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Sign Up Unlucky Number [R18+ ONLY: Coarse language and extreme violence]


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[color=red][b]Warning[/b]: This RP(G) is for mature audiences only. It will contain coarse language, extreme violence, and sexual content. If anyone is offened by any of the material mentioned above, I advise and urge you to leave..don't even bother....no, go now.....

Anyway, moving on. I have noticed that one shouldn't judge by the age, but by the maturity level. So if you are underaged, SEND ME YOUR CHARACTER'S PROFILE FIRST BEFORE YOU POST HERE! PM's were created for a reason...If I don't like you, I won't let you post..kidding people, sheesh, relax. But seriously, send me your character. If you just post, I will be upset. That will just show that you don't pay much attention and you can't show the responsibility to follow directions.[/color]

[color=indigo][size=1]I got this idea from a PS2 game called "XIII". I have not played it, but it gave me a pretty good idea of what it was about. So if you have played the game, and this doesn't fall along the game's storyline, please remember it was just an idea. This will be my first, serious RP(G). I know it's going to be rough around the edges, so a little encouragement would be appreciated.[/color][/size]

[size=1][b][color=firebrick][center][u]Unlucky Number[/u][/center]

It all started four months ago with the assassination of Robert Leigh, head executive of the world wide trade corperation, "Western Collect". The assassination I had to carry out. Feh, I had no idea of what I had gotten myself into.

I, Brody Radley, was part of the "Stefani Organization". They are a group of gangsters that control all enterprises, business trades, drug trades, so on and so forth that flow through the city of Highrise. You wanted kilo's of cocaine, you went to them. You wanted land, you went to them. You needed protection, you went to them. You wanted someone offed, you went to them. You get the idea.

There are four divisions within the Organization. Each division was assigned a number. Division 1 took care of the business trades. Division 2 took care of the money organizing. Division 3 took care of protection. And Division 4 took care of the "offing". As you may have guessed, I was part of the "offing" division. Not only was I part of it, I ran the joint. I was the man to come to for your needs. If you wanted someone as insignificant as your high school rival or as significant as your bosses executive, or a drug lord, I could handle the job. That is, if you paid me enough.

Well, one day, a "customer" was not satisfied with my work and complained to Roger Stefani, the grand puba of the "Stefani Organization". Stupid, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. Roger decided to relive me of my position. But, he was so rude as to keep it behind my back. I would soon find out through my last job. The assassination of the pompous Mr. Robert Leigh. Take a wild guess as to why that was my last job. I was set up. Set up by the heads of each division and the man himself, Roger Stefani.

Robert Leigh, as I told you before, was the head executive of "Western Collect". This corperation traded quite frequently with the Organization and was a pretty good allie with us. Until I was ordered to off Mr. Leigh. I was fooled to believe that he didn't deliver over three hundred million dollars of debt money to the Organization. I had no reason to distrust Roger, so I carried out my job. Collect and the Organization started to turn on eachother, then they turned on me. The Collect sent their suits after me for killing Leigh. The Organization sent my own men after me for causing so much trouble. I had become a threat to the Organization, for as long as I stayed with the org, I endangered Roger Stefani and his business.

I have been running these last four months, running from my brethern of assassins. I am trying to rectify my innosence. I am trying to stay alive. I am going after Roger Stefani and the three other men who conspired against me. Four men, four numbers.

Number 1- Roger Stefani
Number 2- Brian Thomas
Number 3- Austin Maxworth

Who's the fourth man? Number 4 is me, Brody Radley. I will show them why "4" is going to be their unlucky number.[/color][/size][/b]

[color=blue][size=1][b]There are three groups to sign up for. One group will be the three men that my character is going after. Of course, they are going to be called "The Numbers":[/color]

[color=red][center]Number 1- Roger Stefani<--Radaghast
Number 2- Brian Thomas
Number 3- Austin Maxworth[/color][/center]

[color=blue]One group will be the brethren assassins. I will take three people for that group. They will be called:[/color]


Satell Megelani<--Raiha
Trini (aka Switch)<--sweetreyes
Soutousai Gen <--Metatron[/color][/center]

[color=blue]Then there will be a group of three people who will help Brody Radley. They will be called:[/color]

[color=red][center] "The Relief"

Frank Jargon<--Dmitri_Dragoon
Terran Ralience(Rah-lee-unce)<--Arika
Genevieve (Gen) Mariotta<--terra[/color][/center][/size]

[color=green][size=1][b]I need 2 more guys for the remaining "Numbers".


