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RPG Rumbumbalo Annual Festival: The First Millenia


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[size=3][b]Rumbumbalo Annual Festival: The First Millenia[/b][/size]

[i]The sun's rays shone through a tattered curtain and onto a small figure, buried under a pile of green leaves. The figure stirred and tried to bury itself deeper but it was no use. The blue-haired fairy got up and yawned. Not able to get back to sleep, he decided to go see what his friends and the rest of the people of Goobly village were up to. Stretching his wings first, he flew down his hallway and stopped by his brother's room. He was sleeping heavily as usual.[/i]
"Hey, Flare! Are you going to sleep until the next millenium festival?" [i]Finny asked his older brother.[/i]
[i]Flare just snored in reply.[/i]
"Why do I even bother?"
[i]As he flew out the door, Finny grabbed a pack on his way out and slung it over his shoulder.[/i]
"Well, it's still three days from the festival so everyone shouldn't be too busy...I wonder who I should show my new invention to first?"
[i]Finny flew down the street in search of one of his friends.[/i]

[b]OOC: I know, I know. That was lame. It was either post this now so you guys can play, or have you guys wait until tomorrow for a better post from me. I'll edit this later.[/b]
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Here goes....
Kaelin had spent his morning springing around Gloobly delivering letters to its residents. The mail load was especially large today, with the festival nearby and all, but Kaelin had finally wittled the pile down to the last letter. He paused to check the name on it: Merle, Finton.


Thud. Kaelin landed in the soft dirt of the street not far behind Finny.
"Hey-ho!, Guess what I got." He calls down the street to his friend....
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I spent a half an hour on the first post then my computer fritzed. Ugh.


[i]5 minutes after Finny left...[/i]
"I'm up! Jeez... Finny? Finster!? Ugh, slow reaction." [i]said Flare as he walked out of bed. He got changed and stretched his 4 wings. Then he headed downstairs where his Father was reading the newspaper and his mother was making pancakes.[/i]
"Mmmm, do bad the Finster's gonna miss these."[i]snickered Flare.[/i]
"Actually he ate them all and so now I'm making more." [i]replied his mom.[/i]
"Oooh that little brat! Oh well." [i]said Flare as his mom handed him some Pancakes. He scuffled them down and ran outside to catch up with his little brother. Right there he saw Kaelin facing towards his brother. Flare was the oldest in the group and had to look out for everyone. So naturally he snatched the letter out of Kaelin's hands and opened it, giving it to Finny.[/i]
"Your Up!?" [i]yelled Finny.[/i]
"Nooo. I'm sleeping, OF COURSE I'M UP!" yelled Flare back to his little brother, punching his arm.
"You seem surprised." said Flare.[/color]
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Carmize looked around, seeing if any of her friends were outside, wanting to play so much being so bored, knowing she wont be for long until the festival starts. She sighs softly, walking around knowing she doesn't have anyone yet.


I know it was short but more later!
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"You'd be surprised too, if you had a brother who sleeps like a rock." [i]Finny snickered. His brother gave him another punch in the arm.[/i]
"What about you? You sleep all day!" [i]Flare retorted.[/i]
"I have to. I work at night, remember? Now, give me that letter."
[i]Finny tried to grab the letter from his brother, but he floated into the air before he could get it. Finny flew after him.[/i]
"Give it to me!" Finny yelled.
"Nope. Since you didn't even say please, I get to be the first to read it."
[i]Flare stuck his tongue out at his younger brother, opened the letter, and read it out loud.[/i]

"'[i]A millenium has passed
But it will be the last
For your precious tree
Will soon belong to me
And those who cannot fly
Shall finally rule the sky[/i]'."
[i]Flare looked over the letter a few more times, and then at his little brother.[/i]
"What is this, Finny?"
"I don't know, who is from?" [i]Finny flew up alongside his brother to take a look at the strange letter.[/i]
"It doesn't say..." [i]Flare said.[/i]
"This is pretty creepy...what do you think it means?" [i]Finny asked.[/i]
[i]Flare shrugged his shoulders.[/i]
"Where did you get this, Kaelin?"
"From the post office. I'm not given the letters from their writers. Sorry, that I can't help."
"That's alright. I'm going to hang onto this for a little while." [i]Flare put the letter in his pocket.[/i]
"Why are you keeping it? It's my letter!"
"Yeah, but you have a habit of losing things. Besides, weren't you going to take that invention of yours somewhere?" [i]Flare pointed at the pack over Finny's shoulder.[/i]
"Oh yeah! I almost forgot...Hey, do you guys want to come with me?"

