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curse: n. A source or cause of evil; a scourge

[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]This is the meaning of curse. To be cursed is a different meaning, lightly to have bad luck, but not this time...

In a world without a name, filled with dread and chaos, Curse was an evil that ruled over the land. Curse made the black-hearted prosperous(sp) and left the good-willed suffering. Curse would soon destroy this nameless world and seek another. In a matter of time, Curse would envour the entire universe...

...It's 12:01 in the year 3280, happy new year...

An elven infant was born a minute before, to a loving mother, but there was something wrong with this child. His skin was nightblack with red lightning bolts over his cheeks. His eyes were pale green and shadowy.

He was a part of Curse...

The elven mother, disheartened by this occurrence, had abandoned the infant, sending him afloat in a basket down the river. At 1:32 in the morning he was taken from the river and raised by the dragons. His life would begin with them...

...For thirty years, Khanus(the dragons had named him) had become skilled in Draconic language, magic, and fighting style. He grew much faster then normal elves, but was still quite young. The dragons had given him [I]Draco's Soul[/i], an enchanted dagger, and the cloak and hat of [i]Ghar[/i], the half dragon that once tried to take on Curse.

At that moment, he decided to leave the dragons, to take on Curse, who made life miserable. As he made his final glance at his old home, he went off to the nearest inn, to prepare spells for his journey, thus where his story begins...[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Well, I tried, hopefully its good, now what I need from you:
Race: [basic ones are human, elven, half dragon, dwarf, or Cursed, which is a darkened version of the above races]
Description: [Can be written, or a picture will do]
Cloak/Armour: [Determines your running speed pretty much]
Our bio, shall be revealed as the story and sidequests unfold.
Languages: [These is the languages that you know, you can choose up to 2: Common, human, elven, dwarven, draconic]

Wizards and mages beware: Preperation the previous night must be taken to cast spells for that day. About 3 spells can be prepared in a night, and no rollover minutes =P. Now for my stats:

Name: Greyhaired Khanus
Age: 30 (young elf)
Race: Cursed elven
Sex: Male
Description: [img]http://prodigyrewinded.250free.com/Other/DD.jpg[/img]
Weapon: [i]Draco's Soul[/i], an enchanted dagger
Cloak/Armour: The cloak and hat of [i]Ghar the Brave[/i]
Languages: Common and Draconic

If you may or may not already know, this is a bit of a D&D based RP, cause really thats where i got my idea from. Aww well, enjoy:)
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Sounds good, Xra. I think I'll join as.....Mr. Angry!!!!!!!!

Just joking with ya. (I know you would kill me if I was serious)

Name: Zacharius
Age: 29
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Description: 6 feet tall and 149 pounds with brown hair that reaches his shoulders and black eyes. He has a distinctive scar running down the left side of his face, from the eye to the chin.
Weapon: "The Demon's Fang" (refer to picture for description)
Cloak/Armor: A long, brown cloak worn over black chain-mail made by his father.
Languages: Common and Human

There ya go. Hope it's good.
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Name: Nogard
Age: 526 years
Race: half Dragon
Sex: male
Description: he stand about 8'6", unnatural baby blue eyes. Dark green scales cover his body while a blend of red and dark green scales cover his wings. he has a scar that runs across his chest. His horns are brown at the base and becomes white at the tip, yet left horn is broken of about 1/3 of the way up.
Weapon: sword of the dragons, a razor whip, and morning star
Cloak/Armour: Armour of Draco(full plate made for half dragons)
Languages: Common, draconic
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Name: Ydnam (ee-deh-nahm)
Age: 269 but looks as if she's 21
Race: Half-dragon, half human
Sex: female
Description: 5'1" with light blue skin, some of which is covered with scales. Has dark blue, sheer looking wings that are a span of 10ft. from tip to tip. Has a spiraling, twisting, design that goes from the small of her back crosses in the middle of her stomach, goes up between her breasts, then out and down and around her arms. Wear's no top, wears a short dark blue skirt and very tall (about thigh high) blue leather boots. Breath's blue fire when angered.
Cloak/Armour: She can use her wings as armour....if she enfolds herself in them, she is pretty much safe (mind you she cannot do this when flying)

Languages: Draconic and human
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[color=#707875][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Kai (Pronounced Kah-ii)

[b]Age:[/b] 458

[b]Race: [basic ones are human, elven, half dragon, dwarf, or Cursed, which is a darkened version of the above races][/b] Elven

[b]Sex:[/b] Male

[b]Description: [Can be written, or a picture will do][/b] View attachment. Grrr, I really didn't want to use this pic but it seemed to be the only one nearly fitting my idea of what I should look like. His swords are sheathed on either side and he doesn't have that type of bow. Mine's a red oak bow.

[b]Weapon:[/b] He has a red oak bow with the same type wood arrows. He also has two twin blades sheathed on both sides of his waist.

[b]Cloak/Armour: [Determines your running speed pretty much][/b] He has a light green cloak and has chain-mail that goes down to his waist. It's hidden underneath his shirt.

[b][[/b]Our bio, shall be revealed as the story and sidequests unfold.[b]][/b]

[b]Languages: [These is the languages that you know, you can choose up to 2: Common, human, elven, dwarven, draconic][/b] Common and elven.

Hope this is good Xra. Just IM me if it isn't. ^_^


[b][ [EDIT] ][/b] Attachment doesn't work. Here's the link to the pic. (It's not my website. =P)

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