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I know you people are probly thinking. "Man, not another one of SK's boring RPGs."


[Size=1] It is in the year of feudal Japan when two deadly groups existed.

Tatshuka, a deadly group of assassins who kill for pleasure and money. They?d kill anyone and anything. Their leader is a well known person for he used to be king of all bandits. They call him ?Eisen? he has slain over 100 men, women, and children just for money and pleasure.

Akiyoji is a not so deadly group they just take over land driving men, women, and children out of their homes leaving them no place to go. Or they might just kill those who try to fight and maybe make people join their clan. They will train them till they know as much as they need to know about the Akiyoji history and battling if they don?t know. Their leader is a man named ?Yutaka.? Yukata, was a bounty hunter. People wonder how Yukata became leader of the Akiyoji group.

Tatshuka are foes, rivals, and enemies of Akiyoji after they tried to invade and kill part of the Akiyoji group. Now they both fight for a piece of land. Not an ordinary piece of land this piece of land has over 500acres and there are rumors about it be enchanted. The Tatshuka clan will fight hard for this land for they heard that it has a buried treasure chest filled with gold and jewelry. Akiyoji is fighting for this land because they here is can make wishes. The Akiyoji clan?s wish is to make all of Japan theirs and make peace.

Who will win this war? We don?t know?

[u]Sign Up[/u]
Gender:[Male or Female]
Clan: [Tatshuka or Akiyoji]
Pet: [optional]

Name:Aya Kurosawa





Bio:Aya was recruited at the age of 8 when the Akiyoji invaded and driven everyone out of her small village. She tried to fight back but was no match. She was about to get killed but Yukata stopped the man. That's when she was recruited. She was in trainning for 5 years. She doesn't miss her family she has forgotten it all, her family now is the Akiyoji clan. Her wish if the Akiyoji win the war is to restore her village.

Aya is possibly the youngest and strongest in the Akiyoji clan. She always wishes to be near Yukata and protect him whenever. She has put alot of trust and faith in Yukata, but if he betrays the Akiyoji clan, Aya will find him...And demolish him. Aya is a cold person, she doesn't speak much. She'll just do whatever her leader commands.

Pet:Blue Mouse named Kuji, that helps her scout out land.


Aya Kurosawa-Sakrua Kid
Ryoga Daisuke-ColourDeaf
Akiko Ninamori-G.D. Ryoko
Kokotsubori Gen- Metatron


Hattori Hanzo-Double_B_Daigo
Kai Hatakai-Ayokano
Inyo Temari[or Tenami?]-Avalon
Meishin Kakugokoro -Annie
EDIT: Oh man!I was stupid and forgot to put Gender in the sign up! Thank you Ayokano you reminded me!So everyone if you could just edit your post it will take less then 20 secs!:sweat:
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I'll give this a try

Name: Hattori Hanzo

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearence: Hanzo has a light tan, he wears a kimono with a split skirt. The top of this kimono is dropped (meaning shirtless), revealing a deep battle scar across his chest. This also allows for concealment of his long nodachi blade, although Hanzo prefers to use his hands. His hair is jet black and slicked back, although a little spikey. His eyes are clear hazel. When in battle, his face becomes emotionless, but outside of battle, it is a ray of light. He stands out from the Tatshuka clan, although he is one of there most valuable members.

Clan: Tatshuka

Bio: Hanzo is a strange young man. He has been seen and is known as a very happy young man, optomistic, and strangely for the Tatshuka, kind. Always smiling and glad to help people. But there is another side to him. Because Hanzo has another name, "Oni Kaze".... Devil Wind. So fast, so ruthless, so deadly, and so emotionless. There are so many sides to this young man that they call him Yin Yang. Good and Evil. Light and shadow.....

Pet: a Dove named Yin and a Crow named Yang on each shoulder.

Ha! My character is a bipolar and skitzofrantic ninja.

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[size=1]Sign Up-

Name: Hatakai Kai (Meaning Kai is his first name and Hatakai is his last, thus meaning he is Kai)


Age: 22

Appearance: [url=http://ayokano.250free.com/valor.jpg]Cool.[/url]

Clan: Tatshuka (Their the evil ones..... opps ^_^; )

Bio: Kai was born in the Tatshuka clan, his mother being a member. His father was just a mere toy used by her to have him. After she gave brith to Kai, she killed him by stabing him in all his weak spots. She and others trained the young ones to be great warriors. He has a weak spot for women, mainly becuase he had no real father figure and they brought him up, and does not kill women or children. He kills any man that is willing to stand up to him, and worthy ones bare him scars. He is fast and deadly, and his daggers just help.

