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Gaming Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly


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EDIT: The images didn't load right, so don't look for any images >_>

Since neither King of Sony made a thread about this awesome game, I think I'll take the initiative ~_^

For those who never played the first Fatal Frame, the basic premise of it was that you could only kill ghosts by taking their picture with a camera and thus stealing their souls. It sounds a bit lame but the great atmosphere of the game really hooked you in.

This is the sequel to the original Fatal Frame. The premise is basically the same: You control Mio and Mayu Amakura as they follow a crimson butterfly into a forest and stumble upon an abandoned village. This is where the game begins.

From what I've heard, the atomsphere is much improved over the original. The graphics are dingy and gray, very much like those in the Silent Hill series. Sound is also used to high effect in the game...the area remains eerily silent until you are approached by a spirit. This game does a great job of building up tension.

Light is also used to great effect in this game. The light sources and shadows are eerily realistic. The different uses of dark and light only add to the spine-tingling tension that the game sets up. It's quite evident that the game is not meant to be a quick scare game like Resident Evil, but a psychological thriller like Silent Hill.

I'm not quite sure when the game is coming out, but it's definitely on my watch list. I'd suggest that others keep an eye out for the game, as well.
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I only had threecomplaints with the original... The terrible walking speed (holding down the run button basically just made the person walk at a normal pace), the odd controls and the really, really bad translation. I can get over the first two, but I hope this one doesn't have translation problems. Sometimes I didn't even know the game was trying to give me a clue because of the way it was said.

That said, it was still an excellent game. Probably the most effective horror game on any console so far. A lot of it was genuinely surprising. I'm looking forward to this.
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[color=#006699]Yay! Way to keep the Sony forum alive Shin. :)

I saw a review of the first one on X-Play (it was probably Extended Play at the time) a while back, and it did pretty well. So I decided to check it out, but I could never find it. Not even my Gamestop had it (well, that isn't saying much since they never have Metroid Fusion), so I unfortunately never got to play it. I (even though this sounds a little biased) was really thrown off by the whole camera thing. I honestly thought it was lame. But I realised if they used guns, it would probably be labeled a Silent Hill clone, so they needed some type of innovation. I don't mind the camera thing too much and from what I've read this game looks promising, and the original is awesome.

So, if it's possible for me to find this one, it's going to be mine.[/color]
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I hear it is supposed to come out around the middle of november. The 15th or the 18th. I have a little information [spoiler]The two character, which are sisters the main character feeling great need to protect the other since the other has a problem with her leg, it is twisted. They find themself in a situation by themselves, plus a few ghosts etc. One of them will end up betraying the otherone, but not by choice and having them killed. The killer was under a spell. From what I have seen, very cute female main characters (like there is any other kind? ^_^[/spoiler] well thats the information, some of it anyway that I have found at [url]www.gamespot.com[/url]
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I was just over at my friend's house and she and played soe of this. It is really freaky, and it is really cool. There are many thrills in this game. I thought that the whole idea of this game was addicting and excellent. You feel like you want to stop, but, you continue to play anyways because you aren't sure what will happen next and you are curious to find out. Also, when you see a ghost come up, a bar either glows blue or orange. [spoiler]When it is blue, the ghost is harmless. If it turns orange, watch out for your life.[/spoiler]

It is just an awesome game. I'll post some pictures so that what you promised will be taken care of Shin. One word of advice...Don't play this alone.

Thank you Gamespot for the images.









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Man, I've been working onm beating this game, and the rate limiting step is me being less of a coward. I think I may be about halfway through, but I haven't played it in a while because its too scary. It really captures the scariness of the resident evil games, but is much much creepier. Having only the camera makes you feel very helpless sometimes. You don't feel safe at any time playing this game unless you're in the menu screen.

If you play it, just wait to run into broken neck woman. Thats some scary gaming!
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Guest Kitsune_16
Fatal Frame 2 was one of the greatest games ever made at least in my opinion! I definitly agree w/ satan665 broken neck woman was SCARY!Especially when your in camera mode and suddenly she's in front of you.Great game nonetheless!
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I love that game it was fun to play.I did really see much of Mayu in the game,i like her a lot
and the really sad thing about the hole game was the ending! it was so sad when even in the end
[spoiler]mayu still die by her OWN sister[/spoiler]:( !

[color=darkred][size=1]Added spoiler tags. -- Bombu[/size][/color]
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this game's intense....i had a hard time playing it cause i was actually scared....[spoiler]especially when mio's flashlight ran out of batteries[/spoiler] it has a high level of shock value and the story itself was uneasy, twin sacrifices...:|...this game as i said was intense, i was surprised a number of times and the atmosphere was....damn....great game if you really want a scare i recommend playin with the light off,volume at max and at 12 midnight...hehe
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