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Sign Up Pride of an Ninja ( swearing , content , bloodshead)


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A ninja had little of a code to follow by unlike the samurai who followed bushido. Bushido commanded the samurai to live by the sword and die by the sword. An samurai could not sabatoge or sneak into an enemy's house these task were not allowed under stricted rules. For such a task you called for an ninja to sabatoge and assassinate your enemy. An ninja was well trained in all sorts of weapons and fighting skills. Most important to an ninja or samurai was pride and honor. This is an tale of an ninja named Kazuya who belives his pride and honor was crushed by an infamous rurouni warrior who turned his back on the way of bushido. Kazuya now seeks to regan what he belives is to be crushed by finishing what was started two years ago.

What I need is some travlers to join up with Kazuya or not they all have reasons for what their doing. For the reason being gainig respect, revenge , etc. Also it would be nice if some could rp as the infamous rurouni and stir up trouble and etc.

I hope this takes off.

Weapon( guns are yes but they would have to be those old pistols don't know name of the pistol.)
descreption( I can't have millions of ninja's so if you try to be diffrent)

Name: I'll be Kazuya

Weapon: Katana and a Kusari-gama ( an short chain with an sickle at end)

gender/age: male age 23

bio: It was only two years ago at the age of 21, Kazuya was given an mission to kill an rurouni swordsmen . The rurouni was an trader that had commited war crimes, word soon reached through out japan about the rurouni. Kazuya just gaining respect for his involvment in the war , as the mission was going to close . Kazuya was blindsided by the infamous rurouni , Kazuya was wounded. His wound caused him to fail the mission and the rurouni soon escaped. After failing Kazuya spread the rumor that he was killed , for two years Kazuya has searched for this rurouni to finaly end what was started two years ago.

description: an red hakama cut of at shoulders, red mask over mouth, silver hair, black wrist gaurds , black tabi boots, black sash.Brown eye's , 5'11 , 189 pounds
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[color=seagreen][font=times new roman][i][b]I will take the liberty to be the rival here. I hope you don't mind the rurouni warrior to be a woman..thought it would put an interesting twist^~

[u]Name[/u]~ Anya Himura, wandering rurouni warrior
[u]Gender[/u]~ Female
[u]Age[/u]~ 22

[u]Description[/u]~ 5'2" 110lbs, dark brown hair that falls chin length, tanned skin, freakishly golden yellow eyes. She wears a black body suit(like Sango's) with blue trimming, a blue mask over her nose and mouth, blue bandana that is under her hair, only seen on her forehead and the excess trails down her back, and a blue sash that hangs around her waist. On her back is the trademark every man, woman, and child know, the blue spider.

[u]Weapons[/u]~ Carries the usual ninja weaponry. Chinese throwing stars, a tanto and ninjato, numb chucks, and her favorite, a pair of brass knuckles that are attatched with a thin, very sharp, reinforced steel wire. When the wire is wrapped around the neck, one gently tug and the head will come clean off of the neck.

[u]Bio[/u]~ Born in a small village, Anya had a normal childhood. She was always getting into trouble, all of her friends were boys, and when they came of age they began training to become samurai's. Naturally, she wanted to be one too, but she was a female. It was forbidden for a female in the village to be a samurai.

But her best friend, who was a samurai in training, taught her the ways and techniques of the bushido. They became closer than friends, their parents found out and exiled him from the village. They punished her by cutting her very long and beatiful hair. In this village, this act showed that she was a disgrace and she was a dishonor to her family.

Shortly after, she ranaway from the village and turned her back on the samurai ways. She has been wandering for years, killing ninja's, samurais, and any of those who oppose her. By her hand many men had died. Anya is was only 18.

At the age of 20, She had formed a small tribe called the Onigumo Clan, their trade mark was a blue spider on their suits. Due to the raging wars, her small tribe was crushed. This infuriated Anya and she went after the head of the opposing force.

It was then she was confronted by a powerful ninja by the name of Kazuya. She defeated him, but has heard rumor over these past 2 years that he still lives. Now she is on her journey to seek out Kazuya and kill him.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Hidama Kyoukan

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000katana.jpg]Twin Katanas[/URL], Neko-Tes that are attached to a pair of black gloves, and [URL=http://www.bynoon.com/images/movie25.jpg]Shuriken[/URL]

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment- for now.

