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Broken Lands


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Something stirred in the void? a blackness awoke. A scream ripped through reality, tearing at the hearts and minds of all. The gods died.

There was a world before the cataclysm. Nobody remembers it. Before the cataclysm there ruled many a mighty, golden empire. People conquered and built in the name of the gods. The world prospered; the good slew the evil; the definitions of right and wrong where clear, defined.

The cataclysm destroyed the world, killing all but the most protected creatures. The sky was tarnished with an eternal fog, casting the world in an unending half-light. Rains of acid and blood fall from the infinite dark clouds. Where there were once great forests, only foetid swamps lie, alive with the dead. Fields became living pits of insects. All but the mightiest mountain ranges toppled, spreading rubble over vast areas of land. Great rifts appeared in the landscape, swallowing towns and villages. The seas turned black and became inhabited by great monsters, alive and dead.

Although most perished, some survived?

The elves retreated across the gulf of existence. Half fled to the misty plain of Algar, becoming the pale Ghost Elves, while the other half of the race fled to the shadowy realm of Mersia, becoming the darkened Shadow Elves. Both races of elves gained a slight intangibility, allowing them to slip free of the solid realms and become untouchable, except to other intangible creatures.

Most of humanity receded and became the Ghouls, twisted half-dead cannibals. The rest of the human survivors took refuge in their cities. When the survivors emerged, they where surprised to find some of their number twisted and mutated, some of those few where a quater dead already.

The Dwarves fled deeper into the earth to escape the disaster, where they developed crude machines as replacements for lost and mutated limbs. Here, they created great smoke belching factories of metal and brimstone.

Other races roam the lands; mutated, twisted and bloodthirsty. Tribes of goblins are constantly picking at whatever scraps they can find; mutant and undead animals hunt the desolate wastes of once beautiful savannas; all life has been shattered and perverted, with living corpses almost as plentiful as real creatures.

The society that rose from the shattered remains of this world was one unlike any other before it. Without the gods to guide them, people created their own sets of morals. The dead where no longer sacred, they where tools for the living, serving in the more menial tasks and in the gladiatorial arenas, animated with magic as mindless creatures.

In this world there is no good and evil; right or wrong, there is only what you choose to believe.

Over the next thousand years, the humans re-populated their cities and established trade routes
The energies that remain in this world from the dead gods halve started to seek new vessels. Eight creatures have gained the potential to become gods.

They fell a pull towards 'The Crater'', rumoured to be the sight of the cataclysm few have seen the place and lived, even fewer have maintained their sanity.

They now feel the call of adventure appon them, none know why. Their powers are undeveloped; their minds may not be ready. They may become allies or bitter enemies. The future of this world belongs to them?

Some guidelines/rules to go by:

*You must be dedicated

*Standard OB and adventure arena rules.

*I must approve your characters (don't worry, I'm not to picky)

*No swearing, not even censored swearing.

*The powers of the eight are undeveloped (minor) and they will slowly evolve to suit their personalities and actions.

*Your character must change/adapt/'evolve' like a real life person would

*Only eight players

*No god modding (even gods can die)

Here's the sign up sheet:

Name: (pretty self evident)

Race: (human, dwarf, elf (shadow or ghost), other (please state))

Age: (make it applicable for your race)

Description: (Most creatures are slightly mutated. Ghost Elves glow with the strength of a candle, Shadow Elves have velvet black skin and no hair.)

Equipment: (no guns, this is a low tech world)

Code of ethics: (What your character believes is right or wrong, include personality)

Bio: (brief history)

Starting powers: (Minor powers that you start with, base these off your code of ethics and your characters history)

Here's my character, if you have any questions just ask.

Name: Daro

Race: Human

Age: 17

Description: Daro is was of the few unchanged humans left,
He prided himself in his flawless beauty. Now however, he loathes himself because his god-power is slowly mutating him, turning him into a creature akin to the beasts that prowl the wastelands.

Equipment: Daro still carries the sword that he used before his mutations started. He was once a very skilled swordsman, but claws are no good for welding steel.

Code of ethics: Daro believes that flawlessness is perfection, and goes to great lengths to hide his disfigured body.

Bio: Daro was once tall and handsome. He was a brilliant sword master and accompanied trade caravans from city to city for a modest fee. On one particular trip, his caravan was attacked by a hoard of goblins of the Aro-Atch tribe. He was taken as a prisoner and was forced to drink experimental elixirs. The elixirs mingled with his awakening god-power and caused him to mutate horribly. He escaped and his body slowly returned to a more normal state. The mutations would never leave him though.

