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[COLOR=darkblue][FONT=times new roman]

[i] The year now is 3000 A.D.
But this tale starts thousands of years before it. Thousands of years ago a group of men and women pledged their soul's into protecting Mother Nature.
One vowed to protect the sky, the second vowed to protect the ground, the third vowed to protect the fire, the fourth vowed to protect the water's and the last one vowed to protect the animals and creatures that lived on earth.

The year is 8000 B.C

The time is during the Eqyptian age where Ra, Seth, Anubius and all the other gods raigned with a mighty fist. They all were real and very dangerous to come by.

During their raign the five guardians of nature were known by the people as gods and Ra took this as an offense and sentenced them with horrible gifts. The one protecting the sky's grew wings, The one protecting the ground grew roots, the one protecting the fire could never look upon anything or it would burst in flames, the one protecting water could never utter a word or others could die hearing them, and the one protecting the animals grew hoofs and antlers.

All the guardians took this as a bad omen and took off in fear of harming others. They vowed to each other that they will be each other's eyes, mouths, and feet. They became close as brother's and sister's but they still hated what happened to them. Nefertity took this in a heavy heart and gave them eternal rest.

Centuries, decades, years, months, and days flew by until the date reachs the year 3000 A.D. Scientists found these five beings. One in the moutains, the second in the earth, the third in the fierce fire's of a volcano, at the bottom of the deepest river, and the last in the bark of a tree. [/i]

Edit 1: I decided to shorten the ending of my beginning story. NOTE TO THE CHARACTERS! The guardians are still in frozen state! ^_^
OOC: I'll post in tomorrow cause I'm getting tired. [/font][/color]
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[COLOR=limegreen]Alexander walked out of his meeting with men in marketing, they had just given him the totals earnings of the last 5 years, its had drop over 8 million dollars, he turn to face the four men from marketing with a smile on his face as he stood in front of Lore Tech's symbol, 3 large gold triangles over lapping one another, with a circle set in the middle with the eye of Ra on it,

" Gentlemen, who have no need for worried, the money that we have lost is pocket change, change well spent Lore Tech will soon come out with its new line of Weapon Tracking systems next month, and let not forget the 100s of new jobs this will mean" Alexander said as he put a reassuring hand on the head marketing shoulder

" Yes but Mr. Clearwater, what of this new system doesn?t work, you'll send us all to the poor house!"

" Don?t worry so much lighten up, this system is full proof and..." Alexander began as Donkez interrupted him

" Mr. Clearwater!, Mr. Clearwater" He yelled as ran towards the group, as he did he fell flat on his face landing on the stack of papers he had " I have the "Reports" you wanted"

" Ahh good job," He said as he turn to the others " Pardon me gentlemen but I must be on my way" and he left with Donkez, as they went into the office, Alexander took his seat and Donkez stood next to him as the floor opened up and took them down a small shaft

" Donkez, remind me to have those 4 cockroaches killed "

" Yes Sir Mr. Clearwater" Donkez said as the lift stopped and reveled as huge underground lab, Machines were going every were and scientists ran back and forth,

? Is time to do business, Donkez, let me see the reports?

OOOC: Yeah the Donkez guy is just a random dude, after all every evil business man, needs a wimpy klutz assistant
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[font=times new roman][b]X Laboratories, Hawaii 3000 AD[/b][/font]

[color=teal][b][font=times new roman][i]"Dr. Alston! Congratulations on your promotion,"a scientist in a blue lab coat held out his hand.

"Thank you very much,"Dr. Alston shook his hand and smiled.

"I am sorry I didn't tell you last month, but I have been on sick leave."

"Oh, that's alright. I trust you are feeling better?"Dr.Alston started to walk down the hall, her high heels clicked on the linolium floor.

"Yes..I heard about your experiment. I was wondering how that was going? I have heard nothing but good reviews,"he quickened his pace to keep up with her.

"It's going great so far..Excuse me,"Dr. Alston opened the air-locked door and entered her laboratory.

Scientists sifted about, the clanking of vials and test tubs sang their story, the roar of voices calling out for specimums and chemicals, Dr. Alston smiled and took it all in. She walked into her office and the secretary handed her a portfolio. She walked over and sat in her long back, leather chair.

She opened the protfolio and took out several files, she sifted and picked at them. Her glasses flashed in the light as she read on.."Failure to reconstruct DNA.....Second attempt proves much more successful......DNA's structure is not of a human...Highly advanced...undetermined age..."Dr. Alston read on.[/color][/b][/font][/i]
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[color=blue]Kyo was in a frozen state. But he coud still think. [i]Where am I? What was that place? What were those structures, who were those people, what were they doing, why cant I move?[/i] He slowly fell asleep.

[b]Section 4 Kyomijen Labs Little Tokyo USA[/b]

Dr. Shira walked into his lab. An asian man walked toward him. "Konichiwa Shira-san." "dont give me that ***-crap Komyona, this is important business." "Yessir I heard all about it, the test subject currently codenamed Dragon slayer escaped." "yes and he has been found in the earth." "IN the earth?" "YES IN THE FLIPPIN ERTH" "but hes still in a frozen state right?" Dr. Shira stopped before walking through a door to the main lab. He turned around "that is what we hope Dr. Komyoma." He walked into the lab and Komyoma stood there. He turned ad began walking "that is what you hope." He spoke into a watch, "Alex I have it."[/color]
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]"Dr. Alston,"a plump scientist knocked on her door.

