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Anyone who has read my posts or knows me personally can probably tell you that I have an opinion on everything. Sometimes they're not exactly practical. But, hey! It's an opinion.

Now, to my point. Sitting in music chatrooms from time to time has shown me that people have amazingly closed minds when it comes to the type of music they listen to. I personally like all types of music. (except boy bands... too girly)

The reason I have made this particular thread is to find out why people think this way. Some people only like punk. Some only like Death metal. Some only like country. Most of the time thay say that any other kind of music is crap. There has to be a reason. I wanna hear what kind of music you like and why. I'm not here to discriminate. If you do happen to like boy bands I welcome you.

What this thread IS NOT is a place for people to bash other people's taste in music. It is only a forum to express what your music means to you personally. For once, I am going to listen to another person's opinion and find out why people like types of music I particularly don't enjoy. [/size][/b][/color]

[b]-take it easy-[/b]
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Honestly that is a good question. I suppose it has to do with what they find pleasing with the music. Just like you enjoy all forms of music (minus boy bands) they like what they like. It is a matter of opinion, simple as that. I guess it has something to do with what excites our brains. I for one like evey kind of music I can get my hands on. Music is something that I love so I try to take in all kinds. Other people don't agree with some of what I like.

Actually we were talking about this in english teh other day. A girl in my class asked my teacher to turn on some music, anything would do, just not opera. And I turned to her and said "what is wrong with opera?" She just looked at me like I was crazy and basically said that opera was boring, stupid, and had no point since no one listens to it. I told her that it wasn't true. Some people actually enjoy opera. Such as me. It takes me back to that "old-world" feel and makes me feel graceful and delicate. ^__^ imagine that.

Music has so much power to it. We pick the types we like by what most agrees with us. I like Opera because of the reasons aforementioned. Other people like boy-bands because maybe they long for love or have been heartbroken, which is exatly what they sing about. I think it has a bit more to do with the lyrics than the music. Take Emenem (sorry, I don't know how to spell that). His actual music is great. Good beat, good sound. But people don't listen to him because of his lyrics.

So those are my two theories. The first is that we listen to what we find aesthetically pleasing. The second is that we listen to it for its lyrical qualities. That sound good?

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[color=hotpink][size=1]Well, in Psychology I learned that what is familiar to you is what will appeal to you. Personally, I grew up listening to rock music all of my life and so my tastes just sort of bloomed from there. I particularly like early 90's rock (STP, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc...), but I can usually deal with most other rock bands as well.

I don't like other types of music very much. They just don't appeal to me because it's not what I like. When everyone thought it was "cool" to listen to rap, that's what made it trashy to me. I don't know. I can't analyze myself. Bleh.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]I'm with Asuka on this one - especially the rock thing. My family is notoriously pro-rock in all sizes, shapes, and forms, and that's about all we listen to. Stuff like Sister Hazel, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Queen, Zeppelin, Matchbox Twenty, and so on... And of course as time goes on and you go places and get older and all of that, you get a wider variety of music presented to you.

My last few years of high school are what really got me into the punk genre, but it was also those that made me appreciate rap and country a little more. Some of both still make me cringe, but I'm much more tolerant of it than I used to be. Hell, there are songs that I love to listen to now, whereas before I would have screamed and ran the other way.

College is doing the same thing - more contact with different people, so more bands and types of music to choose from.

So as it is, I like [i]everything[/i], and I seriously mean that. Rock, pop, punk, oldies, classical, opera, musicals, country, rap, raegae.. I've got a little bit of all of it, I guess. At least I'll never get bored. ^_^[/size]
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My musical taste is very broad--I enjoy everything from bubblegum pop to Chopin to Broadway show tunes. I grew up listening mainly to classical and jazz, although I didn't develop an interest in opera until much more recently. Oddly enough, despite the fact that my dad plays jazz piano, I never really came to have more than a cursory appreciation of the genre. All the same, it's nice to hear him come home from work and spend a little time improvising at the keyboard before joining the rest of us for dinner. He can play almost any song after hearing it a few times; after hearing a recent Linkin Park single, he promptly sat down and spontaneously created a stunning piano arrangement of its melody.