Starting powers: In times of danger his body mutates horribly, turning him into a veritable killing machine.
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race- Ghost elf
age- 16
description- long Brown hair, (pointy ears, about 5 foot 3. silver eyes, Plus the mentioned glowing.
equipment- a staff made of a hard wood, about 3 inches taller then me.
code of ethics- Never fight someone who is weaker unless nessesary, and always try to defend those who are weak. Never quit, never turn back. personality-very strong minded and stubborn. Loves a good challenge, and never runs away from a fight.

bio- mostly stayed in Algar with her parents until she was 15. Afterwards, she got bored with the general safety of staying with her own kind and moved out to other parts of the world. She battled other intangible creatures, but longed to get a chance with solid ones, that is when she finds she can switch herself from the untangible realm to the solid and back again (how's that for a beginnig power?)

power- Switching from intangable to solid instantaniously and go inbetween the two[/color]
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Elvs can normaly go between the spirit real and the normal realm. However, this procecss usually takes a minuet or so, so you could hve instentanious travel between the two realms. You could also have a half in/half out mode, where you can fight in combat and become almost imposible to hit.

Just a pointer if you want to have a power like that.

by the way, the entire of each elven race mutated, so the elvs don't have bad legs or anything. Sorry, diden't reely make that ckear (although some of them would probably have compleetly silver eyes or long clawlike nails.

And yes, elvs do have pointy ears. Tolkien pointy, not Anime pointy. Almost forgot, false name.
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hmm, this is pretty interesting

Name: Callum Shard

Race: Human

Age: 26

Description: Long, dark blonde hair almost always tied back, Dark brown leather pants and black leather boots, a white shirt with a white vest undernieth, several leather bracelets on his right wrist, silver rings on the fingers, most notably the large thumb ring with a black onyx center. A silver cross adorns his neck along with a brown leather choker. All this is topped off with a a long black duster. Only slightly mutated he has elongated canines and cat-like eyes.

Equipment: Broad Rapier

Code of ethics: Once a deeply religious man he has retained most of his faith even after the apocalypse. His deep sense of justice and 'good', however is marred by his mutations. Not only are there outward signs but inside he can feel the changes too. there is a lust he finds hard to contain, a lust for pain and fear that battles against him. He tries to fetter it but he is slowly losing the battle...

Bio: Having salvaged words of the old gods from texts scattered in half destroyed buildings and crypts he had chosen to take up the mantle of bring the old words back to the people. Shunned by the majority for this he became a travelling priest, preaching to anyone who would listen. As time wore on however and exposure to the outside and those that dwelt among the ruins and toxic wastes began to take it's toll he felt changes slowly come upon him. Now drawn by some unseen source he still battles to preach the just and kind word of the gods, even though part of him feels otherwise.

Starting powers: Enhanced sight, smell and hearing. Rare bloodlust, primarily around those in great pain.
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The powers that the characters receive are not from any particular gods, these are simply ambient energies left over from the dead gods. You are free to develop your powers along with your personality. Eventually, your character will fit into category of "the god of 'suchandsuch'" (you could end up being the god of more than one thing) .

Very nice doukeshi. You?re in.
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[COLOR=darkblue][B]Name:[/b]Kari Sanai

[b]Race:[/b]Fairy/Human(Cross breed)

[b]Age:[/b]16 in Human Years

[b]Description:[/b]Kari has shoulder length chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes.Sometimes her eyes turn blood red when she's emotional as an effect from mutation.She wears a blue,waterproof,hooded jacket open with a white blouse inside and navy blue pants and blue and white shoes.Her wings stick out of her back and through slits in her clothes.They're a misty blue.Like fushia with more blue than pink.

[b]Equipment:[/b]A beautiful sword.The hilt is made of solid silver,the blade is made of a metal never seen before.It glistens and reflects light and images.At the end of the hilt is the tail of a sapphire dragon that coils around the hilt.The head stops,coiled around the cross-hilt.It's eyes are rubies.The body of the Chinese type dragon is like a grip because the scales are nice to hold.She also has a sheath made of silver and she wears it on her back.

[b]Code of Ethics:[/b]Kari believes in all that's good.She always helps those less fortunate than herself and doesn't pick on anyone weaker than her unless they engage the battle first.Her motto is "You never know unless you try." and "Quitters never win and Winners never quit."

[b]Bio:[/b]Kari was born as a crossbred.For that she was always made fun of.Her father,the human had left her mother after he found out that she had given birth to a [i]freak[/i].Kari never knew her father and grew up in the unwanted world.Her mother and herself lived in the forests where they had the friendship of Animals and creatures that didn't judge them.

