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Sonic The Hedgehog:Chaos Rush

Neo NnM

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[color=red]Robotnik has taken a desprite move and captured Sonic,Amy,Cream,Tails,Big,and Knuckles and all the Chao emeralds,and has used the chaos emerald to make evil copies of them all with twice the power.Now Tikal has senced the power of the chaos emeralds being used buy evil and has called the remaining Freadom fighters and Chaotix to Angel Island.
After a month robotnik has relesed the copies with a chaos emerald in each and the seventh one at robotniks base.At the same time The Freedom Fighters and Chaotix have all arived at The Temple of the Master Emerald.Among the group are Manic,Sonia,Ray,Espio,Vector,Mighty,Charmy,Julie-Sue,and Bark...

"Hello all,and welcome."Tikal Walks out of behind the Master Emerald.
"So you the one that called us here,because of the capture of Knuckles and that blue rodent Sonic and his friends?"Espio says pushing to the front.
"Yes,just as you stated they have been captured.."Tikal turns to the Master emerald and Chaos appers.
"Wial they have been captured a few are still left safe and able to help." Chaos says approching everyone.
"What do you mean?"Manic questions"I thought only My bro and some of his friends got sent there."
"Yes,thats correct,but there were some others they have befriended"

Tikal touches the Master emerald and they all see an image of Rouge the Bat in the presadents office and shadow the Hedgehog exploring an island.

"These two are the only ones left but they should be very helpful to you all"Tikal starts to vanish as all of them start to get transported to Station Square"We will all meat again very soon."
Ok before the sign up form heres a few ground rules.
1-Follow Ob Adventure arenas rules!
2-Noone can go super,hyper,ect. unless he story calls for it.
3-Sonic,Amy,Knuckles,Cream,Tails,and Big can not be chosen.
4-Have fun.
In this you can create your own char. or use one of the ones from the cartoon/video games of the past that weren't listed Above.

-sign up for costom char.-




Bio: (how he/she acts and they past)


if you plan on using one of the cartoon/video game chars. you stil l have to fill out a form,but its smaller then the custome one.

-sign up for cartoon/video game chars.-



Cartoon/Video game appered in:
I'll post my sign up later.

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Bio: (how he/she acts and they past)Quite and shy but can be loud at times.Very fast but not quite as fast Sonic.Her brother is Shadow and dosen't talk to him much actul she hasen't seen him in a while.She builds machnies to help her look for treasure.

Apperance:Black and dark red fur with dark red eyes.Red shoes and gloves without fingers.A red bandanna around the neck.Looks alot like Shadow but has darker red fur.
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Twilight Starr- aka Starr

[B]Animal:[/B] Hedgehog

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Bio:[/B] Starr was Sonic's long lost sister. Starr bettered in fighting and stealth, but Sonic was better at speed. Starr knew Shadow long ago. The two were in a certain strange relationship, as was Knuckles and her. But now, Starr is a single hedgehog with a means to fight. She is fierce and somewhat distant. But she envies her brother.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Similar looking to Sonic, she is 2 inches shorter wearing black gloves, black and red hover shoes, with smaller feet. She has white fur. Her hair is tipped with black and she has a star tattoo on the right back above her shoulder blade. She also has warp rings around her wrists. And she also wears black pants with a black tank top with a white star in the middle.[/size][/color]
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[B]Appearance:[/B]See attachment.What you can't see is that she has 2 tails too.

[B]Bio:[/B]Mika is Tails' twin sister.Only that they are different colours and genders.When Mika discovered Tails was kidnapped she went to the meeting spot.Tikal told them all about what had happened and what they had to do.Mika wanted to get her brother back.Even if she had to defeat all the enemies by herself.She would collect the crystals and free them.

[b]OOC:[/b]How's that?[/COLOR]
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Guest Kanoske
Name: Eckó

Animal: Ecidna (sp?)

Gender: Male

Bio: Eckó is one of Knuckles friends from long ago. His parents took him away from the area where they used to live when he was younger. News of Knuckles abduction had reached him quickly, and he rushed off to help save him.

Apperance: Looks alot like Knuckles, but has green fur with gold tips on his braids.
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[color=red]Ohkami:Thats perfict and your excepted.

Kanoske:Please be more in detail on how he looks,I realy stress not to have basicly carbon copies in this,and that just have some color diffrences in them.So please give him some more of his own personality like a hat or coat.Just edit it to be a little more detailed and your excepted.

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[COLOR=darkblue]It's time for another episode of Ohkami's HELP TIME!!!

The Target today is Scanneryo!!

Hey Ryo!
You're going for Shadow.
I noticed you don't got a pic so voila!
View attachment!

Until Next time on Ohkami's HELP TIME!!!

(Really bored at the Moment)[/COLOR]
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Can i join too please?



Bio: Meetie is the cousin of Mika and Tails[ is that ok?] When she found out what has happened she decided to set off to find Mika and help out. But she feels that she can't do anything right since her farther called her a coward once. For being hurt like this she ran off to live by herself and look after by herself in a dark forest.

Apperance: A white fox with a black tip on her tail and ears. And she has blue eyes. She wears a sky blue bandana too.

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[font=gothic][color=indigo]People, sign ups without substance don't cut it. I recommend we all run off and re-read that sticky thread I put somewhere near the top of the page, and then try again. And Okhami...I don't know what the post was...but don't do that again unless it's neccessary...Check that. Just don't do it.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=deeppink]Well (_)ltryneo's computer went a bit high wire and blew out half the mother board so he sent me on to put up his own sign up and start this (Neo telling me what to type).




Bio: He is very hardheaded and rash.He is one of the leading Chaotix born and rased with them.When he was younger he was hit with a blast from the Master emerald leaving him with the ability to sence the Chaos emeralds.He isnt as fast as sonic,but does out stealth him.

Apperance:attached.He has no back spike and has two metal wings instead that let him hover a bit off the ground.

Well I'm going to start this thing for him and then take my leave when he gets his new com set up.

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