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Sign Up Dragonball Remix: Version 2.0


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[color=#707875][size=1]Welcome to [b]Dragonball Remix: Version 2.0[/b]. This is the second edition of Remix Version 1.0 that ended in failure because of hampering difficulties with Sign Ups and character arguments between people. This is a modified version of the previous RPG which is almost the same except for a few differences, those are:

[b]A] Character Sign Ups are final:[/b] First Come, first served as the old saying goes, this will eliminate the problematic arguments over characters. I will be saving certain spots for people as follows:

[I]1] Son Goku[/I] - Saved for MajinVegeta

[b]B] Quality Sign Ups:[/b] Guys, I really don't want to be going around to people over their sign ups like I was in Version 1.0. You get [b]2 warnings[/b] and then you're out of the RPG OK. I don't want to have half of the posts being me correcting people.


[I]If you've ever watched an episode of Dragonball Z then you'll have almost certainly said things like: "Huh that was stupid thing to do". "I sure as hell wouldn't have done that if I was him", or "You dumbass, why did he bother letting him live, you know he's gonna double-cross you later." If you have said all those things or more, then Remix is the Dragonball Z RPG for you. If you've ever asked yourself what you have done in that situation then Remix allows you to find out.

There is one subtle yet very important difference between the Remix Universe and the regular DBZ Universe. It is that in Remix none of the original main Z Senshi characters exist; they're all replaced with 100% OB conceived characters. That's right, no Son Goku, no Son Gohan, no Piccolo, no Vegeta, no Krillin, no Yamcha, no Tien, none of them. These are all replaced with our own characters that take their places and experience each different Saga for themselves and do exactly what you want them to. This is a strange RPG I admit, and actually isn't one of my own, but a friend of mine's who started a similar idea on a different website [who's name eludes me]. I've adapted the idea on a much larger scale and I hope to see it make a good headway in OB. Why? Because I think it's an idea that [to my knowledge] has never been done before and I hope that it'll unfold into a very addictive little RPG.

I think I'd better clarify my above statement a small bit more before I continue, as I'm guessing some people are lost already and are cursing me for not explaining the story of the RPG better. OK instead of the regular Z Senshi, there are only OB created characters in their places that will go through the Sagas, the same as the regular series would but with changes made in the story as people post. It will start in the Saiya-Jin Saga and who knows where it will end if the input is good. All the secondary characters like Kame, North Kaio [King Kai], Master Roshi, Puar, Oolong, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox King and the rest still exist as do all the Bad Guys [Frieza, Garlic Junior, Cell, Majin Buu, Babidi and their minions] [except Vegeta] and go about the story-line as per usual.

If you're interested there's not a great deal of thinking to the RPG and I will be happy to answer any questions as long as they are posed via a PM. As I don't want the Harlequin to lock it because of certain individuals over enthusiastically posting pointless talk and spamming up the thread.[/I]


[b]Pre RPG Rules[/b]:

OK onto the rules those nasty things that bad RPGers hate, they're a bit long but are necessary to keep people in check and aware to the combat limits of the RPG.

[list][b]1] Godmodding:[/b] Ahhh Godmodding, the scourge of every good RPG to ever grace OtakuBoards. If you don't know, or are unsure of what Godmodding is let me explain it to you.

[I]Outcast's Dictionary:[/I] Defines Godmodding as the act of having or writing it so that, a character is has nearly invincible, will always stuff an opponent like they were nothing and are just generally far too powerful and ruins the RPG for serious players. Don't do it and we won't have a problem.

[b]2] Quality and Quantity:[/b] This in reality is fairly simple and I feel should require no further explanation other than: Posts are to be of good quality i.e. that you have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Posts are also to be of sufficient quantity i.e. they are to be more than two paragraphs or at least 16 lines, in reality that is not much.

[b]3] Character/Race Availability:[/b] Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta [as normal] and there were only 4 Saiya-Jin survivors [not counting movies]. This means that there can only be 4 pure blood Saiya-Jin to this RPG and I'll be taking one of them. Nameks are all right since there's an entire planet of them and the same goes for humans so there can be as many of each as is wanted. I will allow people have other races, as long as I approve them.

[b]4] Laws of Action and Reaction:[/b] Remember that every action has a reaction and that it will affect the NPCs and Players. Let me give an example: [I]Character X goes to Namek, Namek Elder 1 refuses to hand over 3 star Dragonball to Character X. Character X kills Nameks Elder 1 and wipes out Village A. Character X repeats process in 4 Villages in effort to get Dragonballs. Enter Nail, kills Character X for attacking Villages and so ends Character X's participation in the RPG.[/I] Its a bit drastic but I want people to get an idea of what will happen.