Age: (must be between 25-45)
Gender: (let me rephrase this.."The Numbers" are men, everyone else can be either gender...*Thanks, Metatron*)
Weapon(s): (Only 2 main and one side arm. NO bazooka's please.)
Bio: (Long or short, I don't care. What I do care is how your character connects with the situation at hand. *This is extremely important to those who sign up for "The Relief"*.)[/color][/size][/b]

[color=indigo][b][size=1]I will keep the recruitments open for a week. If I do not get enough people, then I will probably extend sign-ups. If by then I still don't have enough, I will start the story anyhow. I will choose who gets to participate.

I will post Brody Radley's profile after I see how this goes.

Have at it...[/color][/b][/size]
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[color=royalblue]Name: Satell Megelani

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Group: I wish to ENFORCE.

Appearance: See attatchment. The superflouous clothing is to throw people off. When threatened, she removes it by simply letting it fall to the ground, then flings herself at the enemy, wearing usually half soles, a bra, and panties. Why? ...real women don't need army boots to kill.

Weapon(s): Two simple knives, held in thigh sheaths. When things get messy, she takes out the Desert Eagle.

Bio: My name is Satell Megelani, my code name is Ballet. I am sent by my employer to kill Number 4. Why? ....call it a sick whim. I cater to the desires of my employer for only one reason. And it's a very bad one. The meek call it blackmail. It's what he's doing to me. He has my sister, and she's being held under lock and key, being mistreated only if I fail. My goal is to kill this... Brody Radley before he obtains that which he desires.

.....and if I fail, I die, but only after my sister dies. How do I know it will happen? ...it's what my mother was forced to do to marry my father. And it's the sick cycle I will perpetuate. Until I either find a husband, or a better employer.[/color]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Okay, I have come to a decision. Raiha, you are in..If you are under aged, PM your character to ME. Do not post it up here until I give you the say so. You'd better make sure you have decent grammar and spelling. So, once again, if you are under aged and want to join, PM me your character.[/color][/b][/size]
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With permission from Annie

Name: Frank Jargon

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Group: The Relief

Appearance: Usually wears a nice get-up. He doesn't like to look sloppy, so he makes sure he dresses nice. He doesn't go for the whole suit thing. Though he does make sure he wears a button up shirt and a tie. With that usually a nice pair of slacks and a rust colored jacket. He is about five feet, ten inches tall. His hair is black, and his eyes are green.

Weapon(s): Sawed off Shotgun, 2 Glock 9mm pistols.

Bio: Frank has always been against the Numbers. Especially ever since he was denied opening his business by them. He was even threatened not to try again or he would.... "pay". And he knew what that meant.

So, he continued to work in his father's diner. He wanted to start a pawn shop. But no.

While working in the Diner, he saw Brody (Brody or Brodey? It doesn't show in the edit thingy.. I'll keep it at Brody for now. Sorry) a lot. Didn't really become good friends, but they still knew each other well enough. Frank didn't know that Brody worked for the Numbers, or had even been a big boss in it.

Until Brody came asking for help. He was told everything, and Frank, with his hatred towards the numbers, agreed to help Brody out. His motto: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
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Here I come again... Let's get this party started.


Name: Trini aka Switch

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Group: The Enforcers

Appearance: 5'8" appr. 140 lbs. Very well built. Tan skin, long brown hair with blue eyes. (White, hispanic mix) Usually wears dresses and girly clothes to throw people off of her dangerous interior. Looks younger than 25, but thats just the way she was raised.

Weapons: 2 9mm firearms, pair of sais if things get messy.

Bio: Born by one of the Number's mistress, she was taken in by his organization and trained to be their body guard when she reached the right age. She never knew either of her parents and has no clue to who her father really is. It can be either of the three. So they have trained her and used her, knowing the truth.

At 20 she became a part of their oganization, becoming an assasin as well as paid killer. Which brings us here. To a new number, number four, the one the others want dead. The one Trini must kill.

