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Sign Up Stones of Nier


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[COLOR=firebrick]In the Land of Neir there live lifeform very similar to humans. They look like humans, act like humans, there is only one thing that seperates them from normal people. The stones of Neir. Billions of years ago, Neir was discovered by 6 warriors who each had a great power. Earth, Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Rock. This land they discovered was pieceful and evil had never stepped foot on it. But the 6 warriors knew that once there kind settled into the amazing land that evil would soon attempt to take over. The Warriors made a plan just in case evil ever came. So, over the years the population grew and Neir became a great place and was watched over by the 6 warriors. Unfortunatly, the warriors predictions cam true. An evil man from a dark continent came to Neir with many fighters. The forces were great and couldn't be destroyed. In their last efforts to destroy the evil, the Warriors sacrificed themselves and their amazing powers to defeat the evil. The last attack was sucessful. The dark man and his forces were distroyed. Even though the warriors who sacrificed themselves died, their abilities did not. Earth, water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Rock, the powers that each warrior controled were cast into the world and took form into small pebble sized stones that became almost a natural resorce for Neir. The legendary weapons they had were hidden in the Land. Now, the stones that posess the powers of the warriors are givin to everyone in Neir.
The Stones are givin to a child when they are 6 months old. Its the stones that choose the person. The stones fit in between the nuckles on the hands, this allows a person to have from 1 - 6 stones.
Neir has been free of evil since that day, but now a new evil from the same continent has arrived with power as great as the stones and more, But the fighters of Neir won't go down without a fight. 6 fighters with same blood as the legendary founders of Neir have risen and have discovered the legendary weapons of the ancient warriors. With 6 other comrads to fight down the new evil that threatens Neir they will fight with the great stones, weapons, and Spirit of Neir.[/COLOR]

OK! Heres a little bit of enfo you will need to know about the stones and what powers they have. Also weapon choices.

[B]Earth Stone (green)[/B] - The Earth Stones, also called the green stones are able to use powers givin from the Earth (no duh). Fighters who have the Earth Stones use staffs (as in poles. No fancy head piece and jewls) The staff will usually have a ribbon tied to it or rings in it. The abilities of the Earth stones include: Summoning Golems (They can be from 6 feet to 12 feet, depends how much energy is used/How experienced a fighter is), Gathering energy from plants forming a beam of energy, and the ability to shake the ground (not earthquake material).
Earth Legendary weapon: A long gold staff pointed at the ends with 3 rings on each end as well. It has many ancient carvings on its sides.

[B]Water Stone (blue)[/B] - The Water Stones (blue Stone) have the ability of water. Fighters with water stone have magic staffs that they use to bring out the Water power(This is the kind with head pieces and jewls, ect.) Water Stone powers include: A blast of water from the staff, Able to cause heavy rains in a certain area, and a water shield.
Water Legendary weapon: A white Staff with two large points that come out of the side and go upward. There is a Blue crystal in between the points. Legendary marks are also on it.

[B]Fire Stone (red)[/B] - With Fire Stones you have the power of Fire. Fighters with Fire stones have Light, quick weapons, such as a dirk, Katana, ect(one handed swords). Fire Powers include: Fire to blast from the users hands, Insurting the fire into the weapon causing burning attacks, and able to make a ring of fire in any area (but water).
Fire Legendary weapon: A light one handed sword with metal handle covered with black leather with a red ruby at the bottom. Gold marks run from the bottom to the top of the blade.

[B]Lightning Stone(yellow)[/B] - Lightning Stone users use Glaives, Sythes, Spears, (anything Long with a blade on the end). Lightning powers include: Shooting lightning strikes at an opponent threw the hands, allowing the user to increase speed and run very fast (lighning charges threw them causing them to go fast), and a lightning attack from the sky (must be stormy if used)
Lightning legendary weapon: A Black glaive with Lightning strikes going up the sides with a few red jewls. The blade is a bit longer then a normal one.