Kai is load mouth, and may seem cocky to most, but his words match his skill. He is laied back, and is cool and calm. He thinks he is better then most scum of Tatshuka, and tries his best to prove it.

Pet: If he had one it would be dead.[/size]
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Seems interesting

Name: Ryoga Daisuke

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: He is a fairly tall man by any standards, with wide shoulders but a narrow chest. His arms and shoulder muscles are toned and well defined from years of farm working, and he has the tan of someone who spends his whole day in the sun. He usually wears a simple brown kimono made of a heavy fibre, over a light undershirt and baggy beige trousers, a red belt, wooden sandals and a necklace of large beads around his neck. His hairis pulled back into a short, functional ponytail, and his face is thick set, with a strong jaw and soft eyes. He carries a pair of large kama (hafts of wood with a sickle blade placed at a perpendicular angle at the top of it), and a large bottle of sake slung over one shoulder.

Clan: Akiyoji

Bio: He was raised in a fairly normal peasant family, the family trade being rice farmers. Ryoga enjoyed his childhood, relishing in the long, lazy days where nothing too exciting happened outside of the occassional festival or one of the animals being sick. His family was comfortable, have relatively few bad crops and a number of good ones. his father taught him he basics of self defence with the family weapon, the kama. However, his family fell on hard times and requested money from the leading clan of the area, the Akiyoji. They agreed, but when the time came for the debt to be repaid, Ryoga's family had no money. Ryoga offered himself as payment for the debt, offering his life as a servant and faithful warrior in place of the money. To this day he has trained with the use of the kama and offers his services as a mercanary to those who wish it, although he still wishes to return to his old farm one day, and live the rest of his life in those lazy days.

Pet: None
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[color=deeppink]Name: Inyo Temari

Age: 21


Appearance: Original apperance: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/shiki-kimono2.jpg[/img]

Fighting gear: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/mikoto-wowed.jpg[/img]

Fighting gear2:[img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/sad-shiki-awesome2.jpg[/img]

Clan: Tatshuka

Bio: Temari was born to a poor merchant family, who sold many things to make money. They were once rich...but her father got greedy, and thus, the downfall of the Inyo family. She grew up in a violent home, her father often beating her mother and herself as well. Her mother was skilled in the art of sword fighting and taught her how to use weapons properly. She had a cousin, who was disowned by her family, that was apart of the Tatshuka clan, and she had her stories about her. She was fasinated by killing, violence and destruction...and often thought about finding her, but was scared to leave her mother alone.

One night, when she was 13, her father came home with a group of men, who raped her mother in front of her eyes. After that ordeal, she watched her mother dwindle, her pale body roaming everywhere around the house. A month after that situation, her mother committed suicide, leaving her in the hands of her father, which wasn't good. He beat her every chance he could...and raped her many times.

Until the Tatshuka clan came into their village, killing many of the people. Her father hid in fear, leaving her alone outside to face her destiny. Luckily, her cousin remembered her and she told her, Natsumi, of her mother's problem and her solution. Temari called out her father, telling him that the clan had left. He came out from hiding inside of the house, seeing her...and her cousin. He panicked, trying to run, but was trapped. Natsumi held his arms, and Temari picked up her mother's katana and killed her father, smiling all the while. Natsumi recruited her cousin....but died shortly afterwards. So now, Temari has a deep-rooted hatred for men...and is known as the "red eyed succubus".

Pet: Two black cats named Natsumi, after her cousin, and Kyoto, after her mother.[/color]
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Name:Akiko Ninamori


Gender: Female

Appearance:See attachment

Clan: Akiyoji

Bio:Akiko was born in a small farming village, where she helped her family on their small farm. Her family was very poor and her parents were thinking about making her work in brothels to make money, however she dreamed of becomming a warrior. On the day of her 6th birthday, there was a raid in her village made by the Akiyoji clan and during the raid, she was separeted from her family. Confused and with no where to go, she followed the Akiyoji clan.

They raised Akiko to be an excellent fighter, she was able to fight in hand-to-hand combat and with weponds. Though she lived with the Akiyoji clan for 10 years, she grew up to be very shy.

Akiko is very shy, but once she gets use to you, she is very friendly. She is also quiet and doesn`t talk much.

