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[color=indigo][b][size=1]"Absence makes the heart grow fonder," is the saying, right? But how long of an absence will it take the heart to find the other? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Sometimes, it depends on the bond. Well, in this story, it took centuries for two hearts to find eachother. Eight centuries, eight hundred years, is long the absence took. Long time, eh? And wouldn't you know it, the hearts still beat strong and in the chests of the two most unlikely of people. One guy, one girl, never even knew one another exsisted...until this day.

An elder monk teaches his younger generation,"The Heart of Loss, the necklace which was said to have brought the downfall of a powerful sorceror. But ye not be fooled, the necklace holds within the stone a great power. The power of a broken heart. It is said that the wise and powerful Queen Lita sealed her soul within the stone forged from the faerie folk."

"Elder, what happened to the queen to have made her seal her soul within a stone?" a younger monk questions.

"She feared to lose her soul. Queen Lita lost her love and heart. The evil sorceror, Rendall, was brother to the King Artemus, Queen Lita's husband. Rendall was unimaginably envious of his brother. He wanted the power and the queen. In hopes to accomplish his greed, Rendall murdered his brother and attempted to control Queen Lita," the elder monk explained.

"But his efforts proved useless, the queen evaded his grasp and attacked him with everything she was. She thought she had won, but Rendall survived. Drained from her attack, Queen Lita retreated to the faerie folk and requested them to seal her soul and power. Just until she could gather enough strength and wait for her's and King Artemus's reincarnations," the monk finished.

"What happened to the king's soul? And what happened to the necklace?"

"The King Artemus's soul was sealed in a sacred scroll and was locked away in a tomb. The whereabouts of the two souls are no where to be found. They were given guardians, but they kept secrecy. No one knows for sure..."

"What about Redall? What happened to him?"

"No one knows..."

May 24th, 2086

An average teenager, Miru is away at summer camp. It is her 13th birthday and it is Parent Day. She waits on the porch of her cabin for the arrival of her parents. She watches the other kids and their parents. Hours go by, no sign of her parents.

The camp counselor and two men in black suits walk up to the worrying girl. They tell her of her parent's tragedy. Both were killed in an unexplainable traffic accident. Miru was crushed and never really recovered. The once happy girl turned into a depressed and untrusting teen. She was sent to live with her grandfather in Tokyo.

Miru constantly wonders what happened that day. She swears that she will dedicate her life to her parents and figure out what happened to them.

~The same day in Tokyo~

A young man, Yujin, age 15, is on a trip with his parents. They all walk together, happily and relaxed. Until they pass a man in all black. Yujin's father accidently bumbed the man's shoulder and the two exchanged words. The man uttered something in a strange tongue and walked off. Yujin's parents had a look of horror in their eyes.

All of a sudden, sirens cracked the tension between Yujin's parents and the strange man. Yujin and his parents look on as police officers surround a department store. In the midsts of the havoc, Yujin looks back for his parents to find them lying dead on the ground. The officials were unable to determine the cause of death, but Yujin believes is had to do with that man that he and his parents had passed earlier that day.

Yujin, with no other relatives, was sent to a monestary to train in the ways of solitude and prayer. Secretly, Yujin plans his revenge and conducts his own investigation.

The year is now May 24th, 2090

4 years to the day, Miru, now 17, and Yujin's, now 19, fate will tangle and change them forever. This is the day both people will embark on a mission to find themselves in a world they have never known. The legend behind the necklace links the two to a past they never knew exsisted. They will be sent back through time to solve their mysteries, back to 1286, the time of faeries, elven folk, unicorns, wizzards, and other whimsical creatures. What will become of Miru and Yujin? Will they accept their fate?

Okay people, I did this story a long time ago and it got out of control. I will not let that happen again, in doing this I will be strict on who signs up. I want serious writers, people who will stick to the plot.

In signing up, keep in mind that Miru and Yujin are the ONLY characters from the future. Everyone else will be from 1286 and you will have to wait for me to give you the heads up to post, but post your character here so I know who you are..

