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[b]End of Round:[/b] Sign-Up

[b]Immunity:[/b] None, the RP has just begun.

[b]Members Still Alive:[/b] All

[b]Voted Out:[/b] None, the RP has just begun.

Ok people, if you signed up before I closed the signup, you're in. As Annie and I have said, it's going to be fun watching you guys tearing each other to shreds.

[size=3][b]Begin Round One[/b][/size]
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Well, no one else was posting, and I got impatient. Yay for tearing people to shreds. ^_^;

Miyuki yawned luxuriously, her hands pressing up into the roof of the car as she stretched. Relaxing, she leaned forward to peer curiously at her chauffeur: a pudgy, balding little man who tolerated her antics with a grim sort of resolution.

"Mr. Black, are we there yet?"

The girl insisted on calling him "mister," for no reason other than to poke fun at his sense of propriety. He kept his eyes fixed firmly on the road ahead. "We've only just passed the main gate, Miss. I expect that the driveway will be rather long."

She sighed heavily and unbuckled her seatbelt with a rather dramatic flourish. "I should hope so. It is a mansion, after all."

The rest of their drive passed in silence, interrupted only by Miyuki's wriggling--would she [i]ever[/i] learn to keep still?--and the swaying trees outside. It was a gray, abnormally windy day, and Mr. Black occasionally worried that a tree might topple onto his precious Mercedes, crushing both it and its exasperating cargo.

"Jesus!" Miyuki pressed her nose to the window, green eyes glittering. "That's one hell of a big house."

"Indeed," her chauffeur muttered. A hint of relief had begun to creep into his voice. In less than fifteen minutes, he would be rid of his employer's exuberant, blue-haired daughter. He simply wasn't capable of handling her, and had nearly resigned himself to that unfortunate fact.

As the car pulled to a stop, Miyuki leapt out, her skirt flying. Mr. Black turned red as a beet and mentally begged the girl to stop wearing such [i]immodest[/i] underwear. There was only so much temptation that an old man--no matter how virtuous--could take.
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OOC: hahaha, I was waiting for someone to post. Radaghast should've started off with some tv show host greeting
In a dark damp cave, many people were circled around a robed man and a marked symbol as large as the crowd surrounding it. There was 4 poles lit with fire, blue fire. A man spoke chinese to him, the mn int he middle nodded and grinned slightly. A chorus of voices immediatly started. The man in the middle glowed brightly. His hair raised and his eyes glowing.

"Be careful Magiku," said a woman in a chinese. "And win the tournament for everyone."

"I will sister." said the man in the middle whispering.

Magiku finally was gone in a white flash. The man instantly teleported to the house's front door. He walked away from the door to take a look of the mansion

"Holy sh*t," said Magiku in english. "This is one hell of a house,"

Suddenly Magiku heard a girlish voice.

"This looks a lot bigger up close..... a lot," siad a voice.

Magiku turned his head towards the driveway to see a young blue haired girl brimming with energy.

"You've got to be kidding me." laughed Magiku. "This is my competition? I have a better time to waste then this."

Then his eyes glowed green a bit then faced towards the door.
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Thanks for replying, G/S/B Master. This RPG is going to be awfully lonely with just the two of us.... hopefully more people will show up soon.

Oblivious to the fact that she had company, Miyuki whirled around to bid Mr. Black adieu. He eyed her warily and seemed ready to take refuge in his car, but she trotted toward him, grinning wickedly, and planted a resounding kiss on the old man's bald pate.

"See you later!" the girl called. Her grin shifted to a rather evil smirk as she observed the way he unceremoniously dropped her luggage and scrambled back into the driver's seat, still blushing sheepishly.

"That's no way to treat a lady's bags," Miyuki grumbled good-naturedly. She stood and waved as the black Mercedes sped away, then gathered her things and marched back up to the mansion's front door.

Magiku raised his eyebrows. If she could carry all that on her own, the blue-haired girl must be quite a strong young woman--which was more than a little surprising. Her body seemed so slender that it threatened to snap in two at the slightest provocation.

