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Guest SoulsAngelWings
According to Einstein energy...that is power...and the objects around us are one and the same. An object can be turned into pure power and pure power can be transformed into anything from a dagger to a light saber. The year is 2329 and there are thousands of scientists trying to create a machine capable of changing an ordinary rock into a weapon with more power than 1 million atomic bombs. Secretly, in a lab concealed under hundreds of feet of earth that machine has been created. The power the machine has is unparalleled in all of history. President Xian Jin of the U.S. and Europe and Canada has entrusted this power into the hands of ten special operations soldiers. Unfortunately, Vice President June Valentine has dispatched her own army to use the machine to make her a power overlord with the ability to use earth, water, air, fire, even light as a weapon. Magic does exist and unless the ten Jin soldiers can find a way to use that magic to combat Valentine all is lost.

*Notes*: The two scientists who created the machine called "Energy/Matter Transforming Object" or METRO are only teenagers. They spent their whole lives being trained to create METRO and VP Valentine has one, the other is helping the special ops army.
Also, two Mini-METROs have been hastily put together by the Jin and Valentine scientists they are not as powerful as the large METRO which can't be used until both scientists work together.

Side (Jin or Valentine):
Weapons (water, air, fire, light, earth):


Name: Kilao
Age: 29
Profession: Head of Special Operations under Pres. Xian Jin
Side (Jin or Valentine): Spec. Ops. Army
Weapons (water, air, fire, light, earth): light, air, LaserGun specialist
Bio: Kilao grew up in a lab training to be a fighter for the United Empire of North America and Europe
She is very tall and aways ready with her LaserGun at hand. She wears tight black clothes and has blue streaks in her black hair
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This is sounding interesting.. I can only hope that my post will attract more joiners...

Name: Hacobo (pronounced HA-K-OH-B-OH)

Age: 26

Gender: male

Proffession: Special Ops. soldier, under command of commander Kilao

Side: President Jin

Weapons: light, fire, and DeMoc-lasergun (de-moleculising-laser-gun)

BIO: Raised in a military base and was always paired with Recruit Kilao, and now is under her command. May have feelings for her.(*_~)

Appearance: tall and scragly, though military training has honed his strength. Short brown hair, and green eyes. Wears a blue armored military uniform when on duty.
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Name: Amura Asakura

Age: 28

Profession: (for now, I don't now what position I could be in)

Side (Jin or Valentine): Valentine

Weapons (water, air, fire, light, earth): Earth,fire,water, and a Laser charged Katana.

Bio: Amura led a dark life. Heartbroken from many deaths, and recent bad news in his life. He is currently Valentine's right hand man. He has a secret crush on June Valentine, but he hides it really well. His katana took down thousands of lives and he has a really fast reflex with it to block laser shots. He is refered as the "Fallen Angel" to many of his comrades and soldiers.

Appearance: 5"9, He wears almost the same attire as Sephiroth from FF7. THere's a sheath hidden behind his cape that holds his lethal katana. Black Hair and brown eyes. Sometimes when you make eye contact, you could see a bit of a scarlet color in the pupils.
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Guest SoulsAngelWings
That was good. May I suggest though that you stick to just a couple of elements? Also, you'd be great as head of Valentine's secret army. That'd be a great position. Thanks for signing up and sorry for the delay.
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Bwahaha!!!!! Steph has arrived!

Name: Dezerea
Age: 25
Profession: Spec. Ops. Army, under orders of Kilao
Side (Jin or Valentine): Jin
Weapons (water, air, fire, light, earth): Light, water, a dozen shuriken, and a hand gun.
Bio: Dezerea had amnesia as a small child, due to a car accident. She grew up at the military base, and that?s all she can remember.
Appearance: Tall and of medium build, she is very athletic. She has black hair that show traces of original dark red hair. Silver iris?, wears military uniform on duty, and jeans, long sleeved shirt, sweat shirt, and tennis shoes when not.

I know this is a little late, but hey, what can I say? I finally found you, Dez! Yes, I know your name? and this is an old thread?
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Name: Lucifer Utaka
Age: 24
Profession: Secret Army under Amura
Weapons: Fire and Wind, Energy Sword ( Made out of raw fire and wind element it is very powerful, looks like buster sword in ff7)2 hand guns.

Bio: His girlfriend was diagnosed with a deady disease and the money for treatment was out of this world. Valentine came up to hime and told hime if he worked in her army she would put her in a hospital with the best doctors in the world working on her. He allready had lots of skill and Valentine figured with some training from Amura he could become a great weapon and so he did.( extremely fast reflexes like his teacher)

Appearance: 6'0" looks like this [URL=http://animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=3]http://animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=3[/URL] His sword straps to his back. Has a tatoo of wings on his back one wing demon one angel.
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Name: Xander O'zare
Age: 27
Profession: Spec. Ops Army
Side: Jin
Weapons: Fire, Light, Dual LightSabers, C-10 Canister Rifle
Bio: Xander was only 5 years old when the United Empire took interest in him. His father was a gov't official, and it wasn't long before Xander's "special" abilities were discovered. He is incredibly empathic, only short of being able to reads peoples minds. He was trained by the gov't as one of their elite operatives, and is incredibly good at his job.
Appearance: 5'10, with a thin, almost lanky disposition, which belies his strength and increible relexes. Opaline eyes, Black hair, brown skinned, he looks as if he can easily be lst in a crowd. Usually wears special army suit, meant to look common, but which aids in concealing his weapons. Lightsaber hang on side (reminiscent of the samarui style), and his rifle slung on his back.
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Name:Jim Mishima
Age: 20
Profession: Special Ops. Soldier
Side (Jin or Valentine): President Jin
Weapons (water, air, fire, light, earth): Earth and Water

*Post the rest after school today, laters*
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