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RPG Beyond Humanity: Rated 12+


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[B][SIZE=1][I]Ok, this is going to start! You guys know who you are! I won't put the story up this time, since you guys can just go to the recruitment to refresh you memory!

Here we go:[/I]

Dango panted, falling to his knees. The air around him was damp, like every night. Once again he was running back to the mansion where he lived, which he called his home. Who was he running from? The same thing his kind and others whould run from forever unless they fought against them, humans, normal people, who hated them. Most of the time it was just thugs and chaos makers, who didn't care what they did.
"I have got to stop doing this..." Dango groaned to himself. For the second time in a week, he beat someone at a pool game, and this time, Dango was unmasked. They new he was a Werewolf, so they chase him. Dango would enjoy a good chase, but it turns out he's just running home... He turned around to see a tall man with a long coat and black boots, short hair. The man Dango beat all the time.
"I know what you are!" The man shouted pointing. Dango laughed, slowly got up to face him.
"Sean is it? Just because of what I am, doesn't mean I cheat in a game!" Dango laughed. The wind pushed back Dango's long hair, and making Dango smile evilly.
"I don't care! You think you can just walk around beating everyone normal and stealing their money? No way!" Sean yelled.
"What can a werewolf do a human can't?" Dango muttered. "I'd stay back, chase me even more and you'll be in our land." Dango added pointing at Sean.
"You mean there's more?" Sean asked, afraid, well that's what it looked like.

Dango folded his arms over his chest, turned his back and began to walk off.
"Hey! Come back freak!" Sean yelled running up to Dango. Dango froze.
"W-what did you call me?" He mumbled. In a blink of an eye, Dango rammed his fist into Sean's chest, sending him on the ground in pain.
"Don't mess with my kind... it just hurts!" Dango growled. He ran off up the hill again, being careful that Sean didn't follow.

Dango looked up at his 'home'. Covered in leaves and vines, trees trying to hide it. Dango sighed. He noticed a familiar figure in the window, Kurimu! Dango laughed.
"I should have known... Kurimu was likely to be 'watching' me come..." Dango laughed. Kurimu looked down, and waved. Dango smiled at the fact his best friend was an Ani-man, part fox, a so called 'Freak' like himself.
"Atleast we're not alone.." Dango muttered.[/SIZE][/B]
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[b][size=1][color=orange]Kurimu was glad to see that Dango was back. he did like having his alone time, but he really hated it when Dango went out to play pool and card games and stuff. Kurimu's fox tail started to swich back and forth as Dango neered closer to the house. He noticed that he was walking a bit slower then usual. Kurimu cocked his head and then nimbly dashed down the spiral staircase, jumping the last 7 or 8 steps. As soon as he landed, Dango entered. He was panting, but still smiling.

"What happened to you?" Kurimu chuckled as Dango dragged himself into another room and floped into a chair.

"Angry pool player... looks like he knows....." Dango grumbled as he took of his shoes and stretched his legs.

Kurimu chuckled again and his fox ears switched a bit.
"I'd say their the ones who are the freeks." He took a seat next to Dango and the two just started some light chit chat.

OOC: Sorry for shortness... couldn't think
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OOC: Yay, it's starting! I attached an image of my character.


"Well, well," Nuada said softly. "Did you see that, Ariela?"

The wind toyed with her sable hair, dark as the night sky that stretched above them. "I saw three fools."

"One human, two not." His lips curved in a slow, dangerous smile. "It seems that we've found them at last."

He tilted his face towards the moon. His crimson eyes glinted in its silvery light, and for a moment, Ariela allowed herself to savor the vampire's cold, lethal beauty. He could clearly tell that she was watching him, but didn't seem inclined to do anything about it--at least until she felt his arm slip slyly about her waist, pulling her close.

"Would you like to do me a favor, darling?"

Ariela caressed the smooth, cold hilt of one of her katanas, waiting for his command. "And what do you desire?"

"Many things," Nuada murmured. "Oh, many things. But for the moment, why don't you have a look inside that mansion?"