[B]Wind Stone (white)[/B] - Wind Stone users use any weapon they want. Their attacks/powers include: Small tornados that can get up to 14 feet high, the ability to hover, and just a plain out large blast of wind from the weapon.
Wind Legendary weapon: It is part staff, Part sword. On one side it is a U shape and has a white milky stone in the middle. On the other side it has a Dirk sized blade. It has legendary marks on it.

[B]Rock Stone (black)[/B] - Rock Stone (what a great name!) users use heavy weapons like two handed swords, Maces, and Battle axes. Powers include: Able to make rock come from the hand in different forms (You can't turn people to stone... sorry...but you can make stone bridges), The ability move stone (moving a big rock without touching it), and able to make the weapon Hard like stone causing heavy blows.
Rock Legendary Weapon: A Broad blade Two handed sword. Their are Gold and Black marks on the blade and the handle is Black with amazing designs and a Green jewl at the bottom.

Ok These are just some rules and some other things you might just want to know about the sign up stuff:

|: You can not have multiple kinds of stones. You either have water, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Wind, or rock. You can't have mixes.

|: If you join this RPG you will have to post!!! If you are one of those people who just sign-up for RPGs for the fun of it, then don't join this one! Because if you don't post enough, I will get you replaced.

|: Posting quality must be in paragraphs. I have to be able to tell who is talking (no run on sentances). None of this either:

Joe: Im Going to kick you butt!

Jack: *steps over* You suck!

Joe: No you do! *attacks*

|: I will be accepting 2 people for each Stone powers. From your sign ups I will determine who will be one of the new legendary fighters who will later on in the story get the Legendary weapons. I will be taking 12 people because I need an evil person!! The evil character will also RPing evil soldiers.

:D OK! Here is the sign ups that you will have!


Name:/ (Not too modern)

Age:/ (range from 15 - 20)

Good/Evil:/ (Only Evil if your the new evil in Neir)

Stones:/ (What Stone power you have and how many stones you have. Having 6 makes it difficult to control your power. Remember that you can only have 1 kind of Stone: Water, Earth, Fire, lightning, wing, rock.)

Weapon:/ (If you become one of the legendary fighters you will keed this weapon until you get the new one later on in the story. Remeber to have the kind of weapon that goes with your power.)

Appearance:/ (This is sword fighting people! Don't make it anything modern)

Personality-Talents:/ (Don't over do the talents)

Bio:/ (Dont make it short, put in some detail)

I will be adding my Sign-up Later.

[B]Legendary Earth User:[/B]
[B]Earth User:[/B]
[B]Legendary Water User: Ohkami (Mika)[/B]
[B]Water User: DemonzDragoon (Lief)[/B]
[B]Legendary Fire User: Vicky (Dango)[/B]
[B]Fire User: Black_Phoenix (Quel)[/B]
[B]Legendary Lightning User: K.K.C. (Kia)[/B]
[B]Lightning User: [/B]
[B]Legendary Wind User: Stick Fairy (Tujia)[/B]
[B]Wind User: T man (Dissinger)[/B]
[B]Legendary Rock user:[/B]
[B]Rock User:[/B]
[B]Evil of Neir: G.D. Ryoko (Jun)[/B]
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Name: Quel (pronounced like "Kell")

Age: 19

Good/Evil: Good

Stones: 2 Fire stones

Weapon: Katana (I like that sword :D)

Appearance: 6-foot tall, brown hair, brown-green eyes, long legged. Wears a black shirt, black denim pants, and a crimson cloak.

Personality-Talents: Very quiet most of the time. Gets along with most people. Tends to seem cheerful around his friends. Talent: Very accurate with attacks that project from his hands (i.e. fireballs).

Bio: Grew up on a small farm, distant from any large gathering of people. Traveled to a small, nearby city for an education, and to work odd jobs on occasion. At a young age he became enraged over a trivial matter and accidentally unleashed the power of his Fire stones. The result was the destruction of his house, and the death of his parents. He wound up with a relative for a few years before running off. Since then he has been wandering about, trying to find a use for himself, and atone for the death of his parents at his hands.
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....Where'd everyone go? How come there's only 1 sign-up in this awsome RPG!? :( Oh well, they'll come.

