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[B][SIZE=1]Before The Realm of Earth was even noticed:[/B]

In a realm of God?s and Goddess?, lived 3 types of God?s.

10 God?s of the Elements: 2 God?s for each Element.

10 God?s of Life and Death involved things.

10 God?s of Normal things: A certain creature, and certain thing.

They all lived in peace. Each Rank of God had two for everything. Like 2 Fire God, two water Goddess?. 3 Ranks of God?s, 30 God?s. All living in peace in their immortal realm. Nothing went wrong. They liked each other, and where friends. They never noticed the realm known as ?Earth?; they just controlled and made sure the important Realms where safe. These God?s and Goddess? where good at the job. Very. Until one day, they where betrayed?

2 God?s for everything, now there is only one. One God of Fire, one God of war .ect. Now, there where 15 good God?s, and 15 evil ones. How the others turned, no one knew. They battled for their lives, a battle of God?s and God?s, good and evil. How do things turn out this way for a peaceful life?

No matter how hard Evil battled the good God?s, they never died. Why? Because their Immortal soul never died in this realm. Evil would battle, but never win. So, their master plan! The Evil God?s sent everyone down to Earth?s realm, to a planet where they could die. They where sent to a lonely planet, where small reptiles ruled. Their battled continued, but this time there would be deaths.

After many years, still not one God perished. No evil gone, no good gone. It was a battle that would never end. The 15 good God?s where tried, very. They wanted this to end, so they made a deal. In years to come, 15 Good people will arise, not knowing they are God?s and Goddess?, and 15 evil people will arise. When this happened, they would feel the need to go to the exact same spot the battle was taking place. On an island, where no one could leave. Here, the Good and Evil battle would begin again.

When this deal was made, each God had to give up their body, and live as lost souls until one day, they found someone to take their place in a battle of immortals. To battle evil as they did, and for evil to battle them. 15 people of Good would be true God and Goddess?, and 15 people of evil, would be God?s and Goddess? too. They would travel to the island one day, and then know what they would have to do. When it becomes clear, the island will be a huge battleground, and the battle between good and evil, can begin once again. This time, winner takes all.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=1]15 strange people, with amazing power arose. Their attitude twisted, their body Immortal, their age Immortal, their purpose?[/SIZE]

[B][I][SIZE=3]To Win the Battle of Good and Evil, and winner takes all.

Good .VS. Evil, is a new battle, of the God?s and Goddess?.[/SIZE][/B]

Ok, These are the ranks and Goddess or God power?s you may have:[/I]

[B]Element God?s:

God of Fire
God of Thunder
God of Water
God of Wind
God of Earth

Life and Death God?s:

God of War
God of Life
God of Death
God of Sins
God of Peace


God of Animals
God of Future
God of Past
God of Power
God of Speed[/B]

[SIZE=1]I can PM with what kind of powers each God/Goddess has. A future God would be like, someone who could travel to the future for a few seconds and come back with something, a Sin God could be like someone who could use Sins against foes. I can help if you?re stuck on that. Each God has the same amount of power, Element God?s are not the strongest, and Normal God?s are not the weakess.

[U]Brief Story (if you are lost) :[/U]

Basically, 15 Evil souls of God?s live in 15 people, making them Immortal and God?s, and 15 Good gods. The new people (some) know they are God?s, some didn?t know. They are going to fight against each other (Good and Evil God?s) on a island to finish a Battle. It?s a simple story.

We need:

1 Good God of one thing only. (Like, one good fire god.)
1 Bad God (Like, one bad Fire god.)[/SIZE]

Here?s the sign up:


God of:

Side: (Good or evil?)


Call sign: (A nickname)


Personality: (Keep it kind of twisted)


Brief Biography:

God Rank: (Element God, Normal God, life and death god? This should be easy.)

Abilities: (keep it to your god.)