Miyuki finally sensed that she wasn't alone, and turned sharply, tilting her head to the side as she scrutinized the dark-robed figure who stood at her side. "You know," she said curiously, piling her baggage on the stoop, "Er... you know your eyes are glowing, right?"
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Alrighty then! Time to get my pirate self in here!
Ah! The fresh sea air had passed and now that Damario had hit shore, he was feeling the sensation of pure city life. Not only was this the closest town to the colossal domicile he was scheduled to go to, but his diminutive vessel happened to need dire repairs done and as soon as achievable. It had now been ten appallingly long, repugnant hours in the blistering sun since Damario Dantes had left his ruined ship back at the docks for the handymen to do their dirty work on it. The blazing sun parched the road ahead; the air waved as if they were long strands of beauteous hair, caught in the summer?s breeze.

It was his only wish to quench his horrendous thirst with a simple mug of grog. No, wait! He also fancied to cut off his cravings for cakes with peppermint cream, a renowned treat back at the shipyard where he habitually partied recklessly with his shipmates. And it was to this lucid moment that he beyond doubt saw his forlorn providence. He feared for the worst, but as he sensed he would take his last step and pass out into a world of unconscious contemplation, he glanced ahead, only to find himself at the gates of a significant manor of some sort. He found a grin sprawl across his wind-chapped lips and he finally knew that he had found the competition. And in good time.

The immense, metal gates had already been opened. That was just one more task made easier for him so he could walk (close to crawling, might I add) to the fountain in the courtyard where he purified his mind and quenched the God-awful dryness that troubled him so. Looking up, he observed people were already here, waiting by the mansion?s door. A gust of wind whipped by like his cutlass to the throat of a scallywag. His dirt-encrusted hair gestured with the unpretentious waft as he started to have second thoughts on the house that was soon to be his home for some time.
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[i][color=lightpink]Syliva Vovlui sighed deeply walking around the town a bit, seeming lost. She couldn't really speak their language, but did have an address wrote down on a piece of paper. Walking up to a person asking for directions nicely and in some language they did understand. The man pointed her down the road for about a half mile, then look left to see the gates to the mansion she was looking for.

She continued on her way, nodding in thanks to the man, walking up to the gates and sighes some seeing a man walking up the path, advoiding from looking at his rear, heading up the path behind him. She didn't do to well with heels but wore them anyways. Getting closer to the mansion seeing how much bigger it got, then looking down and seeing two girls already there. A chinese girl, a rich twig, and a very nice looking pirate.[/color][/i]
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Michael opened the door of the taxi and looked up in awe at the large mansion that rose up before him. Seeing the large forboding windows and gothic walls stare at him with archaic eyes he bowed his head and crossed himself breifly before stepping out of the vehicle. Turning to the driver he handed him his money for the trip from the airport, adding an extensive tip to the tab.

As the cab drove off Michael hefted his bag over his shoulder and made his way to, what he could only guess as being the other contestants. He didn't even know what he was getting himself into joining this competition. Sighing he shook his head and made his way forward.

"Greetings folks, looks like we're all going to be roomies for a while." Michael smiled brightly and nodded to each of the contestants.
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[i]At that precise moment a loud squeal ripped through the air, as a clapped out Ford Falcon came flying through the gates. It sped up the drive, careering over the manicured lawns to avoid running the pirate over. It pulled to a stop about five metres past the front steps, and reversed back. A rough looking man, dressed entirely in dark clothes got out of the drivers side door, and went arouund to the back of the car. Another blonde guy got out of the passenger seat. Staggering slightly, he walked around to help Ruben with his gear. Looking up to the front of the house, RUben saw a small group of people standing there. Smiling he waved and called, nay, bellowed out,[/i]

"Ahoy fellas. I s'pose this is the place for the show?"

