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RPG Trigun: Faded Footsteps [Contains Spoilers]


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[I] "Knives! I thought you were changed! I thought you were...."

"Now, now, brother! I have changed. I now see that you are a fool, and I see that you cannot be considered my brother. It disgusts me to think that such a weakling, such a pathetic man is my own flesh and blood, and so, you must die aswell!"

"What!?! Your insane Knives! Don't d it! NOOOOO!!!" [/I]


"No! Huh, huh......" Vash awoke from his horrible dream, nightmare, memory. Vash slowly ran his open fingers threw his sweaty hair and over his face.

He slowly got up from his bed and met the rising sun with his drowsy eyes. He turned his back and dressed himself and gathered his things. Vash knew he couldn't stay in one town for too long. The Bounty Hunters were everywhere and more would be harmed because of the bounty on his head.

Vash had changed his signature red coat so he wouldn't be recongnized as well and had grown his hair down and pulled it into a spikey pony tail. He now wore a dark blue trench coat open with a white shirt and pants under it. He thought to himself ironically, [I]I guess I'll be known as the devil in blue now...[/I] He left the Inn he was in and made his way to New July, the rebuilt town that Vash had destroyed so many years ago. It seemed like a different life then, though. So many things had changed, and most not for the better, but Vash new that he mustn't let things bother him, or he would be destroyed, and if he were destroyed, God only knows what would come to this world.....

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Gate walked towards a bus and looked at the driver,

"This bus go to the town of LR?" asked Gate.

"Yes it does, but I don't see why anyone would want to go there," replied the driver.

"Then why are you driving there?"

The bus driver shrugged. "Are you gettin' in or not?"

Gate walked into the bus and sat down.

'[I]I know he won't be there, but there should be some signs left of Mr. Typhoon...[/I] ' Gate thought to himself.

The bus went off towards the ruins of LR, unknowingly to Gate, Vash was in the town he just left.
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In a Post Office in town of New July, a young man was signing out a form for a big box that was right next to him on the counter. Once he filled it out he handed it to the employee in front of him.

"Alright Mr. Madigan, all we need now is money for the delivery. You do now it'll take a couple of weeks to get the package to December?"

Clyde simply nodded and handed him the cash. The employee grunted as he picked up the box.

"Damn, what do you have in this thing?"

He didnt answer. All that was in there was some clothes, toys, souvenirs, and a small envelope with a wad of cash. Clyde leaned against the counter, waiting. He then overheard two people in the line behind him. He tried to drown them out but then he heard something interesting.

"Did you hear? Vash the Stampede was spotted in a town not to far away from here. Word is that he might be coming here."

Clyde began to listen in intently but snapped from his thoughts as he heard the employee talk to him.

"Alright Mr. Madigan, everything's going to be fine and I would like to thank you for using the New July Post Off-"

He stopped when he was Clyde was already out the door. Clyde quickly made his way back to the Inn he was staying in and talked to the Inn Keeper.

"I need my room for another day or two. Here's the money."

Clyde then just walked upstairs to his room and lied down on the bed, letting out a sigh.

"[i]If the Humanoid Typhoon is really coming here, then I'll be ready.[/i]"

He then just sat up on the bed and began to meditate.
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Minami waking through the sand stopped. The wind blew and picked up the sand twirling it about. Dust lifting into her scarf, and blew around her face. The sudden wind settled, she pushed the dust off the scruff. Looking forwards there was a minute speck on the horizon. Seeming the quite little town of New July, and by the rumors floating around the next stop. The next expected mark of Vash the Stampede. Looking forwards, Minami continued walking on.

As Minami walked on, her shadow seemed to shift strangely as any type of breeze blew. Entering past the sign, on it read: Welcome, New July. Feeling a strange shiver down her spin, Minami felt around to find where her weapon was canceled under neither her over coat. Gripping the gun through her coat, she let her hand fall. Scanning the area around her, Minami looked around to see if she could sight Vash. But no use, only the normal residence of NJ. Walking around she began to ask of any sightings. Over and over she asked the same question, and every time it was the same. No Vash.