[b]Name:[/b] Azil Crystaline (sounds girly, I know)

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Good/Evil:[/b] Good

[b]Stones:[/b] Earth (green) stones. I have 3.

[b]Weapon:[/b] A staff. Just a staff. No bows 'n' arrows, :bawl:.

[b]Appearance:[/b] He never wears a top but has long baggy pants with boots. His pants are black and his boots are brown. his hair is green and is long enough to hit his eyes, which are blue by the way.

[b]Personality-Talents:[/b] Azil always has a smile on his face and is kind to everyone. He never favours anyone and usually picks the worst first. Very much like a monkey. He is very Tarzan... ee... ish. Also can communicate with animals in their language.

[b]Bio:[/b] Just like any other person as a kid but when he turned 13 he started having fights with his brother alot, so he moved to the forest where he was able to love and enjoy it. Still continued to go to school but just lived somewhere else.

Now, he still lives like a normal teen (except the forest thing). He's had dates, break-ups, everything.

Sorry about the short bio, I gotta go now.

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Name: Dissinger (Nick name diss)

Age: 16

Good/Evil: good

Stones: 3 wind stones

Weapon: ogre

Appearance: [URL=http://www.layer-infinity.net/iplay/serge.gif]pick[/URL]

Personality-Talents: he's loyas and brave. He normaly doesn't judge others unless he thinks he should. He's a master thief and can brake any locks

Bio: He was lonely as a kid because he didn't have any friends or siblings. Because he didn't have any friends to play with he decided to practice his skills and work on getting into locked things. When he was 15 he decided to leave and make a name for him self. He's collected mane things from his journies and has never found a lock he couldn't breake.
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Name: Lief (leaf)

Age: 15

Good/Evil: Good

Stones: 2(blue) water stones

Weapon: Staff

Appearence: See new post

Personality/Talent: He is very kind to his elders, but extremely
short tempered. Lief is half sarcastic though.
Talent:SpiderSense(I think we all know what that is...

Bio: When he was a child, he was very lonely because everyone
was afraid of him due to his fighting temptations.
He was givin 2 stones when he was 1/2 a year old,
and just recently found out how to use them.
He was taking a "anger management" class that he just

Wow!I used lost of movie titles in this...Anger Management(A. Sandler)
Fighting Temptations(Beyonce')
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^_^ Im glad some people are signing up, it makes me very happy! I will be posting my sign-ups soon, but first I need you to correct these things in peoples sign-ups.

T man - If you could discribe your characters appearance a bit better that would be good. Not just a word after word descroption.

DemonzDragoon - Your character is too young. He needs to be 15-20. Also, since your character has water stones, His weapon has to be a staff. Remeber to read over everything about the stones. And, like Tman, Add more detail to your appearance.

Just change those and you'll be good to go.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Tsuchi Naueue

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Good/Evil:[/B] Good- obviously

[B]Stones:[/B] Rock Stone- 4

[U]Double Edged Broadswords[/U]- Sheathed on her back, the 35" blade is held there until battle. The hitl on the sword is black and shaped as a dragon's mouth. It opens to hold the stainless steel 30" blade. In the eyes are two small black orbs and on the end of the hilt is a large black orb.

[U][URL=http://gungfu.com/pics_general/pics_swords/swords_twin_melon_hammers.jpg]Twin Melon Hammers[/URL][/U]- See the attached link for the picture. She will lose this when they crack.

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment- that is what she wears. She also has a black cloak she wears around her. She has two scabbards to sheath her two broadswords.

[B]Personality:[/B] Tsuchi has an attitude at times. She will never give up, she's always going and never looking back. She never starts fights, but ends them. She is not the bubbly kind of person. She is the one you do not want to piss off at times. When there is a time that she is not in a good mood, that is a time to stay away from her. She needs her isolated moments at times.