[b]5] And Finally:[/b] Just keep to the above and enjoy the game.[/list]


[I][b]Sign Up[/b][/I] [it seems long but it's not really]

[b]Name:[/b] [Your Name]

[b]Age:[/b] [Your Age]

[b]Race:[/b] [Your Character's race, Human, Namek, Saiya-Jin, etc]

[b]Character your Replacing:[/b] [Which Z Senshi member are you replacing]

[b]Signature Technique:[/b] [Your Character's unique move, with a description]

[b]History:[/b] [His/Her Biography]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [What he/she looks like]

[b]Personality:[/b] [How he/she reacts to others]

[b]Powerlevel:[/b] [Your character's powerlevel, keep it equal to that of the character you're replacing at their start. Son Goku was 600 in the Radditz part of the Saiya-Jin saga]


[I][b]My own Sign Up[/b][/I]

[b]Name:[/b] Zagat

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Race:[/b] Full Saiya-Jin

[b]Character your Replacing:[/b] Vegeta

[b]Signature Technique:[/b] [I]Promethium Halo:[/I] Zagat raises his hands high above his head, palms flat, fingers spread [Similar to the Spirit-Bomb] and charges his energy. A golden-orange light will rise up from his hands, when he has concentrated enough energy he will bring his bring his palms together, thumbs and smallest fingers touching and bring his arms down until they are parallel with his chest. The energy that has built up is now released and forms a beam of golden-orange ki of immense magnitude.

[b]History:[/b] Zagat is one of only a handful of Saiya-Jin left in the universe after the destruction of his homeworld Vegeta at the hands of an unknown individual. Zagat was meant to be the King of his homeworld and still speaks of himself using his regal title Prince Zagat. After the destruction of Vegeta Zagat, and his bodyguards were enlisted in the service of Frieza. Having nowhere else to go and not being powerful enough to refuse Frieza's offer Zagat was forced to work for Frieza clearing planets of their inhabitants to get them ready for resale.

Zagat is almost convinced that it was Frieza who destroyed his home planet and is training eagerly to make sure that one day he gets his chance to take revenge for all of the proud Saiya-Jin he killed. Zagat is one of the less powerful warriors among Frieza ranks his right hand men Zarbon, Dodria and Kui. Zagat has a long standing argument with Zarbon and Dodria who always complain about the amount of time it takes for them to clear a planet for resale infront of Frieza and he dearly waits for the day when he kills them both.

One of his bodyguards recently mentioned that he had a younger brother who'd been sent off into space before Planet Vegeta's destruction. In response to this Zagat has told him that he is to go to Planet Earth and retrieve this sibling so that they can consolidate the Saiya-Jin forces against Frieza waiting for his eventual moment of weakness and then he will die.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Jet-black hair spiked up very similar to that of Vegeta's on arrival on Earth as well as a black goatee. Black soulless eyes without a glint of pity or mercy, a typical Saiya-Jin. Zagat stands roughly 5'9" in height and weighs just over 200lbs, he's muscular but not to the point where it become awkward for him to move about. He wears green Saiya-Jin Battle Armour with white gloves and boots. He raps his tail around his waist like a belt as it prevents other taking advantage of his Achilles Hell so to speak. He is considered very attractive by most females although he normally doesn't bother responding, except for once...........

[b]Personality:[/b] Arrogant, backstabbing, sarcastic, egotistical and a pain in the *** most of the time. Those are the best ways to describe Zagat's personality, he's completely sure in his own abilities and will not listen to anyone else. He takes nobody else's feeling into account when he says things, and doesn't tolerate failure very well. The only thing he likes more than fighting is winning and the only thing he'll like more that winning is to kill Frieza, as he says, [I]"all good things take time"[/I]

[b]Powerlevel:[/b] 16,000, when fully powered it rises to 18,000 and when in Oozaru is shifts between 160,000 and 180,000 the more control he can exert over himself.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U]My Character Sign-Up[/U]

[U]Name:[/U] Tream

[U]Age:[/U] 30

[U]Race:[/U] Saiya-Jin

[U]Character your Replacing:[/U] Nappa

[U]Signature Technique:[/U] [I]Fury Slash:[/I] Similar to 'Destructo Disk', but more powerfull. Tream puts out both of his arms out at his sides and begins to focus energy in each of his palms, the energy concentrates into a spining disk in each hand. Tream then brings them together to form one super powered energy disk and then throws it toward to the enemy, if hit by an enemys attack the disk splits into two and continues to go, this attack can cut through almost anything.

