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Final Fantasy Music


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He he. I like ''I must protect'' on Final Fantasy 9.And I also like''Esto Gaza'' from Final Fantasy 9.
For Final Fantasy 8 I love ''Dollet'' coz it's excitin' and of course the chocobo music.That can go for Final Fantasy 9 aswell.
(I'm ony gonna do FF9,FF8 and FF7 because I can't be bothered to list them all,lol)
And for FinalFantasy 7,I like the theme tune to the world map(Not when you can see meteor) The ''Cait Sith theme'' I like.
The ''Ancient's temple'' is nice.And I also like the ''Turk's theme''
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[b]I liked
the FF7 Cosmo canyon music,
the FF7 Skateboard Game Chocobo Music at Wonder Square(when it goes faster at about 150 MPH),
the FF8 Chocobo Music,
FF8's Cid's music,
Edea's sorceress tune (I guess One winged Angel is close enough to this),
And uh,..Laguna's fight tune (when hefights any monster, that music rocks)[/b]
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