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Neopets: Attack of the Mutant Pets


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I will still be allowing signups for this RPG, so feel free to join! Nobody can be too late! For those who did join, have fun! That's the only rule I have here! (well, except for no godmodding and good post content...)

[color=limegreen]"Well, now what should we do?" Crystal asked anxiously to her pets.
"I want an Evil Fuzzle!" Gamma said excitedly.
"Now now, you know how scary those things can be... And they possess evil spirits too," Tara said in an evil tone. "If you keep one for too long, they might possess you..."
"I WILL have an Evil Fuzzle!" Gamma complained. Tara stared at her with a calm and spooky expression on her face.
"You will not have an Evil Fuzzle..." Tara said in a hypnotic tone, her eyes glowing like fire. "You will get a good Petpet..." She repeated those words over and over again.
"OK, break it up, you two," Crystal demanded. "Tara, I don't know whether to thank you or scold you... Gamma, Tara's right about Evil Fuzzles, just so you know..."
"I... know..." Gamma said, looking and sounding like a zombie.
"Well, Draco, where to?" Crystal continued.
"Let's go to Mystery Island!" Draco declared as he pulled out an issue of the Neopian Times. "It says here that there have been reports of Evil Fuzzles controled by the aliens invading the island..." He looked at Gamma, who just stood there, looking petrified. "Erm... we must stop them. And, Tara, should I suggest returning Gamma to her normal state?"
"My pleasure," Tara muttered as she put a hoof on Gamma's head and hummed softly to herself while closing her eyes. She walked away, and Gamma sprang up, lookig confused for a second.
"Who, what, where, why..." Gamma uttered in panic. She eventually calmed down. "So, Draco, where are we going?"
"Mystery Island."
"All right," Crystal declared, "let's go!"
Crystal picked up Gamma and climbed on top of the massive Eyrie. Draco flapped his wings, and within seconds, they had left the ground. Tara soon followed on foot and swam the rest of the way when they got to the edge of the land.

"Hey, where's Sune?" Crystal wondered when they were halfway there.
"Ah, she'll catch up," Draco muttered. "She probably sensed us leaving, and she [i]can[/i] fly..."
Crystl shrugged, and Draco and Tara continued swimming/flying on, eventually reaching Mystery island. An Ixi there was fighting off a group of ten Evil Fuzzles by shooting beams of psychic energy at them.
"Sune?" Crystal wondered in awe. She stood there sonfounded for a minute, wondering how Sune could have reached the island before them.
"You'll never get past me..." Sune thought out loud. When she was young, she permanently lost her voice, making it impossible for her to talk. But later, she was able to talk telepathically. "Your strategy is too obvious. There's nothing I can't predict..." A few fuzzles fizzled andfell into the ocean. A couple of others were lying on the ground, completely psyched out.
"Wow, no point in staying here," Draco said. "Sune's eliminating every one of them..." He watched the last Evil Fuzzle flying everywhere and crashing onto the ground. Sune was flying back to Crystal, saying, "Well that was too easy. Their feeble minds are no match for my powers... Now, let's head towards the Lost Desert."
Draco grumbled and started to fly in the other direction towards the desert. Tara and Sune followed.[/color]
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"You Pinhead!" A white Krawk shouted loudly while swinging his claws around in the air. "You lost!? I cant beleive you! Numskull!"

"Hey buddy its not my fault the stupid bomb was in my way! Oh well... this game isnt that fun anyways... the levels are all the same." A Maraquan Draik barked back loudly.

"Scara! The levels are the same meaning they are all EASY!" The krawk falls backwards and sighs.

"Dragu... you dont get it do you? Im better at other games than some and this just happens to be the one game I literally cant play well... Ill make a mistake and then i blow up the marble thingy. Its just...hmm... Id be better off playing cheat." The Draik's eyes shifted to see the owner of the shadow that was now towering over him.

"Dragu... Scara knock it off... Its time to get going anyways..." A girl stood above the two pets who were laying on the ground playing a game. She was wearing a longsleeve shirt which was black in color and a black vest over it. The black vest blew in the wind revealing the inside which was a orange color netting like meterial. Her black jeans stood out most because of the three glow in the dark stars on the right leg near the bottom. The light reflected off her shiney black army boots.

"Aw your back from the... uhh...where were you again Kaia?" The Krawk asks quietly.

"The pound.... " Kaia sighed and looked around. "Yes im back..."

"How....uh did it go?" Scara asked after stretching and letting otu a large yawn.

"Didnt find anything that would be compatable with you two..." Kaia laughed at this awaiting their reaction.

"HEY! WHATS THAT SAPPOSED TO MEAN!!!" The two pets shouted suddenly forgeting all about their argument.

"It means im not gonna get an Aisha or an Ixi when I have two large fearsom looking pets with large teeth. The pet would run away... Not to mention you constant arguing and Dragu's short term memory loss... It would drive them up the wall. Im looking for something more sturdy. Plus I like the whole... carnivore looking pets... So im looking for something...More like you two."

"Ok" the two of the mummbled together while crossing their arms.

"Come on you two get a grip. Anyways there WAS a specific species i was looking for."

Dragu's head pops up, "Oh?"

"What Species would that be?" Scara yawned again.

"Either a Lupe or a Shoyru with attitude..."

"Why a shoyru... to cutie!"

"I know thats why ill only get one with a reall attitude that fits the rest of us. So for now its just the three of us. Ill check back later. Oh by the way i bought both you a gift while i was gone..."

"Ohh... Presents!" The two shouted happily and leaped up with the nicest smiles on.