[U]Psychic:[/U] She is able to read another's mind, create mind numbing bolts, wipe certain memories, travel to the Astral Plane in any form, send messages through thought speech to others with or w/our telepathy, create mental shields, block certain areas within her mind or others' minds, as well as sense someone within a certain radius. Another thing that falls under telepathy is Mind Control. She is able to control someone else's thoughts and actions. She is also able to fly, as well as move opjects with her mind. She is also able to sense emotions, as well as manipulate and amplify emotions. At times, when the emotion is strong, she as well experiences it. But that is rare. She can also sense when someone is in danger or a strong emotional distress. She is able to recollect memories clearly and perfectly. She is able to see into the future. She can see into the near future or far future- which means that she could see days, weeks, months, maybe even years into the future. She also knows her premonitions are not wrong. She can also see past events. It means that she can see into the past as well for information. She is able to go to certain years, days, months, etc. This goes with Precognition as well. She is able to heal herself from physical injuries. As well as heal someone else, stop someone's heart, create neural shocks, etc. She can do many things with Biokinesis.

Tsuchi is able to work with elements as well.

[B]Bio:[/B] Tsuchi had always lived near rocky area. She lives in a village where the villagers worship the Rock God, Golem. She was always the one who would watch the people work and play as they went about. She was the one who protected the village from enemies and creatures not wanted in her village. She is also the creature tamer within the village. She cares for the creatures that are found and almost killed.

Tsuchi was the village leader's daughter. Therefore, she had an obligation to be royalty. She was the one who spoke to other villages, keep the village happy, and train with the army. She was also the Sorcerer's apprentice. She had always wanted to learn everything there was to learn about the rocks. It was her favorite thing to do.

She is the creature tamer, therefore she meets many different creatures. One creature that caught her eye was the Berapin. It was a mix between a bear and a porcupine. It was the size of a grizzly bear but had the spikes of a porcupine, only larger. It had long sharp claws that enabled it to tear apart pieces of rock to dig through and make its home. It's also able to curl into a ball and become a spiked ball. The Berapin could not be tamed. It was the only wild creature that Tsuchi loved and adored. It stayed with her forever.

The matter with the stones is that she received them from the Sorceror. It enabled her to have the love for the element of rock. As well as that she also was able to put the stones on her swords. Before that she would put them inside her Melon hammers and practice with that. After an incident, she uses her swords.

Is this good then? I didn't overdo her psychic power did I?
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Ok, I'll save spots for you 2. Arika, Thats what I ment when I said don't over do the talents. I'll allow you to keep 2 of her Psychic powers. Sorry, but it just wouldn't be very fair.

Here is my sign-up! ^^

Name:/ Kia Tsume

Age:/ 16

Good/Evil:/ Good (no duh)

Stones:/ Lightning - 5

Weapon:/ a double bladed glaive. The pole part of it is Crimson and has Black cuts in it.

Later on gets the Legendary weapon later - A Black glaive with Lightning strikes going up the sides with a few red jewls. The blade is a bit longer then a normal one.

Appearance:/ See attatchment (Make the character look alot older and give her a dark green bandana on her forehead. Also a dark green sash.)

Personality-Talents:/ Kia is very headstrong. She hates giving in and letting people down and she always trys her hardest. She doesn't really care if she is insulted, but hates it when those she cares for are treated badly. She likes to joke aroung even though most of the time her jokes arn't caught.
She has the skill of throwing her voice.

Bio:/ Kia was born in a fairly large city in Neir. She lived with her mother and older sister. Life was hard since her father had left to start a journey after Kia had been born. When Kia was 14 her mother told her that she wanted her to have more in life. Kia left and started a journey of her own like her father. She found a small village with fighters who had mastered the power of there stones and trained with the Lightning master for a year. She left with her weapon and stones to train on her own and seek adventure.
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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Name:[/b]Mika Salmatra



[B]Stones:[/B]Water - 5

It has a shaft made of silver.Then on top there's some silver claw like projections and in the middle of the claw is a light sapphire blue orb.It looks like there's a claw holding the orb.On the bottom is a small arrowhead,sometimes she will hurl her staff at an enemy and the arrowhead will hurt.

