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Ok, Ok, I was looking through all of the Trigun RPGs and I figured I would start my own. I'm new to this So maybe you can help me out along the way. To join all I need is some info for your character.

Good or Bad:

My Info ^_^

Name: Julie the Typhoon
Age: Over 130
Apperence: Medium length blonde hair.geen eyes, right ear pireced with one sliver ring, left ear pireced with two sliver rings, wearing a purple sleeveless coat that looks like Vash's, combat boots , and has purple sunglasses. She also has A LOT of scares.
Weapon(s): Golden .4 colt long barrel, knives in her boots, and her middle and index fingers on her right hand are little guns
Bio: Julie is Vash's and Knives' long lost sister. She has been looking for both of her brothers over a hundred years makeing herself a reputation along the way. She's one of the best gunslingers on Gunsmoke. She has the odd tendcy to be a goofball. She also falls madly in love with Wolfwood.
Good or Bad: Good

I'm probbly going to need 10 people. 5 good guys and 5 bad guys.

Basicly, Julie is searching for her brothers who have gone missing. She joins up with some other outlaws (good guys). There are also people who want to find Vash and Knives for the bounty on thier heads(bad guys). Julie's little group goes through a lot, but can they find Vash and Knives in time. Note: Wolfwood is going to be alive in this.
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hope I don't screw this up...

Name: Terran (lol, no nick-name)

Age: 128 (was 28... my bad)

Appearance: 5'9'' desert brown hair, green eyes. wears a deep green shirt, and worn, brown pants. (short... but it works!)

weapons: heavy machine gun that doubles as a close quarters "club"... hehe

BIO: lost in the desert for nearly 4 years, he has no idea what's been going on in the world. All of his 3 siblings were killed, though he doesn't know it. He has always been pretty moral, but has worked up a now "expired" reputation as a fighter.

good/bad: good (yay)
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Name: Dragus the Hurricane
Age: over 230 years old
Apperence: Same size as Vash and has slightly longer blonde hair than Vash that always spiked up
Weapon(s):A .62 colt python and a .4 Shotgun
Bio: Vash Julie and Knive's older brother that was never talked about. Dragus knows about Vash, knives and Hurricane. Dragus searches Gunsmoke Searching for them. Dragus is also one of the best gunslingers and marksmen on gunsmoke... Dragus has a reputation of killing everyone after his family... Dragus isn't known much other than that.
Good or Bad:Good
(I thought it would be interesting to have a big brother Character that wasn't known.)
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Aw, what the hell...

Name: Angela (Angie) Johnson
Age: 26
Apperence: green eyes, shoulder-length wavy brown hair (bangs), red short-sleeved shirt, black pants, frilly apron
Weapon(s): gun (I don't know much about different kinds of guns, so just say it looks like Vash's only black)
Bio: She's a lot like Milly. She's kinda clumsy, but she's got a good heart. She's sweet and sometimes a little clueless as to what's going on, but she's not as dumb as you'd think she is. She's actually quite intelligent. However, she can have a short temper and if you make her mad, you're in trouble. She's an excellent shot, but she doesn't believe in killing. Her family owns a resteraunt in a dusty little town full of friendly, innocent people. When she's not working, she's at the local bar kicking everone's asses at pool. ^_~
Good or Bad: good
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Name: Sarah "lightening strike" Mc Fade
Age: 21 years old
Appearence: A female of slim figure, around 5'7" tall. She wears blue jeans, and a red tank top. She has brown hair and blue eyes.
Weapon: of choice: her sword, otherwise: a regular gun like Vash's
Bio: Sarah is a bounty hunter, and didn't get her nickname for nothing. She moves so fast, no one sees her move. She has killed 124 bounties to date. She searches for the ultimate reward: Vash the Stampede, but doesn't mind taking smaller jobs on the way. Sarah was born and raised a killer, and was taught how to fight when she was two. Although she doesn't believe in killing people, she does it to earn money for her family, her husband and her son.
Good or Bad: Bad, i guess, she wants to kill Vash.

(I hope this is ok!)
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Yeah, your the first bad guy. You're excepted.

[color=green]Posts merged. Please don't double post. --terra[/color]

I have started this RPG. You can still join because I still need two more good guys and four more bad guys. (I'll tell you when your not allowed to join anymore).
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[color=green]JoyKaiba, in the future, you probably don't need to post an acceptance post after each person signs up. (It's spelled "accepted," by the way.)

And you definitely should never double post, even if you just want to bring the thread to the top of the forum. I merged your two posts together.

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Name:Shorya "Dragon"
Apperence:shoulder lengh black hair with two red strips in the front,a blood red tank with black leather pants and black combat boots,black gloves without fingers.
Weapon(s):a black colt long barrel and a pistol in each off her boots,carrys a ruby dagger and hundreds of tiny knives that she throws.
Bio:A firey young girl who comes from a very welthy family, but ran away when she was 12.Out on her own for 2 years thoght her how to take care off herself.She is the fastest gun in the west and dosent mind killing.Hates it when people call her a lilttle kid.Her familys been looking for since she ran away and offers a reward for who ever brings her back but all that go looken end up dead.She travels around with a black wolf she saved when it was a pup she named it Shadow.Shadow protects her from wild animals and sometimes people.They share a really close bond and seem to understand each other.Has no respect for the attoraty at all.Normally quite but speaks her mind when see has to.
Good or Bad:Bad at first but turns good later on
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I need some bad guys people. I only need one more good guy (I'm considering Shorya a good guy) , but I need four more bad guys. If you want to join, can you please be a bad guy. We really need to get some good action in on this story. (a bullet wizzes by her head) 0.0 That's what I mean. ^_^
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Hope I'm not [i]too[/i] late. ^^