Nowadays, I listen mostly to rock and musical soundtracks (my favorites are [i]Into The Woods[/i] and [i]The Scarlet Pimpernel[/i]). But my interests are constantly changing, and it's always great to discover a new band or type of music.

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I think the main idea has already been presented. Growing up, my parents listened to mostly 70s rock, because that's where their age fell. That's what they grew up listening to themselves, so that's what they still played when I was young. So I wound up preferring rock music to other things... although it went through classic rock, metal, punk, hard rock and such. All the different sides.

My father, for example, rarely looks outside of his box of classic rock. He, unexplainably, has friends his age who listen to Korn, Kid Rock and so forth (how someone in their 30s can relate to the angsty lyrics of a Korn song, I'll have no idea). My dad doesn't like those bands at all, but because of his lack of knowledge on current rock he assumes that these bands are the best the genre currently has to offer, and thus assumes that ALL modern rock is that bad. In that sense, I can't blame him as I don't know why anyone would still keep up with either of those bands (but that's my personal preference).

Whereas I have a friend whose parents listened to older smooth, R&B songs (not the stuff that passes for R&B now) and he listens to the same sort of things now, although obviously with modern bands. It's just a logical course of action.

Some people bother to break out of this shell, some don't. I don't expect most people do bother. As a young kid, rock was my thing and I had zero interest in hip hop. Over the course of time, I wound up getting tired of the same old stuff and now my tastes are a bit more eclectic, I suppose. I'll listen to pretty much anything if it appeals to me. I know many people who simply say they hate another genre out of ignorance. They don't know what's out there. Of course, they can only base that opinion on what they hear... and if they don't like the stuff that is readily available to them in any sense, they're not about to search out more in that genre. Perception is often more powerful than reality.

So I'll listen to Anathema and then go play Cibo Matto or Marillion or Culture Club. None of which sound anything alike, really. Good music is good music, and while I'll admit there are genres that don't appeal to me very much (most techno, for example... and definitely mixes), I don't run around proclaiming that they suck.

Well, I try not to, anyway. The insane amount of Linkin Park love on this forum has driven me to write rants a few times... but they're all in fun and humor for me. Some people take them too seriously heh.
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Well, I can't say my parents influenced my music taste at all. My father really doesn't listen to music. My mother is a devout Christian and anything that doesn't praise God is devil worshipping music. I have to say the biggest influences in my music taste had to have been my siblings. My sister was always really into 80s punk, new wave, gothic music and it's her experimental soul that let me dig deep into the world of Spanish Rock. My brothers on the other hand were quite the little gangstas, Tupac, Run DMC, Bone Thugs were the sounds always coming from their stereos. So as I grew up I was bombarded by both sounds and grew to like them both on an equal level for different reasons. In school I was surrounded by the "rocker" kids who said rap sucked and the "thug" children who said rock sucked. I'm proud to say I found something I like in both sounds and what I listen to depends more on my mood than anything else. Like Semjaza said, "good music is good music."
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]My father, for example, rarely looks outside of his box of classic rock. He, unexplainably, has friends his age who listen to Korn, Kid Rock and so forth (how someone in their 30s can relate to the angsty lyrics of a Korn song, I'll have no idea). My dad doesn't like those bands at all, but because of his lack of knowledge on current rock he assumes that these bands are the best the genre currently has to offer, and thus assumes that ALL modern rock is that bad. In that sense, I can't blame him as I don't know why anyone would still keep up with either of those bands (but that's my personal preference).[/b][/quote]