Investigating, she still had no word of Vash. Only people with new rumors. And they were of no use either, all of them discarding a fact that the rest of the officials and she already knew. After covering most part of the town she still had nothing, but as of now had made up a song. "O'l Vash, Stampede, gonna pay the price, I'm gonna take you. Never gonna see the light of day again..." she sang this repeatedly as she walked.

Walking down a alley, she stopped signing. And saw a man in a blue coat stride by. Thinking back to the rumors and the facts Minami thought it was a possibility of Vash. But how could she be sure? Only catching a brief glance wasn't enough to arrest someone, and especially on such charges. From what she saw, he hadn't looked all that much as she had pictured him anyways. Discarding this though she, walked out of the alley. But for some reason unknown to her she took a look to the side she had seen the man heading. He wasn't there...

Yet she went to her right, just incase it was him. And if she found him, and he wasn't Vash the Stampede. Minami would question him anyways, just for the fun of it. By her bets he'd have some rumor or something else to say about Vash that'd be worth hearing...Everyone did. Walking she started to sing her little song again.
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The slurring of words is not accidental, my character is really, really drunk.
Skieth stumbled out of a tavern in New July city, drunk as can be.

He tripped over a rock, turned around and yelled, "Watch it, lady!"

A man walking on the side of the street came over a tried to help Skieth up. "Hey! Youshouldn trwy ann mug meh!" Skieth threw a fist at the man's head, knocking him out.

The police standing on the side of the road casually walked over and put Skeith in handcuffs. "All right there, you'll be spendin' the night in jail."


Skieth woke up, drenched in sweat, his nightmare fresh in mind. Showing not a sign of a hangover, Skieth casually walked over to the door of the cell and busted it open with a single kick.

Grabbing his coat and his shotguns, he walked outside and into the Inn nextdoor. "Just gimme a room, I don't care witch." Skieth said as he dropped some money on te counter, took a key, and went upstairs.
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Vash was riding in the back of the bus, heading to New July. He just sat back, chewing on a peice of wheat and listneing to the idle talk of the passengers, as he hummed a mellow, yet, upbeat. It felt good not to get recognized by people. It felt good to, for once, not be chased so much. As longas he layed low, he was happy. Vash opened one of his closed eyes to see that they wre entering New July. Vash sat up and got his small bag of luggage ready.

The Bus stopped and Vash hopped off of it. He strolled down the side walks of the peaceful, yet, bustling town. Vash saw many happy faces and this made him happy aswell. He took a quick turn and walked into a small tavern that he favored. HE had visited the town before, and so he was adapted to it ways.

"Hey, its Felix!" A stubby bartender called out to the crowd as Vash walked into the door. The entire bar raised there glasses with a cheerful "Yeah!".

"Hey, nice to be back in town." Vash said with a smile....

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Walking along, through the crowd she saw the man in the blue coat. Running up behind him, she tapped him lightly on the shoulder. He turned and the response she got was, "Wha..." The man had bags under his eyes, and his breath smelt as if he had been drinking. Minami took a step back with out even thinking of it. [i]Certainly not Vash[/i]; she thought.

"Excuse me," Minami managed to say, while holding her breath, "But have you had any sighting of Vash the Stampede, or any information on him?"

"Maybe...why yes I do, really..." the man said stumbling, "I'll tell you if you buy me a drink. Hehe...I'm flat broke...So what you say you get me a drink and I'll give you my information?"

[i]And this is the only lead I have?[/i] : she though, [i] Better then none I guess.[/i] Sighing heavily, Minami nodded and they walked to the pub.

Walking into the doors of the pub, they went past every one. The soon she get the information if any the fast she could do her job. Taking a seat she ordered two drinks. One for her and one for the drunk. After taking one sip of his drink the man started rambling on, but he said nothing of Vash. On and on he went, about absolutely nothing.