She works along side Satell to bring this man down. (If you don't mind Raiha.) [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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With permission from Annie

[b]Name:[/b] Roger Stefani

[b]Age:[/b] 45

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Group:[/b] The Numbers

[b]Appearence:[/b] It is very obvious that Roger has been neglecting his personal gym, prefering to watch certain others use it. If you know what I mean. He watches from a comfortable leather chair as sweat falls from his black hair down in-between his thick eyebrows and his black, beady eyes, drips from his soft, pudgy nose onto his shirt. The fabric of his brown sportsjacket absorbs his sweat greedily. His grey pinstriped pants grow tight, pulling the legs over his dress/casual socks, which protect his surprisingly tiny feet from the uncomfort of his shoes.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Roger doesn't see very much action, but he carries a 9mm just in case things get hairy back at base.

[b]Biography:[/b] Roger came to America a poor man. He couldn't get a job, a home, or hope. He took to the streets, and mugged people for money. He made friends in that life. He worked and stole into a better life. He ordered those friends to do his dirty work. He got more money by combining their "earinings". Soon, they brought more people in. More money came in, more business opportunities. Soon enough, he had more people than ever working for him. He bought land, bought companies, bought people. One of those people I had bought has disappointed me. He must be eliminated.

(Hmm...I don't really like the Bio, but it works. And yes, I am establishing my character as a pervert.)
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[size=1][color=999999]I have permission from Annie to post.
[B]Name:[/B] Terran Ralience(Rah-lee-unce)

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Code Name:[/B] Ecstacy aka X informally

[B]Call Mark:[/B] A black, razor sharp winged Spade shuriken with the letter E embedded on both sides.

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Group:[/B] The [B]Relief[/B]

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment-

[B][U]2 Silver Fighting Fans:[/B][/U] It contains poison in the handle and it folds into daggers with curves.

[B][U]S&W Sigma 40:[/B][/U] 9mm, [URL=http://world.guns.ru/handguns/sigma40p.jpg]Pistol[/URL]. She only uses the pistol when needed. Other than that, it's hand-to-hand or her fans.

[B]Bio:[/B] All know her by the name of X. Those who know her well as an alliance know her as Ecstacy. Only to 4 others, is she called Terran. But to "The Numbers", she is a threat.

Terran knew Brody, Satell, and her sister since the time all were a child. Satell and her sister never knew Brody. This was for the reason that Terran had moved around many times in her life. It was impossible for her father to settle in one place. Her father was an assassin who's wife had died after his daughter was born. She was taught all things from him and only him.

It was that very day that Terran had seen Brody Radley once again. It was then that she had came into Brody's life that she would protect her from any threat as a high member of "The Relief". She usually did things alone. At times when she had to, she would fight along with the others. But, she had one purpose and that was to protect Brody at all costs from any one and anything. And any threat, even if that meant protecting her from her best friend, Satell aka Ballet.[/size][/color]
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Heh ... I'll try to keep up with the rapid pace this time, if I get in.

[b]Name:[/b] Genevieve (Gen) Mariotta

[b]Age:[/b] 34

[b]Gender:[/b] female

[b]Group:[/b] The Relief

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=525478[/url]

[b]Weapon(s):[/b] Two small revolvers, and a hidden dagger for close encounters.

Gen has a very personal grudge against one of the Numbers (to be honest I haven't decided which one it was, but I will if two other Numbers do sign up). She was a young woman, barely more than a teenager, when he came into her life and swept her off her feet. She'd never been looked at like that by a man before, and in a whirlwind romance she became intimately involved and fell in love, all in one breath.

And what seemed like moments later, she discovered it was all a ruse. He was using her, he used women like her more often than he could count most likely, and he dropped her without a further thought after he'd gotten what he wanted.

Gen drew into herself and pined for him. She knew logically that she should get over him, that there was no way he was worth her time and even if he was, that he would never come back. But she couldn't; she was in love, and, worse than that, she was pregnant. She had a little girl nine months later, and named her Alice, treasured her more than anything else in her pathetic life.

She wasn't aware that this Number had men working for him, constantly covering his trail so that annoying women wouldn't pop up demanding money in an inconvenient trial. So one morning, she found Alice dead in her crib.

It was at that point that Gen pulled her act together and started getting serious. Driven by love but more by hate, she worked her way into the criminal world, subtly making contacts but never identifying herself as ever having been anywhere near the Numbers. Genevieve is her adopted name, and none of her current acquaintances are aware that she ever had any other. She found that she was, indeed, able to take care of herself, and even able to track the movements of the Numbers and the Stefani Organization quite carefully.

