guy. Not bad." Asla said walking over to Keith.

"Lightening Claw!"Gatomon said striking Kuwagamon on the same side.

"Kuwagamon!" Siaga yelled.
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(Damian and BlackAgumon watch from a nearby alley. Nobody has seen them)

Damian: (Thinking) Well, well, well. It looks like there's a battle going on here. That Siaga's definately going to lose without help. But is it her I should help, or the others? Probably her. Those Kuwagamon are never very nice. I could be wrong, though. Well, there's only one way to find out. (Out loud) Let's go introduce ourselves. (The two of them step out of the alley and into view. the battle stops as everyone looks at the new arrivals) Hello.

Siaga: Who are you?

Damian: My name's Damian, and this is my partner, BlackAgumon.

BlackAgumon(BA): Hello.

Damian: I've got a question. Who's on which side here?
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Mikhail soared through the air on the back of Devidramon, freshly digivolved from their plane ride. His father had provided him with the family's private jet, not even glancing at his destination. Mikhail prefered it that way.

"It appears some are quicker than others at following leads than us," he spoke japanese derisively in a thick Russian accent. Devidramon grunted in agreement, and flapped his wings silently, floating over the conflicted sky.

They arrived at the glowing tower to find three tamers locked in a heated battle. A Kuwagamon had been downed by a Gatomon, and an Agumon was charging up an attack to wipe him out. Mikhail quickly observed the situation.

[i]these fools are so impolite to attack a lady, but she is of no matter to me. I shall even out the playing field[/i]

"Devidramon, have your way with the Agumon,"

"With pleasure," it growled menacingly, and swooped down on the scene below. In a liquid motion, Mikhail leaped from its back as it dove towards the Agumon.

"Agumon, watch out!" the obviously American boy shouted, but his partner was not able to get out of the way fast enough.

"Crimson Claw!" the attack threw the digimon off his feet.

[i]That evens things up, now what shall I do with the others?[/i]
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Damian: (Thinking) Well, that confirms it. I'm definately supposed to help her and this new guy. (Out loud) It would seem that I'm not needed here, but I don't think I'm going anywhere. My question's been answered, though. I know who's on the same side as me now.

Siaga: Yeah? Who?

Damian: Well, definately this new guy, and since he helped you, I'm assuming you, too. Asla, you and whoever's with the Agumon might want to leave before we kill you.
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"You can give it your best shot if you want" keith said. "I wont need to give it my best shot." damian said. "Who does this guy think he is" keith thought shaking his head. He walked out of the shadows and stood next to where agumon stood. He looked up in to the sky and saw the devidramon comeing back around. "Are you ready for it agumon" keith asked. "Ready when you are keith" agumon said as devidramon came at them. Agumon shot fire balls but devidramon dodged them. Agumon started fireing a stream of them as he started cirlcing his head. The fire balls made it seem like devidramon was surrounded by fire balls.
Agumon shot some in the middle of the circle hitting devidramon in the face makeing him go blind for a bit. Once it got it's sight back it was to late and saw that it was about to hit the roof. As it was about to hit the roof keith and agumon jumped and started running up it's back. They jumped as devidramon hit the roof. "Well that was a bit easy but it seems we're not finished yet" keith said once they landed on the ground. Keith turned around and saw devidramon shake off the ruble and take back to the skies.
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"Man, you guys are losing your touch..." said a japanese boy walking towards his team mates.

Asla: Ryoma!! ......You're late!

Ryoma: Let's just say I had to do something....

Ryoma looked up at the Devidramon grinning.

Ryoma: Heh, bombs away...

Suddenly Devidramon is hit hard from behind...

Digimon: Armor Piercing Blade!!!!

Ryoma: Ginryuumon..on time as usual..

Ginryuumon: Its no big deal, i'm just here to fight.

Ryoma: *laughs* Alright! let's finish em off!!!
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OOC: Please remember about how long your post are.

Kuwagamon got up but had a lemp to his step. Siaga ran over to him, and view his cover shell just slightly above his right wings led. The shell had been slightly burned, and a few streaks of steam coming out.

"Kuwagamon!" said Siaga running over, "Hey you alright?"

"Yes just fine, the Dark Digimon will be coming," he said, "hey've interferred with the orders..."

Siaga looked up at the tamers and their Digimon, "Yeah, we'll have to work around them and get the Dark Digimon to the Tower."

"They might not go, because they'd probably rather battle"

As the battles went on the warp started glowing a viloent red. In random waves, small light beams shot out. And many small creatures emerged, they had small wings and went shooting out. After a few seconds they revealed them selves as Vilmon, and swooshed around as if they were waiting. Suddenly the warp seemed to explode from the inside, and it looked as if he warp was being torn. Large streams of light started coming out. A stronger and larger Digimon was coming.