[color=hotpink][size=1]See, I think that's funny because my parents grew up with the 70s/80s rock, yet they still like and listen to more modern stuff like Godsmack and Green Day. I think it's neat when you can truly sure musical interests with your parents. Now, neither one of them like my undying interest in Mindless Self Indulgence, and they could really care less for Franki's Insane Clown Posse obsession, but they will turn up the radio pretty loud if it's a song we both like. ^_^[/color][/size]

[quote][b]Well, I try not to, anyway. The insane amount of Linkin Park love on this forum has driven me to write rants a few times... but they're all in fun and humor for me. Some people take them too seriously heh. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=hotpink][size=1]See, I'm a Linkin Park fan, but I really avoid the multiple threads about them, especially when everyone considers them "hard rock" or something of the sort. I like their music, but I think they've sold themselves out too much. Oh well.

[b]Edit:[/b] My Nanna (grandma) loves Metallica. And she's had to kick the Allman Brothers out of her house before. And she's hung out at a bar with Van Halen. Yeah, my Nanna is one cool Scottish lady. ^_^[/color][/size]
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[color=violet]I'm a country girl stuck in suburbia. Well, not completely country.
I love to listen to all types of music atleast once-some [i]only[/i] once for about oh, 3 seconds before I have a sudden urge to chuck it out the window.
I once had to listen to Insane Clown Posse from my cousin's farm to my parents house. a good hour drive. If that was my car, it wouldn't have happened for that long. But it was his car, so I let live.
I've said before, I can't stand Mason. His voice is like cats in a blender. And I have heard cats in a blender, not pretty.
My husband likes Mason and has all the guy's albums, he even burned them to MP3 format.
However, we both like Rush, Godsmack, Pennywise, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory (I heard them @ RIT in 2001) Atari and Deadsy.
I can tolerate Sevendust.
But still, my favorite genre of music is country, I can listen to it all day. One of my favorite songs ever is [b]When God Fearin' Women Get the Blues[/b] by [i]Martina McBride[/i]. I heard her in concert back in 2001 when she opened for Reba McIntyre's Girl's Night Out Tour. That rocked!
My final word, listen to what ever music moves your soul[/color]
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Wow. I really wasn't expecting to get so many responses from people so far up in the Otaku food chain. Your insight on this matter has been very helpful. The reason this thing is so important to me is that my parents are just like the people I was describing earlier. They will only listen to music that was made before 1963. Not to say that there wasn't good music back then, it's just that they think all other music is poo.

Hearing that your parents are actually open to the idea of listening to modern music is astounding to me. I had never even considered such a notion. That is just how surprised I was.

It is either that my parents are hypocrites or they like my sister better than me. But, they wouldn't give her a second glance when they heard f**k & s**t pouring out of her speakers when she listened to eminem. But, they would threaten me with Catholic boarding school if I tried that. I don't know if there was a point in there, but I thought I just might share.

Anyway, this is great to hear these responses. Getting a glance of the outside world while I am being smothered by southern gospel music. Feel free to post again if you have a lingering thought or a new opinion.
-take it easy-[/b]
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I found out some rather odd things today. My stepfather listens to mostly classic rock, as I've mentioned. More less talked about bands than the more popular ones... UFO, Deo, Rainbow, etc.

Anyway, today was his birthday party. He pulled out Pink's "Let's Get This Party Started". I thought my brain was going to explode, but he likes that song. I always forget about that before I'm subjected to it again.

My grandparents in Florida are rather up to date with music for people their age. My grandpa is fond of Red Hot Chili Peppers in particular. I remember him sitting there drinking his Dewers and soda listening to all of One Hot Minute straight through. He's a cool guy.
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[color=#707875]My thought has always been simply that music is a very personal thing.

I mean, I would say that the majority of music I listen to would probably be classed by most people as "techno". Although, this would not really be accurate. I say that because "techno" is a 1980's American term, for a very specific style of music. People use it as a general word these days, to describe most electronic-sounding music. But really, "techno" is actually a specific style.