[i]He was met by a chorus of mute nods. Turning back, he chucked his bags on the ground. He slapped his mate on the back and dragged his two bags up the steps. Turning around, he waved his friend off [/i]["See ya JC!"] [i]. He walked straight up to the others and extended his hand. Brashly he said [/i]

"The name's Ruben. Who're you guys?"
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"Seems like I'm straggling behind again." Trini said as she stopped. Although the gentleman in the Ford had mised her. The dust it kicked up surely didn't. She was now covered from head to tow with dust and she had to place her backpack next to her luggage to clean off.

Luckily she wore a pair of old jeans and a "I don't give a damn" shirt. The shirt as always came kinda clean, but the jeans retained most of the dust. She didn't care too much though, they gave her more so of a grunge look. Her face and hair though. Well she'll talk about that later....

She grabbed her back pack, and tugged at her suitcase continuing her ascent to the mansion. As she looked up towards it she could see a small group of people standing outside the door. She knew she had to hurry, but the sweat combinging witht the total labor f carrying her bags was slowing her down a bit.

'I knew I shoulda went on that diet two months ago.' she mumbled to herself as she kept walking towards the house.

Happily, as well as tired she made it there. And just in time for introductions it seems. The guy in the Ford started first as she heard his voice from about 10 feet away.

"The name's Ruben. Who're you guys?" he said looking around.

No one had answred by the time she got near them so she started first not even really looking around and saying hi to the others.

"Hi Ruben," she said extending her hand for a handshake," The name's Trini," she looked down at her hand and remembered something, withdrawing her hand before he could shake it. "What was I thinking, giving you a dirty hand to shake." She said and wiped her hands on her pants. She looked dwon at her hands and spoke out loud again. "I'm sorry, it seems there more dirt on my hands now, you know, I bet its from that Ford that threw up all that dust as it sped up here. But again it's nice meeting you Ruben."
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Bandit Joeykuba wrote on 12-25-2003 08:54 PM:
Nevermind. I'm quiting the RP. I went ahead and deleted my post.


Annie recieved this post from Bandit Joeykuba not too long ago. Then I requested Annie to foward it to me. Now it appears here.

I take it as a official withdrawal from the RP.

But you must know that there WILL still be a voting period for round one. But we still await more of the members to post.

Until that time, have fun.
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Just killin' time. ^_~

Miyuki placed her hands on her hips and scanned Trini from head to toe. Despite her near-perfect posture, Miyuki could do little to disguise the fact that this newcomer was at least a good seven inches taller than she. Pursing her lips, she leaned forward to examine Trini's face.

Apparently satisfied with what she saw, the blue-haired girl rocked back on her heels and offered Trini a brilliant smile. "I'm Miyuki," she announced, then cast a critical eye at Ruben. Though he cut an imposing figure, his every inch packed with hard-hewn muscle, she appeared utterly unintimidated.

"We should probably start picking rooms," Trini commented. She observed that though Miyuki seemed far too thin for her own good, she possessed a kind of sharp, lovely beauty and flaunted it to her full advantage. The teenager's skirt was almost scandalously short.

Miyuki beamed and spread her arms, whirling around in what seemed to be a burst of giddiness or joy. But then the aforementioned skirt flared, rising to reveal slender thighs and shadowy curves. Surprised at the girl's apparent obliviousness, Trini frowned. She would have spoken if Miyuki hadn't shot her a quick, almost lascivious smirk, before turning to address the rest of the contestants.

"Well, even with a house this big, there might not be enough bedrooms for us each to have our own," Miyuki told them. "So if worst comes to worst, I for one would like to have an [i]entertaining[/i] roommate. Are any of you feeling up for the challenge?"
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Although Miyuki was definetly wanting the spotlight, Trini did nothing to interject or remove attention from the girl.

'Let he have it,' Trini said to herself, again turning around and cleaning off her jeans. The dirt was still trapped in her blue jeans, luckily the holes on her knees did make room for much dirt to get on her skin so she didn't have to clean her knees...too much with her own saliva and a paper toewel stuffed in her back pocket.

The comment from Muyuki made its way into Trini's ears, but she waited for someone else to make the move. It seemed the others were just as cautious with their selection as well and they continued to stand around.

