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Art Airbrushed banner


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I've just started airbrushing, so don't be too harsh. I'll just choose a random banner I made for another forum.


I chose this one because the airbrushing gives me an invigorating feeling. It says "your name" because it was a banner that I was auctioning off (with a forum that has a money system).

Please leave comments :)
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Hmmm, you actually put the "pond ripple" effect (I know it's not what it's called but it's something along those lines...) too good use x_X. Basically same problems as before though I don't like the text (okay so your going to change it anyway so that doesn't really count I guess), the border is just kinda "bleh" maybe a greenish border or a double border? Just something to jazz it up... The butting on the stock image could also have been done better, and possibly just a suggestion but if the stock image was nudged down a bit so it looked a bit more centered, I do believe that would make the signature look better as well.

Now as I said before the pond ripple effect does look good, and the aibrushing itself is somewhere along the lines of medicore, atleast you didn't try to overdo it. To the direct right of the stock image where that "misty" airbrushing is make that a tad bit brighter and hmmm... The way the other "stream" of airbrushing tends to float out from the center of "the pond" and behind the text that's also neato =O... But maybe make another smaller "stream" like that slightly above that first stream (it might look good but it's hard to say without actually seeing it).

And those vector lines... They remind me of something I used to do alot ^___^ well to tell you the truth I still do~! But although I like how those look possibly putting them somewhere else on the sig would look better, because right now they just look "bunched" and that top right corner of the signature just looks "full" while in comparison the center looks a tad "empty".
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Thanks for the comments. It's always nice to hear your critique Hittokiri :) I understand what you are saying with all of your points and I'll try to improve the image. I've never really heard of the "pond ripple" effect, but I'm guessing that you mean the little swirl in the center. There was practically no work involved with that :p It's just a brush I found and placed in the center. All of the little dots are just pixie dust with a "Color Dodge" Outer Glow.

Again, thanks for the comments :)
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I'm totally with SaiyanPrincessX.
The banner itself is great, yet the quality of the girl used in it is not.

And the banner may look even better when you decrease the height a little, probably just me so dont bother doing it heh.

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