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Banners and Betty (Lots of Images, Obviously)


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[size=1]These are actually quite old banners, but I thought it would be fun to share them with all of you. It has been a while since I posted anything here, so a giant collection of my banners would seem like fresh material to anyone who has been here less than six months.















[*]This is one of my earlier banners, but I still love it. Sad pictures of Shinji are really easy to work with, so I use them quite often.
[*]This is a psuedo-sequel to the other banner. I don't think I have ever put it on the boards before this.
[*]Kaworu's Eyes just look really cool in this picture.
[*]I don't like to use colors very often, but this is an example of when I love color. The picture is very melancholy, so I thought that the colors would make it more exciting.
[*]This banner is used every year during my annual Mimi Awareness Week. Whenever I add it to my sig people seem to notice it, and as a result people are more aware of Mimi. Good stuff, eh?
[*]Two characters from Macross. I thought it was a tender moment, and captured it with this banner.
[*]Anya is one of my favorite characters from "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." This was the first of three Buffy banners that I made. It features a quote from the musical episode, and a connected image.
[*]A lot of people have commented that Tara looks unattractive in this picture, but I don't see what is so ugly about her.
[*]The third of my "Buffy" banners.
[*]This was made to promote the uber-cool Kill Adam RPG. James came along shortly after my banner was created and made one of his own, so I decided to ditch this quickly and use his.
[*]Snoopy is cool, and I wanted to find a good place to use the picture. A banner/avatar combination seemed like a good idea at the moment.
[*]This was made in response to the recent accident at Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. This is a picture of the mountain, slightly distorted with a few effects.
[*]This was going to be the first of a series of OB banners for different members. Each member would have a different word that had the letters "OB" in it, and the word would have some connection to them, Needless to say, the idea failed miserably.
[*]A new banner that inspired me to create this thread. I had been meaning to do something with Betty Boop for a while, and after reading a totally unrelated article I was inspired.[/list=1]

Comment and critique, please.

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Those are REALLY cool banners. I make them (banners) myself, but use a different approach and often end up with a darker, usually more sinister, theme. Anyway, I agree that Tara looks rather...ahem...ugly in the 2nd Buffy Banner. But other than that I really don't see much wrong with them.

Forgot to add this. The OBsolete banner seems to imply that Otaku Boards aren't worth anyone's time.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by CompletelyRando [/i]
Forgot to add this. The OBsolete banner seems to imply that Otaku Boards aren't worth anyone's time. [/B][/QUOTE]
[size=1]Yeah, being a Category Mod I don't see why people bother to post here. I'm just sticking around for the weekend, and by Monday I'll be able find a nice Dragonball web site to hang out at. That would be so kewl. Post quality is for losers, anyway.

But yeah, I was more implying that I was "OBsolete" with the banner. I didn't mean it as an attack on the boards or something.

Thank you for the comments, CompletelyRando. They are appreciated.

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Shy was just being cheeky Rando. lol. He wqsn't serious.

Really though, Rando has a point... depending on how you view it, it does seem to show OB in a kind of.... unpleasant light. I know you don't feel it but... lol. Maybe use the word... [b]OB[/b]servant. I don't know.

I liked 1,2,4,10,11,12,14. They are Ok, but some of them seem kind of...bland and boring. Some of them needed borders too. But for the most part.... good stuff. The Betty Boop one is possibly one of the best there... I like the overall tone of it, the smudge of pink gives it some interest, and it is... well constructed.
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I like your second one, it's a neat picture, and I like grayscale. I just like the tone of the picture.

I also like the Big Thunder Mountain tribute, very nice, not too effects heavy, just a nice tribute.

Just one question, where did Bosko go? you mentioned it in the threads title, the threads title, inside the thread that is, on the outside title it doesn't mention Bosko. It's confusing for me, I'm only new here. :sweat:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Baron Samedi [/i]
[B]Really though, Rando has a point... depending on how you view it, it does seem to show OB in a kind of.... unpleasant light. I know you don't feel it but... lol. Maybe use the word... [b]OB[/b]servant. I don't know.[/B][/QUOTE]
[size=1]Using the word "OBsessed" would probably be best to describe me, seeing as I spend a ridiculous amount of time here. Heh. Most of my banners do come across as boring, though. I can't really argue with you there.

And you're right about Bosko, Ozzy J. I don't have any real Bosko artwork to post, but he is here in spirit.

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[size=1] I like the first three banners the most. They seem like you in your most focused perceptions. Mundanity should just be spelled as Shy, and the word itself reinvented to an amazing word which shows just how beautiful and eloquential the mundane is.

I've always liked your banners--and there's not much else to say. It was a taste of nostalgia to see you with your old banner and avatar. It makes me remember that I thought you might've looked like your avatar way back when, when you hadn't posted your picture.

That's about all I could say anyway. Thanks for posting them again--I missed seeing them in a sort of nostalgic way.[/size]
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Just one suggestion for next time (like when you post those awesome greeting cards. ;)): put your comments about the banner right below it, so we don't have to scroll back and forth to see what you are talking about.

Anyway, that Mimi Awareness Week is just brilliant. Haha, that's originality!

Contrary to popular belief, I thought the majority of your stuff would be B&W. Even that Betty one is teeming with color!

Anyway, my favorite is the [I]colored[/I] EVA one, with Asuka and Shinji. I think it's the perfect juxtaposition, but in character and expression. Shinji is passive, watching life going by, while Asuka is agressive, living life. And that's all done on such a simple, yet vivid image. That's brilliance.

That banner + Mimi banner = brilliant originality. Those two are my favorites.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by CompletelyRando [/i]
[B]When I first saw it he DID have the description below the banners. But then he changed his mind for some reason. Either that or I'm tripping out again. [/B][/QUOTE]
[size=1]No, you are right. I changed it so that everything would appear to be more organized... or something.

AzureWolf: Those greeting cards are in the greeting card forum. I posted them earlier today for the world to see. Heh.

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[size=1]I like the Snoopy one best, just because I love the Peanuts. Charlie Brown is my hero, but I think Linus is my all-time favorite (probably cause of the Christmas movie). So that banner makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. ^_^

I haven't seen Eva, and I don't really watch Buffy that much either, but I do like those banners, as well. Particularly 2 (cause the guy on the left looks cool), 3 (eyes rock), 4 (the two characters are a nice contrast to each other, as somebody else mentioned), 7, and 12. 12 is probably next after Snoopy, just because of the colors and how different it is.

Heh, so that's my very technical evaluation right there. >.>;;[/size]
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