She turned back to everyone, making her comment before anyone else could say a word.

"Are we waiting for our host or someone?I'm sick of waiting... she said stuffing the tissue back into her pocket and moving to the staircase to sit down.
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Michael smirked slightly and extended his hand out towards Miyuki, raising his eyebrow at her suggestion.

"Well now miss, I think things are going to get extremley interesting around here." Taking her hand in his he brushed his lips lightly across the skin. Bowing slightly he slipped beside her, leaning against the the wrought iron bars of the gate. Smiling across at Miyuki he slipped his arm across her shoulders and looked up at the house.

"Well, I look forward to see how entertaining you can be Mr..?" Miyuki looked at him quizzically, a small smile playing across her lips.

"Michael...and the pleasure's all mine" Michael grinned and ran his fingers through his long glossy hair. Maybe this place didn't seem so bad after all. He guessed they were waiting for the host to let them in, after all it wasn't ncie just to drop in unananounced.
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[i][color=lightpink]Sylvia loked at the others she was not the talkative type of person around new strange people. She decided that she should at least tell them her name and try to make peace with them someway.

"I'm Sylvia...It's nice to meet you all. Is there a host or not?" She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side, her blonde curls rolling over her shoulder. The accent of her russian background is thick.


OOC: I feel like I'm in a clue game. Or maybe the movie Clue. ^.^ [/color][/i]
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[size=1]OOC: Since they desperately need one, I will fill in as the host. (Mr. Body, if you wish, Noelle.)His name will be Roger Stephens.

IC:[b] There they were, all in a little group. [i]My guinea pigs have come,[/i] Roger thought in his sick mind. He proceeded to walk down the main stairway. No one noticed. [i]Very alert bunch I have here. I don't expect any of them will make it through to midnight, at the most.[/i] Roger was on the main floor, walking over to address his guests.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my humble abode. Before any of you speak, let me tell you why you are here." The startled looks just left the faces of the group. "You are here to win a great amount of money, and all you have to do is stay the night. But, there are a few things I have not told you about." Roger said this as he walked over to a cabinet. He opened it, revealing 13 guns. One for each. "You will get these. If you are wondering why, they are for the money. You see, if all of you make it through the night, you each get a million dollars. If only one: 13 million." Roger passed out the weapons, silver handguns, to the group still pondering this revelation. "Any questions?"[/b]

OOC: My character is not a part of the game, and will not go through the voting process. He is my control over this game. If you want, I will use him for your character's death.

Also, anyone who doesn't post that hasn't already will get kicked out if they don't post in the next three days. I will send a PM to those who haven't tomorrow, telling them. This needs to progress, folks.[/size]
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Ruben stared numbly at the silver plated handgun in his hand. What the fuck was this? Some sort of sick joke?

Looking around Ruben noted the same expression of bewilderment on the other's faces.

Ruben's face wisted into a grimace, and he turned to the guy [OOC:we don't know your name] "What the fuck is this? What the hell are you on about? If you are serious... I should plug [i]you[/i] right now"

The smile instantly left the man's face. "I wouldn't advise that Mr. Thorne. You would be dead before you had raised the gun. I will, however, see you tomorrow... if you survive the night. Au revoire"

A black humvee came thundering up the drive, and the man jumped in. As the tires spun and the humvee roared back down the drive, the man yelled out the window "My name is Roger Stephens"

Ruben stood there, as Miyuki yelled back "Well, fuck you Roger".

The sentiment was echoed by everyone.

Ruben turned back to the group. "Why don't we simply split the cash? A million isn't too bad..."

The glares from certain members of the group stunned him "Or not..."

Turning sharply, he hefted his bag over his shoulder and rushed into the building. A silence followed in his wake.

There was a scrambling for equipment as all the occupants raced inside to find a safe place.

[OOC: ^_^ Go for it ladies and gentlemen]
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[i][color=lightpink]Sylvia blinked and looked down at the silver handgun she recieved from the strange host. His name was Mr. Roger Stephen, but she didn't take notice to his name. She turned on her heal heading inside of the mansion, her bag on her shoulder still.

