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Gaming Xbox Frenzy!


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Whew I went to the mall the other day and when I went into a Electronic Game store EB(Electronic Bontique i saw Boxes of Xbox and it was black and green and it say coming soon.Then i saw on the counter of the store a Xbox logo and with coming soon.Later i went to the Arcades and played some game and I saw a big poster of the Xbox.Next i went to Babbage and saw another sign of the Xbox.Whew thats alot of Advertising.O wells just thought i told you people what i saw it was amazing seeing all thoses signs of Xbox everywhere i go.
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[color=indigo]Yeah, Microsoft's hype machine is really starting to build up.

Although I think it'll be at least another two or three months before Microsoft starts advertising Xbox in Australia. Since I have no idea when we'll get it...I don't know if we'll be getting it before Japan or after them.

If we have to wait for Japan, we could end up with the Xbox by June 2002 lol. I think they should launch it here first, since Xbox is bound to do better in Australia than Japan. And Aussies tend to pay exhorbitant amounts of money for anything that's considered "new technology".

Even PS2 has been doing extremely well here, despite its high price. People here will pay anything for the latest technology.:)[/color]
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