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RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Virtual Trouble


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Amanda opened her eyes to discover she was in the virtual world. She looked around to see if she could spot the others, but there wasn?t a soul around for miles. She stood up and dusted herself off. Suddenly, a screen appeared in front of her face. Mokuba?s face appeared in the screen.

?Are you alright Amanda,? a worried sounded Mokuba asked. Amanda nodded and looked up at the skies. She watched a pink butterfly fly by. She sighed as she gazed into the deep blue sky. Mokuba cleared his throat to get Amanda?s attention. Amanda turned to look at him.

?I?m fine,? Amanda said with a smile, ?but I?m alone.? Mokuba shook his head and typed something on the computer. Amanda crossed her arms.

?It seems like when you guys? minds were transported to the virtual world,? Mokuba said with a unsure look, ?someone or something split you all up.? Amanda looked at her nails and let out a sigh. She looked back up at the sky.

?That?s a good thing,? Amanda said as she looked a cloud, ?I mean now we can cover more ground.? Mokuba shook his head once again. He let out a little whistle this time to get Amanda?s attention. Amanda turned around tapping her fingers on her arms.

?It?s not good,? Mokuba said with a stern look, ?because it?s going to take all of your lead monsters to get Seto out.? Amanda looked a little confused. She didn?t understand why she just couldn?t go rescue Seto. Mokuba pressed a button on his keyboard. A holographic version of the Dark Magician Girl appeared in front of Amanda.

?Oh I get it,? Amanda said with a smile, ?it?s going to take the strength of four monsters to set Seto free.? Mokuba nodded and smiled. Amanda looked at the Dark Magician Girl.

?She?ll be your guide and so will everyone else's lead monster,? Mokuba said with a smile, ?but don?t worry, you?ll still use her to duel with.? Amanda nodded at Mokuba?s words. Mokuba smiled and made the screen disappear. Amanda was alone once again. She made a hand motion to her Dark Magician Girl and started walking into the forest.
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Seth watched as Amanda arrived with detached amusement, at least until Mokuba spoke with her. If she was trying to find Kaiba...he'd just have to stop her.

He emerged from the forest shadows. "Hello," he said to her quietly. "Who are you?"

OOC: Why, exactly, are the evil guys trying to keep Kaiba prisoner?
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Jason was sleeping near a lake in the forest when a sound woke him up. "Even though that felt weird I did get a little rest" jason said as he slide his bandana back onto his head as he stood up. He started stretching as he herd some thing in the water. As he turned around he saw a duel monster come up out of the water. Jason was about to go into a fighing stance untill he saw that it was the deepsea warrior with a card holster. "I was wondering if my cards were around here" jason said as he took the holster and put it on his arm. "I guess you'll be helping me then" jason said. The deepsea warrior just nodded. "Well then. I guess we should start looking for the others" jason said as he walked into the forest with the deepsea warrior following.
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Shonya stared at the ceiling of the cave with bordom
"I hate this its no fun",Shonya jerked her toward Seto,"watching a prisinor I rather be out there deuling."Shonya frowned at Seto then went back to staeing at the ceiling.
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"Hmph, Im gonna find you...even if its the last thing I do!"
Screamed an angry Masu, as he cut the leafs hanging in front of him. He was refering to the one and only duelist he had lost to.
Masu continued to cut down the tree's as he spotted a young boy. He gazed over at him.
"A deep sea warrior, eh?"
He whispered to himself.
"Heh, seems like a worthy opponent. Now, I hope he isn't too easy."
Masu laughed, as he revealed himself from the bush he was hiding behind.
"I am Masu! The Elite! I have come here to challenge you young duelist!"
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Back where Amanda and Seth were, there was a conversation going on between the two.

"I asked you who you are," Amanda shouted with anger. Seth crossed his arms and snorted. He then started walking circles around Amanda. Amanda was getting very mad.

"I'm Seth," Seth said with a hiss, "and I was hired by the Big 5 to stop you from saving Kaiba." Amanda looked shocked as Seth spoke. She didn't know that the Big 5 was behind this. She also didn't know that they would actually hire people to do thier dirty work.

"Well your not going to stop me from saving Seto," Amanda said with a slight temper. Seth stopped walking circles and looked Amanda in her eyes. Amanda looked a little uneasy as Seth stared at her.