Kuwagamon took Siaga flew. Staring around they scaned the way for Damian. Once found Siaga and Kuwagmon, she had him fly her down there. Siaga asked as she took a few steps forwards. "Need any help, here?"
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[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha was at her hosue when she felt something strange.She looked up from the book she was reading and stood next to the window.She scanned the distance for any sign of danger.She saw a flash of light from another part of the city.

"Renamon!"she called.

The fox digimon appeared next to her.

"What's wrong Nisha?"she asked.Nisha pointed to the flashes.
"Oh...I see."
"Let's go Renamon!"Nisha said.

She got her backpack of stuff,her dagger,cards? and her digivice.Renamon grabbed her and they fazed away.

Next they appeared at the scene.There were people and digimon.Nisha knew that some of these were Negative Tamers.Her and the Positive Tamers' worst enemy.

"Who's who?"she asked standing forward.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel looked to the Blue Portal that was found and smirked. She waited for Ankokumon to arrive. She felt a quick breeze arrive from beside her.[/i]

"Where have you been, Ankokumon?" [i]she questioned.[/i]
"Trying to find the others that are like us. As well as get information about the Portals that are opening up." [i]came Ankokumon's reply.[/i]

[i]Angel nodded. She walked forward to the Portal and stopped. Ankokumon jumped in first, then Angel.

When they came out from the other side, Angel stared around. She put her sunglasses on and walked. Ankokumon would teleport herself further in front of Angel so that she can report back what she sees. Ankokumon came back saying that there was a fight. Angel smirked and walked towards the place. The two came upon four others. She could see that the boy with the RedGreymon was a Negative Force Tamer.

Angel didn't go further. She wanted to watch what would happen as well as let Ankokumon digivolve.[/i]

"It's time."
"Ankokumon digivolve to........Karumamon."

[i]The small, two legged, wolf like digimon had digivolved into a large four legged wolf digimon.

Angel got onto Karumamon and she raced down to the battle. Angel looked up and saw a Kuwagamon in the air. She knew it was one of the Negative Force Tamers, for the reason that a girl sat upon it.

Once Karumamon had appeared at the scene of the battle, the digimon and their tamers had looked to them. The one with the Ginryuumon shouted to her.[/i]

"Who are you?!"
"Hmmm. Wouldn't like you to know? Just know that I am not like my mother was, who was on the side of good all her digimon years. My name is Angel and this is Karumamon. Now, my turn. Who's everyone here? Let me guess. RedGreymon and Damian, GinRyuumon and Ryoma, Devidramon and Milkhail, Agumon and Keith, Kuwagamon and Siaga, Gatomon and Asla, Renamon and Nisha, and now....me! Angel and Karumamon. Wow. Aren't I good? Hahahahaha! Yeah right. I already knew who you all were." [i]came a devious reply from Angel.[/i] "Karumamon, kill."

[i]The wolf-like digimon smirked and ran towards the Positive Force Tamers' digimon shouting her attack.[/i]

"My pleasure. Dragon's Arrow!"

[i]Karumamon jumped into the air and darted towards the closest digimon, which was GinRyuumon. As she came faster and closer, she turned into the figure of a dragon's closed mouth and when she was about to hit, it opened and out came Karumamon and she hit GinRyuumon in the side.

Karumamon flipped back to the Negative Force Tamers side and stood there with Angel behind her. The two were smirking in unison.

Siaga walked up to her.[/i]

"Dark Flame? Breath of Despair. I've never seen Karumamon before."
"That's because I created her. I drew out her powers, her attacks, everything. But, when I sent it through she was created. Now she's real." [i]replied Angel.[/i]
"I see. She looks so powerful." [i]exclaimed Siaga.[/i]
"That's because she is. Karumamon can defeat any digimon in less than a quarter of an hour."

[i]Siaga seemed interested. Angel never took her eyes off of the battle. You never know what would happen next.[/i][/size][/color]
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Damian: It looks like there won't be any real fun here after all. You guys are outmatched. But I like a challenge, so I'll give you a few seconds to run before RedGreymon and I kill you. Can't speak for the others, but I'll do it.

Ryoma: We're not running.

Damian: Then I guess I won't get to have any fun.

Nisha: What kind of person [i]are[/i] you?