Sylvia headed upstairs slowly she was being cautious and curious, wondering what Mr Stephen's did to the place to help cuase their death. She knew about these kind of games. It was just 'oh make it through the night...you'll get money'. She mummbled a bit, in a deep accent. "Ya..where have I heard that sh*t before?"

She walked into one of the bedroom, setting her stuff down on the bed in the room, knowing she woudn't be sleeping anyways, so why was she even there. For her own safety and secruity measures. She sat down on the bed and held the gun, facing the door way, ready to shoot at any one who came in.[/color][/i]
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As Damario crossed the threshold of the edifice, he grinned deviously, revealing a full set of surprisingly white teeth (we all must note that most pirates had scurvy). ?Well now, isn?t this an interesting turn of events,? he said blissfully to no one in particular as he tossed the silver-muzzled pistol high into the air and catching it back in his hand. ?I?m just a lucky one, ain?t I? Knowin? how to use one of these babies as it is, aye?? He received a number of diverse expressions from the others as he scratched his head with the barrel of the gun. Only Ruben spoke to him.

?Seems like a bit of an odd game, don?t you think?? Ruben inquired the raggedy brigand as they ascended the stairs. ?I mean, he wants us to kill one another??

?Oh, no worries, mate. I have [I]no[/I] problem taking one of you pesky folk out. I do it all the time.? Damario gave the same smirk as before. Ruben was taken back.

?What kind of sick bastard are you?!?

Damario leaned forward, the gun close to his face as was his face close to Ruben?s. ?A pirate.? Then Damario continued up the stairway to where Roger once stood and took a glass of brandy off the modest table next to him. He held it up. ?Cheers, boys and girls. This?ll be one hell of a night.?
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Ruben was not happy. He had no problems with hurting any of these people, but killing them? That was harsh. And for what... $13 million. And nobody else here would even contemplate sharing.

Ruben grinned. He knew how to tackle this. There were only two other people that he would need. Heading up the stairs Ruben tapped Damario on the shoulder and asked him to come into the nearest room with him. Ruben also called Miyuki up the stairs. She paused dubiously, but ascended the stairs anyway. As the three closeted themselves in the room, the others looked at each other.... what should they do next?
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Magiku looked at the silver handgun. He was a bit nervous and very confused.

"What is this?" asked Magiku

"A handgun." said Trini in a weird tone.

"More description please." said Magiku nervously.

" See, you pull this trigger by the handle and the gun will shoot a bullet out of this hole. That bullet can kill almsot any living thing." explained Trini.

"How barbaric..." said Magiku.

Trini walked away a bit confused. [i] This guy is sure brainless [/i]

"My magic is good enough to repel anything that gets in my way, oh well." siad Magiku.

Magiku glared at Damario and Ruben. His breath harder as the man gripped the handle

"I would oh so love getting rid of those nusence." He mumbled, "But that'll cost me at a high price..."
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Michael glanced at the pistol held in his hand before shrugging lightly and securing it safely in the waistband of his trousers. He had no intention of using it of course, but if the worst came to the worst he would be sure to protect himself. He wasn't going to die a martyr.

Watching Miyuki walk after Ruben into the building he stuffed his hands nonchalantly into his pockets and strolled after them, following the remaining body of contestants into the foyer. Looking up at the high ceiling and gothic decor he raised an eyebrow, noticing the heavey drapes and barred windows.

"How quaint..." he murmered softly, blowing a few strands of hair from his face as the danced wildly about his vision. Raising his voice he addressed the collective around him. "Well, ladies and gents I guess we'd best make ourselves comfortable 'cause it doesn't seem like our host is gonna make this easy." Grasping his bag he slung it over his shoulder and ascended the stairs, shaking his head slightly as he exhaled a soft breath.
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Trini was still a few steps ahead of Magiku, when he heard his comment. 'A magician huh...now that would be cool.."

She stayed at the step she was now on waiting for Magiku to come back near her.

