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Stick Fairy

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This is my first RPG, so please don't throw stones. Tomatos are okay, but no stones, alright?

Just about everyone's heard of fortune telling cards, right? The most popular ones are tarot cards, but everyone's putting their own spin on them these days. Truth is, today's fortune telling cards were based off the Five Decks of Futures, which were the oldest known fortune cards. But unlike the cards you'd see a modern fortuneteller use, these don't predict the future- they create it.

In the past of legends, when the gods ruled the earth, there were many oracles dedicated to them, which were said to be able to predict the future. The Oracle at Delphi, dedicated to the Greek god Apollo, was one of the most famous, but there were others. The gods were said to visit these temples and give a priest or priestess a vision of the future. But one day, the gods got lazy, so they created the Decks of Futures so that they could have a tighter control over the earth, and make fortune telling easier on themselves. But the cards were too powerful, and the King of Gods banished them to earth, since the cards only dealt with earthly affairs.

Since then, the cards were left to choose guardians, people who would protect them from being misused. Any sentient being, not just humans, was capable of being a guardian, because the cards had a say in the lives of all earthlings, not only humans. And so their guardians cared for the cards, each deck choosing a new one when the old one was unable to properly care for them. The world went about its business, and everything was relatively smooth for a time. But one day, an evil sorcerer learned of the decks' existence, and more importantly, of their power. He sought out all of the guardians, and killed them, hoping to take control of all the decks, and thereby rule the world. But the Deck Master, who was the guardian of the guardians, took all the decks, and now looks for new people to care for them. The Deck Master is a person with extremely powerful magic, who doesn?t hold one of the five decks, but a secret deck, which is directly linked with the others. This one can't manipulate the future, but it can tell when the other decks are being used, and what the outcome will be.

The Five Decks of Futures are:
The Deck of Destiny
The Deck of Stars
The Deck of Elements
The Deck of Trial
The Deck of Rebirth
Plus the Deck Master?s deck,
The Deck of Sight

I need the five deck guardians, the evil sorcerer, and there can be other people who help the deck guardians (friends, whatever). I'm the Deck Master.


[b]Race:[/b](Human, animal, whatever. Something from earth please.)
[b]Deck:[/b] (if you have one)
[b]Weapon:[/b] (optional)

Confused? Here's mine!
[b]Name:[/b] Kiyoshi Alsandair (call her Ki)
[b]Age: [/b]15
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Race:[/b] Human/White Tiger (magically mixed)
[b]Deck:[/b] Deck of Sight
[b]Weapon:[/b] A long staff with a crystal orb on one end and a silver blade on the other, used to cast spells as well as for a physical weapon.
[b]Description:[/b] Tall and slender, with dark silver hair to her shoulders, and golden eyes. Small white tiger ears, as well as a long striped tail, both of which she hides with her magic. Wears a long gray shirt, black vest and capris, black sandals and fingerless gloves.
[b]Bio:[/b] Ki was raised by her maternal grandmother, who was the former DeckMaster. She was also the head priestess of a temple devoted to the Goddess of fortune, Lakshmi, in a secluded mountain region of India. This woman taught Ki everything about the cards, as well as some magic that she could use. She died when Ki was thirteen, leaving her the Deck of Sight, and instructions for what to do. Ki found out that her grandmother didn't die of old age, but from a spell cast by the sorcerer who killed the old deck guardians. She is now using the Deck of Sight to find the new guardians. She has all of the decks with her, but is forbidden to use any except her own. She's a true protector, who will do anything to guard her friends, family, and mostly anyone. She won't just lay down and die though, because she feels that she's no help to anyone if she's dead. Truly, she's scared of dying, and scared of what happens to dead people. She's quite friendly, but won't divulge her true secrets to even the best of her friends. She is also a skilled liar, but it is a skill she prefers not to use.

Please sign up people! This should be fun!
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Name: Kenmei Wakamono

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Deck: The Deck of Trial

Weapon: Scythe

Description: 5'2," 89 lb., dull/dead eyes, pale white skin, frail build, short black hair, long shaggy bangs, long sleev black shirt, black skirt, vilot stockings, ankle boots, two silver rings (one on each pointer fingure), and a silver neckless with a book shaped pendent

Bio: Kenmei is the youngest of four childern. Having two brothers and one sister, some how she felt that she never really had belonged. Even so, Kenmei never complained nor said anything. She just kept it to her self, considering she didn't know if any one else had felt the same. Being that she was very wise and intelligent for her age she knew what to do about it.