"Listen," Seth said with a snort, "you don't know who you're dealing with here." Amanda looked at Seth as he backed away from her. She let out a laugh. Seth gave her a evil look.

"I was about to say the same to you," Amanda said with a snicker. Seth looked reallly unhappy with her. Amanda stopped laughing and put a grin on her face. She reach down to the middle of her leg and opened her card holster. Seth took another step backward and opened his card holster.
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"Well," Seth sighed. "Let's get this over with, then."

"You bet," Amanda bragged. "I can beat you, no problem!"

He drew a card. "The lights are about to go out; don't let it scare you."

He activated his card. "I activate the Magic card 'Mystic Plasma Zone!'"

A dark void formed over the card, and spread around the both of them.

"W...what's going on?" Amanda asked, looking around.

"This magic card will raise all Dark monster by five hundred points. It will work well when I summon this monster: the Dark Jeroid."

A hideously deformed insect monster appeared in front of Amanda. "He's got 2000 attack points as long as the plasma zone stays on the field," Seth explained. "By all means, please attack."
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"Ok," Amanda said with a grin, "but your not going to like it." Seth looked at Amanda as she pulled a card out of her holster. Amanda turned the card around to reveal the picture of the Dark Magician Girl. Seth face struck with horror as Amanda's Dark Magician Girl stepped forward.

"No that's not right," Seth said stunned, "you can't do this." Amanda chuckled as her Dark Magician Girl took on a fighting stance. Seth took a step backward.

"Your magic card backfired because my Dark Magician Girl is a dark type," Amanda said with a grin, "and her attack power is now 2500." Seth looked a little uneasy as Amanda ordered the Dark Magician Girl to attack. He covered his eyes as his Dark Jeroid disappered. Amanda laughed with delight.

"This ain't over yet," Seth said as he went to take out another card. Amanda looked on as Seth placed a card in front of his face.
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Seth smiled slightly. "You fell for my ploy exactly, rookie," he said as he studied his new card. "You did'nt know about the Dark Jeroid's ability. When a monster destroys it, it lowers that monsters attack by 800."

"So..." Amanda did the math. "2500 minus 800....1700?"

Seth nodded. "Exactly. And now, I summon a much more powerful monster, the half-demon spellcaster Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer!"

A shaman with a disfigured face appeared before them. "He had 1800 attack, but with the added bonus, he goes to 2300."

Seth smiled slightly. "Kycoo, attack."
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" Its to quite here,"mumbled Shonya,"I wonder when Seth is coming back".
Shonya picked up her deck and looked thourgh it and picked out her blue eyes and stared at it then quickly put it back.Shonya then sighed
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Amanda quickly pulled a card from her holster. She studied the card and quickly threw it down. As Kycoo got near the Dark Magician Girl, it disappered. Seth looked on in shock. He looked down to discover a huge hole filled with acid. Amanda wiped away some sweat and like out a sigh.

"My Acid Trap Hole works every time," Amanda said with a relived voice. Seth looked down at his lifepoints, he had 1500 from the last time Amanda had attack. Amanda demanded her Dark Magician Girl to attack. Seth looked through his cards nervously, but it was too late. The Dark Magician Girl had already attacked him head on.

"You,you, beat me," Seth said with a stressed look. Amanda let out another sigh. Seth turned his back to Amanda.

"See what happens when you mess with a runner-up world champion," Amanda said as she looked at Seth. Seth walked away. He headed toward the cave that Seto was begin held in. Amanda kept walking through the forest after Seth disappered.
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Seth was subdued, even in defeat. He still wasn't used to the Virtual World rules. In a regular duel, he'd have wiped her out. Next time...

"Ther'es a problem," Seth said. "Someone has come after Kaiba; she was in contact with Mokuba."

He hesitated. "She was very adept using the new rules. I underestimated her."

Shonyra thought. "So...you lost?"

"Well....I experienced a setback..,.nothing major..."

Shonyra smiled. "Heh, you lost."

"Well, anyway," Seth continued. "We've got to be ready...."
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The young boy flinched.
"So you wanna duel, eh? Well your making one really big mistake!" exclaimed the boy.