When I first began to listen to electronic music, it was usually in the dance genre (in the early 90's). And it was around that time that dance was becoming an actual genre unto itself.

But if you compared my song library today to what it was ten years ago...you'd see something vastly different.

I mean, the closest thing to dance that I listen to might be Faithless. Many of Faithless' most popular tracks are very dance-like. But if you listen to a track like Tarantula or Evergreen...you'll find that you're hearing something quite different. It's not your usual "thump thump" dance or techno number. It's a more developed style of music, incorporating sophisticated sampling and other elements.

For me personally, I don't think that I could really ever say that I prefer a single genre the most. I mostly listen to electronic music -- but again, that encompasses a very wide spectrum of styles. It goes from something like Faithless and Paul van Dyk, to Hybrid and Aphex Twin. In between those four artists, there is a massive variety. And yet all are "electronic music artists".

And at the same time, I enjoy bands like Rammstein, Marilyn Manson and Audioslave. I also enjoy certain pop music and modern R&B at times. It just depends on my mood.

As for my parents...my dad is pretty much an "all new music is crap" kinda guy -- even though he loves half my CD collection and he usually enjoys what I purchase. He particularly likes modern new-age stuff, like Deep Forest or Delerium.

And my mother...well, she's generally pretty up to date. She actually went out and bought Mechanical Animals for herself; she has it in the car. She also has a strong leaning toward modern R&B and neo-classical music. So yeah, it's nice to have parents who don't yell at me for my taste in music.

I remember a time when I used to react far more harshly to music that I disliked. I generally rejected it off-hand. But I don't do that anymore, because my own tastes have evolved so much over recent years...but also because I've developed a real hunger for "new music" -- that is, music that is different to what I usually listen to.

Rather than reject music that I don't understand, I [i]try[/i] to explore it and experiment with it. This has generally been a really positive experience for me. For example, I really used to dislike R&B. And yet now, through exploring it myself, I've discovered quite a few R&B tracks that have become recent favourites.

So yeah. I think it's like anything personal; either you are willing to explore things outside your personal space bubble, or you're only willing to stick with what you know. But if you stick with what you know (which is fine), you shouldn't go around shooting down everyone else's opinions on stuff they like.

Because honestly, music [i]is[/i] that personal. I know that a lot of people listen to music primarily for its lyrics -- whereas the music is more an afterthought in their mind. For me, it's the opposite. For me, music and melody are paramount; I love something with a good rhythm and strong percussion, for example. It doesn't send me a particular message or story at all times, but it does something pleasing to my brain. lol

And that's what it's all about. It's about what pleases you. It's why I find that I do my best creative work when I'm listening to a beautiful piece of neo-classical, or an upbeat and percussion-driven piece. I know that my own performance can be directly affected by what I'm listening to. And my own creativity can be affected by it; I can produce a totally different image based on what music is playing. I've definitely discovered that in my own work.

So...that is my own experience and opinion on music in general, I guess. The bottom line is that I think we should try to celebrate musical diversity as much as we'd celebrate anything else; [i]all[/i] genres and styles of music have their history and artistic merit, afterall.[/color]
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That is exactly the type of response I was looking for. Thank you, James. For me, it is almost exactly the same. I always scrutinize the melody much more than the lyrics. Most of the time, I drown out the lyrics if I don't like them.

This is especially true when you're listening to a band that doesn't use lyrics very often, such as Blue Man Group. The sounds and rhythms that they produce are extremely moving. Along with almost all classical music, they would only be depreciated by adding a voice.

On the other hand, some songs are specifically made for the lyrics. That's what a capella is all about. I have been moved to tears by songs being sung by one or two or even three people. The truth is that it [i]is[/i] very personal.

You wouldn't make fun of someone just because they made a personal descision to get married or to have a kid. You usually celebrate these occasions. So why not celebrate music like you would a wedding?

