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Rurouni Kenshin: River of Time


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[I]Rurouni Kenshin is the big hit anime at Katikasha Junior High. Everybody who?s anybody is into it, swapping around fan fics and episode guides. The talk on Monday is usually about the latest episode, even if it is a re-run. There are arguments amongst the girls about which guy is cuter, as well among the guys on which girl is the hottest.
Talks and lectures about Kenshin?s Hiten Mitsurugi style are usual to the teachers. Even if they have no idea what their students are talking about, they listen intently, just like any fan would.

In the realm of Kenshin, however, things aren?t fun and games.
Someone of dark power has come. Someone evil, strong, and ruthless. He has challenged Japan?s top warriors in duels to the death, with him being the bloody victor. His last invitation was to Hitokiri Battousai, the manslayer from the Meiji revolution.
The man who goes by the name Aconite, has another secret. A secret of time. He has the power to control it, in a sense. In fact, he has created a rip in the continuum, and it has affected six students from Katikasha Junior High.
In no way related, the six must work together along with Kenshin and the gang to defeat Aconite and return to their own time. But things change, romance blooms, and secrets left untold are revealed.[/I]
Note: This takes place right after the battle with Shishio. Kenshin and Kaoru aren?t married yet, so their son hasn?t been born yet (duh).
Basically, I need five other people to play the other students. This is what I need in the signups:

Age: (from 11-14)
Grade: (6-8)
Present Time Appearance:
Meiji Era Appearance:
Weapon: (used only in Kenshin?s era, limit of two, no guns)
Bio: (just a paragraph or two about your character?s past, nothing extravagant)
Thing They Miss the Most from the Present Era: (miss the most) (ex, TV, friends, fast food)

Here?s mine:

Name: Katana Mitsowari

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Grade: 7

Present Time Appearance: [url]http://www.anime-unleashed.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=1522[/url]
(Minus the funky symbol and knife-thing

Meiji Era Appearance: [url]http://www.anime-unleashed.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=1527[/url]
(Just not a guy, minus the earrings)
Weapon: Image above

Personality: Generally an alter ego type. She can be sarcastic, fun loving, and goofy, but also dark and serious. Is an intelligent person but doesn?t show it much.

Bio: Katana grew up as a lonely person, having few friends as a child. In her free time, she loved to draw and write, which is where her imagination grew.
At the age of nine her family moved from their small farm in southern Japan to Tokyo, with Katana?s parents wishing to get their children a better education. Their wish was fulfilled, for their daughter at least, whom soon loved the giant city and it?s culture.
A straight A student with a strange personality, Katana became one of six students who, one day mysteriously disappeared due to Aconite?s acts of time.

Thing She Misses the Most: Anime/manga (yes, you can't let her go without those...)

I really hope this works. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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Guest Zhang_He
Name: Brandon Everson ( aka Kazuyori)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Present Time Appearance:[url]http://www.anime-unleashed.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=1554[/url]
Meiji Era Appearance:[url]http://www.northarc.com/images/vg-ragnarok/assassin_m.jpg[/url]
Weapon: Katar
Personality: usually keeps to himself but knows extensivley of R. Kenshin
Bio: Average 14 year old, 8th grader. Knows a lot of Japan orginnaly from U.S.
Thing They Miss the Most from the Present Era: Video Games
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Sounds like fun...riping the time space continum...
Name: Yuki Ataki
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Present Time Appearance:[url=http://mail.vcs-k12.net/X3786999b9bcf9f9d6cf6e1cd/attach/Main/4/1/1071587184/yuki.jpg] Here, I fixed it! [/url]
Meiji Era Appearance: [url=http://www.cafemaru.net/rinka/enter.jpg] Right here [/url]
Weapon: Sword...no spacificness....
Personality: She's quite shy but when she is in battle she can be quite suprising...maybe a bit mysterious as well
Bio: She was a very good student who never really was bad. She was quite puntual and a bit talkitive. But since she's been 'sent back in time' she's been quiet. She rarely talks yet she is very strong.
Thing They Miss the Most from the Present Era: Family and Friends...
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Yessss! My first sign up! Thanks a TON Zhang_He. (I love Dynasty Warriors...)
Yayyy! Second sign up! ^^ Just four more to go....(Psst...Mai, your first link isn't working....)
I wanted to say thanks also because I know this wans't a lot to go on. This is the true definition of "going off the top of my head". ^^;
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OOC: Oops! forgot my name!