I will be Miru, I need a Yujin (keep in mind he's a monk), and Rendall. I don't want a huge cast. AND NO ONE TRAVELS THROUGH TIME OR TELEPORTS!!! well..the only people who traveled through time are Miru, Yujin, and Rendall.







Race: {Elven, faerie, wizzard, centar(unicorn and human), or human}

Short Bio:

I will post Miru after people sign up..The story may confuse you, but I can't tell you everything or it would give away the story. Everything will make more sense when I start this in the Adventure Arena....Have at it..[/color][/b][/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Sir Bartre Sain

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://www.drumsplus.com/knight.gif[/IMG]
[B]Under helmet-[/B] Has short cut brown hair, with green eyes. A scar marks his left eye, keeping it closed at all times.

[B]Personality:[/B] Calm, and well mannered. Has seen many wars, making him a little on the anti-gentle side. He can be fot-tempered sometime, but uphold all chivalry set by the Kingdom, unlike most knights.

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Bartre grew up in a small village and at 7 he became a Page in the Kingdom. At 14 he became a Squire, then at 21 he became a Knight. He was in a great war and was wounded severly, getting a cut across his eye and and a stab wound to his lower back. His horse escaped the fight, and rode back to the kingdom. He got medical treatment and was spiteful since.

[My brain is fuzzy right now...I'll fix it later and spruce it up]
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

Okay I think my school work won't affect this thread this time so I'll be who I was the last time. I'll be Yujin ^_^ I'm sure that's what you would want right Annie?.

[u]Name[/u]: Yujin

[u]Age:[/u]: 19

[u]Gender:[/u] Male

[u]Appearance[/u]: He'S a monk lol. Okay he wears a white cloak that covers just about his entire body. The only thing that makes him different from the other monks is that he is muscular from weight training secrety for reasons even he doesn't know.

[u]Personality:[/u] A very caring man who even though is a monk loves the ladies and is a real chick magnet. Even though he is one he is a very respected man who would do nothing but please the women he was with.

[u]Race[/u]: Human ( a monk)

[u]Short Bio[/u]: When Yujinwas at the age of 15, he was on a trip with his parents. They all walk together, happily and relaxed. Until they pass a man in all black. Yujin's father accidently bumbed the man's shoulder and the two exchanged words. The man uttered something in a strange tongue and walked off. Yujin's parents had a look of horror in their eyes.

All of a sudden, sirens cracked the tension between Yujin's parents and the strange man. Yujin and his parents look on as police officers surround a department store. In the midsts of the havoc, Yujin looks back for his parents to find them lying dead on the ground. The officials were unable to determine the cause of death, but Yujin believes is had to do with that man that he and his parents had passed earlier that day.

Yujin, with no other relatives, was sent to a monestary to train in the ways of solitude and prayer. Secretly, Yujin plans his revenge and conducts his own investigation..

Sorry I'm too lasy to do a short one. I'm in a rush right now lol.

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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Thanks Kyle!

Name: Miru

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'4, 115 pounds, slender but built, milk chocolate long hair, mint green eyes, bronze skin. She wears a pair of black short shorts, a button up white shirt that is clasped together by two buttons inbetween her breasts, black leather, fingerless gloves, and brown boots.

Personality: Quiet, usually keeps to herself, stubborn and very strong. *think, Tsukasa* After the death of her parents, Miru has never opened up to anyone, not even her grandfather. She has trouble trusting her emotions to people and is alone.

Race: Human

Short Bio: Miru was sent a private school and was never able to make a single friend. She spent her high school years alone and depressed. Her grandfather, Toreinaga, took care of her. Miru was grateful to him and helped him around the shrine. But she never trusted him. Miru visits her parent's graves every day, rain, sun, snow, it never mattered. Miru could not feel it anyway. Until May 24th, 2090, her 17th birthday.....[/color][/b][/size]
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Ok since it was my character who guarded the kings soul the last time. I might as well bring her back. Hope this works this time.