She nodded. "And as for yourself?"

"I plan to go a-hunting in the city. Shall we rendezvous at my flat?"

Ariela, eager to follow the prey that they had been tracking for weeks, agreed. "Naturally." She vanished into the darkness, silver nails gleaming as she prepared to cut the throat of whatever unlucky soul stumbled across her path.
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Nogard walking trying to think what had happed in the pst 4 hours couldn't remember only thing he can think of is finding some place safe where he wouldn't hurt anyone. Heared commotion couple of blocks away he ran over there say two men standing there argueing about pool. "Come on some people are just better then you" he though as trying to send it telepathicly to the guy. Then dango faster then most normal eyes could see ran over to him and punched him. he couldn't believe that his eyes where able to follow that movement.
He wait and started to follow dango to see if he could help him and explain what was going on. He followed him to the manison waiting in the shadows making sure it was clear. He waited a few minutes after dango enter. Then he approached looking over his shoulder and into the windows. Then he rang the door bell. "Ding Dong"
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[size=1][color=999999][B]OOC:[/B] I didn't even notice that this was going on. I shall post. It seems that Nuada has a toy to play with. *Giggles*

[i]Ariela followed the group and turned to see mansion. She looked at the large house and hid from view as she neared the mansion.

Looking at the ones who stood at the door, she could smell Were-blood and ani-blood. Her eyes glimmered in the moonlight. Hearing sounds inside the house, Ariela leaped towards the roof. She flew across and landed on the roof silently. She scattered on the roof and tried to find an open window.

As she did, she could hear others coming towards the mansion. She looked around and noticed that humans were coming down towards the mansion. She smirked and was about to advance on them, but remembered what Nuada had said for her to do.

Ariela found an open window and somehow hung silently out of sight and was able to hear what they were saying. She could also smell other blood. She could smell blood that is non-human. She waited to hear what those inside the mansion were speaking about.[/size][/color][/i]
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[color=indigo]A crowd of people look out in the streets to see a man (say in his late 30s) lying in the middle of the street coiled up and shaking. Soon an Ambulance came and started to help the man into the truck. They tried to ask him what was wrong, but all he could say was "Those eyes...those horrible eyes..." On top of an apartment a short figure stares down at the crowd of humans, his eyes shine in the moonlight and then he gets up and walks away.[/color]

[color=indigo]His name is Rokuki, he's been alone ever since he could remember...but that's the problem he can't remember...not a thing. Rokuki walked down the streets looking for a place to fall asleep. "Today's been rough...I just wish I didn't have to go trough this crap everyday.." he says as he turns the corner into a dark alley. Before he could sit down two policemen who were checking out the incident a few blocks back had spotted him. "You there!" one of the policemen said. "Rokuki looked back, then he started to run. Rokuki ran faster trying to get out of the city, but as he was about to enter near a forest one of the policemen shot him in the back. The poilce came up to him and put their flashlights up so they could see his face. They gasped as they saw two cat-like ears and twin tails. "He's one of them!" the first policeman said in fright as he saw Rokuki try to get up. The other policeman took out his gun, but before he could shoot, Rokuki let out a loud roar that could be heard for miles.[/color]
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[B][SIZE=1]Dango stopped in his tracks. He could hear the door bell, and a crash. He ran to the nearest window, and looked down to see if he could see anyone. Yes, he could. Someone at the door, looking up at Dango now. Dango held up one finger to signal he would be there in a second. He must have followed Dango from the pool agrument. The guy at the door smiled, and Dango knew striaght away he wasn't a human, he was more like... a Demon. Dango smiled back, turned around and began to run down the shallow hallway. He could here rumbles, and his Werewolf ears told him it was Kurimu and something else. Dango changed direction and stopped outside a room, where Kurimu seemed to be. Dango waited for a right moment to move in on whatever was in that room.

Dango heard another crash and a thud, so he jumped in the room and looked around. Kurimu was stood ready, and a dark person was nearby, smiling evilly. Dango knew it had to be a Vampire.
"What the? What are you doing here!?!" Dango yelled taking a step forward. He clenched his fist, ready anytime to draw his Hook Swords. Kurimu flipped back and landed beside Dango.