[b]OOC: If someone wants Finny to visit them, feel free to make your character the one that he was going to show his invention to. Also, you can make up the invention if you
want. I didn't really have anything in mind anyways.[/b]
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[COLOR=sandybrown]Carmize looked up seeing Finny and Kaelin pass her quickly, she only had a second to realize who it was and smiles, waving to them, "Hey! Finny! Kaelin! What'cha guys doing?" She askes them curiously wondering whats in Finny's backpack, then randomly pokes at it.

"Hey Finny...whats in the pack?" She askes once, poking at it more smiling. Her eyes changing colors from green to blue.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=teal] As the small group of friends moved down the street, Kaelin began darting back and forth between stalls set up by merchants, ready for the festival.
Trying to fly backwards while lying down, Kaelin plows heavily into the ground several feet in front of his friends.
"I'm okay, I'm okay." Kaelin pulls himself up and trys not to let the red show in his face. "Soooo where are we going any way?" He says, obviously just trying to change the subject.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kari sat in a tree.On her finger perched a small brown bird.It cheeped to her and she nodded as if understanding.Kari opened her mouth and cheeped back to the bird.The two were having their own conversation.Kari had learned to be able to communicate with any animal and talk to them.Then the bird told her that it had to go because it's mother was calling.Kari said goodbye and stretched her wings.The bird flapped away and Kari flapped her wings and left the tree.

Kari travelled around...looking at the scenery of Goobly Village.Other Gooblys were flying around or walking and talking to people and other different things.Goobly Village was so happy.Then Kari spotted her friends.She grinned and headed towards them.

"Hey guys!Hey Finny,HeyCarmize,Hey Kaelin."Kari said landing.She saw Finny's backpack."Hey Fin,What's in the bag?"[/COLOR]
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OOC: Aww Ohkami! I was gonna have that power! :bawl: Now it'll seem like I copied the smart girl! (Scooby-Doo) And how come everyone's forgetting me!? "Hey Finny,HeyCarmize,Hey Kaelin", "Finny and Kaelin"! :bawl:



Flare saw Kari come down and laughed because he could tell she was just talking to another bird.
"How was your chat with--"
Kari put her hand over his mouth as he was about to finish. She pulled him away and whispered.
"Shut.. up! You know they're not supposed to know." said Kari pulling her hand away.
"Haha, I know." said Flare, as he looked down at the 12 year old.
"So who was it this time?" asked Flare. He knew just as much about animals as Kari and often helped her with the plants and stuff.
"Skitz, now let's go back to the group. I wanna see that invention." said Kari as they both headed back.
"What was that all about?" They all asked.
"Oh umm... I owed her money." said Flare, not being able to think of anything better. Finally after a bit of chatting Finny pulled out his new invention.
"What the heck!? [i]That's[/i] your invention!?" laughed Flare as he poked and pulled at everything on the piece of junk. Then he pressed a green button the the small pencil shaped item extended and a claw came out of the front.
"It's a back scrather!" said Kaelin.
"No it's an Extend[b]O[/b]r, reach things that you can't reach before. You attatch it to your arm and it acts like an extendable hand doing the same movement you hand does." explained Finny as he put it on his arm.[/color]

OOC: Nice invention, eh? Lol. I know it's very uncreative.

