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Well, that's exactly what it is. My pink one is really freaking ugly (I just wanted something in pink. Maybe I'll put this banner in pink. . .). Anyway, it's actually just the banner for my website (which will be open some day), but I enjoy the effect I made and I use it alot. Anyway, it's just a cropped version of the banner, but what do you think?

E D I T: Haha, forgot the image.


E D I T 2: Muahahaha

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[color=blue][size=1]Nice job Kinetic! I love Trigun, and the pic of Vash is awesome! The colors and font are wonderful, too. I also like how you did the background and all those funky shapes. Well, lets rate this thing!

Vash Banner: 9/10 The only flaw is that the pic of Vash is a little vague(did I use that in the right context?) so it's hard to see his hands. Other than that, great job!

That's it for me! Laterzez!!

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Sadly not many people reply to graphical art much anymore. Which is a shame because the talent on this board is gradually growing.

Anyway, the banners.

Blue: The backgrounds ok and I use "ok" lightly. It seems to me that the banner is ..... I dont know, low quality? Not so much the left but the right seems to be a bit grainy. The left side looks quite nice, the misty effect would've looked better throughout the whole banner I feel though. The thing that stands out the most though is that terrible font you used and use regularly. If I suggested anything that needs to be changed its that horrible font.

Pink: see above.
I dont like the shade either. :/

Blue: 7/10
pink: 5/10
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