She looked up from her files and slid her glasses down the bridge of her nose. Her long, wavy brown hair slid off her shoulder. The pudgy scientits's chest was heaving up and down.

"What is it?"she tilted her head and narrowed her eyes.

"We need you down in the confinment chamber. It's the specimum,"his words were fast and nervous.

They started to walk down the white halls and entered an elevator. No music.

"What is the problem?" Dr. Alston irritated by the scientists incompetence of not informing her.

"Well, he's glowing ma'am. His vitals are starting to show signs of life,"he explained while fidgeting with his glasses.

"What? How long has it been since this started? What started this? I specifically asked for [u]no one[/u]*puts hand out* to mess with him,"Dr. Alston was growing angry.

The elevator door opened and they walked down a corridor. Her high heels clicking, the pudgy scientists footsteps thundered to keep up with Dr. Alston's quick, impatient pace. She pushed the air locked door and they entered to find the room unbelievably hot.

"What's going on in here? Who's responsible?"Dr. Alston yelled over the noises of the machines.

"Dr. Alston, we didn't do a thing! We just followed your orders and the subject just started to glow and the body's temperature shot off the scales,"a lanky scientist ran up.

"What could be causing this? I want to know, get on it,"Dr. Alston looked around the lab as the lanky and pudgy scientists ran about.[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]
Dr. Alston!" A scientist said with a nervous voice.

"What is it?" He asked wondering what the problem was.

"All the specimens are having an increase in their brain patterns! Sir they have the same pattern. I believe they are having the same dream!" The scientist said shocked.

"YOU notify Mr. Clearwater of this immidately! He must know of this phymonenom!" Dr. Alston said getting excited. "Never has a living thing ever shared dreams before, this is an incredible discovery to find 5 spicies and they all are different from each other yet they share the same dreams! I wonder what they are dreaming right now?"

In the Guardian's minds they all were talking to each other. They haven't seen each other for a long time.

"Brother's! Sister's! A wonder to see you all again! What has woken us up do you think?" The auqua Guardian said.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=limegreen] Alexander stood with a group of scientist,

" Dr. Nord, what is the status of the subject we attainted last night?" Alexander said as he watched 5 other scientist from behind a glass window, they were working around some kind of object.

" Every is all clear, he should arrive at midnight"

" Perfect, now all we need is that....." Alexander was cut short by Donkez's yelling

"Mr. Clearwater! Mr. Clearwater" Donkez yelled as he came running up to group, he was panting hard, for the lab was quite a large place

" Donkez, What the hell is it, that you had to inter-up me?" Alexander said as he stepped away from 3 other scientists, " I was in the middle of a very important desscoin about the test subject and the guardian"

" Well that?s the thing, Mr. Clearwater, we just had a huge energy spike in the lab in Hawaii,"

" WHAT! " Alexander Thundered as he clenched his hand into a fist of rage " Donkez!"

" Yes sir?"

" Patch me threw to the scientist in charge of that lab at once! I want a full report in 10 minutes, and readied the chopper for take off!" Alaxander roared and with that he turned and left for the communications room[/COLOR]
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]OOC: By the way, Brolli, Alston is a woman~_^..

"Dr. Alston, the patch went through. Mr. Clearwater wants to speak with you, in private, " a female scientist handed her a small cell phone.

"Hello Mr. Clearwater, I am sorry to have interrupted you. I understand that you are a busy man. I am a busy woman. It has been brought to my attention that my experiment is starting to show brain waves. The waves are violently julting off the scales. I believe he is trying to communicate with the others,"Dr. Alston walked into the quiet of the corridor.

"Hmm, it would appear so. Our experiment here is doing the same thing. Our data is showing the source of their communications coming from the Atlantic Shorelines Labs. I think their experiment is trying to wake the rest,"Mr. Clearwater's voice was quiet.

"That's what my hunch is. Also, the waves are of their subconcious. They are communicating through their dreams, no living mortal has ever done that!"Dr. Alston whisper was peaking.

"This is most delightful. I will give the Atlantic Shorelines Lab a call and see how the aquatic specimum is progressing. I will notify you of any changes. Good day, Dr. Alston,"Mr. Clearwater hung up.