If there are any problems, PM me. Here?s my sign up:[/I]

[B][SIZE=1]Name: Rad

God of: War

Side: Good

Gender: Male

Call sign: Chaos

Nationality: Unknown

Personality: Rad is angry most of the time. He is one of the few who knows what is going on, and knows what happened millions of years ago. As a God of War, he knows a lot about fighting, which makes him powerful. The Evil God of war is the one who knows too. The evil one is helping to lead all the other evil God?s, and is all the time. The Evil War God is like a riot leader, taking a few other evil God?s he had meet to kill and cause Havoc. This makes Rad angry, and the young man that used to live in Rad seems dead now, because to this guy, the only thing that matters is to win. He knows what?s going on, because he is one of the few that knows all.

Description: [IMG]http://hosted.dalius.net/forum11/uploads/post-18-1070108228.jpg[/IMG]

Brief Biography: Rad was born into a rich family. All he remembered before being a God was that his family where horrible. He forgot about them, left them, and re-lived his life. He met a few other God?s and Goddess?, who didn?t have a clue about their past (except the Future and Past God?s he met). Rad thought it was horrible that they didn?t know they where probably going to die. Rad has had a few meetings with his foe, the Evil God of War, and they hate each other. Rad was kind of looking forward to this ?Battle? and Good and Evil, so he could murder the Evil jacka**es once and for all!

God Rank: Life and Death God.

Abilities: He is able to summon warriors, he is an amazing fighter (maybe the best out of the God's), and he can cause Havoc with his war power. His main attack is to Summon a dead horse named 'Makura', a dead, and almost unbeatable steed. With this, his warriors of war (that look like ghost, but are real) can only last a few hours into the battle, but are great for defending and fighter. His War power is almost indestucable. But, like every God he can be beaten.[/SIZE]

Ok, sign away![/B]
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][size=2][b]Name[/b]~ Anuk-suna-mun
[b]Age[/b]~ Unkown (looks in early 20's)
[b]Goddess of[/b]~ Death
[b]Rank[/b]~ Goddess of Life and Death, The Afterlife
[b]Callsign[/b]~ Reaper
[b]Nationality[/b]~ Egyptian
[b]Side[/b]~ Evil


[u][b]Staff of Rah[/b][/u]- The staff stands at six feet and is as thick as the neck of a baseball bat. The base is cherry wood and engraved with ancient hieroglyphics and incantations. A gold, cresant moon-shaped medallian is situated at the top of the staff. A turquoise orb fills the empty void of the spell casting medallian. The staff itself may look like an ordinary piece of wood, but the hieroglyphics and incantations protect Anuk-suna-mun and the staff becomes as hard and durable as steel.

[u][b]Deck of Immortality[/b][/u]: A deck of cursed, ancient Egyptian cards, handed to Anuk-suna-mun by the God of the Afterlife, Anubis. The cards collect the energy from the life surrounding Anuk-suna-mun and channels that energy the drawn card. The attack depends on the spell and how much energy is obtained by the card.

It doesn't show it in her picture, but she has sais holstered on her thighs. And she has a long dagger sheathed behind her back.


[u][b]Deliverance[/u][/b]~ Drawn from the eternal slumber in the depths of the hells, demonic souls from the great armies of Anubis are collected into an evil aura to be trapped within the cards from the Deck of Immortality. Once the required amount of condemned souls is revived, Anuk-suna-mun draws any card to release havoc upon her opponent. The attack or spell will depend on the card drawn, and how much diabolic aura Anuk-suna-mun was able to acquire.

[u][b]Immurement[/b][/u]~ Whenever Anuk-suna-mun loses great amounts of energy, she draws upon this spell to entomb herself with an impenetrable shield. This only lasts for several minutes, allowing Anuk-suna-mun to regain her lost energy. Used by her Staff of Rah.

[u][b]Contortion of Senses[/u][/b]~ This spell is used by both the Staff of Rah and the Deck of Immortality. Once drawn, the spell lures the opponent's senses of sight and sound into a snare. The spell will then contort and discomboblutate the opponent, rendering them from functioning correctly and free to attack.