"So you study magic huh?"

"Yes I do, have done so for years," Magiku said solemnly keeping a pace with the young lady. The two although from totally different worlds seemed to connect, after the explanation of the handgun that is.

"So how about you and I kinda partner up..you know have some sort of truce." Trini suggested.

"Why would I do that?"

"Sweety for a million bucks, ppl wpuld do anything. ANYTHING including kill other," Trini had become nonchalant with the gentleman and had set her basg down on the stairwell. "Now I personally dont want to kill or be killed, but you better believe if someone attacks me, and tries to strick me down, I'm sorry to say it but I'd kill them first."

Magiku was the first one to see trini's true personality. She didn't reveal her true thoughts to most people. But this situation made her change her way of thinking.

"I'm not sure."

Trini picked up her bags and turned to continue up the stairwell.
"Well think about it, whatever you decide let me know, although you may not need me, I think I'll need you. Come to my room and knock three times. That way I'll know its you."

The two continued to thier rooms,
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[i] "Hmmm, that money could help rebuild my society ...then again, she sounds greedy.[/i] Magiku thought to himself.

Trini and him adscended to the stairs. Trini soon entered her room in the 5th floor Magiku ascended to the 6th to enter his. He slowly opened it and turned on the light on the dark room. There was a simple bed and a black box (which was a TV but he doesn't know that) on a brown table. An old chandelier hangs on the ceiling and threatening to drop. There was a room beside the TV which lead to a small bathroom. Something striked Magiku, he forgot his bags on his way here! He remembered a communication spell but it will cost Magiku his blood.

He advanced towards the TV. He bit a small piece of skin off his thumb releasing a considerable amount of blood out. He drawn a huge circle above the TV on the wall. He drawn a tiny symbol in the middle of the circle. The circle suddenly turn green. Magiku said something loud not in any language spoken from a human in a funny accent. A girl's face appeared in the green circle.

"You've forgot something on your way to that big ass mansion." said the girl.

"Whats with the additude sis?" said Magiku in a worried tone.

"You don't wanna know. Here's the lugage." said Magiku's sister.

"O----" said Magiku but his sister threw a backpack at him before he could say Ok. Then the circle returned to normal leaving a bloody smear.

"Girls today..." mumbled Magiku. He searched around the backpack to find a red substance bottled. He drunk the substance out of the bottle for 3 seconds and quickly removed the bottle top out of his mouth, put the cap back on and placed it on the desk next to the bed.

"Gah, I don't get it. That Blood renewral potion still taste nasty after 10 years of usage." complained Magiku as he ran to the bathroom to drink water out of the sink. After he came out, his tongue was a bit dyed Red. He walked out of his room and came towards Trini's door. He knocked 3x.

"Come in." a voice said gently.

Magiku opened the door and saw her looking outside. She turn around and asked "Well, whats your decision?"

Magiku moved his lips but he couldn't get the words out. Finally he said "Ok, I accept your offer."

Trini grinned as Magiku thought about his decision and whats going to happen next.
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[size=1][b]End of Round One

Immunity: Dagger IX1

Members Still Alive: Dagger IX1, sweetreyes, Noelle, doukeshi03, G/S/B Master, Dragon Warrior, Baron Samedi

Member Voted out: Yet to be decided.

Those of you who didn't post are out. Too bad. It's not my fault you didn't post.

Keiko and Angelus_Necare are both out by choice. Keiko PM'd me and refer to Angelus' sign-up to see his edit about absence.

I await all of your' PMs. I will edit this post with the results, and then the adventure will resume.[/size][/b]

Attention! I am going to be gone from the 31st of December until the 5th of January. Until then, Annie has full control of the adventure. I have PMd her instructions and the RP will resume as soon as she posts who is voted out. To you who haven't voted, send your votes to her.
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[color=indigo][i][size=1][b]People[/b], what are you doing? There are still a couple of you who [b]need[/b] to get me your votes! Until then, this RPG will not continue. So, whoever you are, [b]give me your vote ASAP![/b]

Thank you,

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