[i]Beep. Beep.[/i]

"Hm?" said Masu. He reached into his jacket, and withdrew a walky-talky type gadget.

Masu mumbled a few words into the walky-talky, and frowned.

"Ill be right there." He said.

Masu pushed a button on the walky-talky and it went off. He put it back in his jacket and glanced over to the young boy.

"Im afraid our duel will be delayed, due to some [i]buisness[/i] I must attend." he said.

"Ah, leaving so soon?" asked the young boy.

"Hmph, your lucky. Next time nothing will come in the way, and I will crush you with my feinds....until then." Masu explained.

He threw back his hair, and walked back into the forest.
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"No sweat," Seth said. "It's simple: you can play traps and magic cards from your hand. Now that we know, we might be at an advatage against Kaiba's little rescue party. Don't worry."

He shuffled his deck. "They still would have to get past the two of us to free Kaiba. He's not going anywhere."
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((Hi... You said you needed another good guy, so here I am! (check out my sign-up in the Recruitment Forum)))

"Lily! Lily, [I]wake up[/I]."
"Huh?" Lily's dark red eyes fluttered open, and she sat up in her chair. "Oh, hi Mokuba."
"I need your help," said Mokuba, his worried face covering the large screen in front of her.
"Didja have to wake me up? I was dreaming about-" ((bakuracoughcough))
"There's no time for that! Seto's in trouble!"
Mokuba made a sad face.
"Okay, okay, I'll be right over." [I]Click[/I].

((Yeah... whatever...))
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"He's been oftelly quite lately I wonder why"
Shonya started to walk to the room were they had kept Seto in but Seth grabed her and said "No dont go to see him"
"Becaues we need to consentrat at the task at hand"
a sreen poped up and showed another one of the people trying to save Seto then the Big 5 showed up on the sreen and said"This well help you track those fools who think they can save Seto Kaiba"
"Thanks "
then the screen showed all the people who were trying to save Seto.
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"I can't find anyone who's on my team," Amanda said as she wondered through the forest. As soon as she said that, she spotted a Deepsea Warrior begin fallowed by Jason. Jason looked around his monster and spotted Amanda. He quickly ran up to her.

"Amanda," Jason said with a bright smile, "finally a face I recognize." Amanda nodded and looked at Jason's Deepsea Warrrior.

"Yeah same here," Amanda said with a smile. Amanda's Dark Magician Girl smiled and started walking north. Amanda and Jason quickly fallowed. They knew they still had to find two members to thier team and it was a long ways before they would find where Seto was.
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"Why dont we both go then we can lead them away from each other."Shonya said.
"Your forgeting one of us has to watch Seto."Seth repiled.
"He wont go anywhere"
"What if one of the other people comes to ave him Shonya"
"Your forgetting Seth that in order to find him they have to all be together"
"Yes but shouldnt there be more people here trying to stop them from finding him"
"I know its not right we cant do this on our own"
Shonya looked hopfly at the screen hoping to see somone that would help them to keep the little rescue party from finding each other.
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Amanda and Jason had taken a break at an opening in the forest. They were wondering where the other two members of thier team could possible be. The Dark Magician Girl and the Deepsea Warrior looked as if they were in deep thought. Amanda opened one eye and looked at her Dark Magician Girl.

"What do you think thier thinking about," Amanda asked Jason as she looked at him. Jason shruged his shoulders and pulled his bandana back over his eyes. Amanda closed her eyes again. A little later, Amanda woke up to the sound of a girl's voice comeing from the trail. The voice was muttering some unpleasent things. Amanda jumped up and ran to the trial. She recognized the girl on the trail. It was Lily, one of Mokuba's good friends. Amanda called out to her. Lily turned around.

"Amanda, is that you," Lily shouted. Amanda nodded her head as Lily ran up to her. Amanda looked at Lily kind of weird.

"Where's your Guide Monster," Amanda said with a confused look. Lily looked kind of confused herself.
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"Am I late...?"
said a dark shadow behind Shonya.
"Masu? Is that you?"
She asked coming closer to the figure.
The dark figure lifted up his hat, so his face was visible. It was Masu indeed.
"Sure is..."
Masu looked at Seto at the corner of his eyes.
"Exactly how many people are coming to save this scoundrel?"
Masu asked.
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