Damian: The kind who has to kill at least once a month just to survive. The kind who has to steal just to get some food. The kind who doesn't care about anything, because I'd be dead if I did. The kind who consideres killing a part of my life. And don't think you can make me feel bad about it. I don't feel. So say goodbye, because you won't live for more then a few seconds.
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"The people i'm fighting are wierd" keith thought. "We'll if we're useing champion levels here I might as well to. Agumon get to it" keith said. Agumon nodded and digivolved into greymon. "Let's see how ineresting things will get" keith said. "Finish them off karumamon" angel said. Karumon nodded and charged at greymon. Keith watched and saw karuman do her dragon's arrow attack. "Do it now greymon" keith said to greymon. Greymon nodded and fired some fire balls as karumon came out of the dragons head. One of the blasts hit her makeing her stop her attack. "There's a rule of battleing for ya. Don't go in head first unless you know what your dealing with and you know how to deal with it" keith said smilling which he rairly did.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel's expression changed quickly. She took off her glasses and clenched her free fist. Siaga saw this and backed away. Nobody ever tells her rules or hurts Karumamon.

Karumamon got up and stayed where she was. She knew that what Keith said would affect Angel.[/i]

"What did you say? Rules of [i]battling[/i]? Oh, no. This isn't a battle. This is just a game. The battle is far from now. Damian, Mikhail, come over here."

[i]The two boys went over to where Angel stood. They knew something was up. Wondering what it was, Damian questioned Angel.[/i]

"What is it?"
"We're up against champions, correct? Does light always conquer dark? Damian, you get Greymon. It'll be good to see how strong Greymon is. But, don't use your usual techniques. Milkhail, hmmm. Ok, we got a Gatomon, Renamon, Greymon, and GinRyuumon. Hmm. Gatomon won't fight, RedGreymon will be fighting Greymon...so...you get GinRyuumon. Do you think you can fight him? Remember....unexpected surprises are best." [i]Angel explained to the boys.[/i]
"Wait. You want me to get the digimon that beat the crap out mine?" [i]questioned Milkhail.[/i]
"What? You afraid of a little defeat? If you are, pack it up and leave. This battle, this war, is not to be taken lightly. And you can fight him. Trust me. Oh, when I shout "Powers Linked", get your strongest attacks and I'll fuse them with Karumamon's." [i]Angel said.[/i]
"Have you....?" [i]Damian was about to ask.[/i]
"Have I tried it before? Yeah. Don't worry. Ok, let's see. If only Renamon would digivolve. I've got it. Alright, let's go!"

[i]Angel, Damian, and Milkhail returned to their digimon. Angel looked to Nisha and started to laugh. They Positive Force Tamers wondered what she was laughing about. Asla was the firs to speak.[/i]

"What is so funny?"
[i]Angel replied seriously.[/i] "The fact that Renamon won't digivolve to fight. That's what's funny. I'm wondering if she can't even digivolve. Or did little Nishi-Wishi not want Reny Wenymon to digivolve? Are you afraid to see what Karumamon can do to Renamon? What a wuss. Renamon and Nisha are too afraid to even face one of the Negative Force Tamers." [i]Laughter erupted from the Negative Force Tamers.[/i] "Or are you going to fight?" [i]asked Angel.[/i]

[i]Nisha clenched her fists and looked to Renamon. No one made fun of her and no one called her a wuss. Renamon was powerful enough to take down Karumamon...except that there was no way of telling if she could.[/size][/color][/i]
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Siaga looked over at Kuwagamon. He spread his wings and took to the air. "Tell the vilmon to get to the tower." Siaga yelled up to him. Kuwagamon then flew higher up to where the group of Vilmon had been hovering over head and waiting for the orders. After a few seconds the Vilmon started flying off into the direction of the glowing light of the Tokyo Tower. Siaga looked back at Angel, Angel not looking back nodded.

Siaga walked to where Kuwagamon was starting to lower to the ground. Whispering, a puzzled look came over Kuwagamon's face. Shunning this off, he started to go up again and flew after the Vilmon. Siaga looked over at those fighting. Then at Nisha and Angel, she really didn't want to be around when those two fought. It was now time to take her leave, and see that the orders where carried out to get the Dark Digimon coming out of the protals to the Tower. Shifting her view up then forwards, Siaga started to run in the dircetion of Kuwagamon to see that all went right.
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Mikhail was immersed in the battle before him, but saw a silent exchange between Angel and Siaga.
"She is attempting to break the barriers between the digital and real worlds, is she not?" he asked Angel he saw Siaga's form disappear into the night air, "That is why the sky breaks and the tower glows,"
Angel nodded only slightly, and continued her assault.
"Devidramon! We are done here," he called to his partner, who obediently followed his voice. Mikhail ran into the shadows after Siaga, leaping onto his partner's back once more.

[i]Let us see what she is doing. She may require help,[/i] he decided with quiet conviction as Devidramon glided silently after her, unseen by her eyes, but watching nonetheless.
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Damian: What the hell is this?

Ryoma: Looks like your friends are running.