[b][u]Anubis's Mercy[/b][/u]~ (Ironic, isn't it?) Contradicting the name, mercy is one thing the opponent will not receive from this attack, used with the staff. Anuk-suna-mun channels all of the dark and malice energy from the underworld into the orbed medallion and releases the destruction of the tormented souls upon the opponent. Very powerful and unmerciful, a blast of intense heat and light engulfes the enemy, and errupts into flames. The flames then absorb the opponents energy and some power. Anuk-suna-mun gathers the absorbed aura and channels it into her body.

[b]Appearance[/b]~ Compliments to vicky!! The image is too big to post, so please take a look: [url]http://www.raine-tech.com/images/12000881.jpeg[/url] *also, imagine an extremely short black skirt, that way she doesn't look as if she is in underwear*

[b]Bio[/b]~ Anuk-suna-mun's history is turbulant and defiled. Not too much is known about her. All that has been recorded about Anuk-suna-mun is that she was born of mortal parents and betrayed her people, by defying the lord of the afterlife(Anubis's father) and helping Anubis to murder his father. She was sentenced to mummification of the ha-mun-dai, worst of all Egyptian curses for the dead. Anuk-suna-mun's soul was damned for all eternity and she was denied entrance into the Afterlife. Fortunately, Anubis favored Anuk-suna-mun, for her accompaning Anubis to kill his father, and spared her soul and her fate. Anubis promised her life and magical powers if she agreed to stay by his side forever. Naturally, Anuk-suna-mun agreed and took Anubis's hand in matrimony. As promised, she was given the powers of the Gods and a position of great importance. That is all that is written about the young Goddess of the Afterlife.

[b]Personality[/b]~ Anuk-suna-mun is a calm, collected person. She is strong and sometimes stubborn. She is dangerously manipulative and is brutal in combat, whenever she fights. She usually keeps to herself. But she is a nice and caring person. Depending on the person's soul, Anuk-suna-mun can be merciful or cold hearted.[/color][/font][/size]

[b]I am still working on her abilities..[/b]
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I need to stop signing-up for RPGs ^^'

Name: Camma

God of: Lightning

Side: good

Gender: Male

Call sign: Shock

Nationality: Canadian (XD)

Personality: Shock is more of a carefree god. He doesn't get angry that much unless someone he cares for his hurt badly or killed... then he gets angry. He likes to joke around and try to make others smile (The only god/goddess he could never make smile was Chaos. He is the youngest of all the gods and tends to "hit on" the goddess'. He can't help it, it's just his character. The boy who used to be the only one inside the body fights a bit with Shock because of his immature personality, but Camma usually just laughs at his "Consious". He cares alot about the other gods, mainly his friend Chaos, who is almost always angry. Shock trys to tell others of what is going on and usually is able to get threw to them. He is very brave and fears nothing but quiting. His purpose right now is to defeat the evil lightning side of him, who he hates.

Description: He wears a Black tunic with lightning strikes going up from the bottom. He has Spiky Gold hair that is very wild and untamed looking. And he has dark blue eyes that turn gold when he uses his power. He also has black baggy pants that have tares in them, also have lightning strikes up the sides. He has big black boots with metal buckles and has a cape that looks exactly like the sky. It has a spell on it that makes it look exactly like the sky how it is currently, but lightning is always coming from the clouds.

Brief Biography: Before Camma became a god he can only remember being alone. He also remembers living in a forest all alone with no one else but nature. He thinks that it was in the woods where he became the god he is now. Shock (the original god) has told him of what happened long before humans existed on Earth. About the evil and good of the gods/goddess'. Camma and Shock have met the evil Lightning side only once, but they didn't end up fighting, they made a huge lightnign storm trying to show which one was stronger. Shock left when some humans were starting become endangered by the out rageous storm.
Camma/Shock hope to beat the Evil Lightning god and the other Evil sides.

God Rank: Element God

Abilities: Shock can control anything that has to do with lightning (static, electricity, ect.) Lightning currents run all through out his body which is the main sorce of his power. He is able to shoot small balls of enclosed lightning out of his hands. They look harmless, but exploud on impact.
He can't fly, but he can jump extreamly high! He directs most of his lightning power to his feet. He makes a small blast of lightning come from his feet sending him threw the air. The only was he can stay in the sky is if he uses static electricity to stick himself to a cloud.
Shock also has amazing speed, reflexes, and mental awarness due to the hightened electrical current moving threw-out the nervous system and brain. He isn't as fast as the Speed God, but hey, he's still pretty fast.
He can also shoot large blasts of lightning from various parts of the body. He can also control lightning from the sky and can make lightning storms.