"Unbelievable,"Dr. Alston leaned against the wall.[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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[color=blue]Komyoma glared out the window of his office. His lab wanted to save the 5 creatures and reunite them. He was just using them for information. A scientist ran toward him. "Komyona-san" it was a fellow Japanese, "a stange phenomenon i going on. They are all having the same dream." Kmyoma looked at him "...D*MN!" He rushed out of the office, he ran toward the main lab. He pushed ast several other scientists. He ran through a door and down 3 flights of steps. He came to a hangar. There were several experimental planes. He hoped on board one several scientists turned towad him. He pulled a gun out. "START THE D*MN PLANE!" hey started to panic. "You IDIOTS!" he shot them all and took control. He pressed a button and a screen came u. It was the hangar commander. "open it Jerry." "are you crazy it still a proto," he put the gun on the gun to the screen "open o all the pilots die!" The hangar opened. He took off toward Lore Tech. "I must warn Alex, he doesnt understand what this means! I found the Egiptian inscription!"[/color]
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[COLOR=limegreen]Alexander sat alone in top leavel of Lore Tech HQ, the whole back wall was glass, on this clear day you could see for miles, the building was set on a clif over looking the sea, the waves crashed agasnt to rocks,

" Its almost time, there finally awake and the sbujects are almost here, soon i shall rule this world for ever, and its power will be min..." Alexander never finshed what he was thinking cause Donkez came busrting threw the door

" Donkez, has any ever told you, that you have the wrose timeing" He said as he stood and walked over " What is imporant this time??"

" Well Mr. Clearwater, the scientist Komyoma, who is in charge of the little Tokyo lab, in America has just went on a rampage, and is on his way here in one of our proto-type jets"

" Hmm some one thinks there a hot shot eh?? killing my vauble workers, i cant stand dis loyalty,"

" Should i send a fighter squad out?"

" NO, i will deal with this one, after all we are always looking for ""voulnters"" to stuide" Alexander said as he rose and went to the roff of the building, and looked at the sky[/COLOR]
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]"Dr. Alston, there is a phone call from Little Tokyo's Labs," her secretary handed her the cell phone.

"Yes, this is Dr.Alston...What?! Right, thank you..."Dr. Alston flipped the screen and took off down the corridor.

The linolium walls reflected her shock. She ran up to an elevator and jumped in. She bolted out of the elevator and down the hall back to the confinment chamber. The lab was ablaze. All the scientists lay on the floor burning alive.

"What on-"Dr. Alston saw a figure in the middle of the flames.

His immaculate body slowly turned around to face her, his eyes glew orange. He closed his eyes and walked towards her. Dr.Alston backed up onto the glass wall overlooking the tropical island of Hawaii. The figure waltzed up to her and grabbed her jaw. He tilted his head and felt her face.

"Dr. Alston, I pressume?"his dark but playful voice quirked.

"Y-yes.."she was breathless,"Are..are you going to kill me?" Her body started to tremble.

"Do not fear, I will not. I just want an answer,"he continued to hold her face.

"I will do my best to answer . I have one as well,"Dr. Alston stood afraid in the man's strong hold.

"I already know what you are going to ask. My name is Ty Burlingston, I am not mortal, yes I am a condemned God, I am beyond years that you know, I am the Guardian of Fire, Anubis imprisoned me for loving his love, does this answer some of your questions?" Ty loosened his grip but had a hold on Dr. Alston's blouse.

"W-well yes. Um Ty, your question?"Dr. Alston sighed in relief.

"Could I get some decent clothes? This flimsy paper crap really doesn't do anything for my figure,"his smile was smooth, making Dr.Alston blush.

"Right this way...Um, Ty,"Dr.Alston started to walk.

"Mm'yes.."Even though his eyes were closed, he was walking as if he saw everything through his eyelids.

"Why do you close your eyes? Are you blind?"

His cheerful face faded to sadness,"Yes, I am. I am blinded by a curse."

"The curse Anubis placed upon you?"Dr.Alston looked into his soft face.

"Yes, the curse is that I can no longer look upon anything for it will burst into flames,"his face was long and sad, his voice reflected his face.

"Why would he take away your sight?"

Ty grabbed Dr. Alston's hand and stopped her. She looked at him, she was growing irritated that she couldn't look into his eyes.

"He took my most valued possesion because of love,"his voice was bitter,"I fell inlove with Aurora, his love, and when he found out he cursed me. But Aurora and I still loved eachother and this drove Anubis mad with furry, so he imprisoned me in my own prison. Thanks to you and your efforts, I am now free," Ty kissed Dr.Alston's hand and they continued to walk down the hall.

She blushed and looked up to see his face twisting with sorrow.[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

The fan was spinning in the atlantic lab in the doctor's room. It started to get extremely hotter than normal. In the room where the doctor sat an aquarium was and thousands of different fish swam in it. The entire facitity was built underground just like Mr. Clearwater wanted for this Guardian. In the scrolls of Egyptian culture of the Guardians of elements. The one in this facility was the most respected among the Guardians because this Guardian controlled the waters. So many workers in the facility were both ansious and afraid of what this being looked like. Dr. Granda was incraved on the name block on the desk and a man came barging in.

"Sorry for disturbing you Mr. Ganda but this is extremely important." A worker said trying to breath.

The fat man then looked at him. "Well what is it?" He asked fanning himself and taking a glass of water. (Water) He thought. (Precious gold to the Egyptians. And we have in our pocessions a gold mine!)

"It's about the Hawaii lab sir!" The worker said in a panicked voice.

"Dr. Alston's lab? What about it. spit it out man!" Dr. Ganda said getting irritated and extremely hot.

"It....it....bursted into flames sir." The worker said.

"WHAT!" Ganda said and fell out of his chair. "How the hell can it burst into flames? Explain that!" He said trying to get up. The worker then walked over and helped him up.