People did this all the time in the sixties. Granted, most of it was drug-enduced. But there was a general agreement among the people of those days that there needed to be equilibrium between the different ideals in the world. They loved everything. once again, most of it was drug-enduced, but the love was still there.

Why can't we grasp on to this wonderful idea of love for differences? It happened once, it can happen again.

[b] This particular post is for the ones that are so closed minded about the reality of an open-ended universe of sound. Get it? Got it? Good.

-take it easy-[/b]
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heh. You should definitly move to my town. ^__^ EVERYBODY here loves music. Last weekend a bunch of people got together just to have a music party. No drugs, booze, or anything like that. I don't think they had anything but cokes and food. They all sat around just listening to music and havin a good ol' time.

Or if you like hardcore, you could come with me to all the shows that come. I like to sit there and watch everybody else instead of talking and stuff. They are all there for the music. I find it amazing that even kids who hate each other so much are drawn together in the music. Perfect example My brother and the kid he hates most, Justin. They were both in the pit moshin last tuesday at the Bury Your Dead show. (If you have never heard of Bury Your Dead, check them out!! They are the best!) My brohter accidently swing-kicked Justin. And simply because they both knew that with that kindof music violent things happen, Justin said it was ok and my bro was sorry. Right after BYD ended though they were back to their old selves and ready to fight. It's kind of weird that people will stop whatever they are doing for the music.

My 'rents are pretty much the only parents I know that actually support my brothers' and my different music tastes. When my brother first got into punk rock and all that metal stuff, they were pretty much ok with it. When I got into it, it was harder for them, but they dealt with it. They have always incouraged us to be whatever we want to be. They really are the most laid-back kind of parents. And I love them for it.

My mom grew up in a gospel home. She sang in teh church choir and was very active in the church. She still loves all that music, but now she like different stuff too. I was shocked last year when she went to the Green Day concert with me and knew all the words. She listens to the alot of the same stuff I do. She's got all of the radios turned to the rock stations. She claims she listens to it for "protective purposes" but I know she likes it. ^^

My dad is another story. He also grew up in a gospel home. He was actually in a gospel band for 10 or more years. He loves country and gospel and that is about it. He doesn't listen to "our kind of music." When the radio is on a (modern) rock station he either turns it off or down. But he loves all of the rock stuff he listened to growing up like ACDC, Zepplin, and Kiss.

Most of my music tastes probably come from my brother. As I said in my last post I will listen to just about anything. I love country music, opera, hardcore, punk rock, pop/punk, pop, classical, techno, electronic (what James was talking about), and everything else except for rap. I like some of it, but not near enough according to one of my friends.

I listen to classical and electronic and techno for the music. I love how passionate people like Beethoven or Fatihless can make the music sound with little or no lyrics. I love it.

I probably listen to songs with words more than I do the ones without. I don't listen to all of them because I can relate to the words. It is simply because they have words. I love to sing. Simple as that. I know all the words to everything because I donot like not being able to sing. I like to listen to the groups that I can relate to more because. . . I can't explain it. It's like when I sing their songs I feel something deep inside. When I listen to Further Seems Forever's "I am" it's like I have moved to a completely different world and I loose myself in the music. Time could stop and I wouldn't notice so lon ga sthe music kept going. It's crazy.

_If life was without music, I would have died 15 years ago_

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My main genre in which I tend to follow and look for good music in, is Rock, alternative, soft, and hard. The more "noisier" side of rock, mostly Metal, I find it hard to find good music in there, though I have enjoyed some of the music, and still do.

The thing is, I tend to like Rap, or Hip-Hop, or R&B, aswell. Though to no extent can I compare my liking for this genre, to my following of Rock. See, I don't even know the difference between those three types I mentioned. I know they're all fast-talking, though that's about it. I tend to go for the rap-style music that has a beat to it, pr a rythmn, and a story that has some relation to me.

