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So sorry about the wait. Here you go. This goes in a sort of alphabetical order, so bear with me. I'll also have the Japanese names with them.

Angela "Enjiira"- The girl who develops a quick and fickle crush on Gohan. She goes on one date with him.

Android #8 "Jinzouningen Hachi aka Hachan"- Dr. Gero's first "successful" creation, (although there was a BIG plot hole in the anime that said Dr. Frappe invented him, but I won't touch on that). Number 8 was magnificently powerful, but possessed a conscience. He befriended Goku who renamed him Hatchan.

Andriod #13 "Jinzouningen Juusan Gou"- The tall hickish leader of the Androids and main villian of DBZ movie 7, "The Three Super Saiya-jin". He's basically a rip-off of Cell. By himself he's fairly powerful, but when he absorbs two components from Artificial Humans 14 and 15, he turns into a BIG Artificial Human who I must admit is really quite cool.

Android #14 "Jinzouningen Juuyon Gou"- a big blue guy who looks like he came from a Conan the Barbarian movie. He's the "strongman" of the three Androids in DBZ movie 7 and eventually faces of against Trunks.

Android #15 "Jinzouningen Juugo Gou"- My personal favorite of the three villains in DBZ movie 7. He's an "alcoholic android" that takes a swig from his whiskey can every few minutes. He dresses similar to Boy George and he's also very tiny. He's killed by Vegeta and in my opinion has the funniest death.

Android #16 "Jinzouningen Juuroku Gou"- A pacifist Artificial Human, Number 16 is soley devoted to killing Goku, but as for the Earth, he loves it and wishes no harm to come to it. He suppresses his goal to kill Goku long enough to join the Cell Games, but ends up sacrificing himself against Cell to make Gohan get enough going to go SS2.

More coming next week. ;)
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i just wanna do 1 echee nee sun (1 2 3)
android 17's. "Sheshomen tiashioter" android 17, made by dr. gero. During a fight with Piccolo he becomes absorbed by Cell.
Artificial 17 and super 17: Dr. Gero and Myuuu sre in Hell. They make an artificial seventeen. which fuses with androi 17 they become super 17.
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Okay, here's a more in depth one.

Android #17 "Jinzouningen Juuana Gou"- One half of the "Devilish Pair", Number 17 is an enhanced human. His sister is Artificial Human #18. His last real battle was against Piccolo and in my opinion is one of the best fights in DBZ history. He's later absorbed by Cell and dies with him.

Android #17(future) "Mirai no Jinzouningen Juuana Gou"- Only different from his counterpart of the past in his lust for blood, he still has the same adventure-seeking attitude of present day 17. But you know, there's a slight twist, like how he drag races air cars....on people. He's killed by Future Trunks.

Android #18 "Jinzouningen Juuhachi Gou"- More thoughtful and calm than her brother, Number 18 takes on a much larger role in the series as she goes on to marry Krillin later in DBZ, and fight alongside Goku for a bit in DBGT. She was another one of Gero's evil enhanced humans.

Android #18(future) "Mirai no Jinzouningen Juuhachi Gou"- Very much like Number 18 of present day, she has the same vain attitude and apathy for her brother's reckless habits. But of course, she has her violent side too and can get very....touchy if she doesn't like her opponent. She's killed by Mirai Trunks.
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I am sooooooo sorry. I totally forgot about this post. Here you go.

Android #19 "Jinzouningen Juukyu Gou"- An entirely mechanical machine, #19 has the ability to suck ki into a red ball on his palms. Vegeta takes care of this by ripping off his arms.

Android #20 "Jinzouningen Nijuu Gou"- This robot shell serves as a device to carry on Dr. Gero's life. Encased in the head of this robot is Dr. Gero's brain. Built to look and talk like him, this robot is a "reincarnation", if you will, of Dr. Gero. Like 19 he can also absorb energy in through his palms, and eventually is killed by Gero's creation, 17. Talk about irony.

Arale Norimaki- The main character of Dr. Slump, Arale is a little robot built by Senbe who is hyperactive and fun loving. Even though she's just a little kid, (she was born in the year 745 AD) she's brilliant and is already in high school. She meets up wiht Goku in the manga, and she travels around with him for a bit on the Nimbus. Later on she rescues Goku by beating up Blue Shogun.

Akira Toriyama- Toriyama-san himself shows up in Dragon Ball (drawn in robot-form) from time to time as a joke. He was born in 1955 and worked on Dragon Ball from 1984 to 1995.

Aoi Kimidori- This is Akane Kimidori's older sister. She runs the Coffee Pot Café in Penguin Village.

Akane Kimidori- This is one of the main characters of Dr. Slump. She's one of Arale's best friends and she's a bit of a tomboy.

Arqua- A strange little competitor in the Annoychi Budoukai AKA Heaven's Martial Arts Tournament. He resembles a mna crossed with a fish, and while he's a terrible fighter on land, even Goku isn't much of a match for him in the water.

More later. :toothy:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Katana [/i]
Akira Toriyama- Toriyama-san himself shows up in Dragon Ball (drawn in robot-form) from time to time as a joke. He was born in 1955 and worked on Dragon Ball from 1984 to 1995.

i never knew that, which episodes does he appear on?
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Devil Man "Akuman"- One of Urani Baba's nastiest fighters, he gave Goku a run for his money and tried to explode his heart by expanding all the evil inside it, but unfortunately for him, he didn't know that Goku had a pure heart.

Apple "Apuuru"- One of Frieza's men on Namek. His life is extinguished by Vegeta when he escapes from the healing tank.

Almond "Amondo"- The stockiest of the villians from DBZ Movie 3, "The Tree of Might". He's killed by Goku.

Angira- A pretty-boy villian from DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku", known in America as "Lord Slug". Modeled after Zarbon, this evildoer is killed when he swallows his own ki attack that Goku deflects back at him.

Burter "Baata"- Burter is the tall blue member of the Ginyu Force that possesses incredible speed. He's killed by Vegeta.

Bacterian "Bakuterian"- A huge filthy competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai (World's Martial Arts Tournament) who hasn't washed or brushed his teeth since the day he was born. He uses his stench as a weapon since his opponent needs to hold thier nose closed, he can attack them better. Bacterian is 6'8" tall and weighs a whopping 435 and 1/2lbs. Krillin beats him when he realizes... he doesn't have a nose!

Bardock- Bardock is Goku's father and the only Saiyan who knew what was going to become of his planet Vegeta and its people. He was cursed to see the future and saw glimpses of his planet being destroyed, as well as images of his son's life on Earth. He makes a last stand against Frieza and tries to kill him, but of course his attempt is fruitless and he's killed by the biggest Death Ball Freiza ever created. But his dying finally made him realize that it was not him that was destined to kill Frieza, it was his son (which is incorrect as well). He talks to his son from the after-life while little Kakarot is on his way to Earth and charges him with the task of killing Frieza to avenge his father, and the Saiyan race.

More later. ;)
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