Name: Kit trojan

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Grade: 8

Present apperance: Blue shirt with a dragon circling a sword. baggy jeans, nikes.

Meiji era apperance: Black hood, black shirt and pants, black greaves and pauldrons, black steel plated boots

Weapon: Katan, nunchaku.

Personality: Extremely quiet, rarely talks even to his best friends, but loyal to those that are. When he does speak, he gives sagely advice.

Bio: Extremely good student, has only been in Japan for two weeks, his mom's job has taken him all over the world, so he understands several languages. Some of the places he's been to required him to defend himself several times, so he's no stranger to fighting. He has few friends also because of his mom's job, so he rarely gets attached to any one.
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Name: Amaya Hazumi
Gender: female
Age: 14
Grade: 8 (even tho im in 9th... oh well)
Present Time Appearance: (sry, no pics) shoulder length, layered black hair with red tips; dark brown eyes; 5'6"; wears a red tank top and a long black skirt
Meiji Era Appearance: hair like before only longer, tied in a messy bun; dark amber eyes; wears a red Chinese-style shirt and a short black skirt
Weapon: katana, shuriken
Personality: Amaya is a very independant, kick-@$$ chick. She goofs around some times, but when the occasion calls for it, she's totally serious. She also has a weird obsession with blood and fighting...
Bio: Amaya's mom left when she was young, leaving her hard-headed but loving father to care for her. She grew up with a lot of discipline, and learned not to let people get in her way. She doesn't really have friends, since most people are afraid of her. She's very lonely inside, and escapes her loneliness with her obsession over Rurouni Kenshin and a certain tall guy with spiky hair and a bandanna...
Thing They Miss the Most from the Present Era: TV, video games, Dad
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[size=1][color=chocolate][b]Name:[/b] Yuka (of course not my real name in life)
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 11
[b]Grade:[/b] 6
[b]Weapon:[/b] Two Sai (little mini swords)
[b]Present Time Appearance:[/b] Shoulder length dark brown hair with gold tints, eyes that change various colors depending on weather (raining-gray, sunny-dark green, cloudy-blue gray) Short-sleeved black T-Shirt (long to my thys) and jeans with white tennis shoes. Shirt has Stewie from Family Guy in a devil outift.
[b]Meiji Era Appearance:[/b] Hair in one braid, wears violet colored kimono with white flowers, and wooden sandals.
[b]Personality:[/b] Very talkative, funny, and weird. Likes to annoy people she hates, and is never quiet. Sometimes brave (depends on situation) Hates to wear dresses, although wears them in Meiji Era.
[b]Bio:[/b] Grew up with many friends and some rivals, and loves to socialize with friends more the family. When getting to Meiji Era, still the same she is in the present time.
[b]Miss the most in present time:[/b] My internet...[/size][/color]
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Guest Zhang_He
sai are little daggers with thorns on the side much like Rafeal from TMNT. Sorry i have to tell people who have japanese weapons wrong it's a tick i have. So when do we start?
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Eh... I know you have everyone you need. But I was wondering if I could be someone too, seeing to I was looking forward to sign up for this one. I'm just slow.... meh. If I can't, that's alright. ^^;;[/color][/size]
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Alrighty, I'm finally ready! ^^

Name: Kurumi Mishima
Gender: Female
Grade: 8
Present Time Appearance:[url]www.anime-unleashed.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=1555[/url]
(Exept it's a girl, has blande hair, and blue eyes)
Meiji Era Appearance: [url]www.anime-unleashed.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=1532[/url]
Weapon: Two hand swords(They are held at the hand and curve back to the users elbow, the same weapons Talim use on SC2)
Personality: Kurumi is normally nice and keeping it cool. Not always on the talkative side with others, but her mouth is always funny with jokes or comments around her friends. Kurumi is smart, but not stuck up about it, she loves to help people when she can. Kurumi is also know for her loner ways, she may like to be with friends and other people every now and then, but she always needs her alone time. Normally in a big conversation, Kurumi is left on the outskirts just listening because of her loner ways.
Bio: Kurumi had lived in Japan most of her life, always loving the school she was in. She had always been a big fan to Rurouni Kenshin and was pleased to have a whole school into it. Kurumi had grown up with her mother and sister, and had always been a major anime fanatic. Kurumi pretty much grew up in a normal life.
Misses the most in present time: Friends, anime, and Internet.
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