[B]Bio:[/B] Hidama grew up in a village where the women were to do the household work and men were chosen to become ninja's if they wish.

When her mother was pregnant, her father and mother hoped and prayed to the gods for a son. When her mother came into labor and brought her into the world, they soon saw that they recieved a daughter. Although wishing for a son, they still loved their daughter.

As Hidama grew up, she was taught of the work women do as well as the art of Ninjitsu. At the age of 10, she was given her katana, the one she still holds. At that same age, she became the only female ninja in the village. She was proud and knew she would follow the code.

As she grew up, she became agile, stealthy, strong, and her senses heightened. She also knew how to disguise herself. She had learned the different styles of Ninjitsu.

While she practiced the art of Ninjitsu, she knew about Kazuya. She worshipped him and knew one day, she would be as great as he.

Now at the at of 17, she knew about Kazuya's supposed death and the Rurouni Warrior who had tried to kill him. She left her village and went on a journey to search for him and learn the ways.[/size][/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Motokazu Noriyuki



[b]Weapons:[/b] [url=http://www.nootrope.net/katana.jpg]Katana[/url] and a [url=http://web.mit.edu/chosetec/www/photo/wakizashi.jpg]wakizashi[/url]

[b]Description:[/b] He is an older man, his once pure black hair turning grey at his temples. Almost always there is a stern look on his face. He stands out 5'9" and is dressed in a plain brown hakama and blue shirt. He carries his [i]daisho[/i](paired swords) thrust into his belt and he walks with the gait of a noble samurai.

[b]Bio:[/b] He was a [i]samurai[/i] who faithfully servedc his lords in all aspects. Unfortunately, his lord died in battle when Noriyuki was 25. He than retreated to the mountains as a [i]ronin[/i], perfecting his sword skills, as well as his own sword style, the [i]kusanagi-ryu[/i], or "the Grass Cutting Style." He has now emerged to finish his days wandering Japan.
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[b]Name:[/b] Kenoki "Ken" Shenziko
[b]Weapon:[/b] Katana: This sword is a heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation. It doesn't have big history, just that it was used in several wars.
Wakizashi: This sword he bought in a market. It is an almost identical match to his Katana, except that it is slightly shorter.
[b]Gender/Age:[/b] Male/28
[b]Bio:[/b] Ken is a samurai, that follows the code of the ninja, and the code of the samurai at the same time. Although they quite often contradict one another, Ken finds ways to make it work to his advantage.

As the Lords of the country heard about the strangeness of Ken, they quickly went to employ him after the failure of Kazuya. Ken sees this quest as a mission of honor. He feels that if he defeats Kazuya that he will have restored Kazuya's honor. Though he doesn't know Kazuya is still alive.
[b]Description:[/b] Wears a white under garment, black full length kimono, hakama pants and a black haori, and tabi boots. (Look it up if you don't know what it is) He is about 5'11" tall. Short black hair and black eyes.

~If you don't agree with this tell me, and it shall be changed.~
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[color=blue][size=1]Oo!! Is it too late to join?!

Name: Katzurugi "Kitty" Montague

Gender/Age: 21 year old female

Weapons: Throwing stars and a katana

Bio: Was left out on the streets at a young age by her mother since she couldn't take care of her. "Kitty" resorted to pety theft and gambling to get enough money to raise herself, so by the age of 12, she was a wanted criminal to many towns. She was taken into an ex-samurai's home at the age of 13, and underwent severe dicipline(sp?) and training to become a very powerful succesor to the samurai. But the night before she became his official succesor, she was chased out of the town by several angry townspeople, making her an outlaw. She now travels as a ninja because she hated the rules of a samurai. Now she is a ruthless killer, but a good companion at times.

Description: Has long brown hair and bright, piercing green eyes. She normally wears all dark blue or black under her blue kimono, and sandals. Wears black cloth over her face when she goes into kill someone. She's 5'9" and weighs a little over 110 lbs.

I hope that's okay!![/color][/size]
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