After while of his non-sense, she just ignored him and kept ordering drinks to keep her self occupied. After what it was, what she thought to be her fifth drink. She banged her head on the counter, tried of listening to the man. Lifting her head from the counter, she finally got too tired to drink and drown out the mans words. Clunking the rambling drunk in the back of the head with one of the cups. Knocked him and out. The mans head fell to the counter, and snorings sounds came. "Finally!" Minami yelled.
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"We're here," mumbled the driver, awakening Gate from his sleep.

"Buh? We are? Okay." Gate stumbled out the door and fell face first into the sand.

"Good luck out here, buddy," said the driver as the bus zoomed away as fast as it could go.

Gate stood up, brushing the dust of his clothes, and looked around.

[I]'Not much left of what actually looks like a town. Whatever that freak did, he did it well.'[/I] He thought.

He was quite suprised not to find a single body.

[I]'They probably all ran at first site of Typhoon...'[/I] He paused, [I]'How they would know it was him is unknown to me...'[/I]

"This place is completely empty... What a useless waste of time," Gate said as he walked toward the edge of the ruins, when he realized something.

"....I should have told him to stay..." Gate said after seeing no sign of transportation, "I wonder how many iles till the next town..."
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Mason sat across a dimly lit room from a man in a wide ten gallon hat. "Here's the scoop. Of course rumors are flying in from all over, but there's a higher concentration of them over in New July."

"I can't belive you suckered me into this. Following Vash is completely idiodc. The guy would be about a hundred some-odd years old."

"My offer stands, five billion double dollars just to check it out."

"...fine." Mason stood up and walk out the door. The sandy streets were all but empty. A traveling market pulled itself dirsctly onto the main street, completely hiding it. After a while of looking, Mason found the bus stop and climbed aboard the bus. "New July?" The driver nodded. "Yep, next stop. Grab a seat, if you can find one." Mason looked back. The bus was crowded with the normal mob of fanatics it always was when a Vash rumor came into play. "Why in blazes did I agree to this?"
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Vash dreamed in his drunken haze. He dreamt of the same incident. Vash remebered seeing Knives walk into the room of hit hotel.....

[I] "Knives!!! Its you! What happened to you?"

"Oh, I only went to run an erand."

"Don't play dumb with me Knives! Where did you go after I took you from Demetri!?!"

"As I said, Vash, only running an erand......"[/I]


"Hey, wake up!" an adjitated femal voice said.

"Huh, what? GAh! My head!" VAsh yelled in his hang over.

"You got drunk, you idiot, now I need to know, where is your hotel?" the girl said to Vash. He looked aroudn and noticed that she had his arm over her shoulder. They were outside in the middle of the dark street.

"Uhh, oh thats ride. I don't have a hotel yet." Vash ansewered her with a waavy and cracky voice.

"What!?! You idiot! God, now I have to find you one."

"Remember? I said I was broke." Vash said with a smile.

The girls eye twitched with anger and frustration. "Damn it!!..... Okay, heres what were gonna do, tell me what you know about Vash the Stampede, and I'll buy you a hotel room." The girl said. Vash looked up in suprise and fear..... HE thought to himself...

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Gate had been walking for some amount of time, and had started getting tired.

[I]'What's the use... I don't even know if there is a town this way,'[/I] he thought to himself.

Despite what he said he kept walking for a while, then fell on the ground. He then heard something, the sound of a bus. He looked where the sound was coming from.

It was drove past him and straight to LR.

"This just isn't my day..." Gate mumbled to himself.

After a few minutes had pased he saw a truck coming towards him, then it drove over the hill infront of him.

Gate pulled himself up and walked over the hill to find the town of New July.


He then stumbled into town to find an inn.
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Becoming inpatient, Minami was getting annoyed all the more by the minute. And being half way drunk her self wasn't helping at all.

"So what's it gonna be?" Minami asked, enraged.