"We believe it was the Guardian they held there sir. The Guardian of fire."

"Oh...oh..god I think I need some water." Ganda said and after those words were spoken an alarm set off and a voice came on the speaker. "The lab is sinking evacuate. Evacuate!"

"**** the specimen." Ganda said and ran to the elevator and pushed the down button.

"Sir we have to escape quickly." The worker said in panic.

"Not without that Guardian we won't." When the doors opened there stood a being not seen for thousands of years. Confused he killed the worker and looked into Ganda's eyes. Ganda saw a wave of water in the beings eyes and then turned around and said before was ingulfed in extreme pressure of water. "[i]God help us all.[/i]"

The being left the lab watching it sink to the bottom and then went out to find it's only companions. [/font][/color]
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[COLOR=limegreen]Alexander sat in his office at the Headquaters of Lore Tech, Donkez had just given him the report that the Lab houseing the Water Guardian, was sinking, and that the one with the Fire Guardian had brust into flames

"Look great king, apon ye Empire and watch it crumble in atonement for ye sins" Alexander said " Its a old saying when tradies like this happen, but i only see them as minor set backs, "

" Yes Sir Mr.Clearwater" Donkez said

" Worthless lap dog, they get worse each time i hire one, i need to find some one with a back bone next time" Alexander thought as his hand went for the Black Weather P38 in his shoulder holster, he stoped and figure he wait " Donkez get serch teams ready, i want the Guardian's brought back here to the main labs if those fools cant handle them"

" But Mr. Clearwater, what if the same things happen here?"

" Are you questioning me, you worthless lap daog!" Alexander yelled as he whiped his gun out and took aim


" Spineless coward," He said as he shot Donkez dead, straight threw the heart " If you had said yes, you would stil be alive" Alexander said as he picked up his phone

" Yes, Mary i will be holding interviews for a new asstant,"[/COLOR]
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Myrsi Labs, Iceland

"Dr. Ganda's on the phone, sir! He says that his lab was drowned in a massive flood, and Dr. Alston's lab in Hawaii exploded." An annoyed scientist turned around to face the messenger. "And just what do they want me to do about it, eh? Should I go and perform a miracle, like they always expect me to? It's their problem, let them take care of it." "Yes, Dr. Suris. I'll let them know right away." The messenger turned to leave, but was stopped. "Did they say what the cause was?" The scientist's face was eager with interest, despite his attempts to look bored. "Yes, sir. Apparently there was a jump in the brainwaves of the guardians there. They seemed to be at the center of it." The messenger left, while Dr. Suris reached for the phone on his desk. "Hmph. Just shows their utter imcompetence. They can't even keep a simple test subject under control." Suddenly, another messenger, this one from the inner labs, rushed in. "Sir, Subject #1 has shown a significant increase in brainwave levels!" "WHAT? Take me there, immediately!" Dr. Suris was lead into the innermost labs, deep underground. They had almost reached the door when a huge gust of wind shattered the small glass observation window next to them. The messenger was blown away, but the doctor held his ground, straining to see inside the chamber. Many lower scientists were running for cover, and in the center of the room was a single, winged figure. She streched her wings, and looked around. "NO! Please, not them again! Why can't you all just leave me alone?" she screamed in anger. She grabbed a scientist's coat that was lying over a chair nearby, and wrapped it around her naked body. Once that was done, she extended her wings and flew towards the only exit she could see- directly at Dr. Suris. Before she could get past, he grabbed her wrist. "And just where do you think you're going?" she looked at him coldly. "Take me to the sky." "Just why would I do that?" he replied, looking at her with a menacing glare. She wrenced her wrist free, and a small whirlwind appeared around her hand. "Because if you do not, you will not live long enough to regret that decision. I no longer have reservations about harming humans. So do not make me ask again." He looked at her stubbornly, but seeing the iciness of her eyes, he led her to an elevator. "This will take us up." he told her, as they got in. Once it stopped, they exited to the roof. "A word of advice to you," the woman said as she prepared to leave, "Never take us again."
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[color=teal][b][font=times new roman]"Here you go,"Dr. Alston handed Ty a pair of red silky drawstring pants, a pair of boxers and a pair of sandals. He looked blindly at her curiously and took the garments from her and began to dress.

Dr. Alston quickly turned around,"So, how did you know to wake? Why have you waken?"

"How did I know? A dear friend of mine called,"his voice played,"Why have I and the others awakened? Well, let's just say we were tired of being imprisoned and wanted to be free. But we were never able to until you scientists set us free from our prisons.

However, we were still captured and we don't like that. We have decided to take it upon ourselves to escape from one imprisonment from another. You scientists have revived us and gave us the key to waking up. It seems your technology was able to link us all together again,"Ty smiled and sat down on Dr.Alston's desk.

She nodded and noticed that his body was scarred from flames. He felt her staring and chuckled.

"What's the matter? Have you not seen burn scars before?"

Dr. Alston shocked,"Uha, no it's not that. It's just that I am not understanding the fact that you have them. Aren't you the Guardian of Fire?"