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Kaelin paused to swing his arm in the air as Kari flew up to the group.
"Hey-ho!" He then proceeded to attempt a back flip, only to fail again. "Hey, its a back scratcher!" he continued from the ground.
"No it's an Extend[B]O[/B]r, reach things that you can't reach before. You attatch it to your arm and it acts like an extendable hand doing the same movement you hand does." explained Finny as he put it on his arm.
"Does it work or should I run for cover?" Kaelin teased Finny playfully as he flew up to the nearby ledge of a building in a mock run, giggling all the way.
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[COLOR=crimson]Carmize watches Finny pull out the new invntion and smiles, looking at how it extends and makes a funny face. "It's strange. What does it do again?" she asks tilting her head to the side.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Ok skedy and Roxanne Leifen have to post more than that. Like c'mon, please spend more time and skedy you can't take a paragraph from other people's posts just to make your one sentence post look bigger.
After what seemed like an hour of explaining, Flare grabbed the claw and flew away. Then out of no where the claw/hand punched Finny in the arm as he let out a small yelp. Flare cam back with the claw in his hand.
"Wow this'll come in handy for picking on you." he said as he nuggied his younger brother.
"Just kiddin'" Flare gave him the claw/hand and left for the forest.
"I gotta go.. umm... uhh... help... mom." Flare left and into the forest.
"But mom's the other way. Plus! She's at work!!" said the confused brother, but oh well. Everyone started talking again.

Flare ventured deeper and deeper into the woods as he came to a magical pond with glowing water. Flare bathed in the water and came out crystal clear. He started to leave when he heard a muffled scream. He hid in a bush and saw two Goblins carrying a female elf who was wrapped in cloth. Flare couldn't hear what they were saying but whatever it was... it wasn't pleasent. They tied 2 big stoens to her legs and threw her into the pond then left.

Flare jumped up and dived into the pond. This pond was very deep and those rocks were very heavy but Flare kept swimming untill he found the girl, he untied the rocks and swam up. He put her on the shore and she spat out water as he cut the ropes.

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[i][color=skyblue] OOC: sorry...I just dont like playing with other peoples characters...it kinda bugs me...sorry that i dont post alot.

Carmize looked around some and sighs a bit, still not understanding the purpose of that silly back scratcher, shaking her head a bit, heading down the street slowly by herself. She stops at a booth and peeks over seeing what the man was selling, she sees that it's apples.

"Sir can I have one please?" she asks cutely, amking a small pleading face.

"1 coin a peice, lil'girl" The man replied back to her, smiling softly at her cuteness.

Carmize pulls out a coin and hands it to the man, standing on her tip toes, smiling, taking the large apple the man was holding down to her so she could reach it better., "Thank you sir!!"

She ran back down the street to Finny and the others, wondering what it's like to have parents, having none of her own.[/color][/i]
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OOC: Oh, sorry. I'll make my posts longer, but I hate the idea of using other peoples characters.....
Grey storm clounds clung to the horizon as the small group of friends played around in the village of Gloobly. The air was heavy and moist, a soft breeze was beginning to weave its way through the stalls of merchants.

"I'm bored lets do something fun?" Kaelin winned to Finny. "Your back scratcher gizmo is cool and all but hardly my idea of a good time." He turned from Finny to the rest of the group, only to recieve several blank expressions. "I heard there was some interesting junk in the ruins by the lake, we could..." Kaelin trailed off and began staring as another group of travellers came riding up the road.

There were about a dozen humanoids dressed in rough cloaks and travel gear riding through the stalls of merchants, they were making their way to the taverns on the other side of town. Most of them had their faces covered with tattered pieces of cloth. No doubt they were looking for a place to settle in and enjoy the festival.

"How funny do they look?" Kaelin pointed out the travellers then began mocking them to his friends, luckly none of them saw him. "Hey watch this." He darted over to a nearby stall and paid for several large, purple melons. Kaelin then flew around the corner of a nearby building and out of sight....
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[i][color=crimson] Carmize giggled softly, covering her mouth with one of her hands, running after Kaelin to see if he was alright or not.

"Kaelin....where are you?" She sounded kinda worried, looking around seeing more vicious travelers giving her dirty looks, and she's the one that lives in this town. She mutters some and looks around more, "KAELIN!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???!!!" she seemed very worried now, having a loud mouth.


OOC: Was this ok? [/color][/i]
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OOC: I just realized but Roxanne Leifen never signed-up in the Recruitment form. In neither the new or old one. Soo Geist it's your call.