Everyday,Kari would talk to the animals.She had a power to talk to animals and understand them.She also had magical powers.They were quite strong but they could get upgraded.

Then a strange power came through the land.She started to mutate and soon she was even more of a [i]freak[/i] than before.
[b]Starting powers:[/b]She can understand and talk to animals of all kinds,She had fairly strong magic and she can transform into any animal from the Mutation.Even animals,not from the world.Anything she thinks up she can become.But worst of all is that when she's angry she turns into a blood thirsty monster that kills.[/color]
[b]EDIT:[/b]I fixed it to what you said kinda.How's it?
Any changes wanted done?
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very good sofar Ohkami. Just finish up. One thing though, this is a setting with medievil technology, so could you modify your garb a bit? just change zippers to buttons and tshirt to blouse or something. Thanx.

Yeah, thats good, just tone down the starting power a bit. limit yourself to animals of a particular size and have unstabe mutaions or something. For now, anyway.

P.S. could we plese get some more twisted characters? (remember that this is a harsh, distorted world with a different set of morals)
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I was planing to wait for a few more people to sign up, but we could start soon if you want. What does everyone else think?

P.S. I'll probably start with each person being drawn towards the site of the cataclysm and they can meet up along the way. Does that sound good, or would you prefer another approach. (I'm open to any ideas)
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I'll finish my signup sometime tomorrow. Right now, I need sleep.
Name: Saiyoori
Race: Shadow Elf
Age: 17
Description: Saiyoori's skin is slightly lighter than the average shadow elf's. In an attempt to hide this, she has painted her face with the brightest white she could find in Mersia. She wears dark travelling clothes and wears a hooded cloak whenever possible.
Equipment: rope, an old and battle worn dagger given to her by her father, and an equal old though beautiful and untarnished scythe that may be magical.
Code of ethics:
Bio: (brief history)
Starting powers: (Minor powers that you start with, base these off your code of ethics and your characters history)
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Name: [size=1]Noire (Pronounced: Nwyer)[/size]
Race: [size=1] Shadow Elf [/size]
Age: [size=1] 20 [/size]
Description: [size=1] Standard shadow elf appearance, grotesque bumps on her back, no clothes (she's not naked, she's just like Mystique from XMen), a pair of black gloves she never takes off because she is hiding a scar from her past...[/size]
Equpiment: [size=1] None [/size]
Ethics: [size=1] Right: Using power to get what you want, wisdom, putting yourself before others in times of sheer danger
Wrong: Using others for your benefit
Personality: She is wise and values this beyond all other qualities. She is very graceful and quick with her movements. She also doesn't like to take orders from other people well, which gives others the idea of her being snotty or vain and although she does like to keep to herself, this isn't true. She keeps her feelings hidden, especially sorrow and sympathy. [/size]
Bio: [size=1] Noire was born in a town in Mersia called Muaji. Her mother was killed in a freak accident. When she was 16 her father left to join a band called the Mohaio to try and get revenge with the group who killed her mother, leaving her to defend herself. Two years later, Noire was kidnapped by a crazed group of humans who mentally tortured her. It was then that she discovered she had telepathic powers when she tried to break free from her shackles. She tried in vain for two more years to find her father. She found the group of eight by stumbling into an alleyway by chance. [/size]
Powers: [size=1] Telepacy meaning she can move objects with her mind. The only things she can not move though, as a result of the mutation is water and humans (elves, dwarves, etc.) [/size]
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Electic: your character is looking fine so far, just finish her bio, ethics an stuff.

Motafi: Could you phease be more specific about niore's powers, ant try to give them a bit of a twist so there not normal. other than that, you should be fine.

\I have started the adventure thread so can start posting :) (yay!)
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[size=1] Sooooooo, does that mean I'm in? I did a little more on her powers, tell me if that suits you...
Oh! And- I know I'm not really supposed to be saying this, but- so you don't get into trouble with the mods, remember to use correct punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. and also remember to make your replies and posts longer than a few sentences.
I can say I'm looking foward to this RPG and it's the first one I've ever been in. The others were either too complicated or there weren't any good characters left...Lol!
Oh, Pinball_Wizard...where in the [/size] world [size=1] did you get this idea? I mean, to have every one mutated? That kind of freaked me out a bit and I almost didn't want to join! Lol! But, it's good...it's different...
In the starting post, what did you mean by they have to "change"? Like, go through the hero's journey or something? If you could explain that a little more, that would be good. Thanks. [/size]
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I was rather tired of the traditional 'Good vs Evil' thing, so I made this world with a different set of morals and philosophies (and what better way to do that than change what is concidered 'normal'). I've been meaning to do it for quite a while.