Name: Mystika

Age: 656

Gender: Female

Race: Fairy

Weapons: Bow and arrows, Whip, Magical sword (blue and white handle, ancestor's sword, calls upon ancestors for help and guidence)

Appearrance: Long white hair, Silverish blue eyes, Blue tatoo on her forhead (cresent moon with a small star hanging from the top point of the moon), Pointed ears, Blue and white butterfly wings (which she can make disappear and reappear at will), White tank top that stops short of the belly button, Long white skirt with two slits on both sides (staring right below the thighs), White knee high; high heel boots.

Personality: She is friendly and will always be loyal to those who are loyal to her. She has a hard time trusting people. The people she trusts the most are her animal friends (animal spirits) who are loyal to her and aid her when called. She is very smart and wise. She can keep calm in almost any situation and she is excellent in battle.

Skills: White Magic~ Mystika can do healing magic which allows her to heal wounds and cure people of most illnesses and poisons. This the only magic she can do that doesn't cause her repercussions.

Black Magic~ Mystika can do spells and incantations that help her to attack and defend her self from her opponet.

Elements~ She can control the elements at will without have to say an incantation or doing a spell.

Death Spells~ She can do spells that deal in death, but there are always reprecussions when doing them. Some are more serious than others.

Short Bio: Her village was destroyed by Redall and she was the only survivor. She taught herself how to fight and live. She saved four animal spirits who are now her friend.

Another fairy village has adopted her in to there race so she has at least somewhere to call home, but she still travels around. Mainly in the forrest which is near the temple where the scroll that holds the kings soul is.

She guards the scroll from any one who tries to either steal it or destroy it.
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Rendall.. yes... evil..

Name: Rendall

Age: 42

Gender: Male


Personality: Rendall is the purest of evil. He has no remorse for any of the killing he has done. His quest for power left him without a conscience.

Race: Human Sorceror

Bio: When Rendall was young, he was always in his brother's shadow. His brother was bigger, stronger, more charismatic, and all around more popular. When ever Rendall was out by himself the others would always make sure his life was hell.

Then one day, as he looked through his families library he found his future. Magic books. The first one he found was far to advanced for most wizards, and his attempt at reading the spells nearly killed him. That's when he decided he would become a strong enough Sorceror to read the spells that nearly killed him.

When he was able to again, he consulted the court Sorceror, and expressed his interest in magic. That is when it began. His greed for magical knowledge, the knowledge that would lead him down a dark, evil road.

Everyday for several years he would sit in the library and read the books his master gave him. At the age of 15 he had surpassed most Journeymen (low level wizards).

When he reached the age of 20, he was just as powerful, if not more than his master. Who was now getting very old and frail. Now Rendall was arrogant, and to sure of his powers, for good reason of course. He decided to get rid of the person holding him back.

One night, while a banquet was being held, Rendall killed his master in his study. In doing so, Rendall became the Master of Magic in the Kingdom.

Then, soon after, Artemis, Rendall's brother, became king, and married Lita, who became queen. This did not sit well with Rendall. He brooded many months over this, and finally decided to set out to do what he had been dreaming of.

He opened the spell book that started his obsession with magic. In the book that he now fully understood, he learned many spells that would kill somebody quickly, and/or slowly.

It was time he decided. As his brother and wife slept, Rendall snuck into their room, and stood at the foot of the bed. He raised his former master's staff, and pointed it at his brother. He put his hand into a pouch and brought out dead butterfly wings, crunched them between his fingers and said the magic words.

From the crystal on top of the staff, a thin green line shot forward to the King's head. Without making a noise, or leaving a mark, or a stench, it killed Artemis, brother of Rendall, husband of Lita, and King.

Rendall left the bedroom as quietly as the spell had been performed, his black robes billowing out around him. On his face, was a sinister smile, that if it were to be seen by a person, it would haunt their sleep for eternity.