Pet: A small white wolf named Hikari, that she found by a river.
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[size=1][color=olive][i][b]Name: [/b]Kokotsubori Gen
[b]Age: [/b]17
[b]Race: [/b]Human
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Clan:[/b] Akiyoji


[b]Kotsuume no Houtou:[/b] Literally translated to the ?Bone Digger?s Treasured Blade?, the blade is a bit jagged with age, gleaming in a macabre fashion that only comes from years of ?deeds? done and witnessed by the ancient blade. The edge of the blade is chipped off and jagged here and there from use and age, though its ragged appearance does nothing to comfort the mind; it rather chills the very soul, the dead and unkempt blade emanating a harsh, murderous aura.


[b]Ichino Hisatsujutsu: Honemi:[/b] A brutal skill that usually results in an agonized, piercing scream from the opponent, Honemi is a straight ?Tsuki? that is usually aimed at the opponent?s arm. The moment the blade hits the bone, Gen viciously tears the blade to the side, taking along with it the flesh torn off that is stuck to the jagged edge of the blade. Honemi can be translated to ?Looking at the Bone?, which is exactly what this attack does. It flays off the skin and leaves the bones bare for the eyes to see.

[b]Nino Hisatsujutsu: Kettou no Kiwami:[/b] Not a direct physical skill, yet a macabre and powerful skill nonetheless. According to Gen, those that the sword has slain, those that he has slain, they all leave some form of will, whether it is hate, regret, anger, or remorse. By staring into the silent gleam of his blade, he claims that he could see them, as they were the moment they were slaughtered. By recalling these images and those moments into the surface of his mind, Gen?s bloodlust, concentration, and his overall agility increases significantly, stimulated by the many, many images that streak through his mind. Kettou no Kiwami means ?The Extreme of the Bloodied Blade?, a fitting name for such a strange, yet disturbing skill.

[b]Tsuino Hisatsujutsu: Onibi: [/b]According to Japanese Folklore, they say that the spirit of the deceased wander the night in the form of a bluish flame, floating here and there uncertainly. Despite its somewhat comical appearance, it has been widely feared, especially because of its apparent connection to ghosts and vengeful spirits. Onibi is the name of such spiteful flames, and the name of Gen?s disturbingly ghastly attack. Through means unknown, the tip of Gen?s blade bursts into a bluish flame, scorching the enemy as well as slashing them apart. Though some speculate that Gen accomplishes this by coating his blade in oil, it is a highly unlikely proposition, especially because any oil fed blaze is crimson, not blue.

[b]Ougi: Yomi no Mukae: [/b]Yomi is the name the Japanese call the world they go to after they die. Many say that before one?s death, they can sense that their time is near, sometimes through the illusions or perhaps spirits of the long deceased. A strange attack that none has seen or probably lived to see, the only clues to the Yomi no Mukae is that absolute look of terror on the victims? faces, contorted with the look of fear impossible to replicate. In all cases, the bodies were torn apart viciously in half, be it vertical or horizontal. The only common factor amongst all the corpses was the absolute look of terror caused by something other than the prospect of death, something more horrid?

[b]Appearance: [/b]A bit on the thin side, unusually pale and even corpse like under dim lighting. The face gives the impression of a young man who tasted the worst possible life had to offer, and came out permanently scathed. By description of some, he can almost be described as completely helpless. His attire consists of a dark-blue shirt with white triangular designs upon it, and a dark-brown Hakama that almost reaches the ground. His sword is strapped under his Obi, looking rather frail compared to the large, thick set katana that one is accustomed to see. Despite his overall appearance, one must never judge a figure by mere looks?

[b]Personality:[/b] Prefers to be left alone and has the attitude of ?I don?t bother you so please don?t bother me?. He rarely talks about his past, and would much rather no one ask him. During daily activities, he is unusually quiet and occasionally drops a smile, maybe with a two to three week interval between each grin. He is polite, sometimes too much so to the point of it becoming disturbing and unnerving. He is calm and collected in every situation, whether it is cooking some rice for dinner or facing off against a gang of murderous thieves bent on taking his life and possessions.

[b]Pet: [/b]A small, snowy white owl from the Hokkaido region. Despite its age it is unusually small, and could sit in the palm of Gen?s hand nicely. Gen seems to have no set name for this owl, and simply refers to it as ?Fukurou?, which means ?owl? in Japanese.