[U]History:[/U] Tream has been partners with Zagat for a very long time and is, along with his team mate, one of the last Saiya-Jin's in the Universe after Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Since the mass destruction he has been in the empoly of Frieza by killing the inhabitants of a planet then puting them up for sale to other Powerful beings but is, and always will be, loyal to Zagat because he is his Prince and will follow him to the end.

He, like Zagat, believes that Frieza destroyed their homeworld because of power of their Race. He may be one of the weaker of Frieza's main people but that doesn't mean he is willing to take insults and abuse from the others lying down. Luckliy for him when ever he attacks of of Frieza's men Frieza mearly laughs and says that they were weak anyway and allows Tream to live.

[U]Appearance:[/U] [URL=http://napalmcandy.net/sbl/images/Nappa.gif]Tream[/URL]

[U]Personality:[/U] Headstrong and arrogant. These are the traits of Tream's personality that come out the most, but he has Zagat to keep him in check if he gets to out of hand. He is very proud and gets extremely angry if anyone takes his pride from him by, say, shoting him in the back or kicking him when he's down. He only has a few of what humans would call friends and is intensly loyal toward them because they are all members of a dying race.

[U]Powerlevel:[/U] 6,500, when fully powered up 10,000[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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ok, i'm gonna give this a shot.

Name: Wolf Maximas
Age: 42
Race: This is the part i'm gonna give a shot. The race is called Labrian. They manly look like humanoid type werewolves, but are alittle bit bigger is size. The average Labrian male gets to be about 6 feet tall. The females about 5 and a half feet. The planet is far away from any that the Z saga or even GT saga have covered. Most people on the planet have a nice sized power level much like the Nameks. If this isn't something you think will work PM me.
Charater your replaceing: Piccalo
Signature Technique: Lunar Cannon. Arms are help up and crossed, with hand in a knife edge shape, and thumbs pointing with the fingers. A blue energy is gathered into the two hands. Then the arms uncross and come down to the third rib position. By now the hands are in a claw like style and the ki energy is becoming larger. A quick thrust with the hands ending up one on top of the other sends a bright blue ki wave out.
History: Wolf is a prince to the Labrian People, but has given up that title. He does not want the title of royalty, he wishes to only be normal. With that he has traveled to Earth and has been adding the Earthlings in anyway he can.
Appearance: Wolf is almost 7 feet tall, much taler the the average Labrian. He has silver and grey fur running over his body. He has a scar over his left eye, and a gold ear ring in his left ear. He has no shirt, for it would do him little good. He wears loose blue pants, kempo style. He has a brown leather belt around his waste with little side pouches, but thers nothing in them now. It's a good place to put Senzu beans though. He has blue rist wraps and no foot wear. His feet are wrapped in white cloth to give some comfort on sharper areas. His tail falls abit passed his feet and has a white tip.
Personality: Very honor bound, and has a high since of whats right and wrong. He can't stand people who take advantage of others. Although this part of his persona is dominant he also has a lighter side. He has the ability to laugh with the best of them and tell really bad jokes.
Power level: Well, if Goku's was 600 at Raditz, then Piccalo's should have been close. So i'll say 550 for now, if thats to low or vice versa then PM me and i'll edit.
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[B]Name[/B]: Cronus Kanzetsu

[B]Age[/B]: 3

[B]Race[/B]: Ryouko

[B]Race Information[/B]: The Ryouko is a race of people who are said to be much like the Saiya-jin race. Instead of transforming into a huge monkey they (the Ryouko) transform into huge dragon like creatures. This race of genius warriors was taken over and ruled under an Icer known as Cooler (Frieza?s brother). Cooler would send out squads to take over certain planets on his side of the universe, but he would notice after every battle how strong these people would become.
Some of them having great power that went to their heads, others with the same power going and try to kill Cooler, but were promptly executed. Anyway, this race is basically a race of fighters. (More detail in the History Section of this Sign Up)

[B]Character your Replacing[/B]: I don?t think that I should be allowed to replace a character sense my character?s race is one I created.

[B]Signature Technique[/B]: [I]Hirameku Kunai[/I]: This attack is similar to the ?Destructo Disk? but with a bit of a change in Ki out bringing, it can be used to stick into an opponent. This attack is simple, all that happens is Cronus creates Ki in the form of a kunai, shuriken, large kunai, etc. and launches it toward his opponent. Most of the time, the attack can go through anything, but as I stated before, in the slightest change in Ki out bringing, it can be used to stick into anything.