Not having very many friends at school, Kenmei burried her self into books. The reason she had problems making friends because to her, they had always judged her wrongly. But becoming distant from them had made it worse. Which was the only reason they really judged her for. And so it contuied on further. Yet there was one she had felt close to, they had been her best friend. Her friend had recently died though for unknown reason reasons. Feeling that she, her-self, hadn't done anything to help them, and it had been her fualt. Kenmei has now tooken a change, and will try and help anyone she can. Often times though, others don't want her help because they way she acts. With always reading, and still being distant from them. This has not chanced to cloud Kenmei's thoughts though. Because she still has a good will of judgement, and is thoughtfull of others and their well being.
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[color=chocolate]Name: Maluspuer* Karsh

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Undetermined. Possibly human, but there are other possibilites ((in other words, this guy is too bad to be human))

Deck: None

Weapon: A sword with a burning ivy design on the blade and a box of matches ((explained in bio))

Description: [url=http://www.angelfire.com/art/illustratedhp/moogle_dracosexy.jpg]Click here[/url]

Bio: Maluspuer is the evil sorceror who murdered the original gaurdians in order to gain the Decks. As a child, he was abused and neglected by his father, a priest at the god of darkness, Necrotearph. Having no friends or connection with his father, he had lots of extra time on his hands. Unfortunately, he devoted it to evil. He came up with multiple plots ranging everywhere from stealing a chicken from a local farmer all the way up to murder. Then, when he turned 19, he found out about the cards. He found out about how they could make anything happen. How they could give him the power he needed. So he set out to murder the gaurdians and take their decks, therefore being able to take revenge on his father and the rest of the world for the abuse he suffered as a child. But, he was thwarted by the Deck Master. Maluspuer has the general villian personality when you first look at him. Bad to the bone. But he takes it to the extreme. When he kills someone he takes great pleasure in it. His signature is when he kills someone he takes out one of his matches and burns an "M" into their neck.
Hope that's okay Fairy. And for anyone who wants to know a funny tidbit, Maluspuer translates to "badboy". Heh, just thought that was funny.[/color]
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[color=crimson][b][font=times new roman]Hey! Is it possible to hold a Deck! I want to be the Deck Guardian of Stars, but I can't post a profile right now. I swear I will tomorrow, so could I please place a hold on that!? Pretty please!!? I really want to get into this RP!![/color][/b][/font]
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Yay, people are signing up!!!
So far:
Deck of Destiny (reka)
Deck of Stars (animangademon)
Deck of Elements- the ony one left at the moment!
Deck of Trial (Ruby)
Deck of Rebirth (ShadowKitty)
Plus erinzyger as the evil sorceror!

One thing I forgot before is a rules section. I won't demand five paragraphs from everyone, just prove you read Harlequin's sticky and you'll be fine. Two pet peeves- bad spelling, and changing other people's characters. So please, make it readable, and if you must control someone else's character, make sure you've read their bio so you don't change their personality. That's all!

So yay! More signups please!
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O.K., here's my bio!!!!(Tee hee, second thread)
Race:Part human, part anthro cat
Deck: Deck of rebirth
Weapon: Amulet with mystic powers that warp time and space.
Description: Tall, with long black hair with red highlights, and kitty ears. Wears a short sleeved black shirt w/ a white long sleeved shirt underneath. Long black skirt, with black sneakers.
Bio:Mother was an antro cat, and her father was a human. Her father's relatives never liked her, so she was sent to live with her Aunt (Mother's side) when she was 6.
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(Primary character)
Name: Riluita
Age: 7 months
Gender: Female
Race: Ferret. NORMAL, domestic ferret. With magical powers. Destiny-related, so... she knows that one day, within the month, she will get some mice. The problem is that she doesn't care about much that doesn't affect her own well-being. ^^;;
Deck: Destiny
Weapon: Claws, teeth.
Description: European domestic ferret.
Bio: She likes climbing through tunnels, which her owner makes for her out of toilet paper rolls and paper mache. She also likes to eat mice, which is an occasional treat. Normally she gets dry cat food, which she doesn't like too much, but her owner is the poor son of Russian immigrants, and can't afford to buy her anything else on a daily basis.

(Minor, side character, semi-NPC)
Name: Farias Riangelmar
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Deck: None. He is blissfully normal and uninvolved with the circumstances surrounding his ferret.
Weapon: A Webster's Unabriged Dictionary, seventh edition, which he can barely carry. Fortunately, it lives in the bookstore's display window, which is easy to get to. Actually, he's going to gain the dictionary as a weapon in post. ^^;
Description: Straight, dark brown hair in a short... normal boy-cut. The stage before crew cut. A long crew cut. What you would get if you grew out a crew cut. Light green-blue eyes, non-hanging earlobes. He can roll his tongue. The bit of skin between his thumb and pointer on his left hand is mostly scar tissue, resulting from a bite from his previous ferret, who died a year ago. He has European facial features, like... thin lips, fairly low cheekbones, round eyes, nose bigger than he would like. He normally wears suspenders, which is... quite odd. o.o;
Bio: He has a ferret. He's poor. He's Russian. He's creative. He works in a used bookstore.

