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I'll start an rpg about FFX, just the way
we want it to go.I started this because
I was 1/4 through the game, AND I DIDN'T HAVE
MY MEMORY CARD! A stupid monster killed me,
so I lost my file. So I started this:
In the middle of the blitzball championship,
an evil called"Sin" attacked Arkanand(I forget how to spell it). Tidus was running with Auron
to the monster attacking the city.
Tidus was taking and pulled into a time portal,
which brought him 1000 years into the future.
All alone and hungry, Tidus is striving
to live and to find other human-beings...
(We will just play the story how we want it to go)
I need most of the following characters:

And 1 more characters FROM THE GAME that I'll
and onto the list..

Age(optional) :
Magic(only 2) :
Type(guardian;blitzball whiz; apprectice; summoner
etc.) :
Items(20 max to start out) :
Heres mine:

Name: Tidus
Age:How old is he?
Weapon: Brotherhood(sword)
Bio: See story ^_~
Appearence: see attachment
Type: blitzball/guardian
Items:10 potions;5 antidotes;5 Phoenix Downs

EDIT:OOppps!wrong picture! well, you can see the real one at rpgdreamers!sry
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Name: Yuna
Age: i think she's like 21 or something
Weapon: Dark staff
Magic: Curega, and all the other healing ones, and of course the aeons! all of them!
Bio: Yuna is the daughter of Lord Braska, the world-renoun summuner who defeated sin. She is a summuner too who wishes to prove herself better than her father.
Apperence: just like in the game.
Type: summoner
Overdrive: it lets you use an aeon already powered up for it's best attack!
Items: 5 potions, 10 exlers (sp?)
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Name: Auron
Age: N/A
Weapon: Katana
Magic: Power Break and Magic Break
Bio: He was a former guardian of Braska, Yuna's father, and Tidus' mentor. he helped Tidus fight off the monsters and Sin in Zanarkand and he disappeared as he was sucked into the portal with Tidus.

Appearance: Go Here: [url]http://www.gloriousff.com/ff10/images/auron.jpg[/url]

Type: Guardian
Overdrive: Starts with Dragon Fang; get the others as the story progresses.

Items: 5 potions, 2 hi-potions, 2 phoenix downs, and 1 elixir
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Name: Lulu
Age(optional) : 23? I dont remember
Weapon: Moogle doll
Magic(only 2) : Fire, Bio
Bio: A guardian to Yuna
Appearence: Wears a long black dress, adroned with belts, andher hair braided intracatley.
Type: guardian
Overdrive: Temptation- Lulu cast the spell several times
Items(20 max to start out) : Ether x6, Potion x5, Hi Potion x2, Phenoix down x2, Anitdote X2, Soft, Echo screen x2,
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Name: Wakka
Age: Not to Sure
Weapon: Blitzball
Magic: Dark Attack / Silence Attack
Bio: Coach and captain of the local blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs. Wakka plans to retire from the sport after this year's tournament, so that he can devote himself fully to serving as Yuna's gaurdian. His deadly blitzball is especially useful for knocking down aerial enemies.
Appearence: [url]http://www.zellfantasy.it/strate10/pers/wakka.jpg[/url]
Type: Guardian
Overdrive: Hell in a Shell
Items: 20 Mega-Potions
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Name: Kimahri
Age: Unsure..
Weapon: Dragon Lance
Magic: Lancet, Fire, Cure
Bio: Was ridiculed by the other Ronsos at Mt. Gagazet for being smaller than the average Ronso height. He was also made fun of because half of his horn was cut off.
He was asked to guard and keep Yuna safe since she was 7. He has done so and is Yuna's most trusted full-time Guardian.
Type: Guardian (uses all kinds of magic and learns new overdrives from using Lancet on certain enemies)
Overdrive: Blue Magic (uses attacks that he learns from using Lancet on certain enemies)
Items: 5 Hi-Potions, 5 Mega-elixers, 5 Phoenix-Downs, 5 Remedies
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Guest Hiei's Girl
I hope I'm still allowed to join this!


Age:I think she's like...19 or so...isn't she?

Weapon:Rising Sun

Magic: Cura, Firaga

Bio:A young Al Bhed girl with a positive and upbeat attutude. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She works hard to restore her exiled people to their previous glory. Rikku handles Machina without a problem, and can steal items from opponents as well.

Appearence:Ehehe...if you go to animevisions.net and galleries, then click on FFX, you'll see her. Plus...WHAT are you doing in this RP if ya don't know what Rikku looks like?

Type:Guardian, Blitzball whiz (I've always imagined she'd be good at Blitzball.)

Overdrive:Mix, Quartet of 9, Frag Grenade.

Items:5 Grenades, 5 Phoenix Downs, 5 X-Potions, and 5 Dragon Scales.
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Can I just ask when we're going to start this?
Don't want to sound impatient or anything, but I found that once I signed up for an RPG I had to WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT, etc,etc.
I just think maybe, start the RPG now and people will want to sign up because they don't have to wait to start! ^^
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Name: Seymore

Age: In mid to late 20 or 30's

Weapon: N/A

Magic: Demi, Cura

Bio: Born to a Guado leader and a human mother Seymore has never really known his place in Spira. His mother died at a very young age. But still remaining a part of him. as for his dad, he died rather unfortunately just a few weeks ago. Now the leader of the Guados he sets out, trying to be a new hope for Spira. Wanting its people to rejoice and leave behind the thoughts of Sin. Also he has his eye out for a very special young lady. but at this time is rather unsure of how to approach her.

Type: Maester...

Overdrive:Oblivion???..a must see in the game!!!

Items: Will pick up these items later.

Appearance: Look in the game!!![/COLOR]
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Guest GodOfDeath
Dang is it too late to sign up

If it is oh well but here is my signup sheet



3)weapon:The plain old long sword


5)bio:Father of Tidus, Star Blitzball player for the Zanerkend Abes, Gardun of High sumenor Braska, and now is sin.


7)overdrive:Ject beam


9)apperence:See the game cause sin is hard to describe
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