Name: Kameko (haha, funny thing...means symbol for long life)
Age: 15 (looks 13 though)
Appearance: Short, light blue hair that is set in spikes (drape down, not up), blue eyes, a criss-cross necklace that wraps around her neck, blue t-shirt with light green vest, dusty blue jeans, white boots, and a red cape. Sometimes wears brown gloves (like Haruko's from FLCL).
Weapon(s): A .45 long colt that goes into a holster on her jeans and a derringer in her vest, just in case.
Bio: She will always say there isn't much to tell about herself, although there is. People often mistake Kameko for a kid becuase of her looks, although she isn't short, and her childish attitude, even though she's really 15. Or at least she [i]thinks[/i] she is (hint hint ^^).
If you ask her anything about herself from five to ten years ago, she couldn't tell you anything and she doesn't know why. Komeko seems mysterious, but really isn't, just confusing
Most of what she can tell you is when she first picked up a gun (four) and when she first fired it (four), but that's about it. Komeko doesn't even remember why she's wondering around, she just is.
Her one purpose is to find Vash the Stampede. She doesn't know why, though, but maybe he can answer some of her questions.
Good or Bad: Good
Sorry if my bio sounded a bit....confusing. :sweat:
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  • 2 weeks later...
Name: Stacotta Bluesummers
Age: 19
Appearance: waist length silver hair, tall and slender, piercing gray eyes, pale skin....wears black tank top and pants w/ black trench coat and boots.
Bio: Stacotta was picked up by Knives as a child. She was his servant until Legato came along. When he got on Knives' good side, he gave Stacotta to him. He often controls her (60-70% of the time), but w/ her free will she tries to run away. She's often used as a GHG b/c she has telepathic, telekinetic abilities (she reads minds but doesn't control them) Her uncontrolled personality is fiery and independent. She doesn't want to be on anyone's side but her. However, she's used by Knives and Legato.
Weapons: Her tele- abilites, 2 high-quality concealed pistols, and a concealed long-knife

What do you guys think?
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this is my first time doing this so i hope i did this right.

Name:Paul Newcom (not related to duke nukum)
Appearance: a tall white male with dirty blond with green eyes and you can just fill thats there something about him. he is wereing blue jeans and a white T-shirt.
BIO:he is on the side of knives he seems nice but deep down he is very mean. he travels around with the good peaple and gathers info. but he will kill for his master yes he is owned by knives but there like family. knives trained him in the way of guns. so he knows how use a weapons.

I hope thats good if not tell me so i can change it.
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Name:Shuno The horn master
Apperence:Tall dark and handsome he wears black suits, black shirts, black ties, thats about all he wears. Keeps his hair short and his solos long. He has a few scars here and there from some close shaves here and there. and he always always has a pair of shades.
Weapon(s): Well his horn and to keep it ineresting A nice long katana(he uses Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu style
Bio:Music and swords both he grew up with as a child his mornings were filled with music from his mother and his nights with fights with his fatherhe mastered both by 18 until his parents were killed while he was out playing a gig he gave up one justice that day because they never found the killer He bacame a assasin mixing music with death to pay the bills he was recuited by legato and has been with him from the start
Good or Bad: i guess I bad to the bone
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Name: Mai Bluesummers
Age: 16
Apperence:Long blue hair, blue eyes, and a white coat (almost exactly like Legato)
Weapons:Gun like Vash's but it's black (and SHINY can't forget shiny!) She can manipulate people just like Legato.
Bio: She's Legato's younger (blood) sister. She is like him in most ways. She only wishes to get revenge on him for abandoning her for Knives.
Good or Bad: EVIL...YAY :demon:
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This recruitment is now filled up. Mai is the last sign up accepted. I can't accept any more people for this, but I still need one more good guy and bad guy for my YuGiOh RPG. I also need some more people for my Anime Worlds RPG. Sorry once again. ^_^;
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  • 1 month later...
[color=navy]Look, I know it says, you're done taking recruitments, but I did PM you ya know to join and Artemis asked to see my sign up so I'm posting it here, allright?

Name:Kayla ???(she doesn't like to disclose her last name)
Age: 19
Apperence: Tall, brown haired woman, brown eyes, black leather jacket, green cargo pants, black boots
Weapon(s): Pistol and a large dagger
Bio: A woman on the edge, she gave up trying to bond with her family as she was a loner and they were hard to understand even to her. She gave up on many things in life all except one, meeting Vash the Stampede. She continued to search for him and left her family and all other aspects of her life behind and devoted her life to searching for him. She is also good friends with Mai, this is the only other thing she didn't leave behind with her (what she calls) "Past Life".
Good or Bad: shes good and bad if thats ok

I changed it just a little from what I sent you JoyKaiba.[/color]
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[color=red]Ok, JoyKaiba is letting me join this because............I'm her brother!

Name: Michael (Mike) G. Wolfwood

Age: around 18-22

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): A cross gun that's like Chapel?s (it splits into two machine guns) and two hidden daggers.

Apperence: He looks almost like Nick, but he has brown hair and his left eye is light green. He wears a black long sleeved button up shirt with has gold cross cufflinks on them, a black vest which he leaves on done, a black pair of slacks, and black dress shoes. He also wears black sunglasses on his head.

Bio: Mike's Nick's twin brother. Nick and him were separated at the age of five. Mike has always blamed Nick for getting them separated. He holds a grudge on Nick to this day. He's also a priest. His teacher was also Chapel, but he still never saw his brother. Even though he has a grudge on his brother, he'll help him.

Good or Bad: Um, I'll make him good in this story[/color]
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