Kaia held out her two hands and in each one was a different fuzzy thing. In her left hand for Dragu was a blue and white fuzzy thing making cute noises. IN the right hand for Scara was a pure white fuzzy rabbit like petpet.

"Ooo! Meepit! These are new!" Dragu picked up the peptpet and hugged it, "I promise you i wont eat it." The meepit gulped and then warmed up to the Krawk.

Scara laughed and looked at the bunny petpet, "A snowbunny! Neat... these came out last year didnt they? One of the Advent calender things right? So cool... I have always wanted one! Thanks Kaia."

"Your welcome you two... Anyways lets get going... Its hot out here." Kaia looked around the hot deserty area... Sand blew with the wind and the sun slowly burned away at Kaia's sunblock.

"Alright you party pooper!" Scara whined and headed towards a far off tree filled area. They already knew when the trees became larger as they got closer they would all bee creepy looking or dead. It wasnt Scara's favorite place in the world but he was gonna deal with it.

"What are we gonna do there?" Dragu asked quickly.

"We are going to check out the tower and chill out for a while before-"

As kaia was talking Dragu's eye caught something shiney in the sand near the strange old monument. He dashed for it before someone else grabbed it. Kaia just stared at him and rolled her eyes as he hugged the two dabloon coin.

"Why are we going to the woods again?" Dragu asks rejoining them with his new prize, the meepit holding onto his head to stay on.

"Oh brother i just told you... Shop..check out the tower and chill for a while before heading to Meridell."

"Oh.... cool.... Lookie at what i found!" He holds up his prize...

"That one is useless you know. I have to sell it to get two one dabloon coins for it to even be of use... But we hacent used dabloons anyways... so dont you think selling it would be better... You did just get a petpet after all."

"Oh i guess your right..." He handed her the round coin and she slipped it into the bottomless pocket in her vest.

"Sooo fuzzy!" Scara just pet the petpet a few times as it sat atop his head like the meepit on the Krawk.

"Heh... Scara..." Kaia rolled her eyes and continued walking slowly through the sand. This was gonna be a long walk to shade.
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"SNOWBALL FIIIIGHT!" yelled a white, christmas Zafara. He flapped his wings and kicked snow in a Teenager's face. The boy had long skater blonde hair and sharp blue eyes. He wore a white t-shirt with a green puffy vest over it. He had green gloves and black cargo pants. He stood in the snow with a baby Zafara on his head.

"Heey! Cheap shot!" the boy yelled back. His name was Matt and the Baby Zafara was Zio. The Christmas Zafara was named MUnky and then flew in another purple faerie Zafara whoes name was Lilly.

"Ok that's enough. We've gotta get going if we don't wanna miss the plane to Lost Desert." they all left and finally arrived at the airport. They got their plane and sat down next to a lovely young lady. AS he took off his vest and gloves he noticed the girl had an Ixi, Peophin, Eyrie and an Acara. They were all sound asleep. Matt guessed they had just done something big.

Matt broke the silence by turning to the girl and sticking out his hand to shake. He had a large smile on his face. "Hi! I'm Matt!" he said.[/color]
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"Need....water.....will.....die......soon" Dragu whines as he acts and slowly walks along behind the other two.

"Oh brother.... Here you whiner" Kaia pulled out a thermous cooler thing and tossed it at the reptillian pet who then continued to gulp down as much as it could.

"HEY! Save some for me!" Scara shouts as he reached for Dragu's water.

"Now now Scara... i got you your own..." Kaia handed him his waterbottle. "Now try not to argue to much you silly reptiles... We only have a little way to go... The forest isnt to far from here."

They walked slowly for a bit and soon they were in the first bit of trees. They sat down at the base of the ugly group of trees and relaxed in the sandy shade. The half living leaves on the trees at the edge of the forest blew in the calm wind. Kaia leans herh ead back against the tree and closes her eyes. Her pets curl up around her but kept their space so they didnt make each other hot in the hot weather. They all took a slight nap. The petpets played together in the small circle created by the pets and human.
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[size=1][color=999999][i]DarkAcidRain, also known as Acid, layed on his stomach looking at the others play. He was not too keen on playing with others. He was the oldest pet of Kiara. The two had grown a great bond, as did the others with her.

Kiara Taiinheart is a distant, cool, determined person who will not give up anything. She will protect her pets, if anything, she will die for them as well. Acid sat up and looked to Kiara, flexing his wings.[/i]

"The young ones play. We are to meet with two others in the mountains. We must be going." [i]He had sad to her.[/i]

[i]Dragourn, also known as Gourn, flew to Kiara and Acid and floated above. He wondred where they were to go. He had loved exploring areas unknown to him. He was always getting into trouble and mischief. Acid and Kiara were the two that always bailed him out.

Acid stretched his legs out and shook his head. He looked to Kiara and wondered when they were to leave. Kiara stood up and called for Nerymph, a.k.a. Nayde, and DemonSpade, a.k.a. Spade, to come voer to where the tohers were. They came and she had told them they were to go to Terror Mountain. There, they will go and have a great time with other pets.[/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Mika watched as Kisha and Kami played in the shallow waters of the beach at Mystery Island.Mika had taken them all there for a treat.Kami felt at home.Mika tickled baby Ki and she giggled and cooed.

Kisha flew over and nudged at Ki.Ki giggled and grabbed Kisha's nose.Mika looked over at the petpets bathing in the sunlight.

There was Faye the Babaa,Neko the Angelpuss and Inu the Puppyblew.

Mika laughed and continued to watch the pets as they played around in the sun and splashed in the water.Mika sighed and lay back,it was a great time to get a tan.[/COLOR]
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