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Art Sword Girl's banners (updated...often)


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For me, banner threads die. I don't want this one to though, so please keep posting. ^^;;
Yeah, I'll get right to it.

Dunno if you saw this in the banner making contest:
Zero. White Dragons. White Feather. Dragons.

Made this one just recently:
Yes, that's really kanji in the background, saying Bakunetsumaru.

Made this for a girl named DemonBabe:)...13, to be accurate:
Yes, it's suppossed to be like that.

One I made for somebody but used they used it on their website Xo:
I really like this one. ^^
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I like the Inuyasha one. Though the middle picture of him doen't look like the other two. Though you did say it was supposed to look like that, it looks kind of wierd. Maybe just not 'blended' as the others.

What does it say in the backround of the zero banner? I guess it might be a fragment of a saying that was cut off from a bigger piece, but I just want to know.

Though I've never been a fan of Digimon, I like the one you made. The backround is, to me, the highlite of the banner.

Though my favorite is the second gundam one. I think it's a gundam one. My my, I need to keep up with the times.... I like in the backround the same picture, but slight differences in between them, like the changing color. The writing is cool, and the gundam rushing out is also very cool. And the little 'rips' on the sides.

-A non-artist's comments. Rada
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First Banner: The text in the middle doesn't clsah well with the background or the images nor does the background go well with the images either. Probably because everything seems to be just placed together with no real cooridnation. Nothing stands out. Also, the text isn't that great. I'm not sure what it says since the images are blocking it. I would recommend on making one of the images stand out a bit more. Probably put a small glow around it? Don't make it light, either. Play around with the text and make sure it has a more smooth look. I must say, the images you did use seem to be of very nice quality.

Second Banner: This banner is a bit better. There is a focal image that stands out nicely. However, there's that text again. The banner overall has a smooth look, but that text isn't, therefore clashing oddly. I'm not sure why the text looks grainy or of low quality. Though, maybe that's what you wanted. The background in this image blends better with the image than the background in the first banner. While it could use a bit more work, mostly on the text, I find it appealing and pretty nice. :)

Third Banner: Out of the 4 you posted, I dislike this one the most. Probably because it's just 3 images put together on some background that doesn't really fit with a border color that doesn't really go.. I'm unsure of what effect you were trying to do on the left of that banner, but it looks odd. My recommendation: Limit yourself to using 1-2 images and cutting them better. The images on both sides look nice, the middle ones doesn't really look all that great. Probably because it's not the same kind of image like the other two.

Fourth Banner: While it's a very nice banner, the background also needs a bit more work. Though, I can see why it sorta does fit. The background looks like energy and the nice blue glow around the images adds a nice though. However, it's still a bit rough. The inner border is a nice touch also. Just try making the background abite more subtle so the 3 main images stand out a but more.

Overall, you should play around with layers and filters more. I recommend reading some tutorials of the program you use to make your banners.
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Hehe, its so cute! ^^
I think I have a curse...whenever I post in a thread again, it always dies....

I'm on a SD Gundam spree, so sorry to all you guys who can't stand it. =P
It's Gun Eagle! Wee! ^^
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by .h4ck [/i]
[B]chibi gundams!!!! here katana take this pics, its kinda a chibi link, well link drawn in anime ^^ its kinda small, but a good avi size [/B][/QUOTE]
Actually, the highest pixel size for avatars that we allow is 80 x 80, and this picture is clearly over the limits. An honest mistake, because I know you'd never upload a random image just to get it uploaded. :)
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I must be cursed...Syk3's post was the only thing allowing me to post...

One I made this afternoon for Azure_Skies:

The modified version, she wanted more blue:
Personally, I think the first one is better...

A Gogeta banner a newbie named Speed Demon wanted:

That's it for today!!! ^^
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Hi Katana^^
Your bannner's look great. Especially Bakunetsumaru because The Kanji in the background looks great, and so does the pic of Bakunetsumaru, nice, and clear.

The DigiWorld Banner looks awesome! I love it^_^. The color scheme is great^^ And the pics were nicely cropped out.

The Speed Demon one looks nice too, the only problem I can find is that the border is on the left, top, and right side, but its not on the bottom...
Plus the fonts a little hard to read.
Other than that It looks great.

Keep it up Katana^-^
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Wee! Thanks Shippo! *hugs Shippo*

If anybody has seen Hacker Kite, then his/her (I have no idea...) sig, you'll notice a banner that I made. And believe it or not, I made that in MS Paint *gasp* Because it was so horrible, I deleted it from my hard drive and now, I've made a better one! ^^
This is what HK wanted; a banner with Balmung, Helba, and Kite, along with their names, so yeah.
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