Afterwords, Queen Lita took control. Rendall did his best to take the control of the Kingdom from her, and to take her as his wife. He underestimated her power, and one day when he was trying to take control, she unleashed powerful spells upon him.

Although caught by surprise, he was able to counter all of the spells easily. They were powerful, but not quite powerful enough. He was an Adept in his art, and few could challenge him now.

When the Queen escaped, and disappeared. Rendall finally found his opening to take control. He seized the kingdom, and dared anyone to challenge his will.

~Edit~ I turned the brief Bio into a regular Bio. Hope you don't mind. I feel the need to expand on him.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Ah yes, dear Metatron decided to join us. I am sorry that you couldn't be Rendall, but I am sure you will come up with something, you have that talent. Thank you Dmitri_Dragoon, looks pretty good. You can always go back and modify.

[/size][size=3]Why can't anyone spell his name right?! It's Artemus! Ar-te-mus...not Artimus or Artemis..*lets out hot breath* Okay, I needed to clarify that..[/size][size=1]

As it stands, we wait for Arika and Metatron. After I get you two, we shall start this bad boy. So as soon as possible, get your characters in. I am anticipating your character's arrival, Metatron....And since I have your attention, why are you not posting in our battle?

Ooops, I wasn't supposed to do that...sorry mods..But like I said, as soon as we get Metatron and Arika, we shall start.

Thanks to everybody for participating!
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[b]Name:[/b] Tsukigen
[b]Age:[/b] 546
[b]Race:[/b] Elven Shadow Mage


[b]Night Veil Bramble Blade:[/b] A rusty looking blade, entangled by thorny, venomous looking vines. The blade itself is about four feet long, brown with rust and useless. The true lethal quality of the blade rests on the vines, which seem to grow out from the hilt of the blade itself. The thorns on the vine are mercilessly sharp and jagged, not to mention the fact that they cover almost every inch of the vines. In truth, the blade can be likened more to a barbed club. The thorns secrete a powerful paralyzing venom; a mere scratch can numb the limbs, a deeper wound will paralyze the body, a full blow from the blade can create enough shock to completely wipe out the vital functions of the body.


[b]Bramble:[/b] Vines similar to the ones entangling the blade erupts from the ground, grasping and immobilizing the opponent. Though the vines are not poisonous, their jagged thorns are sharp enough to cause a hefty amount of damage to the opponent. Aside from the ground, the vines are also capable of emerging from the trees, making them especially unpredictable in the recluse of the forest.

[b]Night Veil:[/b] A passive ability that only a select few Elven children are born with, Night Veil allows the said Elf to be completely invisible under the cover of darkness. Though this ability may easily be negated by the presence of light, it is an incredibly useful and deadly ability, especially during the night.

[b]Heart of the Shadows:[/b] Summons a minor spirit that dwells in the safe sanctum of the dim shadows, using them to enter the shadow of anyone or anything, thus making them ideal spies as well as sentries. The spirits themselves can do no harm, but are crucial to Tsukigen?s arsenal, serving as his eyes and ears.

[b]Overgrowth:[/b] Anything, man made or not, has its basis in nature. This alone cannot be disputed. People may argue that something was created artificially. But whatever they may say, if you pursue the basis, the root of the artificial creation, it ultimately rests in nature. Then, it can be argued that nature is deep within anything, be it a machine or a blade of grass. By harnessing this small, tiny part of nature found in everything that exists, Tsukigen could cause a violent eruption of natural energy, causing something that can be described as an internal combustion of plant life. Very disturbing to see and usually fatal to the victim, the only remains left from the nature oriented yet grotesquely twisted spell are the bloody plants sprouting from the carcass?

[b]Appearance:[/b] A majestic cloak composed of leaves criss-crossing each other, secured by the lush, verdant vines that fasten the cloak. Wears dark-green shirt that reminds one of the forest, in pair with a black pants like attire entangled by vines as well. The face is solemn and the ears are a bit large (as in all elves), but can be described as well set and perhaps handsome. Has a deep gash in the forehead, a wound from the ages past.