For example, [b]8Mile - Eminem[/b], that song has a consistant beat, a rythmn, and a story, flow. The song is more serious tuned than the happy-go-lucky themed, it has a serious side, a depressing side... a side to which I can relate to very, very well. This is what I look for in music. Themes, stories, flows, in which I can relate to very well, and the music to which suits the theme, that has a beat, or a rythmn, or a flow, or all three.

I find that I can get this alot more in Rock, the rythm and flow is always there, the story is always there, and there's the songs and music that go together, that create a theme to which I can very quickly relate to and listen to, as if I were looking at my own life.

Rap has the stories, but it's harder for me to pick up the tune, beats, flows, in that music. I'd much rather strong-sounding music, leaning over the more seriousside of things, to a song, rather than "bump, cleak, bump, cleak" and a whole lot of yelling; that's what alot of rap songs have a impression of, to me.

As for other types of genres; dance, I usually like. Most songs I ever listen to, classified as dance, have a strong-sounding rythmn, and are serious. Electro, techno, the punk style, the melodies, the pop, the boy-bands, and such, I really can't have a view on. Punk, is alright. It's got a rock sound to it... in other words, a flow to which I can pick up. Though it's not all serious, themed, or rythmic.

As you might notice, the town I live in is very much divided by the "rappers" and the "rockheads". Rockheads either hate the Rappers, or don't have a say on it... same goes vice versa. It's a very basic rock to land on. And there's not really anything here that will change that. The music shops, the radio stations, the clubs... are all controlled by this. You'd never hear a song, that has never been played on the radio before, played in a club. That is a big NO WAY.

I will always follow rock, as it's my style. I never grew up with it, if anything, I grew up with more rap music than rock music. Though I've found what I like in rock-type music, and that's what I stick to, as it's never gone away from me. I will always have a slight weakness to the rap-style music I hear, though, as there's some very good music in this genre that I really do like, that have a flow I can pick up, and keep with. A story, a rythmn.

I haven't heard alot of the other types of music. I like the drums. I like the bass. I like the amplified guitars. I like the singing, that tells the story. I like the serious, deppressing theme. This is all in the rock-type of music, that [i]I[/i] listen too. Not all rock music is seriously themed... most of [i]my[/i] type though, that [i]I[/i] listen to, is.

Don't get me wrong, I like alot of the "happy" themed music too, alot of it. I mean alot. hough most of the happy themed music I like, is rock. There's only a couple of other "happy" themed songs, or music, that I've come across, and can actually like and pick up a flow on, that isn't rock-genred.
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My music taste differs with the month but there is a pretty constant pattern. I've been known to like rock, new rock, whatever Ramstein is, punk, techno and hip hop. But when
I say hip hop I don't mean Gangster Rappers but funny people like Ugly Duckling and a lot of the people on the thriving Australian hip hop scene (The Herd, Resyn Dogs, Hilltop Hoods etc.) I have a habit of not following mainstream music types, even though I following genres.

With rock I like hard core stuff like AFI and System of a Down. Punk I like Frenzal Rhomb. Hip hop I've already explained. And techno... depends. What tops my love of these kinds of music however is my hatred of the mainstream music scene, which creates dollar a dozen idols for people to fawn over. Pop-punk annoys me (Good Charlotte....eeergh). Soloists with no talent annoy me. Mainstream music annoys, no infuriates me.

Anyway, that's all.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by CompletelyRando [/i]
[B]With rock I like hard core stuff like AFI and System of a Down. [/B][/QUOTE]

Wow, my favourite hardcore band is Nickelback. They're so brutal.

On a serious not, I find it quite ammusing that when one person forms an opinion in music, they think they are god. Saying what's good and what isn't, for other people. They will even criticize other peoples (legitimate) opinions of music. Yes, I know I have probably done this in the past, but I usually mean it in jest, and try not to anymore.