"Once I have a hotel room, I'll tell you all I know...So is it a deal?"


Walking down the dusty roads, helping along the drunk. It began to become darker and darker as the time passed by looking for the hotel. Finally, the two saw a little over hanging sign that read: Inn. In big bold lettering, walking in side Minami went to the counter while setting the man down on a chair. Ordering and paying for the two rooms, the owner of the hotel looked over Minami's shoulder and waved to the drunk. Confused, she ignored this and took the two pairs of keys to the rooms.

Heaving the drunk up the stairs and taking him to his room. She helped him take a seat on his bed and gave him his keys.

"Stay in here, and don't go anywhere! I want my information and I plan to get it," Minami said walking out the door, "Got that!?!"

The man nodded, and she left the room. Walking down the hall looking for the room she began to sing her little song. The man heard this and sat up right on the bed...
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[I]There was a blast of light. The whole city was consumed. The sound of people screaming rang throughout the world.
There, standing in the middle, was a figure dressed in rags. A sullen, death-like expression was on his face.
Something didn?t seem right?[/I]

?DAD!? Nami yelled, bolting up. Beads of sweat trickled down her face. Was that figure ? that man ? really her father? It was a voice from the past, coming to haunt the daughter of the ledgendary outlaw.
Nami sat on the edge of the bed, breathing heavily. Where was her father? Something just wasn?t right; Nami could sense it. Her father was gone.
?MOM!? she yelled a few minutes later, banging her fist on her mother?s door. ?Mom! It?s dad! He?s gone!?
A woman of medium-short height opened the door. ?Vash?? she asked. ?Is Vash gone??
?Yeah, like I said. I had a dream ? about July, remember? He told me that when I was younger.?
Meryl put a head on Nami?s shoulder. ?Nam,? she said, ?It?s okay.?
?But Dad ??
?Of course he isn?t here. You know him. Even though he?s redeemed himself, bounty hunters are still after him. And you know it.?
Nami fell silent. While her father had never been a killer, he was still hunted. Even though he was proclaimed mankind?s first human disaster, and even though nobody was supposed to go after him, people still did.
?Wha ? what?s about Knives??
?Knives? Nami, are you crazy??
?He [I]is[/I] my uncle, you know.?
?Yes, but?you know he?s?mental.?
?Of course I do. But if dad?s gone?maybe he has something to do with it.?
?Don?t think so,? said Meryl. ?And don?t you dare go looking for him. You might get killed.?
?How? I?m part plant, remember??
?That doesn?t make any difference.?
Nami shrugged and went to her father?s room. The door sat ajar. ?Course. He left.? She pushed it open and investigated.
It was empty. The bed sheets now lyed on the floor in a jumbled. The colt that was usually on the bedstand was gone. While the red trenchcoat was still on its hook, as it had been for a few years, his attire of blue and white was gone.
?He left,? Nami mumbled, walking up to the trenchcoat. Reaching into a pocket, she pulled out Vash?s sunglases.

?Nami? Nami? Where are you gong dressed like that??
Instead of being in her shirt, vest, and jeans, Nami now wore her father?s trenchcoat. Although it was big for her in the means of height, it was now pinned up to match her height. Although her hair was still normal, Nami had replaced her handgun earring with the silver loop of Vash. And she wore his sunglasses.
?Don?t I look cool?? she asked, pulling out her gun. ?I?m gonna go look for dad, okay mom? Don?t worry, I?ll be fine.?
With that and a cock of the pistol (that?s what I?m going to call it), Nami hopped down the stairs of the inn. Meryl shook her head in disbelief.
?Why?why does this always happen?? she wondered to herself.
I typed this up at my aunt and uncles house?.Turkey Day! ^^ Hope it?s not too bad.
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Clyde had been mediatating on the bed for God knows how long, but he suddenly snapped from it when he heard noise from the room next to him, and he heard someone yell.

