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Sign Up attack of the evil chickens (slightly gory)(kinda like Resident Evil)


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[color=green]We thought we were the dominant species. I meen, they were our dinner. But nothing could have prepared us for that. There was a farm woman that came to the police. She said she heard screems and when she came downstairs she found her husband covered in chickens. There was blood everywhere. She ran to the kids and workers room only to find bloody corpses. Overwhelmed in shock she barely made it to the police station where she died. There were 4 other reports that day. They were all investigated but the cops never returned. There were several reports over the next several days. Then suddenly there were tons flooding in from all farms only in 10 days. They were going to bomb the farms if they didnt take up half of the state of Kansas. They finnaly called in the bad-*ss pecial forces. They are you.

Heres the sign up:
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I LOVE CHICKENS!!!!!! sure ill join, not because of the evil chickens,but because i havent seen anything this in sane in a while!!!



description,bio and personality-
a demon fast to irritation and blowing up(taking all anger out on the closest person to her) any thing that bothers her will die and that in cludes chickens!!

besides her ability of telekinesis she also uses an rare sword called a king saber, she has two-one reverse and on regular, when combined they form a sword that can slice through anything it touches(yum!!! fried chicken for dinner!!!)
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[size=1][color=firebrick]Guys, there's no need for all these one-liners. Try and keep the threads clean, please! If you need to, get caught up on the rules, or even Harlequin's sticky. These last few posts could have been limited to PMs very easily.


P.S. Don't forget to check out James' announcement on the censor change![/color][/size]
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