[B]History[/B]: Cronus comes from a planet ruled under Cooler which creatures known as Ryouko. Ryouko is a race of genius warriors that are able to transform into a large dragon, he being the son of one of the High Priests of this planet. Legend has it that only 1 Kouryou are born every 100 years and by fate, this boy was dubbed one. (Well now you don?t even know what is going on, so I?ll explain some more) On this planet, people are put into categorized groupings starting by birth.
There are three main headings for the groupings. The Hiryuu type (Ones that transform into flying Dragons) and the Doryuu (Two words meaning Ground Dragon and transform into non flying dragons.), but one title stands above all else, the highest status that a Ryouko can be born as a Kouryou (Meaning Rain Dragon and Hidden Genius, plus its transformation may differ.). The rankings go in this order, from lowest status to the grand status:

Ryuu (Novice Dragon)
Ryuuza (Above Novice Status)
Ryuushuu (Expert)
Ryuuou (Dragon King)
Ryuujin (Highest Status meaning Dragon God)

There are many other status that Ryoukos can acquire but those 5 are the main ones. There isn?t much to say about Cronus (he just being born and all) but that he was the second born person in his family to receive the status of Kouryou, the first person in his family being his older brother named Kenshuo. The planet was surprised to see there was another person with the status of Kouryou among them, when legend had it that only 1 was born every 100 years.
Hearing the news of this, Cooler had gone to the planet of Ryuuguu (the planet which the Ryouko reside) and had immediately had him sent by spaceship to a planet. He was only a few months old when he was sent, going to the planet known as Namek, but on his journey he was dramatically (emphasizing this word) knocked off course and landed on earth. Upon landing on earth, he was found by an old man who had taken him in, and once he was able to walk (age the age of 1 and a half) began his training with this man.
The training that began and still is going on is the art of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. So he is training to become a Shinobi, but as the same time as this, he is learning about how to sense chi and control Ki. Since he comes from a genius race, of course he picked up on this quickly and created his own signature technique, but as we speak, his training still is going on.

[B]Appearance[/B]: At this day and age of course he would be very short, but wears a small scarf that fits around his small stature. He wears a long Chinese Gi, which consists of the colors red (Main color) and black (outlining). His hair is just growing it, the color of it being jet black as his eyes are a brown color. The pants he wears is black pants that a Shinobi would wear (meaning it is a bit puffy) and wears leg wraps down by the ankles. Shoes are of course black but have a red outline that flows into many designs, those shoes being ones that a martial artist would wear.

[B]Personality[/B]: At this day and age you couldn?t really tell his personality, but as you see him, he is most of the time happy like any little child would be. But as the same time of this, the potential that would be sensed within this boy is unlimited. His happy but cool and calm attitude hides the hidden genius that lurks within.

[B]Powerlevel[/B]: 135 (doesn?t have a powered up version yet, hasn?t be taught how to power up)

(If you want me to change anything in my profile please PM me so I can fix it.) [/size][/color]
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[b]OOC:[/b]This is all going by when Radditz arrived on Earth


[b]Race:[/b]Half Saiya-Jin

[b]Character your Replacing:[/b]Gohan

[b]Signature Technique:[/b]Masenko Wave,Element Attacks

[b]History:[/b]Chris is the son of Koga.He has the tail of a monkey but he doesn't know the purpose of it just yet.He knows the history part of his father's life so he knows a bit about his half saiyan heritage.Chris likes to play with his father whenever they can but his mother says he might get hurt so he's rarely allowed to go and play.His mother wants him to become a scholar when he's older.

[b]Appearance:[/b]Look at attachment but he's younger of course so just chibi him up a little.

[b]Personality:[/b]He's a kind and caring boy.When he gets angry his power level can shoot up.He loves his friends and family and will do anything he can to protect them.

[b]Power level:[/b]710 - 1130 when angry[/color]
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Name: aisukyuubu(Aisu for short)

Age: Unknown. thought to be several hundred though.

Race: Ice-Jin

Character your Replacing: Freiza

Signature Technique: Death Ball, Transformation.

History: As the strongest being in the universe during his time, Frieza is solely responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta along with almost all of the Saiya-jin race. After he hears about the dragonballs, he travels to Planet Namek in order to wish for imortality.

Appearance: Short non intimidating creature wiht horns sticking out of the side of his head. a few purple patches around his chalk white form on shoulders, chest and head as well as arms and legs. Also a very strong prehensile tail.

Personality: He basically created the god complex. Nobody is better, stronger, smarter, faster, and over all more superior to him than anyone else. which is why he reacted so violently when he realized that the saiyins if allowed to live would some day overcome him.

Powerlevel: 530,000 in his first form.
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