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Huh, Small World


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Has anyone ever made a wierd 'connection' with people. Kinda like linking them together? This would be really easy in a small town, but in a small city where I live, it's a little harder. Here's mine:

The choir teacher at my old Middle School's daughter is my brother's new trumpet teacher. His old trumpet teacher married my orchestra teacher from my old Middle School, who's cousin is my private cello teacher, and her husband designed a new pool where I swim at.

Follow? So if you have one of these wierd connections, put them here.

Edit: Mods, I just saw the Coincidences thread? Would this go under it perhaps?
Edit Part Deux: I guess not.
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My old bus driver is the grandmother of one of my friends who's the 1st cousin of my 2nd cousin who lives down the road from me, and is identical to someone I know who lives in Maryland, which is near where my aunt lives, who told me that my secretary from my old school was my great aunt.

My brother's girlfriend is cousins with one of my friends who is cousin's with someone I like, who is friends with someone else I like, who acts like Bruce Bruce, who I haven't seen in weeks.

My ex-friend looks like someone that I tried to choke in the 3rd grade, who sits with people, that I don't like, who talks to someone that punched me in the back of the head in 4th grade, who I tried to choke and got suspended, and had to stay at my grandfather's who's mother just died, who's daughter just died.
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[size=1]Several of my teachers know/are related to each other as well, but I think that has to do with the small-ness of the Christian educator pool than anything else. /

[*]My first and Fifth grade teachers were married (their son was in my class).
[*]My Fourth and Sixth grade teachers were married.
[*]My Eighth grade teacher was married to the Sixth grade teacher of some of my friends (at another school)
[*]My grade school principal is the older brother of my high school principal.
[*]Our old music director is the older sister of my current Physics teacher.
[*]Our new music director is the older brother of one of my lit teacher's best friends.
[*]My theology teacher went to school with our Dean of Students.
[*]My former biology teacher is now married to my former world history teacher.
[*]My gov/econ teacher is married to the art teacher I had in seventh grade.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

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There are so many huge families in my city that it seems everyone is related somehow. Like my cousins's new husband has 11 brothers and sisters. each parents has like 10 siblings, and the list just goes on. And then you have another family who'll i'll call the "S's" there are like 6 kids in the school with this last name. And a wierd thing happened yesterday. I saw an add on the tv for a youth group and i someone i knew back in 4th grade was on there, and the weird thing was he hasn't changed a bit!
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heh heh heh.

I work at Pizza Hut. So this is mine.

Our cook cut team are brothers. Our second team is brother sister. Lino's(second cut team) ex-fiancee 's brother is our first cut team's dad. Thus making Lino their uncle. A Phone-op, and the dishwasher are father son.

Thats what you get when you work with a family of mexican's that jumped the border(not kidding, Lino has like 3 social security numbers, and his sister is using there other sister's green card.)
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Okay...this one is sort of weird.
Two years ago, a few my friends and I went to a Haunted House. While we were waiting in line, this kid (Tyler) started hitting on me w/ his friend (Javier). We kinda blew it off and joked about it later. The next February, one of those friends was taking a silversmithing class. She'd tell us stories about a weird guy in her class named Tyler. One week I went with her and met him...He was weird. The next week, they were talking, and he mentioned his friend..."javier". She asked them if they went to a Haunted House. It was the same guy.... GAG!!
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]When my mother and I were living in Egypt, the people who were sitting our house back home mentioned that someone had moved in in the house behind us - a new blond chick with an Iranian boyfriend.

We met our new neighbours three weeks later in a restraunt in southern Crete. They were on thier honeymoon.[/color][/font]
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My school district is like one, big, happy family.

The principal at my school is the husband of a teacher in my grade school, who's sister is also a teacher and the sister's brother is a dude at my middle school.

The sub for my band teacher has a daughter who works in my school and is the challenge teacher, who I worked with for a while on a newspaper project.

The principal of another grade school has a wife in my old grade school, who has a son who was in one of my after school drawing classes.

I don't have many weird connections, but it all works. ^^
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