So when Brody Radley was framed, she knew. She didn't know if he would survive, and if he did, she had no way of being sure that he'd want revenge as much as she did. But he was the first person she'd heard of who would have a reason to go against the Numbers -- most others were silenced quite efficiently. When she heard Brody had been running for two months and was still alive, she contacted him, and they have planned to go after the Numbers since.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Whoohoo! I got terra! Hehehe..Okay, that's it for "The Relief''... I need people for "The Numbers" 2 and 3...I need one more "Enforcements"...

METATRON you have a reserved spot. And you will be glad to see that I widened your possibilities for more suitable weapons. Have fun..

So, No. 2 and 3 and one more enforcer..and that should do it...But if someone wishes to be part of the story and didn't get here in time, PM ME..[/color][/b][/size]

I will put everyone's name up later..I'm rather tired...12:50 am gets to you...
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[size=1][color=olive]Damn it Terra... you stole my name :p
[b]Name:[/b] Soutousai Gen (Refer to me as Sou if needed... otherwise, Gen)

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Group:[/b] Enforcers

[b]Appearance:[/b] A bit tall, and thin compared to that of an average human male. His hair is dark black, though here and there are streaks of silver, whether dyed or from stress is unknown. The face is calm, even solemn, but in the midst of a battle, the face takes on a manic tint of sadistic rage. His entire body is wrapped loosely by a dark brown large trench coat, the bottom of it a bit worn from use. Under the coat, he wears nothing but black, accentuated by a white sash tied loosely around his waist.

[b]Weapon:[/b] One Wakizashi (short kodachi), one Kodachi (short Katana), and one Katana. The Katana and Wakizashi is sheathed on his left waist under the trench coat, his Kodachi concealed on a long pocket sewn into the inside of his coat. The katana and the Wakizashi are ordinary swords with nothing unusal about them, but what one must truly watch out for is his Kodachi. It is crafted by modern technology, sharpened and honed by laser technology, making it sharp enough to slice a molecule. Furthermore, there is a concealed trigger right under the hilt, allowing Gen to launch the blade towards the opponent if the situation calls for a ranged weapon. The blade is attached to the hilt by a forty foot titanium wire, allowing Gen to retrieve the blade and fire multiple times.

[b]Bio:[/b] An obscure member of the 'Enforcer' team, no one except the heads know the exact date or way Gen joined the organization. He suddenly turned up shortly after the incident of Radley and his disappearance. The most likely possibility is that Gen was the shadow within the shadow, the 'Enforcement' of the 'Enforcement'. Indeed, that theory explains very well how some of the past members of the 'Enforcer' disappeared without a trace, without any query or pursuit about their disappearance, as well as his strange entrance into the 'Enforcement'. [/size][/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Right, I need 2 more people. I would like to get them in before I start this RP(G). But until then, here's my character:

Name: Brody Radley

Age: 28

Gender: Female (surprise!)

Group: Renegade, No. 4

Appearance: [url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/29-9.htm[/url] *Although she may look young and sweet, beware, she is vicious and strong.*

Weapon(s): A .12 gauge, short barrel, pump action shotgun. Also, on the bottom of her forearms, forearm length blades that are attatched at the wrist. They stay underneath her sleeves and close to her arm. When in hand-to-hand combat, the blades stay concealed, until Brody punches at her opponent. They get hit with a double whammy, first the fist and as Brody's arm passes, the razor sharp steel slashes the opponent.

Bio: Brody's real name is Brodeline Radley. She had a normal childhood, lots of friends and she was always getting into trouble. Around her middle teens, Brody become the leader of a local gang. They were infamous and the most feared. Brody was ruthless and merciless. She protected each member as if they were her children. To her, the gang was the closest thing to a family she had. Her parents were drunks and never paid any attention to Brody, leaving her to fend for herself.

How did Brody become head of 4th Division of the "Stefani Organization"? At the age of 20, Brody's gang fought their rivals and won. The leader of that gang then decided to go after Brody. She went to the Organization for protection. Roger Stefani found out everything Brody and approached her to be part of the Org. For her protection and an amazing pay check, Brody hopped at the offer. After a few short years, Brody quickly became top dog in the 4th Division. The rest of her history is, well, history. [/color][/b][/size]
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