"Stay in here, and don't go anywhere! I want my information and I plan to get it," He heard a young woman say, "Got that!?!"

Clyde then got up, and decided to get something to eat. As he exited his room he saw a young woman slowly walking through the hall, singing a little song that Clyde was interested in. He decided to go talk to her. He walked up to the woman to see her fumbling with a key to open the door to her room.

"Excuse me," Clyde started, "Do you mind if I help you with that?"

She just looked at him, a skeptical look on her face. He could tell that she had been drinking, and it was no doubt that the person she was yelling at was even more drunk. Reluctantly she handed him the key, as Clyde was opening the door he said,

"That song you were singing. I seems that you got something against Vash the Stampede. I was wondering if you have any information about him?"

"Not really, but I just met a man who says that he has some information on him."

Clyde could smell alcohol in her breath as she spoke, and the man she was talking about was probably more drunk. For all they both knew the man was just some poor drunk trying to get a place to stay by giving false information, but Clyde needed information.

"Could it be possible that I could get that information as well?"
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"I take it your after Vash the Stampede as well, eh?"

"You could say that..." the man replied.

"Alright then, sure no prob." Minami said, "I'm Minami, officer on the look out for Vash the Stampede."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Clyde."

Clyde turning the knob and opened the door, Minami went inside. Flicking on the lights she tapped her foot, and took a look around. Being satisfied she turned out the lights, went out and stared at Clyde. After a few seconds, Minami walked past him and down the hall, the man fallowing behind her. Coming to the man's door, she turned the knob. It turned slightly then stopped, Minami hit the door with a knee jab.

"That bump!" Minami angrily said to Clyde, "He locked the door!"

Shaking his head he asked, "Have a pin?"

Nodding, she reached into one of the pockets of her over coat searching for a pin. After finding one she took it out and handed it to him. [i]Maybe he's not as drunk as I thought...[/i]: she said to her self in her mind. Clyde straitened the pin and picked the lock opening the door.

"Ladies first."

Minami gave him a cold hard stare, and walked in. Closing the door behind him, the two stood looking around the room. There was the man's coat hanging on the back of one of the chairs by the table...
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Gate was standing inside of the inn when he heard two people talking about Vash.

[I]'Two people after the Typhoon. I have a feeling they could know something...'[/I] he thought to himself.

Gate walked to the desk and got a room to rest for a while. He then heard a loud bang, and rushed out the room to see the two people from before unlocking a door.

Gate walked close enough to see what was going on. The guy said something and the girl walked into the room.

[I]'He must not be in there... If he were there would be some kind of gunshots going on,'[/I] he thought.

He ran outside the inn to see if he could see Vash.

"Now if I was a human slaughtering coward, where would I go..." He spoke to himself.
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The bus finally stopped in New July, as one of the fanatics jumped off. "Ha ha! Beware Vash, for the opposing tornado will crush-" Before he had a chance to finish, Mason stepped off and smashed his head into the bus.
[i]I don't have time for this.[/i]
He slowly walked down the street, and into the nearest bar. "Whad'll it be?"
"Triple scotch and information." The bartender looked at him for a second before grabbing out a bottle. "I'm not good with rumors, expecially about Vash. So just take your drink and leave, devil boy." Mason balled the fist which bared the penicle. "If you want to tick me off, say that again."

"Sorry, sir. But I don't want any trouble in this old bar, and Vash rumors always bring trouble."