"Yes, that I am. I received these scars before my mortal self died. I was engulfed with flames from the guardian before me. I was reckless into challenging him, he burned me good. I was near death and was pleading for his forgivness. He offered me life for my agreement to become Fire's guardian,"Ty fiddled with a pen on Dr.Alston's desk.

"Oh,"the phone rang and Dr. Alston picked up to hear a stuttering voice.

"Dr. Alston, this is Myris Labs. The Guardian of Wind has escaped, as has the aquatic guardian. The labs are destroyed."

"Yeah, so is mine. The Guardian of Fire was awakened...Thanks,"Dr. Alston hung up.

"So it has begun,"Ty's voice was chilling,"Dr. do you have anything that will hide my scars? I really don't like for anyone to see them."

"Yes," Dr. Alston opened a cabinet and took out a med kit.

She began to wrap his torso with ace bandages. [/color][/b][/font]
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Lasil Laboratory in the Amazon Rainforrest

"Dr. Merez, there is a phone call for you on line two. It's from Dr. Alston."
A man with medium length blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, a gotee, blue eyes, black framed glasses, black buisness pants and shoes, moroon shirt, black tie, and a white lab coat is standing at a window in his office looking out at the scenery.
" What does she want?",he asks with out looking at his secretary.
" She wants to ask you something about your guardian. What exactly I don't know."
Dr. Merez turns and walks towards his desk and picks up the phone.
" I'll take her here. Line two?"
"Yes sir, line two."
The secretary walks out of the office and closes the door. Dr. Merez sits down and presses the line two button.
" This is Dr. Merez, how can I help you Dr. Alston?"
"Hello Dr.Merez, I was wondering. Has your guardian awaken yet or shown any signs of activity?"
"No she hasn't woken up yet, (sighs) and she's not MY guardian. She the guardian of nature. She has shown signs of brain activity however. So if she wakes up I wouldn't be surprised."
" That's good cause my guardian has awaken and so have the guardians in the Atlantic and Iceland. I feel quite certain that the last two will awake soon."
"Well thankyou for the heads up Dr. Alston and I will let you know when she does awake."
He hung up the phone and leaned back in his chair thinking.
*So the guardians are finally waking up. I wonder how they will react to todays world.*
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[color=blue]Komyoma's plane approached the docking bay when suddenly a spike came flying out of the ground and stabbed through the plane. It pulled striat down. The plane exploded on ground impact. Komyoma came down in a parachute. Kyo rose out of the ground. "so your the guardian that alex wants power from." Kyo glared "you are the one who awakened me". Komyoma took out his gun "well guess what, I happen to be the traitor here". Kyo" so killing me makes you the good guy, sounds interesting." Komyoma opened fire. Kyo swung his sword. Komyoma was knocked of his feet and his gun exploded. He took out a sabre and charged. The swords clashed. Kyo then screamed "raging EARTH!" The ground around him shook, a spike rose from under Komyoma. "NOOOO!" the spime went right through him. A tape recorder fell from his coat. It was entitled "incantation." Kyo sliced it in half. "and so you are rid of your weekness."[/color]
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Dr. Merez was looking over his files when one of his scientist came rushing through his office door.
" Dr. Merez, Dr. Merez the guardian, the guardian." He stops and starts panting for breath. "T-the guardian i-is...."
"Mr. Porter, calm yourself down and take a couple of slow deep breaths"
Mr. Porter did as he was instructed and eventually calmed down.
" Now what did you come here to tell me?"
" The guardian, t-the fifth guardian, t-the Guardian of Nature..."
Dr. Merez intrupts. " Yes I know who she is, what about her?"
" Well sir, she has awaken a-and she requests to speak with you."
Dr. Merez immeadiatly jumped up out of his chair and dropped the files on his desk. He went at a very fast pace down the halls and corridors with Mr. Porter struggling to keep up behind him. When he entered the lab room he saw the guardian standing up in her wire fenced cell. She immeadiately stared at him with her emeral eyes as if she knew that he was the on she wanted to speak with.
" Mr. Porter, why is she staring at me like she knew that I was the one who she needed to talk to?"
" W-well sir, you see the strange thing is that, well she requested you by name. First, middle, and last name sir."
Dr. Merez looked at Mr. Porter before looking back at the guardian.
" And how does she know my name?"
" W-we don't know sir."
Done talking Dr. Merez walked up to the guardians cell.
She immeadiatly responded. "Dr. Merez, how nice it is to meet you. My name is Melina"
" How did you know my name?"
" Simple really.........everyone of your,scientist I think you call them?, (he nodded his head in responce) had the same thought that they should go and get you. I believe a few of them was thinking of your full name."
" So not only do you know my last name, but you also know my first and middle name?"
" Yes, I belive your full name is Alexander Christopher Merez and I believe they call you Dr. Merez instead of Mr. Merez because you recieved something called a Doctors Degree?"
" Yes, that is the reason...and you got all this information from our thoughts?"
" Yes, actually it is one of my few abilities I think you would call them?"
" Uh yes, we would call them that. So what exactly are your abilities?"
*Sighs* "Dr. Merez, I didn't request to speak with so I can tell you all about me. I want you to release me."
A couple of the scientists chuckled until Dr. Merez glared at them.
" And what if I refuse to release you? How will you escape then?"
" Dr. Merez if you don't release me then..........well let just say that you won't like the alternative."
Dr. Merez was thinking about her answer when her voice was in his mind.
* I know you don't want to keep me locked up. That if you release me that you will lose your job and that you will most likely end up in jail for it. If you want I'll take you with me.*
Dr. Merez stared at her in shock then he turned to his scientists and assistent.
" I want you all to leave, NOW."
A woman scientist said, " Dr. Merez, do you think that....."
" Don't question me just GO."
Everyone except for Dr. Merez and Melina left the room. He then rushed to the camera's that were in the room and unplugged them. He then went back to her and got right up against the cell.
" You are telepathic and can have conversations with thought?"
She simply smiled at him and nodded her head.
" And if I release you you'll take me with you so I won't go to jail?"
" Yes, you don't like the fact that I'm here and I don't think it's right that you get punished for helping me. Besides you know more about this age then I do and I will have a hard time traveling around as it is with out looking for food and a place to sleep."
She laughs as she indicates her half horse and half human body. He however just smiles as he looks at her. He then takes out a key and unlocks the padlock. He takes the padlock and chain of and opens the cell like cage. He moves back as she comes out into the open.
He moves to a table as he says, " We found these laying next to you when we found you."
She moves next to him and looks at the items on the table. There is a satchel of arrows, a bow, and a gold chain that is just big enough to fit around someones hips.
" These are my things."
She takes the chain and wraps it around her hips. It magically connects making a look like a belt around her hips. She looks down at her blue gown and turns to Dr. Merez.
" Do you have something not quite so big?"
He nods his head and goes to a draw full of white tanktops.
" This is the best I have at the moment."
She takes it and changes into it. It goes down to her hips.
" Is there any way you can shorten it to about right here?"
She places her hand right below her breasts. He sees a scapel on a near by table and grabs it. He takes the shirt stars cutting a little bit below of where she indicated and went all the way around. He then cut the extra material off and tossed it and the scapel back on to the table. She looked down and then back up at him and smiled. She then grabbed the satchel and bow and swung it over her shoulder.
" So when can we go?"
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]"Dr. Alston.."