[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet, Macabre, Vengeful, Cruel, Sadistic, and Indifferent

[b]Bio:[/b] When Tsukigen was a child, he lived in the safe recluse of the forest, a member of a small but cozy tribal village that held communion with nature, especially the plants and the trees. Though they were granted protection from the harsh beatings of weather and the multitude of beasts that roamed under the lush canopy, they had no immunity from the plague of mankind. On one fateful day, Tsukigen?s village was pillaged by an armed mob of bandits, which later Tsukigen suspected were from the nearby village, and was utterly decimated. Tsukigen was fortunately out hunting that day, and returned to find his village in utter ruins. Consumed by the hatred against mankind ever since that massacre, Tsukigen?s only source of energy is his undying hatred against the plague known as man?
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]I applaud you Metatron, you always have that element of suprise and amazement. For this you have my respect.

I am going to send Arika a PM. If she does not get her character in the sign up in a couple of days, I will start this RP within those two days.

Until then,
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OOC: I hope Im not too late.....*winks* Couldnt stand to be left behind!


Name: Tr'shiel Ro'trougho

Age: 67 (Human face looks about 25)

Race: Centar

Weapons: Bow and a quiver of arrows, long staff

Skills: Healer, carries and makes different potions and brews depending on the region she it traveling to. The effects can vary and must be used differently for each race.

Appearance:Stand over 7 feet tall, her huamly part is very muscular, her shin tone is tan in nature. Her hair is black and falls to her waist, eyes are sky blue, but may look grey if cloudy outside. Keeps her top half covered with a small top.( Only over breats). Hair is either left freeflowing or in a poytail.
Horse part is a honey caramel color with a black tail.

Personality: Very quiet and inquisitive. At her age is still considered a child, centar live for over 300 years. Can learn things easily and get along with those she meets if they allow her the chance.

Short Bio: She was born on the brightest day of the year and became her fathers pride and joy. He lavished her, but she was meek and humble with his givings occasionally refusing them. At an early age she became interseted in nature and the effects that flowers and pkants had on her peopls.
Her father saw her talent and hoped that allowing her to learn this would win his affections. She went of to a special school and stayed there till she was of the age 50. There she learned the right plants and mixtures to cure illness, weakness, and what could premote healing and rest, as well as a few other things.
Upon returning her father introduced her to a young Centar man, and learned he was to be her husband. Immediately offended she objected the wedding and went off one evening after adding a sleep potion to her fathers meal.
The world around her opend her up to many scenarios and she went on amoung other races learning a few of their techniques for healing. She now finds herself amoung the elves, hoping to learn their ways as well......[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra

[B]Age:[/B] 355

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment

[B]Race:[/B] Sorceress

[B]Personality:[/B] Determined, cool, kind, protective, and she knows what she's doing...at times. Just remember not to anger her, it's not pretty.

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Living in the forests, she was chosen as protector of the forests. Learning all that she could from those who knew magic. Long ago, she was found by Mystika. She was the only human that they took in. From then on, she had looked out for the fairy village and the scrolls along with Mystika.[/size][/color]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Nice sign up everyone. As of now, sign ups are closed for this story. If you so happen to come along and want to join the story, PM me on your character and I will decide if you can participate. But I have enough people here, so I am going to start this very soon.

Thanks to all! Sweetreyes, thanks for joining *Brownie Points^^*, lol..

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[SIZE=1][color=darkorange][quote name='sesshisgrl01']so we cant sign up no more?[/quote]

No, you [b]may[/b] not sign up [b]any[/b] more. Correct English, please!

And the reason you may not sign up anymore is because this thread (and the RP that it is for) has been dead and gone for close to three years. Please check the dates before posting in a thread. We do not need zombie threads arising to terrorizes the boards. Zombies. No. :shifty:

Please stick with the threads on the first page of the Inn. Thank you.

[B]Thread Locked[/B][/color][/SIZE]
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