Your powers are fine, your in. I just needed some more expliation for them. Remember that they're going to change and get more powerful in the future.

[QUOTE]Your character must change/adapt/'evolve' like a real life person would[/QUOTE]

This is so that your character dosen't exist as a static, two dimensional entity. Your character must react to situations appropriately and his/her personality is no set in stone. Yes, it is also refering to the 'hereoes journey'.

If many more people realy want to join, I might waver the 'eight people' rule.

Electic, could you please finish your character soon.

P.S. The spelling/grammar/punctuation rule applies more to RPs than to recruitment. It's so that people don't use internet shorthand in RPs and so they don't write a scrappy post. Thanx for your concern though.
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[size=1] That's a great perspective. I'm going to have to keep that idea in mind when I write stories, although I'm not so sure that I will resort to such brutality! Lol
If you want my opinion, I say don't waver the eight people rule because we don't even have eight yet. We only have six people and none of them except you and me have replied to the RPG (but that's probably because I have nothing better to do than be on this site all day! Lol).
As for correct writing on the RPGs, I suggest you check yours, because it could use a little bit of work...I'm going to print this RPG out after it's done and not as a demand or anything, but I'd like it to be as neat as possible.
Speaking of the RPG, I noticed that on your second reply, your character doesn't seem to think much of [/size] N-O-I-R-E [size=1] and I was just wondering if you were leaning towards those two being enemies. It's perfectly fine, but I didn't want to try to be so kind to Daro if he hated her. [/size] N-O-I-R-E [size=1] will always be polite to people even if she hates them (unless its you know, like...evil hate) but she never feels as if she has to be kind to them.
*sighs* You keep saying you need explanation for my powers. Why don't you just spell out what I need, because I'm not quite sure I get it. She's telepathic. She can't control water or life forms. Do you need anything else?
P.S. Sorry if I sounded a little rude, I'm not trying to be! [/size]
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1.Nah, I've got the gist of your powers.

2.I'll try to improve the quality of my writing in the RP

3.Keaping the '8 person' rule.

4.Daro's just tired and grumpy.

5.Could we please have some more people else posting in the RP? ( it did say in the breifing that you had to be dedicated to the RP)

6. I's hard for me to get on the site at the moment as I'm on holidays camping. (I'll do it whenever I can)
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[size=1] Tired and grumpy? Lol. Hey, could you explain the plains thing to me? Where it's like a pool? I'm going to finish up my post soon and I'm going to make them leave the cave and go somewhere...Do you have any specific places or general places you'd like them to go? Oh, and...what does "OOC" stand for?
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1.'OOC:' stands for 'Out Of Character'; 'IC' stands for 'In Character'.

2.The 'pool' is a creature.

3.Could I please have the characters making their way to the 'Crater' (partialy described in the dream seaquence that Daro had)

4. I'm so sorry about not posting, I'm camping at the moment
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Guest Ereshkigal
Name: Ereshkigal

Race: elf (ghost)

Age: 134(looks 25)

Description: Long silver hair,tied in a ponytail,one pale blue eye one ligth purple eye,fair skin kind of built.Brown leather corset under that is a white long sleved t-shirt.pointy ears(duh) light brown leather paints that go down to her knees brown leather boots with dark brown leather gloves. she has a small neckless with a hawk eye charm on it.

Equipment: Long black hunters bow,and a small dagger.

Code of ethics: she believes that if you respect someone they should respect you back. but her sense of what is good is off a little she dosent mind killing(she thinks its alright to kill and likes it.)somethings burns inside of her a lust for blood that seems to become more and more with every kill she makes.

Bio:She did not know her parents and grew up with a very odd family who loved to kill, her father didnt pay much atention to her but her mother loved her dearly. she grew up pretty rich and inherited all the money when her parents died. she trained all her life she was given her first bow at the age fo 5 and mastered it at the age of 8.she loves to human hunt and swim. she had a strange power that was very weak. she could control things when she was young like rats and mice bugs, small things but when she got older she begain to control the weak minded but her mental powers begin to grow more and more.

Starting powers: She can manipulate the weak minded, also her eyes are as sharp as hawk. she is developing the power to create illiosions small ones for now.when she gets really ticked off people around her begin to she there worst nightmeres come to life.
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