The girl opened her eyes, said thank-you and left. That's all. No kiss!? Aww, all that for nothing. Oh well, he saved her life and that's what counted. He walked out of the forest onto the road and spotted his friends. They were laughing and he saw 3 Punk Pixi's with a chain, cro bar and knife. They were covered in Purple Melon juice and looked pretty pissed.

"Wuh-Oh." said Finny as he backed off but the chain came wirling at his head. Finny closed his eyes expecting a big BAM but nothing happened. He opened his eyes to see his brothers hand holding the chain in front of his face. He looked at his brother who too now was pissed.

"Did you just attack my brother?" yelled Flare. He wlaked towards them and Kaelin also did. Kari went to step forward but Flare stopped her.
" You're to young. Later you will understand. Now get Finny and Carmize to safety. Also, call the police. We'll try and keep these punks busy."

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[i][color=crimson] OOC: Im kinda new and not really used to signing up on recrutment. I didn't even know about it till i posted, but i did send her profile thing to Geist. Im sorry about this whole mix up. Its all up to Geist if im accepted or not. Again, I'm sorry about it. [/color][/i]
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[COLOR=teal] OOC: Hey thanks for telling me about that short post thing, and please point out anything else that I do wrong. Oh and don't be scared to tell me if my posts are too corny...

"Jeez, its just melon juice. I didn't even mean to hit them, I was aiming for that group of travellers." Kaelin explained to Flare, pointing to the mounted group disappearing into the town, the pair continued towards the pixies, looking as intimidating as they could. The pixies jeered and threaten them.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to hit you, I was aiming for those travellers and...." Kaelin stopped short as the chain flew past him, narrowly missing his head. "Okay have it your way then." Kaelin flipped up into the air, with the help of his wings, and landed on the otherside of the knife weilding pixie. With a lightinig fast kick he knocked the weapon out of the creatures hand, it landed several feet away.

Now he hesitated, as the realization of what he had just done set in. "Hey, I..." Yet again Kaelin was cut short as he slammed into the ground. The chain weilding pixie had wrapped the chain around Kaelin's leg and pulled it out from under him. "Help!" Kaelin called to Flare from the ground, holding his leg.[/COLOR]
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[color=chocolate][b]OOC: Sorry 'bout the late post guys. I've been grounded for the past week, so I'm postin' today. X_^ Hope 'm not too late.

Elle closed her eyes in silent prayer as she played the last note on her violin. She put it in rest position and looked to Melina questioningly. Melina had set her glasses down on the pillow next to her and was now massaging her temples. Elle frowned, "What's wrong this time?"

"Elle, look at the forty-third measure. You're C sharp. It's off." the older musician replied. Elle's jaw dropped.

"WHAT?!?! It was perfect! What are you talking about?" she yelled. Melina massaged her temples even more, "Stop yelling, you stupid apprentice. If I say it was wrong, it was wrong. Who do you think has better knowledge: you, the apprentice, or me the professional?"

Tears welled in her eyes, "But...But I-"

"No buts Elle! You failed! I drilled you for hours and you still failed."

"But I had the rest of the song right didn't I?"

"Does it matter? The smallest mistake can make the rest of the song sound wrong." That was the last straw. Elle turned and stomped out the door. She didn't even turn around when Melina poked her head into the doorway and yelled, "You'll come back! You always will!"

[i]Yea right...[/i] The black haired girl thought with another frown. She kept on walking until she heard a cry for help from someone a few blocks away. [i]Wonder what that could be?[/i] And so, she went off to investigate.[/b][/color]
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OOC: Um... I was trying to avoid finishing the combat myself guys, so I'll give it another day or two then finish it I guess. Need to keep it moving...
Oh! and this whole thing with Roxanne needs to be cleared up, Geist can you please let us know what is happening.
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[b]OOC: Well, I'm here. And Lrb, Roxanne did send me a sign up for the RPG. I just wasn't able to reply to her because my internet has been acting strange again. (So Roxanne, you don't need to apologize.) And now back to the RPG.


[i]Finny watched with admiration as his brother stood his ground against the angry punk pixies.[/i]

"You heard what he said. This was an accident." [i]Flare tried to explain to the pixie with the chain.