Dango smiled, and cruched into a fighting stance. If the Vampire would attack, Dango would be able to knock it back with his strength, he isn't a werewolf for no reason![/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=navyblue]OOC: So.. what the hell is going on, anyway? Heh, Maybe if I was [i]on time[/i] I wouldn't have these problems. ^_~ Oh, and Dagger's man = hot stuff.

That above post, by the way.. yeah, don't do that with a mod in the RPG.[/color]

Oblivious to the little battles that seemed to be cropping up all over town, Arcana was wandering down empty streets alone, and as it might appear to untrained eyes, unprotected. A little strange, in that full length cloak, but vulnerable nonetheless. Looks can be deceiving, however, and Arcana's placid facade was no exception. Those within the war knew otherwise, and it was those types she was doing her best to avoid.

Well, she was actually trying to avoid [i]everybody[/i], but that was turning out to be a bit harder than she thought.

Her amber colored eyes roamed the night sky as she walked briskly down some empty street somewhere. She wasn't quite sure where she was headed, exactly, but she knew she didn't want to stay in one place for long. There was a distinct feeling in the air - hostility, violence, corruption. She could feel the electric currents and they were thick and staticy - not a pleasant feeling for a witch. But it was one she had grown used to.

Allowing herself a dramatic sigh, she paused and stretched, glancing around herself curiously. Where the hell was she, anyway?

A noise somewhere behind her made her turn abruptly, sending her cloak billowing about. Her hood fell from her face, revealing a rather attractive woman, if not slightly hostile. Eyes narrowing slightly, she took a few steps forward, producing a hand from inside the velvet cloak as she eyed the dark alleyway in front of her. A quick incantation muttered under her breath and lo, there was light! in the form of a small sphere that hovered obediantly over her palm.

"Come out, come out," she murmured in a sing-song sort of way, sending the little ball of light forward. Slowly, the shadows fell away and revealed... a rat, blinking back at her with a piece of garbage in it's mouth.

Arcana raised an eyebrow, rolling her eyes before turning back towards the street. The ball of light folded in on itself, leaving the alleyway in darkness once again. As she fixed her cloak, pulling the hood back over her long dark locks, she heard a howl in the distance.[/size]
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Rokuki had managed to escapse amidst the confusion caused by his earsplitting roar. He sprinted towards a nearby stand of trees, gasping for breath. His only goal was to fade into the forest's shadows, the one place where those who stalked and tormented him would fear to tread.

The boy's tails twitched as he doubled over, still panting, but greatly relieved. Those policemen had wandered off in the wrong direction--for the moment, Rokuki was safe.

And a very brief moment it would prove to be.

A dark, elegant figure stepped silently into his line of sight. He recoiled, startled, and scrambled backwards. His muscles were tensed, his eyes uncertain; he could not decide whether to fight or flee.

"Neither option would be worth the effort," the man murmured. His voice was low and silky. "Nor the consequences."

Rokuki glared at him, angry and unsettled. Anxiety seethed in the pit of his stomach, but he found himself unable to run. "You read my mind?"

"Call me Nuada," he replied. Nuada stepped forward into the faint light, and Rokuki saw him fully for the first time: a tall, gracefully built man with raven hair and deep garnet eyes. His lips curved in an enigmatic smile as he returned Rokuki's wary gaze. "I have a ..... proposal. Would you care to hear it?"

Fear won out. There was a terrible hunger in that smile. The boy whirled away, his tails lashing, and dashed into the night.

Nuada might easily have pursued him, but he instead turned his gaze towards the city. Only a short while ago, a brief flicker of power had just brushed past his fine-tuned senses, and its source was rapidly approaching him.