"You can call me Sharan,"she smiled.

Ty smiled,"Well, Sharan, do you think we should search for my brethren?"

Ty jumped off of the desk and bent his arms and circled them to stretch the tightly bound ace bandages. He cracked his back and turned to face Sharan. She just watched and studied his movement.

"If that is what you wish to do. I can take you to Lasil Laboratory in the Amazon. The Guardian of Nature rests there,"she began.

"Well, if we go to see her we have to leave now. Melina has waken. Ah, Melina, it's been so long..I wonder if she is still sour with me...."Ty rubbed his stubbled chin.

"What is that?"Sharan looked curiously at him.

"Uh..er...nothing, I was just thinking out loud...."Ty fidgeted a bit.

A scientist came running into Dr.Alston's office,"Dr..Dr..Alston,"the women stuttered when she noticed Ty sitting in the tall back chair. She smiled flirtatiously.

"What is it?"Dr. Alston was growing impatient.

"Oh, uh...Komyoma has been killed, ma'am..."

"What? When?"

"Just about half an hour ago..They say it was.."

"The Guardian of Earth..."Ty whispered with a smile,"So Kyo, you too..."

"How are you smiling!? This is horrible! That man didn't deserve to die!"Dr. Alston spun on Ty.

He folded his arms behind the back of his head and chuckled. Dr. Alston glared at him, the lady was fearful.

"Leave us!"Dr. Alston yelled at the woman. She left in a hurry.

"Really, Sharan. No need for anger, the man got his come-upents. He really deserved to die. He was a psychopath, unpredictable. And he killed many innocent scientists,"Ty spun around in the chair and played with a paper weight.

"What about you!? You killed all of my scientists!"

"I did not,"his voice begged the conterary,"I merely burned them. My fire went out before they burned to death. I have control over fire, you forget. I could've killed them alot sooner, but I chose not to, thank you,"he protested.

Dr. Alston sighed in defeat. It was true, she saw all of her scientists burning, but they were flinging about to put out the flames. When Ty sensed she was there, the flames subsided.

"Well, what do you want to do? Do you want to go to the Guardian of Earth or Nature?"

"Hmmmm....Melina may still be sore with me...Kyo who's my buddy..."Ty was balancing the paperweight in one hand and a pin in the other,"Let's go see Kyo. I have a good feeling that he will be alot happier to see me than Melina would.."

Dr. Alston smirked. They walked down the halls and into elevators. Ty was timid, jumping at every unfamiliar noise. Dr. Alston started to explain to him what everything was.

"So I am in no danger?"

"No, you are not,"Dr. Alston giggled.