"Come on, Flare! Tear their wings off!" [i]Finny cheered.[/i]

[i]Flare looked back at his younger brother.[/i]

"Finny, let me handle this my own way!"

[i]A pixie sucker-punched Flare in the stomach.[/i]

"Alright, that's it. Who did that?" [i]Flare asked, angrily.[/i]

"Flare, catch!"

[i]Flare turned around just in time to see the Extend[b]O[/b]r that Finny threw to him. It him square in the face.[/i]


"Sorry! Look out!"

[i]Flare ducked a right hook thrown by one of the punk pixies and pressed a button on the Extend[b]O[/b]r. It uppercutted Flare's attacker and knocked him out. Finny smiled mischieviously as he pulled out something from his sack and screwed it on to his rod. Before he joined the fight, however, his nemesis ran up to see what was going on.[/i]

"I heard someone call for help...oh, it's just you." [i]Elle glared at Finny.[/i]

"What are [i]you[/i] doing here? We don't need your help!" [i]Finny yelled.

Elle crossed her arms.[/i]

"Good, because I'm not going to give it to you."
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[i][color=lightpink]Carmize looked at the fight going on down at the end of the street, trying to stay as far as she can from it as possible because she doesn't want to get caught in the middle of the fight. She wachted it go on, seeing who was winning and who was loosing, but it seemed pretty equal at the moment, her mind start to drift off to space, thinking about things, and what was really going on.


Is that too short? *looks afraid* [/color][/i]
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[COLOR=Teal] Kaelin scrambled along the ground trying to get away from the group of Pixies. Fortunately they were all busy yelling and jeering at Flare and Finny to notice him. Making it out of the swirling mass of bodies Kaelin ran for a nearby stall and grabbed an armful of fruit before flying above the fight.

"Well, it worked last time..." Kaelin muttered to himself uncertainly. He grabbed one of the fruits from his arm, a bright orange melon the size of his fist, it was soft and juicy to feel, and pelted it towards the nearest pixie.

SLAP! The fruit exploded around the side of the pixie's head, covering it in pink ooze.

"Oi!" The pixie turned to looked at Kaelin, forgetting Finny was only a couple of feet away, and waved his knife furiously...[/COLOR]
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[color=chocolate][b]Elle laughed out loud as she saw the melon whack the pixie in the side of the head. She turned to Kaelin and yelled, "Oi! Runnalls! Throw me one o' those, wontcha?"

Kaelin gave her a confused look. She laughed again. "Usually, I wouldn't be helpin' you lot, but that loks like it'd be a bit o' fun."
She floated over to the other faerie* and stole a couple of the orange fruits. She threw one at the pixie with the chain and it hit him in the stomach.

"Right on target!" Elle cheered. She turned around, looked over her shoulder, and chucked another one at a different pixie.

"What did I tell you? We don't need your help!" Finny yelled angrily. Elle glared at him. "And what did I tell you? I'm doin' this fer fun!"

She was about to throw another one when she was hit in the shoulder with a rock that one of the pixies had thrown. She grabbed it and yelled, "Aagh! Tha's gonna leave a bruise!"

She picked up another fruit with her good arm and took aim...
*Faerie is how I spell fairy.[/color][/b]
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[COLOR=teal] The bright orange sphere hurtled through the air straight at one of the pixies, unfortunatly Flare; dodging out of the path of a knife blade; dived right in front of the melon. SMACK! covered in purple juice, with a soft hum and dull throbbing sensation in his ear Flare hardly had time to scowl at Elle quickly before throwing a punch towards the pixie....

Trying not to laugh at the sureal scene below him Kaelin lobbed the last couple of melons into the crowd; unsure what they hit; his friends or pixies; he flew back down to the near empty street and grabbed a long wooden pole laying on the ground beside a half built stall. Never landing on the ground Kaelin flipped in the air and pushed off of the the wall with his legs, like a swimmer racing from the edge of a pool, he flew back into the ever shifting group of people.

SMACK! Kaelin had lined the pole up with two of te pixie's heads, they both went flying forward and landed heavily on the ground. Unable to move the pole so it would miss Flare and Finny Kaelin threw into high into the air instead, it flew straight into Elle's face.

'Oops!'.... [/COLOR]
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