[b]Bio:[/b] When Gen was born, he had no distinct last name. He was born into a poor farmer?s house, and lost his parents early in his childhood by a brush fire that swept the entire region. Gen only remembers his parents frantically ordering him to get to the river, then strong hands grasping him, leading him away from his parents. Where he went from there he doesn?t exactly remember. After his parents? death, he recalls wandering here and there, doing what he could to keep himself alive. One fateful day, he crossed paths with a pack of thieves, who undoubtedly would have made good use of him before killing him, just like they did to many before him. Gen remembers faintly of an old man, gaunt and near death, suddenly appearing from a nearby forest, who then promptly proceeded to massacre the entire gang there and then. How it was done Gen cannot remember since he was shielding his eyes from fear, but all he knew was that when he came to, he saw a field of blood and strewn limbs, and the elderly man standing nearby, swaying uncertainly in the wind. The elderly introduced himself as ?Kokotsubori?, and before Gen could even answer, muttered ?Ware omoi nokosu tokoro nashi? Tsugi no mono mitsuketari? Sanzu no kawae hitasurani? Yomi no hazamae hitasurani??, then pushed a seemingly broken and tattered katana into him. The old man suddenly collapsed as if his mission was finished, and withered away to death. There, as if on cue, Gen?s old, weak, crybaby self was cast off, and the new self emerged. Kind and quiet, but merciless. On that fateful day, everything changed, and its effect can still be observed in the young man who took the old man?s name, Kokotsubori Gen.
How he came to join the Akiyoji clan is truly a mystery that baffles many of the clan members themselves. A curious entrance, Gen was recruited immediately after he decimated the younger clan members in a street fight that broke out from a simple squabble over Gen accidentally walking into them, which apparently made the clan members think that Gen had no respect for their clan. In a quick fight that ensued, Gen tore apart three of the four members effortlessly, and let the last one go out of boredom. Yutaka, upon hearing of the stranger who called himself ?Kokotsubori?, went out to greet the stranger himself. What relationship Yutaka had with the prior man called ?Kokotsubori? is a mystery, but it effectively closed the matter with the result of Gen joining the clan. Ever since, Gen has been a strange member, occasionally a cook, sometimes a gardener, and other times just there doing nothing. However, his skill is undisputed, and thus far, none has dared to cross blades with him.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]She has no name yet. I am getting one, and will edit this when I get the name. The name will determine my character's abilities/skills...if I decide to do them..

[i][u]Name[/i][/u]~ Meishin Kakugokoro [Lost Soul Determined Mind, roughly translated *Thank you, Metatron*]

[i][u]Age[/i][/u]~ 24

[i][u]Gender[/i][/u]~ Female

[u][i]Appearance[/i][/u]~ Here you go, the pic's too big to post: [url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/3-7.htm[/url]..*Addition: Imagine a brown leather eye patch over her left eye.*

[u][i]Clan[/u][/i]~ Tatshuka

[u][i]Bio[/i][/u]~ Meishin was born in a poverty striken village. Crops were on the verge of death, cattle was becoming scarce, people began to lose hope. Her parents lost little of what they had and decided to abandon the village, and her. Meishin was only 10 years old. After her parent's departure, the village people soon went awall and started to kill eachother. It was here she picked up a sword. She quickly learned how to defend herself and fought her way out of the village.

At the age of 13, Meishin lived in a city and fought and stole for a living. She ran errands for the local riff-raff and became part of a local gang. They took the girl under their wings and taught her to fight under their techniques, which mimicked that of a samurai and the ninja. One day, Meshin got caught robbing a prostigous man by the Tatshuka. Apperantly, she had interrupted a job they were assigned to do and they attacked her, giving her a hidious scar on her left eye*hence why I told you to imagine an eye patch*. Rather than killing Meshin, they opted her to join the Tatshuka.

Naturally, she agreed. During the last 11 years, Meishin mastered the sword and became one of the Tatshuko's sought out assasin. If you needed someone to get the job done, and done fast and acurately, Meshin was the person you would ask for. She killed anyone, she didn't care if they had family, money was all that talked to her. But it was not the money that satisfied Meshin, it was the hunger and lust for blood and a kill.

[u][i]Pet[/i][/u]~ A small, brown and tan falcon. Even though Meishin's heritage is Japanese, she names the falcon "Horus" after the Egyptian God of Life. Horus usually perches on Meshin's shoulder. He is trained to take messeges across the lands of Japan and back, making him very useful when Meshin is tracking the enemy or following a "customer".
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by jro13 [/i]
Appearance:tall with black hair and silver eyes
Clan: [ Akiyoji]
Pet: [dragon] [/B][/QUOTE]
[SIZE=1]I'm really really sorry jro13, but I have enough people and won't be accepting anymore sign ups,just like it says in my previous post. Don't feel blue! You can always veiw the RPG once it starts!That's also,kinda fun.[/SIZE]
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