Farias is the only child of two Russian immigrants. He's very creative, making his own habitats for his ferret. He somehow manages to keep working and get good grades, although how he does this, I don't know. He has a reputation of being the slightly eccentric teacher's pet, who isn't really picked on, but isn't accepted, either. He's just... there. Really. He's just held... in awe. So multitalented... does he have a clone in order to get it all done? No... he's just smart. o.o;;

I'll add a bit more about him when I get home... ^^;; And now I'm home, but I still need to flesh out his bio and proofread. ^^;; And-- hopefully the last edit. ^^; Unless something's wrong, or you need clarification. And... if you're wondering... I actually spent more time on the ferret than Farias. o.o;
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[color=teal][b][font=times new roman]Thank you so very much Stick Fairy! *kisses you on cheek* Here I go, let me know if something needs to be changed...

Name: Anya(Ah-niya) Himura
Gender:[i] Female[/i]
Age: [i]18[/i]
Deck: [i]Deck of Stars[/i]
Race:[i] Human/Wolf[/i]

Appearance: [i]Short(5'2") 110lbs, light grey hair with dark grey hilights, black wolf-like ears, small fangs, and bushy tail same color as hair. Pale, almost white, eyes, milky skin, wears red silk pants that tie with drawstring, a white, spagetti strapped tank top, brown leather sandals, bandana, and cuffs.[/i]


[i]Carries the usual ninja weaponry around her waist and back. Chinese throwing stars, a tanto and ninjato, numb chucks, and, her personals, a staff that has a blood red garnet orbe on the top and whip. And her deck.[/i]


[u]Aruora Blaze[/u]- [i]This attack/spell is called from the power of her Deck of Stars. When summoned, a blaze of gasses and light engulf the victim and drains them of life energy.[/i]

[u]Stars Kisses[/u]-[i]This spell is usually a follow-up of the Arura Blaze. When the Aruora Blaze drains the life energy from the victim, the Stars Kisses absorbs the energy and feeds it to Anya or whomever needs the energy. The gasses from the Aruora Blaze purify to usable energy and is enhaled by the person in need.[/i]

[u]Nebula's Blast[/u]-[i]This attack/spell is a shower of light beams that inflicts an exsesive amount of damage. In a single blast, it could kill the victim.[/i]

[u]Galaxia of Deminsions[/u]-[i]This attack/spell is used only with Anya's staff. This is for those who are not fortunate enough to be killed instantly. Rather, they will get thrown into a dark deminsia in which there is no return.[/i]

[u]Zodiac's Lash[/u]-[i]This attack/spell is used only with Anya's whip. She calls upon the Zodiac's powers and transfers that power into the whip. When a victim is lashed, they will be sliced and diced. [/i]


Anya was born to normal parents. She lived a normal life until the age of eight years old. Her parent's fell victim to a serious plague of illness and almost died herself. But a young priestess took her in and tended to her sickness. Anya lived with the young priestess for several years and was taught the ways of old. About the 5 Decks of Futures and of the legends behind them. She also learned how to fight and lived the lifestyle of the ninja. The young priestess taught her everything she knows, spells and all.

One day Anya came home to find the priestess lay dying on the floor of the temple. Anya tried to heal her, but death had his grasp. In her dying breath, the priestess empowered Anya with the Deck of Stars and all of its glory and power.

Anya has been searching for the other guardians ever since...[/color][/b][/font]
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*blushes from kiss on cheek* Wow, that's great! Technically, you weren't supposed to have a deck yet, but you did such a splendiferous job on your bio that I'm going to make an exception. You should feel special, yes indeed.

So yeah! Just one deck left, plus nyone who wants to be a deckless character! Woohoo!
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Race:[/B] Human, but can turn into three different animals

[B]Deck:[/B] Deck of Elements, plus her own magical regular deck of cards that have each a different mark and different figure on it.

[B]Weapon:[/B] silver fighting fans that retract to daggers and large rings around her ankles and wrists that can come unlatched and turned into a whip, as well as a yin yang pendant so that she can speak to animals and store certain things.

[U][B]Zodiacs:[/B][/U] Kilani uses the powers of the Zodiacs. Each Power has a different ability and a different skill.

[U][B]Heaven's Spells:[/B][/U] She uses the Elements from her Cards and attacks them with a spell for each. Each combines together to create a large elemental dragon-like force that fires emense power towards them.

[U][B]Psychic Powers:[/B][/U] She has all kinds of psychic powers and she knows exactly how to control them. Psychic also includes hexes.