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[B][SIZE=1]Looking good, thanks for signing up. Annie, just to fill us in (I think I have a good view though), what side will you be on? Maybe you forgot to put that in, but you can edit later. I'll await K.K.C's finished sign-up, and await more recruits. Thanks you two! ^_^[/B][/SIZE]
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Name: Leon Schroeder

God of: War

Side: Evil

Gender: Male

Call sign: Raiden (Pronounced: Ride-en)

Nationality: German

Personality: (Keep it kind of twisted)

Description: The classic German. Blonde hair blue eyes. He keeps his hair shoulder length, and in a pony tail most of the time. He is well built. Standing at 6'9" tall, and very muscular, not many people mess with him.

Brief Biography: Raiden is much like the Greek God of War Aries. He is cruel and vain. He lashes out hastily and doesn't think through on his attacks. That is what makes him so lethal: His carelessness. He is also blood thirsty. He will not stop killing and fighting unless his thirst is quenched.

God Rank: Life and Death God

His abilities shadow his counterparts.
He too is able to summon warriors to his side, but in his case they are undead warriors that can be easily disposed of if hit right.

With his warriors he can cast spells upon them, which are:

Bloodlust: Send them into a fighting frenzy, and makes them damn hard to kill.

Rage: Much like bloodlust, but instead of sending them into a blood thirsty fighting frenzy, they just become very angered, this can be triggered by the sight of their master being harmed.

Next is his sword. It is a very large Great Sword, which can cause some serious damage. He can cast a spell on it which will engulf it in flames. Making it all nice and fiery.

Raiden is also very good with his sword. He can whoop some serious ass with it.
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[B][SIZE=1]That's good, right now we have a fair side, 2 good and 2 bad. We need a few more to sign up, then we can get going. I forgot to rate this in the title, so I'll say it here:

It's not gonna be like 12+ or something, I think I should just say there will gore, and fightin, but still anyone can join in. Yeah, fighting in it, Gore, but still any one is welcome to sign up.

I was going to say something else, but I have to go and bet Rayden with Rayden on Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, before my brother kills me. The sign p's are going fine so far.[/B][/SIZE]
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[b]Name:[/b] Desiree

[b]Goddess of:[/b] Sins

[b]Side:[/b] Evil

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]God Rank:[/b] Life And Death

[b]Call sign:[/b] Shadow


[b]Personality:[/b] Shadow is Passive aggressive. She holds in
her temper and burys it inside. Her cold, expressionless
demenor often restrains her from making too many friends.
Over all, shes just plain cold hearted.

[b]Description:[/b] The most mysteriouse thing about her,
perhaps, is her uncanny ability to change her eye color relating to
her mood. Shadow wears black jeans that are torn in
many different places, mostly the knees, A white tank top, and
her black leather trench coat that almost touches the floor.
She wears her mid-neck length brown hair down and prizes
her black leather knee high boots, which have daggers that
can stick out of the bottom, if a certain button is pressed.

[b]Brief Biography:[/b] Born in Dublin, Ireland. Shadow had
already been one to break the rules and tempt death at its
every step. Her mother and father had died when she was
of young age, a car accident it was said. She has lived on the
streets since she was 10, And slowly turned into a conniving
young con artist. Being the young con artist she was, She Lived in only the best and lived atop a pile of money. Shadows new
powers only further pushed her to rid the world of good.

When her heritage was discovered by herself. She gained
the powers of Temptation, breif mind control, and Fade.

[b]Temptation:[/b] The ability Temptation can persude
others to see Shadows side, and take it. Its like offering
a chocolate, you want it. That effect is used on the people/thing
she minipulates.