OOC: That'd be Arcana's ball of light, in case I phrased it a little too cryptically. Nice post, Arcadia. ^_^
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[size=1][color=navyblue]OOC: Why, thank you! ^__^ Yeah, I figured it was me, but it's all good. I'm a bit hyper. >.>[/color]

The howl had perked her senses and she was notably curious. It had been some time since she'd seen another like her in action - granted, she had no desire to actually join in the fight or anything, but if she could watch from a distance... Even if she wasn't directly involved, she figured it was still wise to keep up on all the fights. It helped her keep up with events, and allowed her to keep tabs on specific people, in case future instances called for more than just -

...Well, she didn't want to think about that. If all went according to plan, than she wouldn't ever need any help. From anyone. She would just... [i]exist[/i].

Even so, it was best to go check this little scramble out. If it was a scramble - either way, it could be a great opportunity for her to catch up on her studies. So far, her morphing into a raven had been only partially successful. While she looked the part (indeed, the only thing that set her apart was her amber eyes), there was still the problem with [i]keeping[/i] that form for prolongued periods of time. And if she was ever under stress... well, she didn't even want to think about that.

She quickened her pace, pulling her her cloak about her form tightly, but not because she was cold. A spark of electricity ran up her spine and she could hardly suppress the smirk that pulled on her full lips. No, she was excited. Anxious. Something was going to happen, she could feel it. And she wanted to make sure she was there to see it.

Unfortunately for Arcana, she forgot to think about the possibility that perhaps it was [i]she[/i] who was about to experience whatever she felt, and not some other poor soul.[/size]
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[color=indigo]After the horrifying encounter with Nuada, Rokuki ran deeper into the forest hoping to find a safe place. The smile on Nuada's face made him shiver all over. Rokuki looked up at the moon as his silver eyes reflected in the moonlight...[i]"I wish there was a place for me...maybe I should go back with Nuada and stay with him...he was nice..but kinda creepy."[/i] he thought to himself as he stepped out of the forest. He soon spotted a mansion. [i]"I guess this place is cozy enough for tonight...no one ssems to be home.."[/i] Rokuki looked inside the windows only to see what seemed to be a wereworlf and a fox getting ready to battle someone else.[/color]

OOC: Sorry its a short post, but its all i can do for now..
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Ok... Sorry I couldn't PM you all too say it was starting... it seems there's a bit of confusion with the masion...
We didn't know you disguised yourself, I'm having a bad week, so I have a plan to get this sorted... ignore my last post, infact I'll delete it, and if K.K.C doesn't mind, we'll have to ignore that too, since we didn't know...
Sorry guys... I'm just having a bad week, and trying not to write on the net too much, I have blurry vision, so everything takes ages and is hard to see, that's why I didn't PM you all, seems I can only post to keep this going, and in battles. So, I'll delete my last post, and sorry K.K.C, we have to ignore your post too, and I'll start from:

"Kurimu was glad to see that Dango was back."

That post, the first one. I'm really sorry K.K.C, just so we can get sorted... sorry... Got it? When I get my glasses I'll be back to normal... it has to happen when I have an RPG going eh? Plus, I'm going to take notice of InuyashaDeamon's post, he rang the mansion doorbell. I know... this is getting confusing... if you posted before this about a battle, just edit... sorry... I really am...


Dango rubbed his eyes.
"To them, we're just freaks they're afraid of. They hate what they don't understand..." Dango muttered to Kurimu. Kurimu nodded in agreement. Dango looked out of the window, and looked at the moon in the sky, like a cold ball of snow, but a warm light to a Werewolf. Dango growled jumping to his feet, and grabbing the red curtain, dragging it across the window so he couldn't see the moon. He stopped and thought he saw something near the window just then, but just thought it was a shadow... though it didn't feel like it... he thought he saw tails of some sort, oh well.
"What's up?" Kurimu asked. Dango jumped back on his chair.
"I'm not transforming this night... I-" Dango was cut off when he could here the 'ding-dong' of the doorbell. He sighed, and wonder how long the person was ringing it for. Dango jumped to his feet again, and began to walk back to the door. Sometimes he wished he was in a smaller house, then it wasn't murder to find someone. Dango stopped infront of the large brown door, and breathed in.
[I]Demon...[/I] He told himself. Maybe he was wrong, sometimes his 'Nose' wasn't so... right... but the 'Nose' 'knows'.