[B][U]Sorceress' Trick:[/B][/U] Sorceress' Tricks are for transportation, transformation, large amounts of healing, invisiblity, phasing, etc. Phasing is a minimum. Also, Sorceress' Tricks can be defensive as well as attacks.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Animal Forms:[/B]
[U][B]Wolf:[/B][/U] [URL=http://wharfy.topcities.com/wolves/white%20wolf.jpg]White Wolf- calm, tranquil, understanding, attacks if necessary..for defense or otherwise.[/URL]

[B][U]Eagle:[/B][/U] [URL=http://www.theglobalroad.com/zoo/birds1/pictures/eagle1.jpg]Bald Eagle- loyal, free, independant[/URL]

[B][U]Black Panther:[/B][/U] [URL=http://www.saviodsilva.org/gg/3/panther/1.jpg]Black Panther- shadowed, rebel, strong, fast, dark[/URL]

[B]Bio:[/B] Kilani never had true parents. Her father and mother left her at the door of an orphanage and never came back for her, but she had the half of a pendant. She had the black yang of the Yin Yang Pendant. She had been alone most of her life.

When she turned 8, Kilani chose who her guardian would be. People were interviewed and sent home with a child for themselves. For 3 years Kilani sent people home and did not find the right guardian for herself. One day, a family of a 10 year old son and a grandfather, mother, and father appeared and they were looking for an 8 year old girl who was independant, knew what she wanted, was calm, quiet, smart, wrote a lot, and could learn anything. That child was her. The family was everything she ever wanted. The family was her actual family.

She was glad to be with her family. When she settled in, she learned that she was part of a family who had magic in them. Her brother practiced the way of samurai along with the way of the Shaman. Her father was a master at the art of detection and meditation, meaning that he could detect anything from danger to something that was lost. Her mother was the Psychic one and used her psychic powers for cooking, house care, everything except in public. Her grandfather was able to fuse things together. It meant that he could use others powers and fuse them together and use it against them. Kilani had the powers of the Elements, Psychic, and everything. She was the only known to have all powers.

Another special thing about her family was that they used their powers to steal back rare artifacts from thieves. This was what she was about and is. She is a person of the good and uses her powers for good as well as to help the Deck Master.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kilani, as said, is a quiet, calm, hard working, smart, magical, seductive, manipulative, combative, and every word that you can use to describe her. She is one of the most glowing persons you will ever meet. She has a way of making people feel big and not small, smart and not dumb, independant and not dependant. She is a girl who can change things in people and see the good in them. She is a person who cares, but there is one thing to know. If you say wrong about her beliefs, her family, or her friends you will pay. She is not one to attack first, but in those cases she will. She ends inconvienient things.[/size][/color]
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Alrighty, all of the decks have been taken! We just need Arika to post her bio, and we're set! This'll probably start around Friday, or whenever Arika fills in her bio. Also, you can still sign up as a deckless character if you want. Otherwise... yeah, that's it!
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Hello all! I shall be a deckless character! I had tried to do the art of rpg a while ago, on another site. There weren't enough replies, so it died out. So I decided to bring him here.

Name: Garoad (he may get a full name later)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weapon: He shall use a mage's staff for now.

Class: A special paladin, the one who also foolows the way of the samurai.

Bio: His origins unknown, he walks between towns and villages looking for somone. (Yeah, I know you would like more deatails, but he will be fleshed out more as time goes on. I won't be posting as often as I would like to anyway..) He has skill of the sword as well as the mage. He is an introvert, by nature or by design unknown.
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Name: Sar'ia


Gender: Female

Race: Human/Panther Mix

Deck: None of importance...Only a regular Tarot Deck.

Weapon: Kitanas and other weapons she can find(human/mid form)
Claws and tail(panther/mix form)

Description: Stands about 5'10". Very muscluar looking with long black hair. Eyes are yellowish/green with slits. Looks more like and Amazon when in war gear. But she is usually covered up in long glittery robes.
Can transform to a panther as well as a mix form in which she is humaniod in nature but is covered from head to to in midnight black hair. (Godd for spying at night.)

Bio: Born to a family that reproduced regularly with a panther/ human clan. Sar'ia was born 5th in line out of 12 children. As the first female born, she was forced to become a fortune teller after psyhic powers were discovered when she was 5. Since then she has also trained her body in different martial arts to protect herself from those who tried to use her of even kidnap her. At the age of 17 she was lured away by a handsome young man, she has served him faithfully since leaving her village,becoming infatuated with him. His name, Maluspuer. Knowing his true motives she helped him in finding out about the five Decks of Fortune and now helps him in claiming them as his own.[/COLOR]
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Nice to have you join us! Alright, so we have one more person. Just try and fit a descrip in there sometime, but otherwise great! I can't start this now I'm afraid, but tomorrow for sure. I'll PM everyone when it starts. Technically signups are still open for deckless characters, but I'll probably close them tomorrow. Thank you all for joining, and I'll see you there!
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