Damian: I don't run. (He starts to back towards the alley where he was hideing earlier) Even if it's just two of us against you, I don't run. Besides, it'll be fun this way.

Keith: Looks like you're trying to get away to me.

Damian: So? Looks are often decieving. (He stops as he's about to enter the alley and picks up a pair of metal poles) for example, I always have a weapon or two nearby, even if you can't see one.

Ryoma: And what good do you think those will be against a Digimon?

Damian: Who said anything about Digimon? RedGreymon, keep the Digimon busy while I deal with these dumba**es here. (To Keith and Ryoma) Let's see how tough you are.
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[size=1][COLOR=green]A Growlmon X carshes into the RedGreymon, just as he started to walk towards the other Digimon. The RedGreymon turned his head to his attack, and both the Growlmon X and RedGreymon stare into each others eyes.

????:I have no idea what is happening here!

The tamers looked at the shadowed figure on a small building. It looked like a young male, and the figured jumped and landed on the ground, and layed there.

????:Ohhh! It would have been so cool if I landed on my feet.

The other tamers looked at him, and most blinked dumbly.

Nisha:Who are you?

The tamer started to talk in pride.

????:I am Austin, tamer of fire....... and I think I should be good. Now Growlmon X, get that overgrown digimon!

Growlmon X's mouth lit up in a firey glow, and red flames shot out at RedGreymon. As the smoke cleared, the gaint Greymon did not even a burn mark on him. Austin blinked dumbly.

Austin:Yah...... I'm going to need some help.[/size][/COLOR]
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Damian: You need more than help. Help isn?t enough to save you. You need experiance. But you don?t seem to have any. Nor does your Digimon friend. If you don?t leave, I can promise that both you and your Digimon will be killed.

Austin: I don?t think so.

Damian: We just saw that your Digimon can?t fight worth ****. Do you think you can do any better?

Austin: What do you mean?

Damian: You and me, one-on-one. I?ll even give you one of my poles. (Pause) What?s the matter? Don?t think you can handle me? that?s too bad. I was hopeing I could have some fun. Well, how about you other dumba**es? Anyone want to try me?
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Ryoma looked at Damian and began to chuckle. "Do cowards like you always try to take the easy way out?" he laughed. Ryoma looked at RedGreymon being cornered by Ginryuumon, Growlmon X and Greymon. "If I were you, I'd be more concered about my Digimon than trying to take a swing." "RedGreymon is strong and can take care of himself!!" shouted, Damian as he ran towards Ryoma with the metal poles in his hands.

Ryoma jumped to the side as he dropped down and legsweeped Damian making fall to the ground. He looked down at Damian. "I don't have time to embarass more, so i'll leave you kissing the ground." Ryoma said as he turned his back. "And another thing, don't fight people unless you're sure you can actualy beat them..." Ryoma ran towards Ginryuumon and jumped on his back.

"Hey Keith, Asla and new guy! I'm gonna follow them, keep this guy occupied!" He shouted to his allies as he and Ginryuumon ran after the negative tamers.
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[COLOR=green][size=1][I]I'm going to kill him! I'm going to kill him![/I] Austin thought. Damian was not on his good side, he hated people who acted cool. A pulled out his blood red digivice, and glared into Daimian's eyes.

Austin:Ok...... You may think I don't have any power...... but atleast my digimon is treated with love! That is why your's and your friend's digimon are.......

He looked down to the ground, and remembered that Guilmon was a virus. It didn't matter though, he wasn't evil like they were. Growlmon X de-digivoled to Guilmon X. He wasn't going to fight a loser like Daimian or his friends. To this point, Daimian was Austin's rival. As Austin turned to go away, Guilmon X started to talk.

Guilmon X:........ Austin stay and fight.

Austin blinked dumbly.

Austin:....... Guilmon...... Ok,lets show him![/COLOR][/size]
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ooc: sorry for being late

Zara had watched the fight from the side-lines, well hidden from anything that could possibly come her way. She knew all to well the difficulties in getting into to many battles and things appeared to be going their way. Angle certainly had the situation under control...but she couldn't resist simply casuing fun for the positivies.

She turned and whistled, "Labramon, come on. It's time for a little bit of fun" she said walking foreward and withdrawing her digivice and a selection of her favourite cards. Labramon grinned, "Very well I wondered when we were going to move" he said following.

"Labramon, please drop the cat" she said. There was a slight grumble from behind and a startled cat ran across the road. Zara walked up to Angel and looked in the direction of the others..."Really you would think that they would be less harsh in their apporches"

Angel nodded, not turning to her, "Where have you been?"

"Watching this lot have some fun. Need me to do anything?" asked Zara, slightly raising her eyebrows as Damian decided to attack the Tamers with some metal pipes.
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