"Hey, I have been sleeping for thousands of years. Cut me some slack.."Ty pouted.[/color][/font][/b]
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Kyo walked along the Earth with no clue where he was going. He had no clue what was going on and he was unfamilliar with everything. [i]how could the world have changed so much in that time?[/i] Kyo is not a fan of changes. He held his head as he walked. He was so slow with his rooted feet. Finnaly he dissapeared undergroud and started tunneling whic was easier than walking since he could fource the Earth to move at his will. He was heading in the direction of a city. When he arose he was on a high cliff overlooking a small town. From there the town looked like one big monster. He quickly swung his sword as the Earth wave was flung toward the city. The whole place exploded. He saw people running and corpses flying. [i]Um..........oops.[/i] He quickly went tunneling bacwward.
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Melina waited in the lab as Dr. Merez went go prepare for their departure. She walked around and looked at different things in the room. She was looking at a People magazine when Dr. Merez came into the room.
" Ok I have everything we need to travel. Lucky for you I happen to own a truck so you can get in the back. All I had to do was buy a shell for the truck bed so that way noone will see you. Of coarse I put covers in the bed so you can be comfortable and I'll keep the back window open so we can talk."
She smiled at him and asked, " So where's this truck of yours?"
" That's the problem. The truck is outside in the parking lot. So here is what we are going to do."
He goes to a door that leads to a storage area and pulls out a large trolly.
" You are going to lay on this trolly and I'll cover you with a white sheet. Then I'll push you out to the parking lot and when the coast is clear. You will get up from the trolly and get into the bed of the truck. Of coarse you'll have to use a large board for a ramp to get into the truck, but hopefully that won't take to long."
He sighs then grabs a large white sheet out of a closet.
" So are you ready to try this crazy scheme?"
" I'm ready when you are."
She got on to the ,rather large, trolly and went into a laying possition while having to lean her upper portion low against the handle bars. She kept her satchel and bow in front of her. Dr. Merez covered her with the white sheet then wheeled her out of the room.
He went has fast as he could without looking suspicious and five minutes later they were out in the parking lot and heading towards a black four door Ford pickup truck that had a black shell over the bed. He put the back of the shell up and put the back of the bed down. Then he went to the backseat of the truck and pulled out a large thick board and placed it like a ramp at the back of the bed. Then he pulled the sheet off of Melina and she quickly go into the bed. He picked up the ramp and closed the bed and shell before tossing the board back into the back seat. He then pushed the back window down so they could talk, got into the drivers seat and drove away.
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[color=sky blue][font=times new roman][b][i]"Come, we'll go by helicoptor. I went to school for piloting helicoptors,"Sharan(Dr. Alston).

"Great....what's a helicoptor?"Ty was clueless.

They walked into the AVH Air Vehicle Hanger and looked upon all of the jets and helicoptors. Ty's unusual sense of sight shocked him. He froze in awe as he 'looked' around the hanger.

"What are these contraptions?!"

"Take it easy, they are means of transportation by air,"Sharan smiled.

Ty sighed and they walked over to a black helicopter. Sharan got into the pilots seat and instructed Ty to put on his seat belt and put a pair of ear muffs on.

"What's the purpose of these?"

"The pressure of ascending to heights above sea level will make your ears pop and hurt. These ear muffs will protect your equellibrium and they also have a microphone in them so you can hear me and I can hear you over the noise,"Sharan explained and started the helicoptor.

The roof of the hanger opened and the helicoptor ascended into the air. They flew over the island of Hawaii and headed towards the labe Kyo was said to be. Ty caustiously looked out the window.

"I cannot believe the technology. It's so much more advanced from the time I remember. We were still using stars for means of time and maps,"Ty was astonished.

"So you have never flown eh?"Sharan joked.

"Oh I have, one time the Guardian of Air took me up. This of course was after Anubis cursed us all..It's been so long,"Ty continued to admire the scenery, even though it was the ocean.

It made him think of his other brethren, the Guardian of Water. The two never really got along for water put out Ty's flames. Suddenly, Ty sat straight up.

"What is it?" Sharan noticed.

"It's Kyo, he's on the move..and so is Melina..hmm, Melina...Maybe we should go after her.."


"Oh, uh..nevermind, we should really try to find Kyo. He's kinda unstable...."Ty avoided Dr.Alston's narrow eyes.

I don't remember if I explained how Ty is able to see..I will try to explain it..

As you know, Ty cannot physically look upon anything for it will burst into flames, thanks to Anubis..Well, Nefratiti took pity on this and gave him a gift. The gift was to allow Ty to gaze on the world and everything in it with his mind.
He can sense an object/person, their shape, size, features, chromosomal figurations in their blood(if they're human or animal) to tell the sex of the person/animal, colors, etc.