[b]Breif Mind control:[/b] Pretty much enough said. This ability
allows her to breifly control the mind of another. Shadow mostly
uses this when she has a death to plan that she doesnt need
on her hands.

[b]Fade:[/b] This ability allows Shadow to seemingly dissapear
its usefull when spying on others.
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[color=blue] Name: Ein

God of: Wind

Side: Good

Gender: Male

Call sign: Daiso

Nationality: Scottish

Personality: Calm and usually caring, but when in battle he becomes as ruthless as he needs to be.

Description:[url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=27] Daiso[/url] 6'3 185lbs. He has green eyes, and he is also very muscular. He also carries with him his Nunchakus and his Swords.

Brief Biography: He grew up with his parents for most of his childhood, until they died in a car accident. For a while after that he has lived on the streets mostly. Now he has a house on a hill that is hidden, because he doesn't like to be bothered by most people. He has wandered around most of his life, and has been known to get into many fights. Living this life style, has forced him to become very fast, and strong.

God Rank: Element God

Abilities: Can control wind and twist it to his own liking....he can use it for flight, to move objects with it, create force-fields with it, can create hurricanes twisters and raging gusts ect. He also has speed and strength superior to most others.[/color]
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[B][SIZE=1]OK, we need a few more, and right now the Good and Evil sides are the same. Very good guys.

Ok, we need a few more (I hope it stays fair....), then maybe we can start this. I'm sure this will be fun!

Ok, anymore people?[/B][/SIZE]
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Name: Erin

Goddess of : Water

Side: Evil ( I can also be good if you want me to be...I'll just change the bio a bit then. ^^)

Gender: Female

Call name: Tsunami (how original! n_n;)

Nationality: Italian

Personality: She can be normally calm and witty...she loves sarcasm, but when she get's really ticked off, she can be deadly. Erin also really doesn't care about too much in her life...as long as she's alive, she's ok.

Description: She has long, black hair, past her butt that she normally ties in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck with black ribbon...She has dark brown eyes...Her face has a few scars that shows she's been fighting all her life, she's still very beautiful. She wears usually all black and a little blue. She has a black tank top with dark blue pants, also with combat boots. She has a denim jacket, but she's been seen in a leather one...She also wears leather gloves which are cut off at the finger tips.

Brief Bio.: She's been fighting all her life (obviously), because her parents were crackheads so she had to fend for herself. Her parents were eventually slaughtered brutally in front of her, proving to her that love doesn't exsist. From then on she'd always been quiet, swearing revenge for her parents. Erin has since learned to be a quiet killer, most of the time her victim didn't even know she was there.

God Rank: Element Goddess

Abilities: (correct me if it's wrong) Erin can create enormous Tsunamis to crush her enemy.(hence the name) She can also make any water source strangle it's victim (like a rope so to speak). She can also make bubbles which can act as a barrier so her victim doesn't know what hit them. She also carries around a few daggers in her pants. She also is very fast and agile, being able to jump 20 feet from a stand still.
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Here?s the sign up:

Name: Meldon Malaka

God of: speed

Side: good

Gender: Male

Call sign: Lightfoot

Nationality: African

Personality: Jovial, humerous and smiling; Lightfoot is only serious when he needs to be. he belives that "In death, the boddy is heavy, weighted, motionless. For life, one must remain light and agile or risk slipping into death."

Description: Meldon is short and black. He has a clean-shaven head and a broard grin that shows his imposibly white teath. He wears shorts and joggers.

Brief Biography: Meldon comes from the last comunity in the world that hunts using a method of out enduring the prey. Persuing and tracking it relentlesly until it colapsed from exaustion. He grew up a hunter. An expert tracker and briliant runner from a young age; Meldon brought much credit and food to his family

God Rank: Normal God

Weapons: Tribal throwing spears blessed with the powers to peirce any object and to actively seek it's target.

Abilities: Supernaturaly fast and agile, he could outrun a car if he had ever raced one. He has amazing endurance and can hold his breath for a fiew minuets. He can jump quite some distance and throw things with unbelivable speed and accuracy. He is also an expert tracker but that is more of a skill than a power.

Let me know if his powers are to weak.
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