With all this said I pretty much agree with James (as hard as it may be to believe), that music is a personal thing. No one person will ever have exactly(loose definition) the same liking as another person. That is, unless that person only listens to music to be part of a certain crowd. Now, that is not a bad thing altogether, I believe that most people's musical tastes are definitely influenced in some way or another, by who they have as friends. But, if your are not keeping an objective mind to your tastes, and [b]only[/b] listen to music so you can be part of a crowd , then it can be a bad thing. Then again I could be wrong, if it's your tastes to listen to whatever the crap the "popular" people are listening to, then by all means, listen to it.

Music is an amazing thing that everyone should experience. Wether they want to experience it through rap, pop, classical, techno. I may not like rap, but that doesn't make it less of a form of music; or someone who does like rap less of a music connoisseur than I.

So my tastes... Well, I pretty much stick with rock. As I stated before I don't care for rap (for me that includes, R&B, Hip-Hop, and the rest of that stuff.) I just have never been able to get into it, and at this point in time I could care less if I ever do. There's more than enough rock for me to fill my boring days with, well, at least right now. Now, some might consider me to have A "closed mind", with only listening to rock, so I would like to state that I also enjoy classical/symphonic, a tiny bit of techno, folk music, and Johnny Cash (I frankly don't find any other country music worth my time).

Going back to rock... I basically will give almost anything a chance. Though I hold my opinions, I like just about all forms of rock, ranging from pop, to hardcore/metal. I don't listen to mainstream music all to much, but I don't have a problem with it. I very much enjoy The White Stripes, and Sunny Day Real Estate (are they comsidered mainstream?) is one of my all time favourite bands. The fact that a band is mainstream does not automatically make them bad, the problem seems to come when they are willing to do [b]anything[/b] to be mainstream.

So all in all, you might make the conclusion that I have a pretty closed music mind, but frankly, I don't care. It's my mind and I'll close it if I want (but that doesn't make me right, does it now.)
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[color=blue]Ah another person who actually knows who Frenzal are, thats great!
I'm a rocker...Rock music it is for me. Queens of the stone age, tool, APC, Smashing Pumpkins, Pacifier. All the good stuff. Rock is my preferred type of music but thats not to say I don't like some other stuff.
Every now and then I'll hear a song thats poppy or whatever and I'll really like it. For example, my current guilty pleasure would have to be Hey Ya by...umm...Outkast, thats the one. Yeah its crap and I know it, but for some twisted reason, I really like it. I wouldn't buy their album or anything, because everything else I've heard from them I can't stand, but there you go.
It's incredibly bizarre how people will hate the majority of a genre but like a few songs from it.[/color]
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Guest Teammayhem
I really do think that it all depends to what you were exposed to.
Not what your parents listened to, but what you heard as a child. My mom was a devout oldies fan, but through some of her friends, i developed an ear to listening to almost anything. Rap, Rock (all types), R&B, you name it, i listen to

I got exposed to this at an early age, so i countinue to listen to this. its what you were exposed to.
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I like all kinds of music also. The only thing that I require is that it sounds good and that the content is not extremely dirty. Lately I've been listening to a lot of rock, alternative, and Japanese music because the ones I listen to seem to fit my description. I like rap, but I'm very particular about it. I listen to the songs I like out of the genre. I wouldn't buy a rap CD though. ( I'll leave that to my brother:) ) I like very little country and reggae if any at all. The music just doesn't reach me. I've officially taken a break on R&B because to me its starting to sound the same. I can't keep listening to the same things about love and heartbreak. I like songs on life too.

I guess you can say, I search through the lyrics. Even if the artist can't sing or rap or whatever, if I'm feeling their lyrics then thy've won me over.
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[color=coral]Music is something that is relaxing. It's you tastebud. If you like it, you'll like it. I don't like boybands from Europe but I like boybands from Japan(Jpop). Don't ask me, I just like them. Jrock is also one of my preference. But I prefer Jpop ^_^;
I don't quite like underground music..

p/s(for girls):They are beautiful people, you know?[/color]
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