"Sounds like the voice of experience." Mason stood up and grabbed the bartender around the neck. "If you don't want trouble, I suggest you tell me everything you know." He said in a deep threatening voice.
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[i]"So... On the first night,
a pebble falls to the earth from somewhere...."[/i]
With her arms slouched behind the seat, Nami sat on a bus headed towards New July. It was the first logical place for her father to to. Maybe.
"Hey," said a man, his breath thick with whisky, "You're a good sin'er. Mind if I take you home little lady?"
"No," Nami said bluntly, making a fist and hitting the man on the head. He made an "uh!" sound and fell into his seat.
"Don't do stuff with your kind. Then again..."
[i]Then again, Dad can get drunk sometimes...but not very often, I suppose. Maybe twice a month...[/i]
Nami sighed and rubbed her eyes. Maybe it had been a bad idea to wear her father's old trench coat; she kept getting a lot of odd looks.
[i]Still...still, that's a small price to pay. I had to look like something. I just hope dad doesn't freak out at the sight of me when he's drunk...might think he has an evil twin or something. Then again, he does, so...[/i]

[i]"Dad? Dad? Mom, where's dad?"
"Vash? Oh....he went out."
"He went out, Nami."
"But...but he promised me we would do something today..."[/i]

"Man..." Nami sniffed, wiping a tear. "Mmm...mmm! Why was dad so busy?" (Is seen crying like in episode 4 when that guy didn't shoot Jessica's father.) "Well...can't blame him, I guess."
The bus slowed to a stop. Nami stood up, pulling Vash's glasses from a pocket. With a small click she slid them on.
"Ja here?" said an old man. "Rumors say Vash is here."
"You sure?" a drunk asked. "Those rumors don't be right."
The old man shrugged. "I'm just saying what I heard. That's all."
"Oh brother," Nami mumbled as she entered a bar.
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Clyde saw that the window in the room was open. He looked outside and turned to Minami.

"He must've jumped out the window."

"Well, we need to look for him! I wasted time and money on this guy for information and he escapes!"

Minami had grabbed Clyde by his collar and was shaking him. Once she let go Clyde walked over the the chair with the blue coat hung over it and took it in his hands.

"Relax. The guy will probably come back to get his coat so we'll lure him out with this."

Clyde then just calmly moved to the window, and jumped out. He ran to the entrance to the Inn and saw Minami run out the door, stopping next to Clyde.

"Let's go the the bar," Clyde said, "We might be able to ask anybody if they saw anybody suspicous. Besides, I need a drink."

The two quickly made their way to the bar.
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[I]'Wait a second... that wasn't Vash... the girl mentioned him knowing something of Vash...'[/I] Gate said to himself.

He got out of his fighting mind.

[I]'But... I still need info on the Typhoon's whereabouts...'[/I]

He walked back into his room in the inn to grab his guitar.

[I]'Just in case...'[/I]

He strapped it around his back, and walked out of the inn.

[I]'I'm sure to fin someone at the bar who should have some information... Even a rumor would do me some good.'[/I]

He walked into the bar and asked for the cheapest thing they had. As he strarted to drink he saw the two people from before enter.

[I]'I wonder if that guy really was the Typhoon... I didn't even see him, though.'[/I]
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Two people sat at a booth across from Nami. She sipped on her coffee, unaware of how old it tasted. Her mind was focused on the strangers.
There was a breif moment where Nami wasn't looking at the two people; she was looking at the saloon door. In came a tall man, a brown trenchcoat trailing behind with is walk. Nami quickly focused her attention back to the other two as he sat down two stools away from her.
"Beer," he said. The bartender nodded and brought back the man a mug of the alcohol. The man took a swig.
"Its good," he said, seemingly to no one.
[i]That dude's weird. He seems nice though.[/i]
Again, Nami focused her mind on the two. They seemed to be discussing something. They stopped as a waitress came and handed them their drinks, then continued when she left.
"And they're odd too," Nami mumbled quietly to herself.
"Hmmm?" asked the man (Clyde).
Startled, she looked at him. "What? I - I didn't say anything..."
He merley shrugged and went back to his beer. Sighing, Nami then realized how bad her coffee tasted.
"Cream!" she called to the bartender. "And sugar! Lots and lots of sugar!"
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Mason looked at the girl, and then to the bartender he was currently prying information out of. "Be there in a second!" The bartender said as sweetly as possible. "Look, all I said was rumors travel in and out, not that I know any of them. Now please, let me get back to my customers."