Dango reached for the door handle and twisted it, pulling the door open. There stood a Demon, it was pretty easy to tell.
"Umm, hi... You're a Demon... right?" Dango asked looking at the person in front of him. He didn't look up, and tried not to look at the moon.
"Yes..." The person in front of him said. Dango smiled.
"If you're not here to cause trouble, you can come in if you like!" Dango replied carefully. He held the door open, hoping this guy wasn't here to cause trouble, but his eyes flicked again on a figure... that seemed to have tails... maybe it was just Dango...[/SIZE][/B]
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It seemed that this was going to be a rather pleasant night. Nuada surveyed the dark-haired woman, his eyes impassive--though this was thanks only to his formidable self-control. There were few things more pleasing than when the prey strolled straight into his arms. She stood scarcely two feet from him, and yet seemed to have noticed nothing.

Arcana could sense traces of fear still lingering in the air around her; the howl had surely originated in this place. She peered into the darkness, intrigued--what had made that sound so harsh and desperate?

Something brushed the edge of her sleeve. She stiffened, about to turn around, when a hand snaked out of the shadows behind her, lightning-quick, and caught her about the waist. Less than a breath later, Arcana found herself imprisoned within a powerful, unfamiliar embrace. One of the man's arms fit just beneath her breasts, crushing her back to his; the other gripped her wrist so tightly that it was already beginning to go numb.

Her heart was pounding. She gave up struggling after only a few seconds; her attacker obviously had far greater physical strength. She would need to use magic if she wished to escape.

Nuada smiled as he inhaled the sweet scent of the woman's hair. It was a shame that she would die.... the contours of her body fit perfectly against his. But he had Ariela, and his veins were singing. He stooped slightly, still silent, and let his lips brush her ear, the soft skin of her neck. Only then did the vampire detect the power building within his captive.
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"I heard your arugement in the ally. I was wondering what going on all i can remember is that i woke up in a pool of blood. Not my blood." Nogard said. "But I never remember the bad things that i do. People in my small town always called me Deamon, and try to run me out of town. One night I woke up everyone in my village was slain and an camera showed me that I turned into a deamon like creature. Then i left knowing that i slain all thoughs poeple."

I sat there with tears rolling down my cheecks looking out the window at nothing.
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[size=1]To say the least, Arcana wasn't fond of being molested in the dark. As a witch, physical strength wasn't her strong point, but if her attacker had been [i]human[/i], then it wouldn't have been a problem. However it was quite clear to her that she was not dealing with any mere mortal, and so she would have to act accordingly. All she needed was a good second, and thankfully, the man was far too busy enjoying her struggle. By the time she felt him stiffen with recognition, the words were already out.

"[i]Lucidus coma..[/i]"

And from that there was a fantastic burst of light. Shocked and obviously not amused, the vampire snarled and turned his eyes away quickly, his grip on her loosening just enough for her to jump a few good feet away. But instead of running, she whirled around furiously, unsheathing her dagger at the same time from its hiding place on her thigh. That, as well as the man's previous grabbing, had all but removed her cloak and even in the darkness it was plain to see that there wasn't a whole lot on underneath it.

Arcana figured that even if she tried to run, that probably would have pissed him off enough for him to chase after her. Vampires were proud like that. And as fast as she was, she couldn't beat a vampire's hightened speed. She was much better off with her magic. The thought crossed her mind that maybe [i]now[/i] would be a good time to try that raven spell, but the risk just seemed too great.

[i]I'm so fucking vain,[/i] she thought sardonically.

And now she had a chance to get a good look at her attacker - remember his face, his smell, his stature. Definitely powerful, she decided as her eyes narrowed imperceptably. Powerful, and incredibly handsome. As odd as it was, that little bit of knowledge helped soothe her nerves some - she was definitely tired of ugly men hitting on her.

Now very much on her toes, she glanced him up and down briefly as he did the same, his lips still formed in a silent sneer. That was the other thing that she hated about vampires - they recovered too damn fast.