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL=http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XgDUAjMcJRF!HkU2rdD0zbXdP17HI7goZQx0qBecp30EnxunSjA4cQ1Fr9XMy0CDkhdky*xJNeYU6T6MUIs!J6hMN8IO54cYGVMf!ExSeOPrOZRiwuM4ZgJ*SRtnXuQa7ySyIcGwcno/%EB%AF%B8%EC%AC%EC%A4.jpg?dc=4675431026582126213]This girl minus the long ponytail and instead of the skirt she has the same type as pants.[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B]Mika is a kind and caring person.She's very friendly and easy to get along with so she can make lots of friends.Since she has the power of water,she is always cool headed in tight situations.

[B]Talents:[/B]Mika can control Water in any form,eg.Rain,ice,liquid etc.In bodies of water,eg.Lakes,rivers,ponds,puddles etc.She can send thought messages with those who have even the slightest of psychic powers and those who don't.Her most powerful talent is summoning a Large Dragon made of Water.It attacks with a deadly force of water attacks.Mika can create cyclones,whirlpools and other deadly and dangerouds water hazards.Her most useful talent though is being able to breathe underwater for long periods of time.She could even live underwater if she wanted to.Her natural talent is being able to hurl water at enemies.Her last thing that isn't magical related is that she is very acrobatic and moves swiftly,quietly and smoothly like running water.she also has a strange power to talk to the animals...Like Dr. Dolittle.When she talks to the animals,it sounds like english but to others it sounds like the sound of the animal.

[B]Bio:[/B]Mika lives alone with her mother in a small cottage in a clearing of a forest.Her father left them when Mika was born and married off with another lady and left her mother to fend for herself with newly born Mika.

Mika helps her mother with daily chores,especially collecting water from the well.She likes to hop along and with a simple flick of her wrist,water comes up out of the well and into a large barrel at her house.

In her free time she likes to explore the forest and talk to its inhabitants(animals).She swings through the trees and plays around like a monkey or Tarzan.She spends a lot of time in bodies of water,playing with the water and talking to the marine creatures.When not doing those she'll go to a secluded area nad practise her magic.

Mika has grown up with her powers.Her mother thinks she is strange but she knew Mika was special since the beginning.Especially since that time when Mika was only an infant,she fell into a lake and stayed there for half an hour without her mother realising because she was so busy.When she finally realised Mika was missing she searched and found her.Mika was fine and happy.So Mika's mother lets her be.Knowing that Mika is a unique girl.[/color]

[B]OOC:[/B]Did I over do it on the Talents?But aren't water people supposed to be magical?
If you can't see the picture I'll figure something else out.

Tell me if you want me to change anything.
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Name:/ Tujia Anemos Nodin

Age:/ 16

Good/Evil:/ Good (one can only hope)

Stones:/ 4 Wind Stones

Weapon:/ Long ebony staff with crystal spiral at the top, and a hidden blade at the bottom.

Appearance:/ [URL="http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/hiddenotaku/images/takenimages/LiviaSorceress1.jpg"]Here[/url]

Personality:/ Flirtatious and always looking for fun, Tujia will alwars try to see the best of a situation. She's an eternal optimist wo can't understand depressed people. She is somewhat spoiled in that she's used to getting what she wants, but will always share. She's also quite used to hard work. I guess you could say she's more determined than spoiled.

Talents:/ Controlling wind/air (duh), plus a little bit of basic magic. Is also good at hand to hand combat, and when necessary, an excellent seductress.