"I don't like it when people lie." Mason tightened his grip as the little girl called again. The bartender looked at her again, and then back to Mason. "I don't want to keep her waiting." Mason growled and flung him over the bar, into Nami's table. "Then take the express route!" Nami picked her coffee just before the bartender crashed. "How many sugars would you like?" The bartender said nicely as Mason walked out.
[i]This is rediculous. Every freak in twenty miles is here looking for Vash, and somehow I get caught up in the middle.[/i]
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A man sitting at the bar was talking quietly to himself.

"The bad lads? no." he rambled "they weren't even in the area."

the bartender eyed him suspiciously and asked,

"Need a refill, marc?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. sure."

"Here ya go." he said handing him another beer.

The man in the black coat continued to talk to himself and drink his beer. He heard someone say the word 'parents'.

"You did it, didn't you?!" he yelled holding a pole, ready to strike. "Speak up!"

"What the hell are you talkin about, man?" the man jumped being surprised by the attack.

"Whoa, Marc. calm down." said the barkeep. "Think for a second. He isn't the one that killed them."

After mulling it over in his mind, he realized that he hadn't even heard him say the word parents. He wasn't even sure if the man was even talking. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened.

Marc put his staff back into his jacket and said, "Another beer, friend." he waited for a moment and said, "Scratch that. Make it a whiskey. Double."

As he slipped further into his drunken stupor, he eavesdropped on a few inconsequential conversations. There was a subject that kept popping up. 'Vash the Stampede-this', 'Vash the stampede -that'.

He thought to himself, "Why do these stupid people still talk about him as if he's still around. He has to be long-dead by now." he laughed to himself in a superior manner, "I guess i'm the only one that's not afraid of the legend."

There were several people in the bar. 'too many' marc thought. he ordered several more rounds for himself and drank. when he was on his last one, he attempted to start a dialogue with the man sitting next to him. all that came out was an incoherent sound. he gave up and went back to his glass.

He shot back the rest of the drink to the back of his throat and lost his balance. He toppled off the barstool he was on and slammed his head onto the wooden floorboards.

Before he passed out, a single thought went across his mind. "Why is drinking so enjoyable, again?"
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Horribly sorry, I forgot about this rp..

Skieth walked out of the Inn, feeling refreshed.

He stretched his arms out, and suddenly a theif ran by, snatching his money.

"Hey! Where the hell are you going with my money!?!?!"

Skieth yeeled as he ran after the man.

"Slow down you bastard! Don't make me shoot off your leg!"

The man didn't slow down.

"Gah, what a waste of bullets."

Skieth said as he pulled out his shotguns.


Blood splattered on the dirt, and the man fell down, missing his left leg.

Skieth ran up and took back his money.


Skieth said as he kicked the man several times.

"Ah...I need a drink...."

Skieth walked into a bar and, ignoring the man passed out on the floor, asked for a drink.

"Whiskey, make it snappy."
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Vash hung off the side of his bed. He wasn't sleepy. He had already slpet for several hours after he passed out in the bar, but he hung their in his hang over. He moaned in pain and nuasia. Suddenly he grabbed his mouth and stomache and ran into the bath room, puking. "Uhhhh, I'll never ever drink again..... unnnn!!" he bega puking again.

Vash looked over into the shower and shed his clothes. He got into the shower and let the hot water hit his body. He looked too his side at a new scar he had earned. The scar from that day. He grabbed his siade and the pale, large slash scar. He looked into the water and closed his eyes.....


"Errands? huh! Whats that!"

"Its a little present from our brothers and sisters. Care to see what it can do? HAHAHAHA!!!"

"Knives! Put it down! Now!" CLICK!


"You think that can stop me, brother? HAHAHAHAHAA!!!"


"Hey, drunkerd!" the voice of Minami came threw the door.

"Huuuhh? Oh, what is it?"

"Are you gonna tell me about the Stampede or what?!"
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