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DBZ, A New Beginning (Sign-ups)


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Hey guys, sorry I have not been on for a while, but with work, school, g/fs, and band, I've been swamped. Anyways, I have come up with a new RPG for all your enjoyment. Here goes.......

Long after the journeys of the original Z-Fighter, where Goku and Vegeta Jr. are long dead and gone, the Earth has been changed through wars and time. A man, seeing that technology had ruined the Earth, desided to start over. He summons the Eternal Dragon and wishes for the world to become like it was back in the time of Goku's childhood, a more magical and natural land. He also asked for the use of ki to be forgotten by all, making warriors who one possessed power levels in the millions to drop down to less than 100. Now it has been nearly 50 years since the wish was granted, and the World Martial Arts Tournament is swiftly approaching........

So heres the deal, this is not an RPG where each person controls a specific character, but each player creates a character and everyone acts as a joint-author, not acting biast to one specific character. However, you can make your own intros. And make your characters as unique as possible. Remember, your PLs are realitivly low, ranging between 50-100, so everyone is pretty much evenly matched.

Name: Goin Maew

Age: 38

Height: 6,1"

Description: Bald headed with a stern face and dark skin. He has deep blue eyes and wear's a blue robe with white pants. He wears sandles, except while fighting, where he goes bare foot.

Bio: Goin Maew is a master warrior monk. He has mastered the fighgting styles of Drunken Boxing, Kung-Fu, and many other, and combined them into a single powerful style which has been named after him, Maewshisim. He is also experianced with most of the Chinese melee weapons, but specialises with the spear. He is the master of the Okiosama Temple and teaches his skills to all those with a pure heart. On a meditation sebatical deep in the mountains, he found the legendary Nimbus Cloud, which he has the ability to control, as his heart is pure.
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Okay, sounds cool.

Name: Craig Kensindan.

Age: 14

Height: 5'7"

Bio: Saiyan child. He has Picollo's purple outfit, except it's black. And a red robe that he wears over it. The robe is slightly weighted (like 12 lbs). Hair like Trunks's was in a pony tail, except its brown.

Description: He has mastered Iquido, Jujitsu, and Kung Fu at a very young age. He hes blended them together to make a style named after his family. The Kensindan style! He has also mastered the use of his gold katana, which he carries around with him every where he goes.
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Okay, sounds cool.

Name: Forte Virus.

Age: 16

Height: 6'1"

Bio: Saiyan child. He was a long lost son of Bardock, when Bardock was in poverty he sold his son to a scienctist who sold him to Dr.Gero. The sick man made him half Android and Half Saiyan.... He programmed him to evil but bardocks goodness broke it and he rejected him and killed Gero.

Description: He has mastered all karate. It was made into his design. He gets the last name Virus because that was his code name to Dr.Gero.... Currently Forte has no weapon and doesnt need one because he is an Android he is a weapon of destruction.
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sounds cool cause its diff. from others.

Name:Kaiyu Briefs


Bio: Son of Bulma and Vegeta he was raised by Bulma after his father was killed in the fight againts Majin Buu, He is pure hearted just like Goin Maew his best friend. He is on a quest to find the Black Star Dragonballs so he may wish back his Father so he can meet him for the first time.

Description: Wheres a blue shirt over a red tangtop, kinda like gojus except opposite and has a white belt. Carries a Sword. He often gets angry when his father is mocked upon, flash backs of stories his mom told him give him nightmares which makes him stronger even in his sleep.
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[COLOR=purple]Oooo....sounds fun....I get to use the best character I've ever made....[/COLOR]
[COLOR=teal]Name: Espa Silverheart

Age: 15

Height: 5',6"

Description: Green hair, [think Sailor Pluto] and strange silver eyes, and wears a blue tunic and keeps her hair out of the way with a silver ribbon.

Bio: Espa is a very strong girl, despite her few years. She was raised by her grandmother on a mountain top, Valeigh. Therefore, she does not know about technology. This makes her somewhat innocent, but she has a fiery temper. Valeigh taught her the art of Zoeshow [my own idea], which is swordplay mixed with martial arts. She is an expert with Chinese swords [she uses two] or the Kali Yuga [similar to the power pole].[/COLOR]
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Name: Cale

Age: 24

Height: 6'0

Desciption: A black cloak that covers his whole body with a white Roman Cross in the front his hair looks like Gohans in jin 2 but Royal Blue

Bio: Cale is very powerful and was trained by his father in many forms of martial arts and with his large brawed sword after he reached the age of 18 he left home and began to travel the world to become stronger
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Alright guys, we just need 2 others to start (the # for the tourny is 8). And Krillin6913, If hes Vegeta and Bulma's son, he would be long since dead. He can, however, be like the great grandson of Vegeta Jr. or something like that. Also, SS Trunks, how is Craig a saiyan, explain his liniage a little (might come up in the plot;) ). Also, Forte, if he was born around Bardocks time, he would be alot older than 16, but since he is an android, he would still be alive. Sorry, I guess I'm just a stickler for details, sorry if I annoy anyone.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by stormwing [/i]
[B]i'll join but i got to go so i'll post the stats later...

name siren tecca [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=teal]How....predictable.... J/K .:D Good to see you alive Siren!