Bio:/ Tujia was born in a rather large village, to the shaman and her husband, a soldier (yes, a female shaman). She was trained by her mother to take over as the village shaman, and so became very skilled at magic. Her father taught her to fight, both hand to hand, and with many assorted weapons, so she can use most if she has to. She was best with glaives and staffs. Her current weapon was a gift from her parents for her 15th birthday. In her village, that was the time when young people were sent beyond the walls that protected them, to explore the world in its entirety. They were to live on their own for two years, and once that period was done, they returned to the village. Then they would decide whether to remain in the village, or return to the outer world. Tujia left, accompanied by a small wolf cub named Anemos, who had come to the village, and whom she had adopted.

She travelled to another village somewhat nearby, and became the apprentice to the shaman there, to finely hone her skills. She made a great many friends, and was starting to call this new place home. One day, she was rummaging through her pack from her home village, when she found four white stones at the bottom. She was toying with them, when a huge whirlwind came up and destroyed half the town. The people were angry with this, thinking she had done an act of sabotage, and cast her out. Since then, she has wandered from place to place, doing whatever she needs to do to get by. She vows not to settle down until she masters her newfound power.
[/color] ]
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[/SIZE][B]Name: Dango (I love this name!!!)

Age: 20

Good/Evil: Good

Stones: 2 fire stones.

Weapon: Black sword (One sided.)
Here's a picture:

Appearance: Long black hair, red pants and a long red cape. Silver eyes, and around 6" tall. Weighs very little. Huge mucsle and black gloves. He may be strong, but he's still fast.

Personality-Talents: Nothing that speical, but amazing fight combo's and a few fire shots. That's it really. He's not that speical, but he has amazing combo's. He thinks of himself as a man with no fear, which isn't very true. He's a calm person that get's along find with people, if they get along with him. He likes to have fun, but he knows when to get serious.

Bio: Dango grew up with an older brother who knew many talents. From sword fighting to eating. Dango always wondered how he could be so good at so hard things. Dango used to ask his brother, but all he told him was it was talent.

His brother was killed when Dango was 15. His brother was run over by a wild horse near the moutains when he took Dango to get some stuff. Dango cried for nights. His brother died before he could find out the secret.

When Dango finally got over his rotehrs death, he trianed a lot too. Trying to become like his brother, that could do almost anything.

Soory it took so long. I hope this is ok![/B][/SIZE]
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^^ yay! More people have signed up!!! Ok, here are a few more porbs. with sign-ups. If you change them then you will be ready to go!

Ohkami - So far everything is good about your sign-up except for your weapons choice. Sorry, but water stone users can only use magic staffs. If you can chage that then you'll be ok.

Ok, i'll save a spot for you Stick Fairy.
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Stones:2 of each type of stone and a darkness stone, combined together that is worn as a necklace around her neck.

Weapon:A dark elemental staff(The staff is the tool for her sorcery) and a elemental sword.

Appearance:See attachment

Personality-Talents:Jun is very mysertous and serious. She usually likes to be alone and enjoys torturing the innocent. Her talents include sorcery and fighting.

Bio:A decendent of the pervious evil of Nier, Jun decided to bring back this evil after being outcast by the people of Neir for her mutant powers. Angry with the people, she decided to make them suffer.

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Well, it seems that Eclectic won't be able to do the RPG do to the amount of hours in the day. We still have spots open for a Lightning, Earth, and Rock user. If you guy, the ones who have already signed-up can get 3 more people to sign up then we can start the RPG. If we don't get enough people sometime on Thursday, then we will go on and start without those characters.
These are who you will be playing as of now.

[B]Legendary Earth User: (only 1 has signed up)
Earth User:
Legendary Water User: Ohkami (Mika)
Water User: DemonzDragoon (Lief)
Legendary Fire User: Vicky (Dango)
Fire User: Black_Phoenix (Quel)
Legendary Lightning User: K.K.C. (Kia)
Lightning User:
Legendary Wind User: Stick Fairy (Tujia)
Wind User: T man (Dissinger)
Legendary Rock user: (only 1 has signed-up)
Rock User:
Evil of Neir: G.D. Ryoko (Jun)[/B]
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