His brain takes all of the information and arranges it into a picture that he can see in his mind.........I hope this makes it easier for you to understand when I say that he gazes upon or looks at something... [/color][/font][/b][/i]
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"Wait!" Dr. Suris yelled, as the sky guardian prepared to take off. She turned back, and stared at him. "I helped you! I set you free! You owe me, big time!" He looked pleading, but was fumbling in his pocket for a syringe. The guardian was surprised. "And you expect my gratitude? I never wished to wake up! You forced me from my sleep, only to use me once again. Now that I'm free, I will do as I please." She tried to leave once more, when she felt a pinch on her arm. She turned to find a needle plunged into her shin, held by the doctor. "Heh, now you won't get away! That held enough anesthetic to subdue a whale! Now, come quitely, or I'll have to hurt you." He grabbed her, smugly smiling, when she ripped the needle out of her arm. "Humans, you never listen!" she screamed, forming a whirlwind around the entire building. It shook it from the foundation, and the whole thing began to collapse. Many people screamed, but the winged one ignored the people trying to escape and increased the pressure. Suddenly one scream yanked her focus away. She looked around, and saw its source. One scientist, a young woman with short light blonde hair, was in the doorway, terrified. She clutched the frame, to keep herself anchored, but her grip was quickly loosening. The guardian grabbed her, not thinking, and flew her away, as the building began to crumble. They landed in a wooded area a short distance away, and the guardian set the young woman down. She whirled around and began yelling. "Why? Why did you do that? They're all probably dead back there! Why did you only save me?" She guardian looked at her curiously. "Who are you?" The woman was surprised. "My name's Jenna. Jenna Shingo. And while we're on the subject, what's yours?" She sat down, waiting for an answer. "My name is Kakaulani Washi. You may call me Lani, as it's much less of a mouthful. Now, what were you doing at that evil place?" Jenna was offended. "It's not evil, it's a research laboratory. Or at least it was, until you wrecked it. Anyway, I'm a scientist. I specialize in aeronautics, also in anthropology. I'm hardly an expert in my field, but I was hoping to gain experience working on the God Life Project. That's what we called the experiments we did on you, and your firends." Lani's eyes flashed. "So, my fellows have also been taken by you? It figures. Yes, they're all awake, and moving. I think Kyo is closest, but Ty and Melina aren't too far off. It'll take careful maneuvering to get anywhere without encountering anyone." "Wait, why do you want to avoid them? Aren't they your friends?" Jenna asked. "I have no friends, save for the sky creatures. All others have done nothing but use me. They are not evil, yet I try to avoid people if I can help it, whether god, mortal, or somewhere in between." Lani looked at Jenna curiously. "Yet for some reason I was compelled to save you. You have the light of the sky within you, yet why that is I'm not sure. You may join me, if you wish. I would like to know more about you, if that is acceptable, and more about the world." Jenna nodded, and offered her a syringe. "It will counter that anesthetic that Dr. Suris gave you. If you don't take it, you'll start to go numb any second. Lani nodded, and Jenna injected her with the medecine. Lani grabbed Jenna around the waist, and flew up into the sky.
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

OOC: Okay I like the way your characters are developing people. I plan on making this an actual story so I wanna ask your permitions to use your characters.


[i] This just in on the early news. A lab in the atlatic Pacific sank this morning by emense pressure. No survivors were found as of yet but.....[/i] The station then was changed.

[i] A labratory in the Huwaii region bursted into smokes this evening as an unknown element started it.....[/i]

[i] A lab in the Ice land was suddenly distroyed...[/i]

[i] An attack on a Tokyo city happened today as sources claim the earth itself attacked. [/i]

The T.V. was then turned off and a man in a straw hat leaned back with a smile. "So...they finally awakon!" The man said with a smile directing himself towards a paniced group of followers. "Now the souls of the damned shall be cleansed and Judgement day is near. Let those without sin cast the first stone. God awoke these creatures as punishment for our sins. Now we must accept our fate."

"Bull shit!" A voice screamed out. I won't let some so called 'Ancients' take away my choice of life. I mean I worked hard to get where I am now. Our forfathers are the ones who sinned the earth. They poluted the air and the sea and now we have to get what they deserve? Screw that!" The man said and threw a bottle into the sea and a few other people followed the man away and suddenly the can that was thrown came flying back and hit the man on the head.

"Alright who did that?" The man said turning around in frustration.

[i]"I DID."[/i] A voice said in his mind.

""Huh?" The man said confused. "Did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?" One asked puzzled.

[i]"Those who followed you are now sinned and must recieve punishment for your actions."[/i] A voice said in his head. And after those words a wave came rushing through drowning everyone on the small island. Not far away a watery creature stood on the waters smiling at the sight.

[i]"Poisoned!"[/i] The being thought. [i]"These beautiful waters, natures nectar.......Poisoned! These humans will pay!!"[/i]

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OOC: wow this is getting really interesting.

Kyon kept tunneling along the earth. He suddenly heard a radio playing the news. He realized one lab hadnt been destroyed. He raised up from the Earth, red eyes blaring. He grabbed the radio and began walking away. "hey get back here theif!" a woman yelled. "I wish to use the voiced machine to help me locate a location. "no your not!" she yelled. "excuse me. do you know who I am?". "your dead meat!" Kyos eyes got deep orange. He swung his kitana and the woman burst to peices. T)he husband got outside and saw the carcus. "YOU KILLED HER!!!" "yes, would you like to join her in H*ll?" He swung again and watched the carage. He took the radio and began walking. He looked in the window of the house to see a clueless 12 year old kid. He rose up on a spike and opened a window. "hello child." "woah howd you do that?" "would you like to help me find a place called China?" "hahaha, sure Ill help." "Alright but when we get outside youll have to close your eyes for a bit." "so you can abduct me?" "whats an abduct?" "nevermind lets go."
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