BTW, Outlaw, it's okay to be a stickler for details, it makes the story more believable.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=teal]How....predictable.... J/K .:D Good to see you alive Siren!

BTW, Outlaw, it's okay to be a stickler for details, it makes the story more believable.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

Exactly, our imagination is limited to the story line you give us and the rules you allow us. You change the rules of the series, so theres no reason that we can't.
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Ok guys, just 1 more person. You can write your intros now, I'm not going to because i gotta go to bed now, but you can. And where not gonna start till sunday most likely, cause I doubt I'll be able to get online tommarrow, work and homecoming. wooo-hoo
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Craig stands atop a mountain, looking down on the arena, where the Tenchi Budokai will commence in 10 days time!

Craig: My Kensindan style should get me far in this tournament. And with my new flying ability, I should have a great advantage! I will now go to my fathers temple and perfect my skills!

Craig slowly takes off into the air, when he lands agin.

Craig: I think I'll run this time!

Craig sprints off in the direction of the temple!
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name: siren tecca

age: 15

hight: 5'9"

discription: blue hair... hang on i think i can find a pic...it's at the bottom.. black baggy pants, navy blue shirt,and a scar from the back coner of the cheek bone to the jaw..

bio:was frozen in an escape pod 2 years before planet vegeta was distroyed.. crash landed on earth 13 years ago...

weapon: favors the glaive

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Sounds good outlaw thats what ill do.

Kaiyu sits in his room on his 16th birthday looking at a picture of his great great great grandfather King Vegeta.

Kaiyu: One day GrandFather i will wish vack planet vegeta and we can be together, i will then grow as strong as you.

Tallis his mother comes over and lectures her son.

Tallis: Kaiyu let me tell you somthing, it was your great great grandfather who was the strongest, he fought here on earth, remember he was the one who had the bad temper and fought beside the strongest man in the world goku.

kaiyu:wow really???

Lakkow, Kaiyus father comes over and says to his son....

Lakkow:son you will master the techniques of the super saiyan soon enough.

Kaiyu walks over to the tv and turns it on and sits down with a bag of potato chips.

Lakkow: what are you doing boy!!!! you should be training.

the news comes on to announce a special tournament.

Lakkow grabs a bag of chips and sprits to the tv.

Lakkow:alright a tournament!

Tv Reporter:the tournament consists of 8 players who will be very strong.............CHILDREN FOR THE JUNIOR DIVISION AGES 13-20!!


kaiyu:awwww yes!!! my first tournament!!!!

Kaiyu rushes to the phone to call Goin Meaw but the phone rings befor he pickes it up.


Goin: Hey whats up did you here?!

Kaiyu:im on my way, ilkl meet yoo at your house bud.

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ok ok I know the limit is ten but is there any chance that I could join I have a good character in mind with an ok bio so is there if i can here's his bio

Name: Zodius
Race: Saiya-jin
Age: 14
Powerlevel: 65

Hair colour: Black
He wears martial arts gi similar to that of the z crew execpt it's black and has a white blet and sandles.He carries a spear made od an alloy only found on new vegeta and nowhere else

A saiya-jin child who lived on new vegeta on a far away planet. New vegeta was created in secret and was home to only 500 saiya-jin who escpaed frieza's attack in a cloakes ship. But 12 years ago the planet was hit by an asteroid and destroyed but
Zodius father sent him to a planet named earth to be brought up and live after a years travel he lands on earth and is taken in by a descendant of Master Roshi named Gobei who raises him as his own son and teaches him Kung Fu
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Guest Khabaji
Name: Khabaji [No Last Name]

Age: ??? (people think he is 17)

Height: Same as future trunks

Info: Black hair that looks like adult goten, he wears a emerald necklace , black shirt , white or blue pants, shirts neck collar is puffy black, little puffy shoulder pads , long (does not show muscles) black sleeves, no gloves, black or blue boots. black eyes (unless he unlock potential or super it goes blue) .

History: Long ago when king vegeta destroyed the tuffles, 1 saiyan was emerged on dat planet, he was 15 when frieza destroyed it and killed them all (except broly and khabaji) khabaji somehow survived and got stuck in a meteor, (when he was 15) , 48 years after the mans wish for the planet the meteor hit earth and khabaji reawoken, he is a pure hearted saiyan who likes to fight strong people, 2 years later he joins the tournament!!
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[size=1][b]This RPG has been dead for like four years, man. Please don't bring back inactive threads. Read OB's rules and the Square's sticky - all of this is explained in detail there. If you have any questions after that, PM a moderator or check out the Suggestions and Feedback forum for more information.

- Arcadia[/b][/size]
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