"I don't suppose you'll leave me alone if I said 'please?'"[/size]
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Ariela looked around and noticed nothing important, but then she sensed hidden armoury, weapons, and many other items that was important to those who lived in the mansion. She smelt the blood of a werewolf and a ani-man. She then smelt the blood of demon quickly. She smirked and needed to report this to Nuada.

As she was about to jump back onto the roof, she quickly noticed blasts of magic far off towards where Nuada had gone. Ariela thought she might as well disguise herself and enter the house. It was easy for her to disguise her blood and her ways. She smirked and leaped onto the ground with ease and grace.

Ariela looked around and noticed no one was near. She quickly said a Disguising Spell and looked around to see if anyone was near. She brushed off dust and dirt and walked towards the house with a nervous look on her face. She walked up to the door.

Knocking on the door, she looked around nervouslly. She wanted to see if any others were coming. Footsteps were heard and she could feel a face watching her. She then heard the door handle jiggle and the door opened. A tall, masculine man with long blonde hair stood before her. He smiled at her.[/i]

"Can I help you?" [i]He asked with sincerity.[/i]

"Yeah. I'm lost and I need to find my way home, but....there hasn't been a phone for miles and I'm dreadfully cold and I get the feeling someone's following me." [i]Ariela had lied through her teeth and the man didn't even know it.[/i]

"Sure. Come on in. Would you like a blanket and a cup of tea?" [i]He had offered her.[/i]

"That would be wonderful." [i]Ariela was led to a room with a large couch. She sat upon it and was given a blanket. She wrapped it around her and waited for him to come back.[/size][/color][/i]
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OOC: :drunk: well that was confussing

[b][size=1][color=orange]"How many people followed you home Dango?" Kurimu laughed as Dango asked his to prepare a cup of tea for some lady who lost her way. The pot of water began to boil and Kurimu tossed a tea bag into an empty mug. He then applied water and mixed it. Dango just chuckled slightly and told him to take her the tea. Kurimu grabbed a black cloak laying on the kitched table and wrapped himself in it, as well as covering his ears and tucking in his tail. He didn't feel like scaring an old lady today.

He headed into one of the many living rooms the masion had. She was sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped around. Unfortunatly, it was Kurimu's blanket. Before she noticed him coming, he made an ''Im going to kill Dango" face.
He greeted her and placed the cup of tea in her hands. He smelled the air, she seemed human enough, but something was different, could be perfume....
"I hope you enjoy your stay." He said thickly and turned to leave. [/color][/size][/b]
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[color=indigo][i]Aww man, he almost saw me...I guess people do live here.[/i][/color]

[color=indigo]Rokuki looked around as he wrapped his large tails around himself to keep warm in the cold night. He was getting a bit impatient and upset, he really needed a place to stay, but what if those people thought he was some sort of monster.[/color]

[color=indigo][i]"Dammit, how can I get in without them seeing me?"[/i] he said to himself[/color]

[color=indigo]Rokuki then looked up and saw an attic window. He jumped up and started to climb up the vines outside of the mansion and kicked in the window and jumped in quietly. Luckily he could see well in the dark, but then he bumped into something and it kinda made a loud sound. Rokuki heard footsteps coming, he tried to run out the window, but hit his head on the window itself and fell to the floor.[/color]
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"It wierd how this manison attracts people," as he looked around. "You know everyone here is one of the seven race. It I wonder if they will ever accept us. I heard romurs that there where wereWolf half animal half human but until i realized that i was a deamon i didn't belive in them" He truned and noticed that no one was around. "Gee that very polite oh well what do you expect you are a deamon after all who will want to hang around a deamon?" he tought to him self. He walked in to the hall way and walked down the hall. He heard a conversation in a room. He peered in and saw a guy in a cloak that smelled like a dog, and a women with a smell of death. "Were or Ani-man kanine type for the guy in the cloak and probable a vampire for the lady," he thought to him self. He opened the door and started to enter.
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