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South Park in the classroom


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Just the start, so far, looking for feedback. This is for a presentation later this week concerning enhancing school curriculums in an effort to connect with students and in connecting with them, enable a more successful teaching/learning experience.

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[COLOR=firebrick]It certainly brings a smile to your face ^_^

It looks a bit like a "[i]Wanted[/i]" poster, despite the [b]Star Wars-esque[/b] appearance.

Not sure the two fonts match... but that's just me ^_~

The only thing I'd comment on, besides that, is that there's too much black/void at the top and not enough on the bottom... in my humble opinion....

[size=1]*bows and curtsyes her way out*[/size]
- Mimmi[/COLOR]
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Hahaha. Looking pretty good there PT.

I agree with Mimmi, in the first installment there was too much black at the top. However with this second one, once you have completed your masterpiece, we can fully appreciate your puissant[is that the right word to use?] magnificence.

However, one little critical niggling point. I think the Mafia-type men should be moved further up, to fill in that space.

How come we have to wait until 06 for it?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinji Ikari [/i]
[B]So, that's what Bart as the raven was for.... Was there any particualr reason you wanted him as the raven? just curious.

I figure because it's for school and 'The Raven' is a classic piece of literature and he's trying to make students relate to the material. Or something?

It looks pretty good but the quality of some of the pictures suck. But of course there isn't much you can do about that, heh. Other than that I rather like the image. And I think it's great you're trying to make students more interested and involved in their learning by relating stuff to them. Good luck.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mitch [/i]
[B][size=1] He put The Raven Bart there because Poe rocks and he knows it.

Long live Poe's work![/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

Mitch, NO. You missed the entire point of the entire thread. Now, you may have understood what I was trying to do but wanted to something "original," but what you posted was not anything intelligent, and is the equivalent of SPAM.

I put Bart as The Raven in there to connect with students, to bring normally distant material into a closer and more easily relatable environment...AKA [b]The Simpsons[/b]. Shroom hit this idea right on the head.

Now, Poe does not rock. He is not the center of the literary universe anywhere. You want to see poetry in action? Check out Walt Whitman. Whitman blows Poe right out of the water. Hell, Shel Silverstein (Where The Sidewalk Ends) is more entertaining than Poe. Short story/novel? Kurt Vonnegut kicks the living **** out of Poe. Did you ever read Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad? No? Conrad puts Poe in his place.

And I find it [i]incredibly[/i] pompous and pretentious of you to spout this inane gibberish of Poe being the end-all of literature, and you implying that because you regard him so highly, that you in some way are better than everyone else. Wake up. Poe is nothing special; he's just morbid and obssessive...nothing to get worked up over. He's got some good stuff here and there, but the majority of his work is just the run-of-the-mill death encompassing all. Way to go, Mitch. You idolize a cliche writer.

Now, if this thread gets locked, so be it; I understand entirely. If it is allowed to stay open...Mitch, never post in my threads with that **** again. OK? Thanks.
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